A wealthy dom experiments with mind control in this hot new story from new author BoundmanBlue!

Stanley & Marcus - Chapter 1
by BoundmanBlue
Series: Stanley & Marcus
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Stanley tapped his fingers rhythmically against the bar top, his eyes scanning the near-empty club. The dregs of the night mill about and chat as they wander towards the main exit. He watched as the men, still laughing and buzzing from the night’s entertainment, stumble towards the door. Most are still in the backroom, changing out of latex or leather gear. Wolfies prides itself as being the only fetish club in the city that has a locker room and changing facility for its clientele. This can come in handy for folks who want to engage in the scene but don’t want their uptight suburban neighbours to see them leave the house in full coverage latex cat suit dragging a gimp along by their leash. That’s just the kind of people the world’s hottest underground fetish club attracts.

As the night nears its close the otherwise wild club becomes predictably boring. In three minutes Sherry would turn on the house lights and cut the music. In five she’ll start actively kicking people out. The regulars like to hang by the doors and watch her pop off. It’s seen as more of an encore performance to them.

Marcus looked up from his phone from where he’d been sitting at the bar for the last hour, nursing a double-vodka twist. His eyes locked with Stanley’s, snapping him out of his daydream. Marcus’s attention could wake the dead. A cold perturbing stare from piercing blue eyes. Six years of friendship and Stanley still isn’t used to it. For a man accustomed to standing out in a crowd, Stanley noted that Marcus had chosen a surprisingly modest outfit tonight. A pale blue button down shirt that contrasted perfectly with his olive skin. Harsh black straps circulated his muscular chest over the shirt. No doubt he wore a harness just to stay in keeping with the Wolfies dress code. Although judging by how he’s been bugging Stanley to cut off early all night, he isn’t here to play.

“You’re drooling, did you notice?” Marcus’s bass monotone drawl cut through the music. “If you’re so desperate for action just ask someone out. It’s painfully ironic that the only gay man in ‘Wolfies leatherbar and sex club’ that can’t get laid is the hot bartender”” Marcus grinned. It’s like he’s psychic. It seems like just one look is all it takes for him to know exactly what Stanley is thinking at any time. It just goes to show they spend way too much time together.

“I think I’d need to hit the gym a little harder to be classified as ‘hot’” said Stanley. After a long night of gawking at guys perfectly man-scaped sweat-slicked torsos he felt like the last picked to dance at prom.

“The way you find a way to spoil any compliment I give you is like a superpower.” Marcus raised his glass to do a sarcastic ‘well done’ gesture before polishing it off “I just wish you’d stop pretending you’re not attractive”

“Who’s pretending?” Stanley started collecting glasses as he spoke. “I just need to decide whether I should use my powers for good or for evil…”

“Evil” Marcus retorted, with his usually deadpan delivery. His attention went back to whatever on his phone he’s finding so fascinating. “You said we’d be out of here by now” He said, this time without looking up.

“We can’t always get what we want” Stanley leaned close over the bar. “For example, right now I want to get fucked in the a-“

“Stan!” An impressively built woman with ornate tattoos dotted all over her arms and across her chest teetered over. Her operatic voice rang out just as the music stopped. Sherry had been the managing the Wolfies for over a decade. “How long does it pick up a few empties, lovey?” Sherry pulled her lips back baring pearly white veneers. Stanley suspected this to be her interpretation of a smile.

Before Stanley could answer Marcus cut across “Actually Sherry my love I was just telling Stan we need to get going, you don’t mind closing up without him, do you? Do a favour for your favourite regular”

Sherry’s eyes locked on to Marcus’s, as always her expression is the fixed mask of a customer service veteran. “Marky-warkey my gorgeous poppy flower, you should know I don’t play favourites. I love all my babies the same!”

Marcus countered with a smile and feigned offence “I’m not your very favourite? Wow, well then just stand there and break my heart!”

Sherry paused for a moment, her acrylics tapping the countertop as she pondered, but it’s easy to tell she’d been won over. Finally she laughed and said. “Yeah alright then, piss off you two” She reached over and ruffled Marcus’s hair. Marcus always knew how to talk her over. Or anyone for that matter. One of his many actual superpowers.

The two made a swift exit. It was not unheard of for Sherry to change her mind on a whim. They got in the back Marcus’s car and without a word the driver took off towards Marcus’s flat. As they sat in silence Stanley is forced to wonder if the reason he’s still single is that the two are always seen as a couple. Sherry certainly thought the two as an item at some point. It made a sort of sense, they’re both well-established kinksters in the community. Marcus being famously a popular master and Stanley an experienced bottom. The fact is they became friends too fast to really consider being anything else. As much as Stanley liked the idea of people thinking they were a couple. With Marcus’s body, his success, his charisma… Stanley felt lucky just being in his shadow. As for Marcus, Stanley could only assume he kept him around because of his goofy sense of humour and easy access to Wolfies events.

“So it’s the same again, is it?” Stanley glanced over at Marcus. This would mark the third time this month Marcus had decided he needs Stanley’s assistance last minute. “Not that I don’t appreciate you getting me off work early.”

“Em… yeah, same again.” Marcus barely looked up from his phone. Stanley found his sudden interest in the device to be unusual. Marcus abhors social media and is usually hard to reach by phone. It seemed off-putting to Stanley seeing him engrossed in something other than a newspaper or a textbook too advanced for any normal genius to comprehend. Stanley didn’t mind admitting to himself that he felt somewhat jealous of the phone for keeping Marcus’s attention hostage.

“Your assistance could help me make a lot of money soon” Marcus said, “Don’t think I’ll forget you helping me out, you’ll get a fair cut. Then you can quit the club. You hate tending bar.”

Stanley scoffed “You have enough money. And I don’t hate my job, I just feel like I could be doing something better suited to my talents.”

“Well then if you help me try something out on that special brain of yours tonight I’ll get you enough money you can fund this mystery venture, or better yet just buy the bar and be your own boss” Marcus finally looked up long enough to give Stanley a cheeky wink, before his attention was drawn once again to the screen.

‘Special brain’ Stanley pondered over those words while they made the rest of the journey in silence. Stanley only had a slight idea what Marcus meant by that. Marcus’s latest thing is hypnotism. Just like all his other obsessions Marcus dove headfirst into the world of hypnotism and quickly became great at it. Marcus doesn’t do anything half-assed and it wasn’t long before he had become an expert. Stanley is his guinea pig, apparently not many people can go into a trance like Stanley can.

It’s something about control. One of the main barriers that prevents someone being put into a trance is they often cannot let go even if they try. That was never a problem for Stanley. He’s been surrendering himself to men to get the most out of sex for his entire adult life. Most of Stanley’s fantasies involve taking orders, being bound or even someone forcing themselves on him. Losing himself to the whims of a strong, manipulative, sadist is pretty much a typical Tuesday night to Stanley.

Marcus had been taking up more and more of Stanley’s time lately working on something he called ‘the free-will problem’. From the little Stanley understood about hypnotism it’s basically not possible to put someone in a trance against their will, or get that person to do something they truly don’t want to do, for that matter. It had become Marcus’s mission to solve this problem. How he intended to make money doing it is not something Stanley cared to think about, but there doesn’t seem like much need for concern. Marcus is a genius but even he has to give up on a lost cause eventually. If mind control to that level was even remotely possible someone would have discovered it by now. Stanley for the time being has resolved to humour him in his experiments, even if just to be in his company.

The cab pulled up outside Marcus’s apartment building. An ostentatious affair littered with gothic indentations and flying buttresses. Marcus owns the top two floors which he has converted into one huge apartment. Heading passed the security desk Stanley watched in awe of Marcus’s confidence. From Wolfies all the way back home the leather bulldog harness had stayed on proudly hugging his chest. Even at this time of night who knows who could spot him coming and going dressed up in gear. Stanley would kill for that kind of confidence.

When they get through the front door of the flat Marcus unbuckles his harness and tosses it onto a coat-rack “Sort us out a drink, I need to get some work done before we start.” And with that Marcus whips around the corner in a rush. Stanley took off his own coat and draped it carefully on a hook separate from the harness.

Stanley moved around the room. As always Marcus’s apartment is magnificent. An open plan living style with lounge area and dining room all sharing the same massive space on the right on the way in is a kitchen with all the fixings. To the left is the first guest bedroom with ensuite and beside that is Marcus’s private gym. Tall windows stretch up the two story walls showing off the height of the room. A mezzanine lines the back wall with doors leading off into the rooms upstairs. The upstairs is mostly a mystery to Stanley. He knows it is where Marcus’s bedroom and main bathroom are, as well as a playroom.

Marcus is open about his kinks in conversation but he’s not the type to show off his gear with men he doesn’t fuck around with. Based on the luxuriousness of the rest of the apartment Stanley can only assume the playroom is full of the most incredible gear he’s is ever likely to see. Marcus stays pretty private with this kind of stuff and Stanley only gets to hear the occasional story from mutual friends Marcus has fucked, but even they’re hesitant to kiss and tell.

Stanley fetched some beers from the fridge, casually chipping the caps off with the edge of the kitchen island with a practiced flair. He headed back to the living room area and dropped himself on the couch, kicking off his trainers. Marcus’s apartment is the main reason Stanley puts up with the regular impromptu hypnosis sessions. If Marcus had any gaming consoles Stanley would consider it the perfect pad, but gaming isn’t really Marcus’s bag, unless you count mind games. Nevertheless with its own private gym, fully stocked fridge and entirely too comfortable Italian leather couch, it’s a vast improvement to Stanley’s sad one bed flat. Plus the plasma screen TV which, Stanley is only now noticing, is obscured by a large card bored box.

“Oi!” Stanley yelled over his shoulder. “You get a new washer-dryer or something?”

No response, although Stanley is starting to notice some strange noises coming from the spare room.

Stanley sighed and dragged himself up off the couch leaving the apple core on the coffee table. Marcus probably just got enthralled in his phone again. “Your beer is goanna get warm” Stanley headed the direction Marcus went earlier, into the spare bedroom. Through the partially open door he could see the room had an eerie red glow.

“Alright mate, take your-… What the fuck!?” The beer fell out of Stanley’s hand, spilling all over the carpet, as he took in the scene of the room. Marcus stood over the bed pulling a leather strap taunt. With each pull a tall muscular figure strapped spread-eagle on the bed let out another moan. The stranger is wearing a tight rubber wrestling singlet and is littered with tattoos. Over his face is what looks like a black muzzle with the tell-tale studs over the mouth hinting that it includes a built in pecker gag. A rubber hood is under the muzzle, encasing his head and hiding any other features Stanley would otherwise make out. The main feature drawing Stanley’s eye is the man’s giant erection outlined through the rubber crotch of the singlet.

Marcus finished adjusting the restraints before responding to Stanley. “Yeah, I apologise for double booking you guys but this is the only night either one of you is available.” He spoke with such nonchalance, like any of this is normal. He looked up and caught Stanley’s expression. “Oh calm down Stan, this is entirely consensual.”

“That’s not really the issue Mark!” Stanley took a breath and lowered his voice. Neither one of them liked being called the shorter version of their names. “Listen mate you’re obviously busy tonight so I’m gonna catch a train ho- Wait a minute… How fucking long has he been here?!”

Marcus walked around the bed and clasped Stanley by the shoulder. Stanley is guided, gently but firmly, out of the room. The door is closed behind them before Marcus spoke. “Look, it’s not a big deal. Tony is a good friend of mine and he’s enjoying himself. Yes he’s been strapped and gagged for almost three hours now, but trust me, he is completely unaware of time passing”

Marcus’s words took a moment to sink in “He’s in a trance” Stanley said, just as it dawned on him. He turned around and punched Marcus in the arm. “It’s still fucked up that you just left him there alone!”

Marcus smiled “You thought you were the only one that could go that deep didn’t you? And for your information, I’ve been supervising the whole time. Look here” Marcus took out phone and tilted it so Stanley could see. On the screen is a live feed display of the room they had just left. Stanley watched with a mixed look of fascination and horror at the tall man’s frame on the screen. The beer bottles he had just dropped, even the stain from the split beer on the carpet could be made out. “Full visual of the room, heartrate monitored, and emergency remote release for the cuffs.” Marcus pocketed the phone, a triumphant look on his face.

Stanley padded over to the couch once again, kicking one of his trainers away before he dumped himself on the leather. “If he’s here for hypnosis practice why is he dressed like a wrestle-mania gimp?”

Marcus sat down on the couch next to him, a sudden rush of air as his back hit the leather carrying Marcus’s macho body odour to Stanley’s nostrils. “It started because that’s his fetish. He loves being bound, helpless, in rubber. When I asked him if I could practice hypnosis on him he insisted on the condition I do it this way. This works for us, that’s all. If what you’re doing doesn’t look fucked up to a third party is it even a fetish? But thanks to his proclivities for BDSM I believe I’ve had a breakthrough”

“A breakthrough?” Stanley shifted uncomfortably in his seat. As much as he enjoyed being this close to Marcus he rarely got the privilege. Marcus’s body language, like his face and vocal cadences is usually a brick wall. It took years for Stanley to feel like he could properly read him, and yet, in this moment Marcus looks like an open book, his eyes stared deeply into Stanley’s. His arm draped over the back of the chair, so close to Stanley’s neck he could feel its warmth.

“Marcus slid in closer “You know it’s funny, Tony is incredibly receptive to suggestion, but still not quite as receptive as you. I need to reinstate the trance every few hours, but you always stay under until we’re done. I can only conclude that the key trait that makes Tony the ideal candidate for deep trance is one that is an even more dominant trait in you.” Marcus’s arm gently fell from the back of the couch around Stanley’s shoulders. “Let’s review some of Tony’s dominant traits.” Marcus continued “Firstly he’s kinky, I know you are as well.” Marcus tightened his grip over Stanley’s shoulder. “Secondly, I believe you both attain great enjoyment from taking orders from powerful men, particularly those you have a strong attraction too.” Marcus moved his body with a tender strength, pushing Stanley down onto his back. In one fluid motion they were kissing. Stanley’s heart raced. He froze for a millisecond in complete shock, but nothing could stop him from giving into the kiss. His body surrendered to the moment and pulled Marcus in close.

Before Stanley fully realised what was happening the kiss was over as Marcus pulled away a little. “And thirdly,” he said, softly “You are both infatuated with me”

Stanley sat bolt upright, the spell broken. He opened his mouth to deny it, but his body had already betrayed him. So instead he said, sourly “That was cruel”

Marcus’s mask was back up in full, or perhaps it had never slipped in the first place. He gave a cheeky wink, got up, and started unpacking the box in front of the TV. “I had to have this specially made. It’s pretty out there even for heavy fetish gear.” Stanley wondered how in the hell does Marcus switch gears as fast as that.

Stanley needed time to process what had just happened. Marcus clearly doesn’t have feelings for him, so that must mean it was a joke made to humiliate him. Stanley stood up, his face flushed “I’m going home”

Marcus stopped unpacking. He turned around slowly. Stanley noticed a tension in his shoulders, but his voice remained kind when he spoke. He raised his hands slowly “Ok, ok, I’m sorry, I haven’t been fair to you tonight. Please allow me to have a second chance. You know I won’t need to ask for a third.”

Stanley turned away. Marcus’s determination is terrifying. Stanley isn’t sure whether their friendship is something Marcus wouldn’t simply sacrifice like any other pawn on the board to get what he wants. “I’m just not up for it now, ok? I’ve had a long day and to be honest you need to keep a close eye on Tony and I’d rather wake up in my own bed.”

Marcus seemed thoughtful or a moment, but then his shoulders dropped and he looked resigned. He sighed and said “You’re right, I get it. I’ll call you a cab. But it’ll cost you a bomb at this time, take some cash”
“You don’t have to-“

“No I do,” Marcus cut across “it’s my fault you’re uncomfortable. Here” He held out a fifty.

Stanley reached for it reluctantly. As much as he hated letting Marcus pay for everything he doesn’t feel like arguing right now. As his fingers clasped the note Marcus gripped it.

“Although, now that I think of it, I never properly incentivised you for work so far. How does a hundred more of these sound?”

Marcus let go of the note. Stanley looked down at it blankly. “You can’t be serious.”

“Well it’s only fair.” Marcus sat down into his armchair, taking out his phone as he did so “I mean Tony gets his kicks from our sessions but you don’t get anything. I’m transferring five G’s into your account right now”

“Marcus look that’s not what this is about-“

“And,” Marcus interrupted again, “another five if you follow through with tonight. Honestly mate you’d be doing me a huge favour.”

Stanley stood frozen on the spot. Marcus has never made a promise he wouldn’t keep. If he’s throwing this kind of money around he must really want to do something crazy.

Marcus held out his hand “Please mate, I really do need you for this”

Stanley looked down again at the fifty. Ten grand for one nights work. It seems silly to leave just over some embarrassing kiss. Although it made him a little sick to let Marcus get his way again. He took Marcus’s hand, and they shook on it.

Marcus beamed “Thanks mate.” And then, true to form Marcus wasted no time and continued unpacking the box like nothing had happened. “Listen bud there are some mild muscle relaxers above the sink, just take one. Also just so you know this will be your last chance for a bathroom break for a while. Good thing we never had those beers, eh?”

Stanley, obedient as always, turned around and headed to the bathroom. By the time he had taken the pill and come back Marcus and unpacked the box. There, laid out on the living room floor there lay a thick prison orange tube. It almost looks like a sleeping bag, except a sleeping bag would be about twenty times smaller. Nevertheless it had a zip down the centre and hole where conceivably Stanley imagined he would be expected to climb into. One strange development of the room is that Marcus had removed his shirt and add started taking off his trousers when Stanley had come back into the room.

“Em… why are you stripping? And what the hell even is that?!” Stanley asked, pointing as the gigantic padded tube.

“Well,” Marcus gestured towards the thing “this is a tool which, I believe, we can use to achieve our goal and cause you to go into a particularly deep trance. To answer your other question I am getting undressed to show solidarity. I need you to strip down to your underwear. Trust me mate this bag is so soft inside you’re gonna want to feel it on your bare skin.”

Stanley’s hand rested on the pocket he keeps his phone. He had checked his balance in the bathroom upstairs and, sure enough, there was a pending deposit of five thousand. No going back now. Better just to do what Marcus says before he’s strong-armed into doing it anyway. He swiftly undressed and tossed his clothes onto the couch. “Let’s just get this over with”

“That’s the spirit!” Marcus nodded in approval, then went back to straightening out the bag. Stanley folded his arms self-consciously. Marcus’s body is art. Deep chiselled abs, large pecs and powerful meaty thighs. Overall he probably had as much body fat as the wind. Unlike Stanley, Marcus threw himself into almost every club and society in university that tested his physical skill and strength. Weightlifting, boxing, pole-vault, swimming… and it all shows. Stanley held onto his trousers and held them awkwardly in front of his crotch. Hopefully Marcus will take this as being uncomfortable with the situation and not hiding his hard dick.

Marcus unzipped the bag “Come over here” he reaches out invitingly. Stanley hesitated for a moment, but then tossed his trousers aside took Marcus’s hand as he guided him over the bag. “Lay down”

Stanley looked down at his imminent prison. Unlike the prison-inmate orange of the outside of the bag, the inside was jet black and shiny. Stanley could make out arm and leg holes that seem to lead to internal sleeves. It’s obvious the thing is designed like a bondage sleepsack, except for the heavy over-padding and how it looks primarily made of canvas and nylon. He awkwardly sat down near the top of the bag and lay back, sliding his feet under the material as he did so. Surprisingly it feels incredibly soft against his skin. Marcus helped guide his feet into the leg holes and Stanley slid down until he could feel the material hit his crotch. The material offered slight resistance as it hugged Stanley’s legs all the way to his toes.

“I see you’re enjoying yourself already” Marcus eyes flited down to Stanley’s now rock hard dick pushing itself against the stretch material of his briefs. Stanley felt his face heat up at Marcus’s comment. Despite being coerced into doing this he had to admit to himself Marcus is hitting all his buttons. Bondage, control, hypnosis… If they were together in a sexual context this would probably be the greatest night of Stanley’s life.

Stanley didn’t reply. He hustled to get his arms in the internal sleeves. The sooner he would be zipped up in this thing the sooner his erection wouldn’t be on display for Marcus to poke fun at. He ended up squirming awkwardly trying to get the angle right and Marcus had to help by pulling back the thick downy material to help manoeuvre his arms into the deep pockets of the bag. Just like his legs his arms felt the material hug every crevice from his armpit to the crux of his elbow to the tips of his fingers.

With his weight spread on top of the bag Stanley could get a feel for how truly over padded the thing really is. The back cushioned the floor to a point where Stanley couldn’t feel it. Considering how much it costs to buy a down fill coat this thing but be worth a fortune. As Marcus slowly zipped up the bag, taking care not to snag the zig on any puckered material, Stanley could feel the immense weight of the material pressing him from all sides. His heart started to race.

Marcus, apparently sensing the sudden panic, placed his hand on Stanley’s bare chest, the only part of his body still uncovered. “Hey, relax mate.” he spoke softly “I’d never do anything to hurt you”

Stanley felt the warmth of Marcus’s hand on his chest. He looked into his eyes to see they’d softened. “Yeah I’m alright. You know tight spaces is my thing, right? Thanks though…”

Marcus smiled and zipped up the bag the rest of the way up to Stanley’s chin, which simultaneously pulled the hood close around Stanley’s head, seemingly tighter than the rest of the bag. Stanley face is left the only thing left uncovered, poking out slightly. Stanley shuffled slightly in place, testing his range of motion, but he found the bag more rigid than expected. Previously undetected forces are now holding his limbs and torso straight. Some kind of inflexible internal frame?

Marcus stood up and looked down, seemingly bemused by Stanley’s wriggling. “How does it feel?”

“In a word? Tight” Stanley’s continued to investigate his ability to move inside the bag. Like any other sleepsack he’d been in, it was obvious from the second he was zipped up that it is not possible to escape on his own. Stanley will have to wait until he’s let out by Marcus, whenever that is. The main relief at this moment is that his erection is now out of sight and he’s free to enjoy the feeling ofhis dick throbs against the bags internal wall.

Marcus chuckled. “Good, then we won’t need to make too many adjustments.” Marcus squatted down and gave Stanley a couple of slaps in the stomach. The puffy covering made a muffled sound. Stanley didn’t feel a thing. “You keep getting acquainted and I’ll get right on that.”

Stanley’s brow furrowed “Adjustments?” He looked up but Marcus had left his line of sight. Even turning his head feels impossible in this thing. Once the zip was pulled up to Stanley’s chin he could feel the bag’s internal collar, keeping his neck stiff like a neck brace. Stanley is left to stare at the ceiling.

After a few moments Stanley felt a sudden whir of motion as a humming sound started coming from the bag, almost like a motor. He felt the bag tighten and vibrate over his entire body. The bag itself seemed to compress and push everything into the centre. The internals of the bad suckered themselves around every crack and crevice in Stanley’s body. His hands sucked themselves flat against his thighs. The hole which Stanleys face poked out from sealed up so that even air couldn’t make it out passed his face. Stanley let out a loud gasp of surprise “Erm! What’s happening?!” His voice broke with unease.

Marcus waited until the bag had finally finished its demonic possession and the humming stopped before he leaned over, once again entering Stanley’s line of sight. “That was just all the air being sucked out. Can you move anything?” Marcus’s voice sounded distant now, like he’s speaking to him through a door. Stanley guessed the tight hood is blocking out most of the sound.

Stanley took a deep calming breath, which was a touch harder now with the extra pressure “Warn me next time, eh?” He tried to wriggle. This time his body is almost entirely immobile, stiff as a board, although he could still feel movement in his hips.

Marcus obviously noticed the movement because the next thing he knew Stanley could feel something invisible tighten around his pelvis and stomach. This bag must have some kind of adjustable brace built into the fabric. Not to mention the vacuum pump. Stanley wondered again how much money Marcus had sank into this thing. It’s more high tech then he’d given it credit for when he’s first seen it sprawled out on the living room floor like some orange alien maggot. Stanley gave struggling another attempt after the bag solidified once again before giving up. While before Stanley probably could have rolled around or bend at least his body’s larger joints, this time bag is unyielding.

Marcus half stepped over Stanley. With one foot on either side of Stanley’s body at chest height he looked down and grinned. From this angle Stanley could only gape at Marcus’s incredible body in all its glory. The sight of Marcus’s budge from this angle is almost too much for Stanley to take. Especially with his dick now feeling the pressure of the vac-tube. If Stanley was capable of thrusting he’d probably cum. “We’re almost there. Can you hear me ok?”

Stanley tried to shake his head, but rolled his eyes when he couldn’t even perform that motion. “Not really.” He could feel his voice getting breathy. No doubt Marcus is enjoying the attention. The kiss popped into Stanley’s head again. Stanley longed for another, or any contact at all, not that it would be worth much through the bag.

Marcus presses the screen of his phone. The bag responded, whirring to life around Stanley’s head and pushing itself more over his ears, adjusting and moulding itself into shape. “How about now?”

This time he sounds even fainter. Stanley realised that the goal is not to make it so Stanley could hear better, Marcus wants to deafen him. “Em… a little worse actually…?”

The bag adjusted itself again with a touch of a button. This time when Marcus looked back and spoke Stanley could see his lips move, but no sound could be heard. The only thing his ears could sense now is the dull sound of blood rushing through. “Ok, I’m deaf now.” Stanley answered “This is getting kind of intense, man.”

Marcus spoke again, but there is no way of knowing what he said. He seemed happy with the result however. He turned his back for a moment and came back with a new piece of gear. A black strip of padded leather made in the shape of an eye covering with room in the middle for a nose. A blindfold. Marcus bent over and carefully placed it over Stanley’s eyes. The blindfold obviously came with the bag as it clipped right into place on the sides, pushing Stanley’s head a little deeper into the bags thick padding. The blindfolds padding made it fit comfortably over the eyes while blocking out all sight.

Stanley exhaled sharply out of his nose “This is fun and all but exactly how do you plan on hypnotising me when I can’t see or hear you?”

Silence. Stanley’s muscles contracted as they tried to shift his position, an impossible task. “Are you there, mate?” No response.

“Oi! Are you just going to leave me here!?”



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