Richard presents another crazy hot gay tickling story. This time his victims are abusive police officers who get the tables turned on them and suffer through tickling, cum control and more and the hands of two gay men.

State Troopers Tied and Tickled
by Richard

state troopers tickledState Trooper Mark Walker sat in his police cruiser, idly scratching his big bull-balls through his uniform pants, waiting for another speeder to come by on the winding mountain road, preferably female, so he could make his quota, both in terms of traffic tickets and in terms of his "quota" of unsuspecting female motorists whom he had bullied into sex in exchange for being let out of a ticket. The 28-year-old 6' 3" Officer Walker cursed the summer heat, edging up the air conditioning control as he ran one strong, sun-bronzed hand over his darkly handsome State Trooper crew-cutted head, idly musing on how he could sure use to get laid; hell, it'd been days since he plugged that cow of a waitress at the diner- he needed to get his rocks off soon, even if it meant taking the matter in to his own hands, as it were. Mark just needed one more traffic stop for that Friday; it was nearly five; the end of his shift, and Officer Walker had already received permission from his superiors to keep his police cruiser overnight before his morning shift on Saturday. Mark lived in a mountain A-frame nearby and it often made more sense for him to keep his cruiser rather than drive all the way back to the local station and turn it in. Besides, his bud, Officer Nick Brandolino had the evening shift on this stretch of highway, so any lawbreakers would be caught for sure. Officer Brandolino was 26; the 6' 4" dude was also a definite lady's man, his dark Italian good looks always winning him admiring looks from the "babes" (as well as from some dudes, though Officer Brandolino never noticed this). Mark and Nick often worked out together at the police gym, and Mark had initiated Nick into bedding female motorists for sport; and, when the duo weren't doing that, they were out together for a night of drinking and beating up "fags" at the local public park restrooms. Yeah, Nick's a cool guy, thought Mark, Mark having to admit to himself that his bud was one hell of a stud-shit, the fucker had even beat Mark during a private wrestling match at the police gym after hours, the strong stud pinning his superior officer's head between his sun-bronzed jet-black-haired muscular thighs, his scratchy leg hairs goosing Mark's handsome face and beardline and the top of Mark's crew-cutted head being squashed into Nick's bulging gym-short-covered crotch. Mark cursed at his younger friend, Nick swatting Mark's gym-shorted ass, and pulling Mark's shorts down below Mark's jockstrap to even spank Mark's nearly bare ass, then reaching his fingers into Mark's gym tee shirt while his head was immobilized between Nick's hairy thighs to reach up and tickle Mark's unprotected hairy underarms, laughing as Mark yelped in surprise, Nick having discovered that Officer Walker was ticklish there. Sensing that his superior officer had reached his limit of toleration, however, Nick had suddenly released Mark from between his thighs, saying "race ya to the showers, dude!" as he peeled off his sweaty gym clothes revealing his naked, sun-bronzed, hairy body, huge flaccid cock, hairy bull balls and lightly hair-flecked white asscheeks. Mark had followed suit, snapping Nick's bare ass with a towel as he chased Nick into the showers. Later, he and Nick had gone out bar-hopping where they picked up an initially willing waitress, Mark and Nick later "double-teaming" her, Mark fucking her while Nick shoved his hot Italian salami up her ass against her will, raping her ass while Mark fucked her, Nick's hairy bull balls slapping against Mark's until they both shot off inside her only to withdraw and collapse on top of each other, good-naturedly (they thought)laughing as they ended up exhausted and covered in each other's sweat and cum. What a guy! Of course, they threatened the waitress with dire consequences if she cried "rape" later, planting drugs in her apartment and writing up a dummy police report just in case. The fearful waitress had no choice but to let it ride.

Officer Walker's recall of their recent exploits was interrupted when Mark said aloud, "What the fuck?" as the studly cop saw a red BMW convertible come skidding around a curve at a speed slightly above the limit. Shit even better, thought Officer Walker; the car was driven by a buxom blonde and a brunette companion. Both appeared to be about 25 and extremely good-looking, even "hot" in cockmaster Walker's estimation. Mark gave his itching cock one last anticipatory squeeze, then switched on the lights and siren and began his "hot pursuit" of the fleeing babes.

Officer Walker soon had them pulled over on the shoulder off the highway, his police cruiser behind their red convertible. Officer Mark Walker exited his police vehicle, placing his State Trooper cowboy-type hat on his head, and strutted slowly toward the convertible, speaking into his police radio attached to his manly shoulder announcing to his soon-to-be-on-duty bud Officer Brandolino that he was making a traffic stop, until he was alongside the buxom blonde, pointedly peering down her vast cleavage as he snarled "License and registration. Your vehicle was traveling in excess of the speed limit, ma'am. I'm going to have to give you a ticket, unless you can think of a good reason why I shouldn't." "You're in trouble too, ma'am," said Officer Walker as he looked at the brunette, tossing a baggie full of pot into the passenger side of the car. The brunette loudly complained, but her girlfriend said she bet she knew what the Officer really wanted, suddenly ripping open her tight blouse to expose her big tits to Officer Walker's drooling view. "Is this what you want, hon? You want sex in exchange for no ticket/no arrest right?" the butch cop replying "Affirmative, ma'am" in his best copspeak, a big smile spreading across his darkly handsome face. "Please step out of the car, ladies, and proceed over to that little clearing off the forest."

Unbeknownst to anyone, Gary Stockwell and Bill Harrison were renting a nearby secluded cabin for the weekend. The cabin belonged to a local paramedic and his wife who were on vacation. The couple rented out the cabin to help defray the cost of their trip. Bill was unpacking stuff in the cabin while Gary was out familiarizing himself with the area, Bill discovering that the paramedic had stored some used medical equipment in an outbuilding, including an old gurney used to transport people into paramedic vans. Gary and Bill were a gay couple in their late 20's who had been together about two years.

Gary just happened to be walking by when he saw the cop and the two women approaching the clearing from where he stood behind the cover of some tree branches. The blonde and brunette had complied with the cop's orders, walking into the clearing just off the highway, Gary overhearing the cop speak into his police radio attached to his uniform shirt "Yeah, Officer Nick Brandolino, old buddy, got a couple of live ones here, dude, eat your heart out, stud, I'll provide details, later." Then to the young women's horror as well as Gary's, Officer Walker suddenly pulled his gun on them and ordered them to "STRIP!!" c'mon you broads, give me a show, yeah!!!" The brunette adamantly refused but at a secret wink from her girlfriend, both began complying, removing all their clothes slowly and with a maximum bump and grind for Officer Walker's benefit, until the ground was littered with their bras, panties, jeans and blouses, which Officer Walker scooped up asking them "How does it feel, ladies, to be stark, bareass naked in public? Ya want your fuckin' clothes back, bitches, you're gonna have to earn `em back! C'mon you, bitches, crawl over here and give your arresting officer some head, yeah!" Mark reveling in seeing their naked, voluptuous bodies in their total nudity.

The blonde and brunette crawled over naked to where Officer Walker proudly stood in his spiffy State Trooper uniform, Officer Walker having replaced his gun in its holster on his hip. Just as Gary was reaching for his cell phone to report the injustice, the duo began to unzip the officer's uniform pants to pretend to extract his cock, when the blonde suddenly grabbed Officer Walker's gun!

Gary aborted his call, suddenly interested in how things might proceed. Gary watched with admiration as "Thelma and Louise" suddenly ordered the cop himself to "STRIP!!! C'MON YOU MOTHERFUCKER, LET'S SEE HOW YOU LIKE BEING FORCED TO STRIP IN PUBLIC!!!"

The snarling cop put his hands over his head but adamantly refused to do anything more, ordering the duo to hand over his gun, saying that he would let them go with a warning, that it was 20 years in prison for assaulting a "peace officer", to be "good little girls" and use "their pretty little heads" to see that this had to stop, that they had to fuckin' sexually service him NOW or else!

"Or else, what? little man?" crowed the blonde waving the cop's own gun at him. "I've lost my patience with your little mealy-mouthed copbabble! I'm gonna shoot your worthless cop nuts right off your swaggering body and `do a Bobbitt on you' with this 38 unless you fucking strip out of your little cop uniform NOW!!" "And put on a show for us! Give us a Chippendale's performance or your ass is grass!"

Eyes bugging from the fact that he obviously underestimated these two fucking bitches, proud, butch State Trooper Mark Walker was left with no options but to slowly remove his uniform shirt, waving a threatening finger and giving an absolutely Clintonian seething straight-in-the eyes look as he said "you will PAY for this, you bitches, I swear!! I will personally track you down like the dog bitches you are, and you will wish you were never born, believe me!" to the sound of the duo's exuberant laughter, as Officer Walker removed his uniform shirt only to be ordered to hand it over to the duo. Next came the regulation white tee shirt which hugged the officer's hunky sexy torso, Officer Walker being forced at gunpoint to do a little dance as he slowly raised the garment over his head revealing his sun-bronzed muscular torso, his hairy chest covered with a lawn of jet-black hair which fanned out over his magnificent pectorals to cap his perfect, pointed little hair-haloed man-tits, also revealing his hairy sweaty armpits as he was forced at gunpoint to complete his little strip-dance by whirling his sweaty tee shirt over his head in a bump and grind, spinning it around and around and then being ordered to set it flying, which Officer Walker did. To Gary's surprise, the cop's sweaty tee shirt landed practically at his feet where he stood covered by foliage. Gary surreptitiously scooped up the fragrant tee shirt and pressed the damp armpit areas of the cop's tee shirt to his face, inhaling deeply on the straight, butch cop's musky pit sweat and rubbing his own rapidly responding crotch as he awaited further proceedings.

The duo next ordered the half-naked State trooper to remove his uniform pants and after several refusals and pleas to reconsider, the brash young cop/rapist was forced to drop his uniform pants, revealing his sun-bronzed hairy legs and leaving him now clad only in his white cotton Calvin Klein shorts.

Officer Walker was then ordered to turn around and pull his Calvins down, then was ordered to "spread `em" by the duo, forcing the cop to reveal his bare white assglobes which were lightly jet-black hair-flecked, and his furry asscrack, also revealing his spread-open tiny, hair-haloed virgin butthole, to his abject humiliation. The cop was then allowed to pull his Calvins back up over his ass, only to be ordered to spread his arms behind way behind him and over his head and then around the trunk of huge nearby tree, where the two women handcuffed him to the tree trunk clad only in his Calvins, his outstretched arms and sweaty hairy armpits stretched to their utmost extent over and behind his handsome head. They then blindfolded him with an old rag from the car and teased him about his condition as they changed back into their own clothes, leaving the State Trooper's uniform pants and uniform shirt, with its now inaccessible police radio attached to it, neatly folded at his bare feet, beside his shoes and socks, then placing the State Trooper cowboy-style hat on top of these, and his gunbelt with his gun replaced in the holster beside his neatly folded uniform.

As they prepared to leave, the duo then suddenly ripped off the cop's Calvins with a funky RRRRRRRIIIPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! revealing the cop's huge, half-hard cock in its nest of luxuriant jet-black pubes, his hairy bull-balls swaying underneath, and tossing the torn shorts way over their heads, the sweaty shorts falling fortuitously right at Gary's feet again. Gary snatched these up as well, inhaling their musky scent and noting with amusement the few stray pubic hairs that had caught in the crotch and seat of his sweaty shorts.

The duo laughed and teased the denuded, blindfolded bound macho cop, asking him how it felt being all naked and tied to a tree, and horny, huh? How did it feel. stud? The blonde deliberately jacked on the cop's big cock causing him to involuntarily sigh and moan as his prick jumped and swelled in grateful response, the brunette asking the cop "ooo but don't those armpits look vulnerable, honey, I wonder if our little cop-boy's armpits are ticklish, hmmm? Kitchie kitchie koo!" as the brunette delved her sharp long polished fingernails into the exposed depths of the cop's hairy, sweaty armpits as he lay panting strapped to the tree trunk, causing the cop to flinch at the sudden contact, then laugh his head off at the ticklish feeling which was heightened by the fact that he could not see where she was headed next, and causing his cock to sway and harden even more. The blonde then bent open the wire that held the keys to the handcuffs so it was wide enough to slip over the head of the cop's half-hard cock, hanging the dangling keys to his freedom so close and yet so far, telling the cop not to lose his boner or he'd lose the keys, also laughing as the dangling keys also tickled the tops of his hanging hairy bull balls, forcing him to goose himself each time he moved.

The duo then laughingly left the cop naked and cuffed to the tree, announcing that they were going to "take care" of the trooper's patrol car for him, Officer Walker hearing as the blonde revved up his proud, powerful police cruiser, then floored it before jumping out, the duo clapping their hands and laughing as the powerful, expensive cruiser flew off the side of the road through the forest only to roll down an embankment and into a murky little lake below, the duo watching as the cop car hit the surface of the water, floated, then sank to the bottom in a profusion of bubbles, steam and debris.

"I can't fuckin believe you bitches!! cried the cop, his treasured police cruiser now ruined at the bottom of the remote lake, not likely to be discovered for a long time to come, accompanied by the sound of their laughter as they roared off in their convertible in true "Thelma and Louise" fashion, the brunette rolling a joint out of the baggie the cop dropped in the convertible, lighting it and sharing it with the blonde as they drove off in to the setting sun, laughing giddily!
Gary went back to the cabin to tell Bill what fun awaited them this weekend; "I mean, Bill, I didn't really even want to go on this camping weekend in the mountains shit, but you were right, the area is full of natural wonders; you won't believe the beauty of the furry creature I just saw in the clearing off the highway!," Gary eagerly filling Bill in on the festivities. Bill and Gary couldn't believe their luck, Bill taking a hit of the cop's purloined tee shirt and shorts as an "appetizer" as Gary and Bill let the cop wait a good 15-20 minutes tied to the tree, laughing silently as they heard the cop repeatedly yell into the silence "Help me!!! I am a police officer!!!" "Let me go!!" "Is somebody there??" "Helpppp!!!!!" as he quickly approached the plaintive wail stage.

Bill set up a video recorder at a distance , recording as the naked cop struggled and sweated in his bondage, cuffed naked to the big tree trunk, cursing and swearing and pulling at his bonds to no avail as he screamed for help in the silent void of the remote area, the handcuff keys precariously attached to his cockhead swinging wildly and finally slipping off his cock onto the ground, to his shock.

Gary and Bill then decided to "appear" for the cop's benefit, the cop then toning down his braying demands for release once he realized "a couple of citizens" had come to his aid, thanking them profusely and explaining more quietly that he "had been transporting some fugitives to prison who jumped him unexpectedly and drove off with his police cruiser. This has to be reported at once so that the criminals can be caught." Officer Walker explained that the keys to his handcuffs should be on the ground nearby.

Gary and Bill pretended not to see the keys, however, and instead made a business of trying to free Officer Walker's bound body, pulling at the cuffs and rubbing their clothed bodies against his naked one, secretly sniffing his pits and "accidentally" brushing their faces into them, rubbing their crotches against his naked crotch, etc. finally announcing it was "no go".

"My police radio!" It must still be attached to my shirt! Radio my friend Officer Brandolino, he'll get a locksmith or something! "No, no police radio" lied Gary and Bill- in reality it remained on his shirt, just switched off. Officer Walker cursed the "fuckin' bitches," momentarily forgetting his "transporting felons" story.
Gary and Bill then departed, claiming they would go call a locksmith from their cabin, then waited about 10 more minutes before silently re-appearing in the role of "bad guys" passing themselves off as 2 "new" guys who happened on the scene, guys who hate "fuckin' cops".

Officer Walker struggled in his bonds as Gary and Bill proceeded to attack him from behind the tree and from in front of the tree respectively, using their twenty twitching fingers to tickle and tease the bound cop stud, Gary delving his fingers deep into Officer Walker's hopelessly exposed, hairy, sweaty armpits while Bill snuck up on the officer's hairy chest, tits, sides and ribs, causing Officer Walker to scream, curse, and flinch like he had been shocked with electricity, all of this captured by the whirring video camera. "Cut that shit the fuck out! What are you, some kind of goddamned fuckin' faggots or something? Stop this shit NOW!!!" futilely ordered the bound, struggling cop, as Gary and Bill really let the arrogant cop/rapist have it, relentlessly tickling all of the most sensitive areas of his exposed body, Gary and Bill alternately switching from their lithe fingers to feathers, toothbrushes, ice cubes, and tiny bits of the fallen branches in the forest, driving their captive up the wall, as Officer Walker's hairy sweaty armpits, man-tits, sides, ribs and then his cock and hairy bull-balls were all tickled and teased, Bill insinuating tiny feather fronds all over the sensitive glans of the butch cop's excited cockhead while simultaneously teasing his hairy bull-balls until the cop's big cock filled with blood and mounting sex-heat, the naked cop's body traitorously responding to the exciting stimulation. Officer Walker alternately oooed and ahhhed from the pleasant sensation of having his cop cock stroked, teased and fondled by Bill's feathers, and laughed and shrieked and pulled wildly at his bonds, as both dudes tickled the shit out of the embarrassed, stripped-naked-in-public cop, Officer Walker shouting at them to "STOPPPP!!!!!! NO MORE!!!!!! C'MON, YOU FUCKIN' LAWBREAKERS, STOPPP!!!! I'M A POLICE OFFICER FOR GODSAKE!!! AIEEEEEE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!! HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!! OH MY GOD, NOOOOO, STOPPPPP!!!! I CAN'T FUCKIN' TAKE ANY MORE OF THIS SHIT!!! I'M FUCKIN' CRAWLIN' OUT OF MY FUCKIN' SKIN!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Bill and Gary then took turns repeatedly teasing the sadistic cop's own big cop cock and hairy bull-balls, using feathers and toothbrushes and their own fingers to stroke, tease, fondle, and arouse the hapless cop's throbbing boner, tiny fire-feathers of mounting lust driving the bound officer to frustrated distraction, again and again bringing the hot-to-trot officer to the very brink of orgasm, only to back off and laugh as they watched the dude's throbbing boner jump with every beat of his racing heart, then slowly subside slightly, only for them to again renew their sensuous, teasing tickle torture of their captive cop's aching privates while they simultaneously tickled his heaving, hairy chest, hair-haloed man-tits, and hopelessly exposed, hairy sweaty cop-pits.

Making matters worse for Officer Walker was the fact that he was supremely embarrassed and ashamed that he had got himself in such a position. The great, proud officer was only too well aware that he had been outfoxed by two foxy bitches who had forced him to strip out of his proud uniform, tied him to a tree naked, and left him there to be found by two cop-hating dudes. To add insult to injury, Officer Walker's shame, humiliation, and the fact that he was stripped bareass naked in public and helpless was somehow secretly turning him on, the very feeling of being forced to be naked outdoors where anyone could happen by and see him bare was adding an extra measure of throbbing excitement to Officer Walker's confused brain, his realization that every square inch of his manly body was so hopelessly exposed and utterly capable of being toyed with by whomever wished to do so, was turning him on over and beyond what the duo was doing to his body. Officer Walker had never felt so, so NAKED! Mark was only too well aware of the drafts of warm air eddying around his denuded body, the soft, warm, dry air goosing every inch of his exposed, helpless, sensitive flesh, the warm sundown breezes electrically teasing each tuft of hair in his exposed armpits, groin, his hair-haloed virgin asshole, and the individual hairs standing up on his sun-bronzed, goose-bumped muscular legs, as wave after wave of sensuous, unfulfilled lust coursed through his manly veins, his hair-haloed tits hardening in response to the stimulation into tiny eraser-nubs of over-stimulated flesh, and his cock helplessly throbbing in response, Officer Walker squealing with aching desire like the proverbial bitch-in-heat he was!

Gary and Bill merely continued their extreme tickle torture of their helpless, deserving victim, relentlessly teasing and tickling every inch of his squirming, squealing body. Gary insinuated a feather from below Officer Walker's hairy, hanging bull-balls, Gary inhaling their musky, manly cop-ball scent, as he teasingly slowly slid the feather tip sensuously down, down, down the hairy, corded flesh behind the macho stud's manly bull-balls, only to sensuously circle the dude's hair-haloed virgin asshole, teasingly trailing the feather tip with practiced erotic ease in concentric circles around and around and then over the manly hole, anally teasing the uptight dude's never-before-stimulated butthole. As Officer Walker drooled with lust and oooed and ahhhed involuntarily at the incredibly exciting feeling of having his sacrosanct butch hole teased and stimulated against his will, diabolical Bill teased and excited the captive cop's throbbing boner and hairy bull-balls, making the nut oysters in the horny cop/rapist's cum-churning cop-balls go wild, aching to be released from his incredibly pent-up nuts, the hapless young officer's own baby-makers squirming to blast out of his manly cock with incredible pressure, so great was the horny young cop's maddening sexual tension. Every fiber of the young cop's being desperately sought release, both from his humiliating public bondage and from his blue-balled need to cum.

While Bill teasingly trailed the soft fronds of the tip of one feather right on the tip and pee-hole of the young, bucking cop's big cock and trailed another under his bouncing cop bull-balls, Gary continued to circle the tip of another feather around and around the studly young law enforcement officer's butch shitter, teasing his normally fiercely protected virgin asshole and causing him to involuntarily ooo and ahhh at the unexpected mind-boggling pleasure and arousal this was producing in his manly loins. The ever- devious Gary alternately slowly and teasingly danced the feather from the butch cop's hair-haloed asshole up through the top of his furry crack to let it tease and arouse the sensitive base of the young law enforcement officer's spine, sending unbearable chills of erotic stimulation throughout his body, sending erotic thrills up his spine to the base of his pleasure-seeking brain and causing his hair-haloed man-tits to harden into pulsing points of mind-boggling lust, his hot little-man-tits feeling like simmering volcanoes desperate to spew their own molten lava.

Gary then re-trailed the feather down the drooling cop's furry asscrack, teasingly headed back to do its anal stimulation number, Gary smiling with sadistic glee as he could actually see the butch cop's hole twitching and relaxing in excited anticipation of being royally serviced again, the hyper-hetero cop's hole knowing what it liked, the little pink button being thrust in little figure 8's as Officer Walker's hole was wantonly begging to be stimulated again, the cop actually trying to rear and back his shamelessly exposed shithole right onto the approaching feather. Seeing this, Gary decided to momentarily deny the desperate cop his anticipated pleasure, instead withdrawing the feather and reaching up to spread the accessible lower portions of each of the cop's lightly hair-flecked asscheeks as he struggled in his bondage against the tree trunk, Gary widely separating those cheeks to totally expose the horny cop's hot-to-trot hair-haloed asshole, only to blow his hot breath right over, onto and into the hotshot cop's butthole, again causing the sexually excited denuded law enforcement officer to mewl in unbidden sexual pleasure, while Bill used two feathers to simultaneously tease the wiseass cop's hairy bull-balls and the tip of his pulsing pecker. Gary couldn't resist also opening the palms of his big hands and spanking the deserving cheeks of the cop's ass, leaving hot pink, then fire-engine red handprints on each shocked assglobe, as the cop yelped in surprise, Gary also scratching and pinching those deserving cheeks, yanking out stray hairs that grew on the red cheeks to further yelps of astonished pain mixed with the undeniable pleasure he was feeling as a result of Bill simultaneously teasing his pent-up hairy bull-balls and delicate stimulation of his throbbing cockhead and glans.

Gary and Bill then abruptly stopped the teasing feather tickling altogether, only to instead each take a pair of tweezers and approach the confused hunk's blindfolded body. Just when Officer Walker's brain had registered that the pleasant stimulation of his most intimate areas had suddenly stopped, he became aware of tiny twinges of pain as cold metallic objects approached his manly upraised hairy armpits, hair-haloed man-tits and lush public forest, first tickling these vulnerable, hopelessly exposed and sensitive areas, then individually plucking body hairs out of his bound body, the cop suddenly yelping as little samples of his hotshot cop pubies, pit hairs and other body hairs were plucked off of his body one-by-one. Gary and Bill kept this up for several minutes, plucking out individual leg hairs, pubic hairs, hairs off of the writhing stud's pent-up cop balls, hair out of his manly asscrack and hair-haloed virgin butthole, hair from around his man-tits, his sweaty underarms, and off of his hairy chest and six-pack abs, Officer Walker yelping in surprise each time, especially when Gary yanked out some hair around his sensitive navel as well, Officer Walker arching his strong sun-bronzed muscular back in response and scraping same on the bark of the tree trunk Worse, when they weren't plucking out the body hairs, the cold metallic tweezer ends were tickling the horny young law enforcement officer's most sensitive areas, his cop pits, his tits, his sides and ribs, down his legs, inside his hairy thighs, the backs of his knees, all unpredictably and at random, the blindfolded cop unable to anticipate where the damn things were going next. Officer Walker cursed and threatened to no avail as his deserving hunky cop bod was felt up and teased relentlessly by the diabolical duo.

Since the sunlight was now fading fast, Gary and Bill returned to their feather teasing of the bound stud, Gary again insinuating a feather over, then into the now receptive cop's anal ring, Gary actually feather-fucking the hotshot cop's hairy virgin asshole, while Bill deliciously teased Officer Walker's hairy, pent-up cop bull-balls and titillated the very tip and glans of the young, stalwart State Trooper's throbbing boner, again and again unbearably teasing the proud law enforcement officer's most treasured organs, causing the hotshot cop to writhe in his bonds and beg for release to no avail. Gary and Bill would again and again bring the desperate, begging cop/rapist to the very brink of incredible orgasm, only to deny him his cum and laugh as the almost-there cop got a set a true blue-balls, all his sperm ducts on "go" only to be denied at the crucial moment as the trigger to orgasm was expertly denied over and over again until the drooling young State Trooper was madly thrusting his manly ass back onto the invading feather, fucking himself with the feather, in an effort to trigger his orgasm, sweating like the pig he was and pleading with his sadistic torturers to "let me cum, please let me cum I'll do anything, just puh-leeze let me cum!

Gary and Bill finally decided to see whether the hotshot State Trooper had been "eating his Wheaties"; whether the conceited hunk could really "cut the mustard" and blast a hot load for their amusement. To that end, and with a conspiratorial wink, Gary and Bill suddenly intensified their assault on the out-of-it young law enforcement officer's hot bod, tickling him all over at random with feathers, toothbrushes and their talented fingers, his hairy sweaty armpits, tits, sides, ribs, navel, as well as teasing his cockhead and hairy bull-balls with feathers. Gary also relentlessly thrust the invading fuck-feather up the dude's tight virgin shitchute, and, as the duo observed their bound hunk's size 12 feet begin to flex, his manly hair-flecked toes curling, his tight little ass whirring back and forth onto the feather which delicately stimulated his never-before-utilized prostate, and then saw him throw his head back and scream in uncontrollable lust, both Gary and Bill suddenly clamped their mouths over each of the hotshot cop's volcanic hair-haloed man-tits as Bill simultaneously scraped feathers over the cop's hairy pent-up balls and the tip of his cock, until, with no other stimulation, the hotshot cop's cock finally was allowed to erupt al on its own with a funky whoosh, as highly pressurized white-hot cop cum suddenly flew out of the pee-hole of the cop's pulsating boner, his pent-up bull-balls unleashing bolt after bolt of hotshot cop cum-rockets, splattering high in the air, onto Gary and Bill, onto the cop's own heaving, hairy chest, tits and into his pits, his face and crew-cutted hair, giant volleys of cop cum arcing high in the air way across the clearing, again and again releasing huge wads of pent-up cop cum from his long-denied blue balls, as the cop unnecessarily announced "I'M CUMMING!!! OH MY GOD I'M FINALLY DOING IT! ARRRRGHHHHHH!!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! OH SHIT!!!!!!! OH MY FUCKIN' GAWDDDDDDD!!!!!! OH, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! ALLLL RIGHTTTTTT!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, SHIT, YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Gary and Bill gathered up cum off of the cop's heaving chest and fed it to him, making him swallow his own cum and lick it off their fingers. While Officer Walker attempted to recover from the most intense orgasm of his miserable life, Gary and Bill released the panting, naked law enforcement officer at gunpoint, cuffing his hands behind him and leading him to their cabin as darkness began to fall, Gary also bringing the cop's uniform and police equipment.

Gary and Bill led the still naked and blindfolded State Trooper, Mark Walker, to the bedroom of the cabin where he was ordered at gunpoint to lie on his sun-tanned, muscular back on the bed with his arms over his head, Bill re-handcuffing the denuded young law enforcement officer to the brass headboard, while the stalwart hotshot cop's bare, pink-soled, size 12 feet were pulled through the far right and left sides of the top of the foot of the bed and securely roped, his hairy ankles just fitting between the gaps in the tops of the brass uprights of the foot of the bed, and his big tootsies hanging out of the gaps, hopelessly exposed to the warm night air, making Officer Walker somehow feel even more naked than before as the warm evening air danced around his bare feet. With his feet and legs raised to reach the top of the foot of the bed, Officer Walker's bare ass and asscrack was also shamelessly exposed and accessible. Officer Walker immediately began to struggle in his new bondage position, pulling down on his cuffs and trying to free his feet to no avail. All his struggling succeeded in doing was to make his big cock flop around on his six-pack abs and hairy, muscular thighs, until he was again sporting a half-hard cock for his efforts.

Gary and Bill then proceeded to each position themselves at the foot of the bed, using a tapering feather each on each of his bare pink-soled size 12s running the tapering feathers simultaneously down the middle of each foot then danced the feathers over his exposed heels, soles and ten twitching, curling toes as Officer Walker gasped and said "AIEEEEE!!!! HAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!! OH MY GAWWWDDDDDD!!!!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!! NO!!!!!! NOT MY FEET!!!! NO, NOT TWO AT ONCE, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!" as Gary and Bill laughed and said "Kootchie kootchie koo! What a ticklish baby!!! Woo-Hoo, Woo-Hoo, yeah, take it you fuckin' asshole cop, how ya like having your smelly tootsies worked over when there's not a thing in the world you can do about it, huh? Like that, huh? Yeah your cock knows what it likes! Look, the motherfucker's throwing another boner, dude!!!" as the combined effect of the foot tickling and Officer Walker's wild struggling to free his feet from Gary and Bill's tickling assault was indeed making the butch young stud spring another bone, his big cock filling with blood and hardening as he writhed and pleaded with them to stop.

Gary left Bill to tickling both feet while he approached the cop's boner with his own feathers, teasing the very tip and pee-hole of the bound hotshot cop's pulsating pecker while insinuating other feather fronds over the tops and backs of the bullying State Trooper's hairy bull-balls, again stimulating the churning nut oysters in the young cop's nutsacs against his will. Gary then straddled Officer Walker's heaving, hairy chest and dug all ten twitching fingers deep into the sweaty, hairy recesses of the proud young officer's studly armpits, getting the ride of his life as the bucking lawman squealed and squirmed from the combined effects of Bill's relentless foot tickling and Gary's own armpit tickling. Gary then trailed his educated fingers over the cop's hair-haloed man-tits, tweaking and pinching his nips into eraser-tip-like hardness, then raking his wildly tickling fingers into his sides, ribs and belly-button, using one finger to de-fuzz the cop's belly button, as Officer Walker writhed and arched his strong back in response, the hotshot cop gasping, squealing and mewling as he pleaded with them to "STOPPPP!!! NOOOO!!! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS SHIT!!!!! I'LL DO ANYTHING, ANY-THING, JUST LET ME GO NOW!!!!!!AIEEEEEE!!!!!! ARGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! HEE HEE HEEE!!! OH SHIT!!!!!! NO MORE!!!!!! C'MON STOPPPPP!!!! PUH-LEEZE!!!!! I'M BEGGING YOU!!!!! STOPPPP!!!! NO MORE!!!!!!"

Gary and Bill merely kept up the tickle torture for several more minutes until the cop was a total basket case, absolutely certifiable for the loony bin and half tickled to death. Gary picked up the cop's police radio attached to his uniform shirt, telling Officer Walker that they "might consider letting Officer Walker go if he could provide that policeman bud of his Officer Nick Brandolino to them, the one he had bragged to earlier." Officer Walker was shocked as he realized Gary must have seen him humiliated by "Thelma and Louise," but was only too willing to get even with his junior officer for having bested him in their private police gym wrestling matches. Officer Walker therefore agreed to "set up" Officer Brandolino, who was patrolling that night as a motorcycle officer. Officer Walker was ordered at gunpoint to reach Officer Brandolino on the private frequency they used between themselves, telling Nick to come to the cabin, let himself into the front room, that Officer Walker was in the bedroom with two "kinky babes". Officer Walker, prompted by Gary and Bill, instructed Nick to enter the front room of the cabin, take off his uniform and all of his clothes, blindfold himself, then handcuff himself to a sturdy wooden beam in the cabin's living room with his own handcuffs and wait for the "babes" to treat him to the time of his life. Officer Brandolino was shocked at this suggestion, but admitted he was super-horny, acknowledging that he was giving himself a squeeze through his tight motorcycle uniform pants at the thought of being serviced by two "foxy chicks". "But, hey, dude, I mean naked? Handcuffed? What is this shit?" Officer Walker was forced to explain that the "babes" were "kinky" but "in a good way, these babes know how to make a dude feel good, real good", that Officer Walker would be right in the next room, and "hey, what, you aren't chicken of being tied up are you, dude?" "Negative" replied Officer Brandolino in copspeak, Nick confiding that "a chick wanted to cuff me once, but I wouldn't let her...I mean did you like it Mark? Was it hot?" "Affirmative, good buddy, affirmative!" replied Officer Walker, giving the activity the cop seal of approval. Shit, thought Officer Brandolino, if it's good enough for my boss, it's good enough for me! Why should Mark have all the fun? Shit, it might be a trip not being in control for once, letting the chicks get him all hot-to-trot in his own cuffs, then of course releasing him upon his command and letting him fuck their brains out, yeah!! Should be hot, yeah!! thought Nick, again giving his big cock a squeeze through his uniform pants.

Sure enough in record time Motorcycle Officer Nick Brandolino had whirred his police motorcycle up to the cabin, well out of sight of the highway, and Nick's spit-shined knee-boots were clicking up the steps to the cabin. Officer Brandolino entered the front room of the cabin. Just to be sure, Nick first knocked on the bedroom door and rattled the locked door, calling for Mark. Gary and Bill forced the still naked and blindfolded Officer Walker at gunpoint to shout that "yeah, everything's cool, Nick, just make yourself at home like I told ya and the babes will be out shortly Just shout when you're just like the way we discussed and the `babes' will come out and do their stuff!"

To Officer Walker's horror, however, Gary and Bill did not then free him but instead plopped duct tape over his mouth as Mark spluttered into the tape, making muffled threats to no avail. "We said we `might' let you go asshole!" laughed Gary quietly.

Meanwhile, Gary and Bill avidly watched through the keyhole as Motorcycle Officer Nick Brandolino began to remove his uniform. Bill had already concealed a video camera in the front room of the cabin to record all the action, so they wouldn't miss any of the performance. Officer Brandolino removed his uniform shirt and white tee shirt to reveal his dark, olive-skinned, muscular chest, jet-black hair fanning out from the center of his magnificent pectorals to spread out in a neat lawn over his perfect, pointed man-tits, then thinning into a line of hair over his laddered, very darkly sun-bronzed abdominals, before fanning out again as the hair disappeared into the confines of the Italian Stallion's tight, striped motorcycle uniform pants. Nick reached up above his handsome, five-o'clock-shadowed, olive-skinned face to smooth his close-cropped jet-black-hair, revealing two heart-stopping, profusely-jet-black-haired sweaty armpits in the process. Nick then sat down to remove his shiny black knee-boots, tugging each off eagerly in his haste to ready himself for the "babes," then peeled off his black socks revealing two gorgeous size-12, pink-soled feet the tops of which were lightly covered with manly jet-black hairs. Officer Brandolino then got up to unhitch his uniform pants and utility belt, removing his handcuffs from their leather case on his belt, then peeling the tight-fitting pants down over his magnificently proportioned, olive-skinned muscular legs which were nearly covered in coarse whorls of jet-black body hair, before neatly folding them next to his discarded uniform shirt.

Officer Brandolino was now down to his sparkling white cotton Calvin Klein shorts, his tight Italian ass outlined by the clinging cotton material, a thin line of sweat staining the crack of the seat of the sexy undershorts which his musky scent had no doubt permeated, most likely combined with the scent of the leather seat of the powerful police motorcycle which had been vibrating between his manly legs in the heat of the evening as he waited for speeders to pass. The stark white cotton of his whitie tighties were in total contrast to the rest of the magnificently proportioned Italian olive-skinned musculature, the proud conceited Officer Brandolino suddenly looking a little sheepish over being practically naked in a strange place and about to drop his drawers. Officer Brandolino looked almost shyly over the magnificent caps of his shining, olive-skinned muscular shoulders to convince himself that no one was watching (they were of course), whereupon Motorcycle Officer Nick Brandolino hooked two strong olive-skinned fingers into the rear waistband of his spiffy Calvins, bent over slightly and dragged down the last remnants of cloth covering his incredibly gorgeous, hunky bod, truly the stuff of which dreams were made, revealing his alabaster-firm and alabaster-white, tight, lightly hair-flecked ass which was split by a dark line of musky Italian jet-black fur, Officer Brandolino turning to reveal his huge cock and hairy bull-balls as he neatly folded his most intimate garment and placed his steamy Calvins atop the rest of his neatly stored uniform.

Officer Brandolino then located the heavy wooden beam running across the ceiling of the cabin's living room and found that my reaching up high he could just manage to cuff himself to the beam and his handsome feet would just barely touch the floor. Officer Brandolino found the blindfold which had been left for him and placed it securely over his handsome, dark eyes, and thick, manly eyebrows, then reached up high over his head revealing those magnificently-haired, sweaty armpits again and clicked his wrists into his own locked handcuffs. Nick then began shouting for the "babes" as instructed.

Unbeknownst to the blindfolded, naked young law enforcement officer, however, the horny Italian Stallion was not about to be joined in reality by any "babes" at all, but rather by Gary and Bill. Gary and Bill made a business about noisily entering the room, loudly opening the door from the bedroom to let Officer Brandolino know that he was no longer alone.

Almost immediately, Officer Brandolino was surprised to feel that his hanging blindfolded bondage made him feel somehow more naked than he had ever felt in his life, vulnerable, yet also simultaneously sexually excited at what was going to happen to him. The very pull of his bonds made him flex his magnificently toned olive-skinned muscles, straining each muscle group sexily, including his privates, which were already stirring with the always-hot-to-trot Italian Stallion's anticipatory sex-heat, hot Italian blood coursing through his mighty veins to fill his tingling Italian salami, his sex organ already swaying with rising excitement before either of the "babes" had even touched him, so great was his sexual tension. Hmmm, promising, thought Gary and Bill.

Gary and Bill silently approached the young law enforcement officer as his magnificent, denuded body hung before them, awaiting whatever abuse and/or pleasure they cared to inflict upon it, Officer Brandolino only anticipating some cool foreplay before they freed him and let them fuck their airhead brains out with his giant Italian fuckstick. Gary and Bill first attached a wide-spread spreader bar over both of the horny State trooper's hairy ankles, then delighted in just sniffing the captive cop from head to toe, Officer Brandolino somewhat disconcerted; shit these "babes" must be really kinky, thought Nick, they fuckin' are getting' off on sniffing my hot bod, all sweaty from working in the hot evening air in my tight uniform-weird, but kinda hot- God knew he deserved to be worshipped!! He was God's gift to women, he couldn't help it if he was an Adonis now could he??

Gary and Bill proceeded to sniff each of Officer Brandolino's hairy, sweaty armpits, inhaling their sharp, manly odor, savoring the musky scent of his lush pubic forest of crotch hairs, his musky, hairy bull balls, and the truly wondrous leather and musk scent of his sweaty jet-black-furred asscrack and hair-haloed virgin asshole where sweat and the leather seat of his motorcycle had combined into a heady, manly aroma. This dude was "all man" for sure. The "babes" even sniffed the length of each of his size 12 feet, inhaling the funky odor of his tootsies after being encased in leather knee-boots in the heat. Gary and Bill even proceeded to lick the officer's feet and suck his toes, sliding their tasters over the pink soles of his big, sweaty feet, Officer Brandolino oooing and ahhing in response, telling the "babes" "Yeah, do it, lick my fuckin' cop feet, suck my toes, yeah who's the fuckin' King of the World, huh? Who deserves to be worshipped more than this big, strapping cop, huh?" as Officer Brandolino felt a surge of power course through his manly loins, his big Italian fuckstick pulsating in response, as more hot blood rushed to his big salami, making it lengthen and harden all the more. Shit, this was really cool, thought Officer Brandolino, these hot "babes" really know how to turn a guy on. These broads are totally turned on to my hot cop body, and who could fuckin' blame them? You can't argue with buff perfection, now fuckin' can you??

Gary and Bill then proceeded to blow their hot breath all over Officer Brandolino's hotshot cop body, little staccato bursts of hot air gusted over his manly sweaty armpits, blowing soft breezes over the sensitive flesh of the young law enforcement officer's exposed armpits, making the profuse hair sway in the breeze, and causing the stalwart recruiting-poster-come-to-life to flinch at the sudden unexpected contact and then sigh in contentment. The "babes" then descended to blow gusts of hot breath over each of his hair-haloed man-tits, their ministrations causing his sensitive tits to harden and form little points of volcanic sexual pleasure, the little gusts causing the tufts of body hair around his tits to swirl in the breeze, Gary and Bill's hot lips and tongues coming within a millimeter of contact with those red-hot tits, Officer Brandolino longing for the "babes" to take each of his horny little man-tits between their teeth and gnaw and nibble on them. To his disappointment this did not happen, Gary and Bill being content for the time being to simply arouse the bound stud, and doing their best to keep him in full anticipation of an all-out sexual assault, while only giving him teasing foretastes of what might come later-make the dude suffer, make him so horny and frustrated that the dude won't know what hit him!

Gary and Bill therefore descended further down the awesome length of the captive cop's bound body, less than inch away from its musky, salty surface, teasing every inch of the conceited cop/rapist's sensitive epidermis with their hot gusts of air Gary blew little hot gusts into Officer Brandolino's sexy, hair-haloed navel and all over his laddered, six-pack olive-skinned abdominals, teasing the glistening olive surface of his powerful abs and making the dude arch his back in rising sex-heat, his big Italian fuckstick throbbing with desire and itself swaying sexily in the hot night air, the big Italian salami jerking in response to the delicate arousal of every inch of his crawling olive skin, Officer Brandolino sighing in astonished intense arousal, two big drips of mansweat escaping from the depths of his upraised, manly, hairy armpits and slowly dripping down, down, his muscular sun-bronzed sides and into his luxuriant pubes, where the sweat drips combined with those already accumulated in the moist tropical rainforest of Officer Brandolino's he-man crotch. "Aaaaaahhhh, yeahhhhhhh!!!!! sighed the sexually aroused young law enforcement officer, ecstatically anticipating the "babes" going lower, down towards his big throbbing Italian fuckstick to no doubt slide their lips over the macho cop's aching fuckprong and give it the attention it increasingly desired and needed.

To Officer Brandolino's shock, however, the "babes" did not envelop his hot-to-trot cock with their sexy lipsticked lips, but merely continued to blow their hot breath about a millimeter from his throbbing fuckstick, the teasing warm gusts of air causing the young stud's cop prick to jump and bounce in response, the tiny gusts teasing the very glans, tip and pee hole of his expanding, swelling member until its blood-engorgement was utterly complete and profound, reaching rock-hard, painful intensity, a tiny drop of pre-cum glistening at the very tip of the frustrated dude's horny, pulsating prick. "C'mon you broads, don't fuckin' tease me so much!!" begged Officer Brandolino. "C'mon, girls, go down on me, c'mon give me some head, you bitches" but all he heard or felt was silence except for the hot gusts of breath. Gary and Bill relished the musky "man's man" scent of the bound hotshot cop's cock and hairy bull-balls as they continued to drive Officer Brandolino up the wall, blowing hot gusts of air over his hairy, musky bull-balls, temporarily drying the heady ballsweat off his manly nutsacs, making his nut oysters churn unbearably within the hairy, leathery skin of his studly bull-balls, his baby-makers longing for their release, and his rockhard cock jerking as if jolted by electricity in response to the teasing arousal. While Gary blew his hot breath on Officer Brandolino's hairy crotch, Bill went behind the captive cop to first blow his hot breath all over the circumference of each of his lightly-jet-black-hair-flecked assglobes, causing a crop of sexually-charged goosebumps to appear on the sensitive skin of the hotshot cop's ass, only for Bill to spread those manly asscheeks and expose the deeply-furred, musky depths of the bound young law enforcement officer's asscrack and hair-holed virgin asshole. Officer Brandolino couldn't believe what whores these "babes" were. Shit, were they even going to explore his fucking asscrack, his manly shitter?? Damn! He'd tried to get broads to play with his butt before, but they always refused. Shit, maybe these crazy broads would even rim him-that would be a trip! Imagine a chick's tongue teasing your fuckin' shithole!! That would be the ultimate body worship, and God knew his Italian Stallion bod was worthy of just such adoration; Christ, he was "the man"; every woman's dream come true-it was only fitting for him to be worshipped like the fuckin' God he was!

Bill proceeded to blow hot gusts of air into Officer Brandolino's furry asscrack and over his hair-haloed, virgin asshole, the hot gusts making incredibly erotic contact with the pink button of the horny law enforcement officer's most private and heavily guarded orifice, causing the stalwart young cop to sigh and groan with lust, while Gary blew gusts of his own hot breath all over his studly crotch, the combined effect making his cock jump and twitch and ooze pre-cum as it swayed rock-hard in frustration, Officer Brandolino's intense sexual tension building to an unbearable degree. "These broads are gonna give me a case of fuckin' blue balls" thought Officer Brandolino, all the more determined to demand to be let go soon-enough of this foreplay, let me fuck you bitches' brains out! mused the jaded law enforcement officer, always accustomed to having his way and calling the sexual shots. Little did he know...

Gary and Bill completed their teasing arousal of the captive cop's hunky body by blowing their breath over the whorls of jet black leg hair on each of his magnificent, sun-bronzed muscular legs, parting the hairs with their breath and causing more erotic goosebumps all over the bound stud's body, only to proceed to blow their breath all over the tops and bottoms of his cute, sexy feet, between his toes and over the soles and heels of his jumpy tootsies, driving him wild and making his hard cock jump all the more.

Finally, Officer Brandolino decided that he had had enough of this teasing foreplay/bondage shit and was ready to be freed so that he could fuck the "babes". "OK you broads, let me go now. I'm through with this foreplay shit! C'mon, unlock these cuffs so I can fuck you broads silly. You know you cows want a ride on my big, hard Italian fuckstick, don't cha?? Huh?"

The "babes'" answer to Officer Brandolino's pleas was for each of them to approach the blindfolded, captive cop with tapering feathers, Gary insinuating each of two feathers into each of Officer Brandolino's hopelessly exposed, hairy, dripping armpits, gliding the feathers with devastating effect deep into the depths of each of the cop's hairy pits, while Bill suddenly trailed his two feathers over the dude's hair-haloed man-tits, then raked them down his olive-skinned sides and ribs, causing the shocked Officer Brandolino to gasp and yell `HEY CUT THAT THE FUCK OUT YOU CRAZY BROADS!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YA DOING, YOU BIMBOS??? HEH HEH HEH, C'MON CUT IT OUT I SAY!!! MARK!!! C'MON GET IN HERE, DUDE, THESE FUCKIN' BITCHES ARE OUT OF THEIR FUCKIN' GOURDS!!! HEH HEH HEH, CUT IT OUT I SAID, GODDAMIT!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!! AIEEEEEEE!!!! STOPPPP!!!!! NO MORE!!!!!!!! MARK, GET YOUR SORRY ASS IN HERE AND LET ME GO!!!! ARE THESE BITCHES IN ON SOME LITTLE JOKE OF YOURS OR SOMETHIN'? C'MON, I'M SORRY I TICKLED YA IN THE GYM, MAN!!!!! NOW C'MON, MARK, GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!! THESE BITCHES ARE STARTIN' TO WORRY ME!!! C'MON, LET ME GOOOOO!!!! HEH HEH HEH!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!!! AIEEEE!!!! NO!!! STOPPPPP!!!! NO MORE!!!!! HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!"

Gary and Bill said nothing in response to Officer Brandolino's comical outburst, and merely intensified their tickle torture, using their feathers to tease his hair-haloed man-tits, causing them to rise up like little cocks, hot Italian Stallion blood coursing through the bound cop's muscular sexually tense body and gathering with erotic intensity right at the tips of his sensitive man-tits, electric currents of rising lust firing through his pent-up body and shooting down from his tits to his manly cock and hairy bull-balls. While Gary teased his tits, Bill was simultaneously teasing the bound young law enforcement officer's sides and ribs and then over the moist tropical rainforest of the hunky stud's luxuriant jet-black sweaty pubes, teasing the feathers over the line of demarcation between his luxuriant pubes and the flat, olive-skinned lower portion of the bound cop's laddered abdominals, causing Officer Brandolino to gasp in erotic torment at the sudden unexpected contact on one of his most sensitive areas, then sliding one feather over and into the wiry thatch of manly pubic hair, parting the sex hair with the feather to tease the bound stud. Bill also used another feather to tease the very tip of the captive cop's erect cock using each frond of the maddening feather-tip to wickedly tease the glans and cock head of the young law enforcement officer's rampant boner until he was squealing with lust and again demanding to be freed to fuck the "babes," to no avail, as bill alternately slid one feather over the cop's swinging bull-balls, savoring their musky aroma, as Bill deliberately over-stimulated the captive Italian Stallion's hairy, swinging bull-balls, causing his squirming nut-oysters to gyrate inside his manly, hairy nutsacs and causing his big cop-cock to pulsate and grow even harder and more aching with the desire to free his baby-making nut oysters from their red-hot confinement deep in the ballsy stud's blue balls.

Meanwhile, Gary approached the struggling, naked young law enforcement officer from behind, relishing the salty, musky body odor of the excited lawman's body as he stood very close to the suspended cop's broad, smooth, olive-skinned back and used his feathers, toothbrushes and his ten twitching, educated fingers to delve into Officer Brandolino's, hairy, sweaty armpits, along his muscular olive-skinned back and spine, as well as madly diving into the bound State Trooper's exposed, vulnerable sides and ribs, driving the captive cop up the wall with tickle torture and forced sexual arousal, while Bill continued to tease the dude's cock and balls with feathers, causing Officer Brandolino to moan, mewl, squeal and beg as the tickle torture drove him into a total tickle frenzy, desperately aroused and dying to cum.

Gary then delved one feather down the furry crack of the naked lawman's humpy, hair-flecked ass while lightly caressing the firm, alabaster-white globes of his manly cop ass, giving the proud young officer more goosebumps over the circumference of those firm, manly globes, and causing him to sigh and shudder with sexual desire, Officer Brandolino thinking one of the sexy "babes" was playing with his manly butt, then oooing and ahhing as the feather was trailed down the length of Officer Brandolino's furry asscrack, only to teasingly circle the pink, hair-haloed virgin asshole of the pent-up young law enforcement officer, circling around and around the cop's virgin shitter while Bill twirled his feathers around and around the stud's peehole, glans and cockhead and tickled his hairy bull-balls, until Officer Brandolino was losing his mind, out of his fuckin' gourd with unsatisfied lust, unconsciously grinding his manly buttcheeks back onto the feather, sucking the tip of the feather into his butch hole, then desperately thrusting his cockhead and glans onto Bill's teasing feather while enjoying the pleasurable feel of the other feather teasing his pent-up hairy bull-balls, teasing each drawn-up nutsac and leaving his cum churning volcanically within the lawman's big balls, so close and yet so far.
Officer Brandolino mewled with undisguised lust, squealing from the tickling and oooing and ahhhing to the delicious feel of having his bully-boy butt and cock and balls teased and aroused, Nick alternately begging for them to stop tickling and teasing him and begging them to let him go or let him cum, he wanted to fuck the "babes" with his giant Italian fuckstick, drive that giant salami with his cute humpy little cop butt and fuck their brains out, to no avail.
After several more minutes of tickling and teasing, Gary and Bill abruptly stopped stimulating the captive cop's hunky body, silently departing into the bedroom and closing the door as Officer Brandolino called out "Hey what the fuck?? C'mon, you broads, you can't leave me hangin' like this!!! Let me go!!! C'mon I wanna fuck ya, ya dumb broads!!! C'mon, enough of this tickling teasing shit, I wanna get my rocks off!!! Where the fuck are you bitches going??? Hey, Mark!!!! C'mon enough of this payback shit!!!"

Bill had already transported the gurney he had found in their paramedic "landlord's" outbuilding into the bedroom and Gary and Bill proceeded to load the naked State Trooper Mark Walker onto the gurney at gunpoint, only to re-bind his wrists and ankles to the gurney. They then slowly rolled the cursing, struggling young State Trooper, whose mouth was still duct-taped shut but whose blindfold had been removed, into the living room of the cabin, carefully rolling the butch young State Trooper's headfirst through the towering trunks of each of his fellow State Trooper's hairy, olive-skinned legs, and over the slight impediment of Officer Brandolino's spreader bar, first slowly rolling State Trooper Walker's horrified head right under his fellow law enforcement officer's hairy bull balls and still rampant cock, within sniffing distance, Officer Walker's eyes flying open in horror at his close proximity to his butch cop bud's engorged reproductive organs, and gurgling wildly into his duct-tape gag.

Hearing the commotion and gurgling, fellow State Trooper Nick Brandolino demanded to know "What the fuck is goin' on? What are you broads doing now?? Let me go, NOW!!! Where the fuck is Mark anyway?" queried the denuded young lawman, wildly thrashing his blindfolded head form side to side as if this would somehow help him to locate his bud. Little did he know his bud was right between his manly legs, staring at his bud's hard cock and being forced to get huge lungfuls of his bud's musky ball scent in order to breathe!!

To give State Trooper Nick Brandolino a clearer picture, Gary and Bill suddenly removed his blindfold, causing Officer Brandolino to blink in disbelief as he suddenly focused on the fact that there were two unknown guys in the room, no "babes" to be seen, only to look down briefly to be mortified to see his bud State Trooper Mark Walker tied to a gurney balls-ass naked between his own hairy, manly legs! "What the fuck??!!! Who the fuck are you guys??? Where did the `babes' go???? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??? WE'RE POLICE OFFICERS!!!! LET US GO IMMEDIATELY!!!!"

"There never were any `babes' you dumbfuck Dago asshole! My friend and I were working you over, stud, whattaya think about that, huh? Your cock knows what it likes, and so does your bud's!! Relax, it's all on video tape to show to the rest of your fellow State troopers, show them how you got off being manhandled by other guys, yeah they'll like to see that for sure!!"

Reality sinking in, State Trooper Nick Brandolino realized in horror that these fuckers had just let him believe they were "babes", that it was they who were tickling and teasing his studly body all along!!! Feeling like he was about to puke, but totally enraged, the roaring Italian Stallion screamed in outrage at the deception "YOU FUCKIN' SLIMEBALL FAGGOTS!!! YOU FUCKIN' PLAYED WITH MY COCK, MY BALLS, MY ASSHOLE, YOU FUCKIN' PANSIES!!!! SHIT, AND THE SAME WITH MARK, TOO??? YOU FUCKIN SLIMEBALLS-WE'RE GONNA SLICE YOUR FAGGOT BALLS OFF AND FEED THEM TO YOU, YOU FUCKERS!!! AN ASSAULT ON A PEACE OFFICER IS 20 YEARS GUARANTEED!!!! LET US THE FUCK OUT OF THESE CUFFS AND SHIT RIGHT THIS INSTANT OR WE'RE GONNA, WE'RE GONNAÖ."

"You're gonna" what, asshole? asked Gary. "Gonna tell your superiors how you and Mark force women motorist to have sex with you in order to avoid going to jail or getting a ticket? Gonna tell your bosses how you plant drugs on them to threaten them, huh? huh? Yeah we've got all that on video too, asshole," Gary partially bluffed, "I'm sure your superiors would love to see those videos, love all the lawsuits they'll be hit with due to you assholes' sexual harassment, yeah, just wouldn't they like to see that!"

State Trooper Nick Brandolino's jaw dropped at the revelation of this information. Shit, these faggot fuckers literally had them by their big butch bull-balls, had them by the short and curlies literally and figuratively. Nick was left to grouse and curse and threaten to no avail, but he knew that these fuckers had them. Shit, the goddamned fags had them by their balls! Un-fuckin'-believable!!!

Worse, Gary and Bill taunted the big, butch State Troopers, telling them that Gary and Bill were going to make them feel "fine, real fine, gonna show you what it's like to be sexually harassed, see how you like it". This caused State Trooper Nick Brandolino to scoff and laugh sarcastically, "You're out of luck, pansy-boys. Our equipment only works for chicks, understand? Fuckin' waste of timeÖI mean it was one thing when I thought you were chicks, that was different, but now I can see you're guys, and fruits to boot, there's no fuckin' way you're gonna get a rise out of our butch cop peckers, you goddamned, cocksuckin' faggots!!" State Trooper Mark Walker's duct-tape gag was removed whereupon he let fly with a stream of futile curses and taunts that "you slimeball faggots better not lay a fuckin' queer-ass hand on either of us, or you'll wish you girls hadn't been born when we get through chopping off your Nelly little gay balls!"

Gary and Bill's response was to each approach the bound, glaring State Troopers their movements followed by the law enforcement officers' malevolent eyes, Nick and Mark openly laughing at the futility of even trying to get a response out of their hyper-hetero hunky bods. Gary approached Officer Brandolino while Bill hovered over the strapped-to-a-gurney Officer Walker, Gary and Bill each using the tapering fronds of feathers to tease each of the mocking cop's glans and cockheads, swirling the tickling feather fronds around and around the captive law enforcement officer's big cockheads, teasing their pee-holes and the sensitive undersides of their cocks. Despite their best efforts, the young hotshot cops were obviously and visibly dismayed that they were feeling sexually aroused by these unwanted pleasurable attentions, the fiendish fags seeming to know just where to aim their tickling feathers to get the most exaggerated response from the butch hetero law enforcement officers. When Gary and Bill used other feathers to simultaneously goose and stimulate the captive cops' hairy bull-balls and trial same down over and into their hairy virgin assholes, their cocks visibly jumped and hardened, filling with blood as their traitorous hetero peckers filled with blood and they began to involuntarily groan in rising sexual excitement until each had full-fledged boners, Officers Walker and Brandolino cursing and swearing and ordering the "fuckin' faggots" to stop, that OK, maybe they made a point, but the cops were just thinking about fuckin' their girlfriends, that was all, now cut out this shit and let us go!!!!

Instead, Gary and Bill merely intensified the teasing tickling, alternating the arousal of the lawmen's' hunky, musky privates with unexpected forays into their exposed hairy armpits, hair-haloed man-tits, and sensitive ribs and sides, even venturing down to their bare feet and tickling their soles, heels and curling toes. State Trooper Mark Walker's eyes bugged in horror at how his cop bud's huge prick grew larger with every practiced feather-stroke of their avenging duo, fellow State Trooper Nick Brandolino's cock pulsing with Italian Stallion blood and his prick tip oozing a tiny drop of pre-cum. Bill couldn't resist shaking that big Italian fuckstick causing the drop of pre-cum to fly off the tip of Officer Brandolino's straining cock and land right between Officer Walker's flaring bull-nostrils, then oozing into his left nostril, only to be smeared completely over the shocked lawman's sun-bronzed nose. Worse, in order to breathe, Officer Walker couldn't help but to be forced to smell the musky, salty sweat of his fellow cop's swaying, hairy bull-balls as they rocked precariously right over the horrified young law enforcement officer's handsome face, and, as the evil duo tickled the shit out of the hunky Officer Brandolino, the Italian Stallion was forced to jerk and flinch to try to avoid the contact on his most sensitive skin, causing those big bull-balls and/or the wiry hairs that grew profusely all over the young stud's musky bull-balls, to brush over Officer Walker's handsome face, tickling his proud nose or brushing right over his wind-burned lips, Officer Walker's hot gusts of outraged breath inadvertently goosing and arousing his fellow officer as his mouth and nose were forced to make contact with his bud's lips and nose. Officer Brandolino jumped wildly when Gary took the blunt end of a feather and used it to clean out the fuzz in Officer Brandolino's navel, causing him to yelp and pull down in his bondage, not only making Officer Brandolino's desperate fuckstick pulse as if an electric shock had been delivered to it, but also causing his hairy, sweaty bull-balls to unexpectedly descend towards Officer Walker's mouth, whose mouth was then wide open due to his feet having suddenly been tickled again by Bill, the net result being that Officer Walker suddenly had his fellow lawman's hairy musky bull-balls plopped right into his open mouth. Officer Walker valiantly used his manly tongue to attempt to expel the repellent invaders, but only succeeded in running his taster over the salty, musky surface of his fellow officer's hairy bull-balls, being forced to taste and smell his butch bud's big nutsacs, which only made Officer Brandolino's baby-making nut oysters squirm all the more in his hot balls. Officer Walker was relieved when further tickling caused Officer Brandolino to involuntarily jerk upwards again, except that his bud's big, drooling fuckstick suddenly charged towards his flaring nostrils, his glistening pee-hole striking his nose, then right between his horrified eyes before Officer Brandolino's out-of-control body jerked upwards and back in Officer Walker's line of sight but at least out of his hetero face!

To liven things up, Gary and Bill maneuvered the gurney further back so that when Officer Brandolino was forced to descend again from reacting to his intense tickling, the Italian Stallion's hairy virgin ass hole, furry asscrack and hair-flecked asscheeks came dangerously close to Officer Walker's horrified face as Officer Walker himself was inappropriately laughing his head off from being tickled himself, Officer Walker being forced to breathe in his bud's musky ass scent. To Officer Walker's horror, Officer Brandolino shrieked from a sudden unexpected hairy armpit tickling inflicted by Gary and involuntarily reacted by squatting his hunky ass right down onto his bud State Trooper Mark Walker's nose, his hairy virgin asshole making a direct hit onto Officer Walker's outraged nose, Officer Brandolino inadvertently nearly suffocating his bud with his musky, sweaty ass scent as his furry asscrack slid back and forth right over his bud's nose as he reacted to the intense tickling.

Officer Walker was relieved when the devilish duo pulled the gurney back through the Italian Stallion's olive skinned hairy legs, the sides of his face being tickled by his bud's wiry leg hairs, only to pull him until Officer Walker's own crotch was just below where Officer Brandolino was suspended over it.

Gary and Bill then intensified their teasing torture of the young law enforcement officers' privates, teasing their glans and cockheads, pee-holes, hairy bull-balls and hairy virgin assholes with feathers, again and again bringing the horny studs to the brink of orgasm, the forced orgasms they had claimed would be impossible, only for Gary and Bill to back off again and again. Gary and Bill kept this up for several agonizing minutes, forcing the studs to literally beg for relief, again and again teasing them relentlessly, feather stroking their hair-haloed man tits in concentric circles while their partner teased their glans, cockheads and assholes, their exposed, hairy sweat-drenched armpits, ribs and sides were teased, and the diabolical duo even trailed their feathers annoyingly right over the dudes' flaring nostrils, eyes, lips, and round and round and into their ears, teasing their sensitive earlobes and driving them up the wall with arousal, while simultaneously teasing their hair-haloed man-tits and cocks, balls and assholes.

When Gary and Bill were satisfied that they had tickled the deserving cop/rapists into near dementia, and feared they would have a heart attack, the duo suddenly increased the feather-friction all over their exposed, hairy bodies, concentrating on teasing their cockheads, glans and pee-holes, hairy bull-balls and hair-haloed virgin assholes, until Gary and Bill each leaned out and suddenly chomped down on each of the young law enforcement officer's right, hair-holed tits and chomped down on their erect nubbins while they intensely feather-stroked the very tips of their penises, triggering intense orgasms in each, Officers Walker and Brandolino throwing their heads back in the throes of inescapable orgasm. Officer Brandolino screamed out. his mouth wide open and his uvula visibly swinging at the back of his throat, as he "discharged his weapon" first, the mere feather fronds triggering a giant whoosh of solid white cum, a huge rope of intensely pressurized cop-jizz that erupted like the Fourth of July out of his big, pulsing Italian fuckstick, volley after volley of white-hot cum spraying out of his pee-hole, bursting and separating into smaller little explosions of cum, spraying cum all over Officer Walker's hairy chest, into his sweaty hairy armpits and right into his nose, eyes and mouth, his crew-cutted head and over his head into the room beyond.

When his bud collapsed from exhaustion from his intense cum, Officer Brandolino inadvertently sagged in his bonds, his humpy furry asscrack making contact with the tip of Officer Walker's cockhead, his bud's wiry pubic asscrack fur combining with the feather fronds on the tip of his engorged penis to trigger State trooper Mark Walker's own intense orgasm, Officer Walker's cock exploding blast after funky blast of highly pressurized cum from up out of his pent-up, hairy bull balls, blast after blast exploding right up onto Officer Brandolino's smooth, olive-skinned muscular back, Officer Walker's huge prick happily sliding through the hairy, sweaty crack of his fellow State trooper's manly ass, the ass fur inadvertently coaxing more and more cop jizz out of Officer Walker's big balls, as further volleys erupted like a volcano, spewing ropes of cop cum high in the air from the top of Officer Brandolino's furry crack, blasting up into the air and up into Officer Brandolino's own close-cropped hair, and beyond.

The two collapsed officers lay where they had been for several minutes, so out-of-it and overwhelmed by the most intense orgasms of their entire lives that they failed to even realize that Officer Walker's hard cock still slid happily in the crack of Officer Brandolino's ass. Gary and Bill were even able to release the exhausted Officer Brandolino's hairy wrists from his handcuffs, causing him to collapse his hairy, naked body and flop head-to-head (and cockhead-to-cockhead, natch) right down atop his bud's sweat-and-cum-soaked hairy body. Gary and Bill merely re-cuffed Officer Brandolino to the gurney on top of his bud where they seemed to drift off into a contented state for several minutes before realizing their new predicament.

Gary and Bill then re-tickled the studs to embarrassing further orgasms, the tickling of their bare, pink-soled size-12 feet, pits, tits, ribs and sides causing their cocks to re-harden and slide against each other, especially when they combined the tickling with a well-deserved fire-engine-red spanking of Officer Brandolino's alabaster-firm hair flecked humpy ass. All that bumping and grinding on the groaning gurney combined with the intense tickling brought the deserving cop/rapists to orgasm again and again. The two dudes were so slick with new and old cum, sweat and tears that Gary and Bill wondered if the two butch State Troopers could ever be un-glued!

When they finally tired of toying with their deserving victims, Gary and Bill simply rolled them out onto the side of the highway and dialed 911 on their cell phone to report a "strange sighting" on the highway to the State Troopers office.
Since it was now Sunday, Gary and Bill still had one day left of their weekend, so Gary and Bill returned to the cabin. They knew the incriminating videos would buy Officer Walker's and Brandolino's silence, though how they would explain how they ended up bound naked to a gurney covered in cum to their other cop buds when they found them was anyone's guess. But appropriately embarrassing and humiliating!

On Sunday afternoon, Gary and Bill were surprised when someone unlocked the cabin door, letting in the unbearable heat of the day. It turned out to be Scott Woodward, the paramedic husband of the couple in full paramedic uniform. The 26-year-old paramedic was a 6' 3", handsome, closely-cropped dirty-blond-haired stud. He sure looked fine as he sweated in his tight-fitting uniform which emphasized his hunky build. Neither Gary nor Bill had seen Scott before, since the rental was arranged over the telephone with his wife. Gary and Bill introduced themselves. "You guys brothers? Cousins?" inquired Scott. Gary and Bill saw no reason to clue him in yet, so they ignored the question. Scott seemed to assume they were one or the other. It seemed that Scott had been called back from vacation early when a comrade was himself injured in a motorcycle accident. He worked a long shift the day before and had just got off work and had forgot that the renters would not be gone yet. He had dropped his wife off at her mother's the day before. It seemed "the wife" as he called her, was none too pleased at having their vacation cut short.

Scott gratuitously announced that "Thank God Mike Porter showed up this afternoon. That meant we had one more paramedic to fill in for the one injured in the motorcycle accident. And just when we had a call from Storm Lake-sounded like a couple of fags and one had injured himself. Thank God I didn't have to respond to that one! I hate having to treat fuckin' fags, they're all full of AIDS, ya know, serves the fuckers right!! My buds and me used to beat the shit out `em when they'd come up from the City. Next thing ya know the mountains won't be safe for normal guys like us, right?!" Scott lifted his short-sleeve uniform-clad right arm with the paramedic insignia sewed to it sleeve and crinkled his handsome sun-bronzed nose. "Whew! I fuckin' stink- fuckin' hot day. Mind if I take a shower and crash here for awhile? I know the place is yours till tomorrow, but is it OK?"

"Yeah, that's fine, the bedroom's yours for the rest of the afternoon" said Gary with a secret wink at Bill. After Scott went into the bedroom and closed the door, Gary and Bill slammed the front door as if they were leaving for a day's outing, but then were right at the keyhole to watch as Paramedic Scott Woodward, now thinking he was alone in the cabin, stripped out of his uniform, removing his uniform shirt and regulation white tee shirt to reveal his sun-bronzed muscular hairy chest and the depths of his sweaty, dirty-blond-haired armpits, then removed his uniform pants and Calvins to reveal his cute, bare white, little virgin hubby ass split by a fine line of dirty-blond hair, his pink virgin hubby hole winking at them through the keyhole, and revealing his huge cock and dirty-blond-haired crotch and hairy bull-balls.

Gary and Bill listened as he sung in the hissing shower, then went into the bedroom, set up a hidden video in the utility closet off the bedroom and sniffed the prejudiced paramedic's sweaty, discarded uniform and underwear before they heard the water being turned off, whereupon they retreated to the living room. They watched from the key hole as Scott emerged from the shower, in all his magnificent glory. To their surprise, Scott began to flex his muscles in the mirror over the bureau, one sun-bronzed hand going down to his crotch, where he began jerking his huge meat!! Scott was soon flaked out naked on the bed, pounding his paramedic pecker to beat the band. After allowing a few more minutes of this, Gary and Bill suddenly noisily entered the bedroom and said "Oh!" as Scott scrambled to futilely cover up his jerk-off session. `Fuck I didn't hear you come in!" shouted Scott, blushing. "Obviously," noted Gary wryly, "looks like you've been busy, dude!" Scott blushed and laughed `Yeah, you guys caught me! Sorry!"

"Don't worry about it dude" said Bill, "we all do it sometimes" Gary and Bill suddenly approached the bed however, saying "yeah, but what would you wife think, holdin' out on her like this, wasting your spunk, huh? I think we should give you the punishment you deserve on her behalf! Yeah, just like we used to do to each other as kids if we got caught with our salami in our hands!'

To Scott's horror, Gary and Bill flipped the paramedic onto his six-pack abs and proceeded to spank his bare ass until it was flaming, fire-engine red and stinging, his still rock-hard cock sliding sensuously against the smooth bedspread, making it even harder. Gary announced that "I think he needs a little more convincing" suddenly flipping Scott back down on his burning backside and snapping Officer Brandolino's souvenir handcuffs over each of the paramedic's wrists, his sweaty, dirty-blond-haired armpits totally exposed. The then roped the horrified and protesting stud's ankles to the bottom of the bed.

When Scott realized he'd been tied up by a "pair of fags" it was too late. Gary and Bill spent the rest of the day tickling, teasing and cum-denying the errant prejudiced hubby till they finally let him blast his load into his own surprised face.
On Sunday night, Gary and Bill roared off back to the City with their videos. It had been quite a weekend!! Gary and Bill thought they would like to return to the mountains again soon. They really liked the wildlife there!



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