Site Recommendation from Richard:

Richard would like to share one of his current favorite sites with his readers here at GBF: LatinMenFeet! Richard says....

"It really is quite a good site and only $10 per month and well worth it- it has been updating quite often lately and has plenty of bondage, extended foot and full body tickling videos, often with blowjobs, some rimming, some fucking, and plenty of nipple play and licking, armpit licking, etc. often with multiple guys ganging up on the “victim,” so I think it would appeal to members of your site as well. Sometimes there is a bit of roleplay like a boss, delivery guy, etc. as well. And the parties seem to really get into it, and actually enjoy themselves rather than just go through the motions.

The ones doing the tickling, etc. are reasonably good-looking as are the most of the “victims” in an “everyday regular person” sort of way rather than pornstar-quality but still often appealing and quite “macho” at least until they cannot control themselves lol. All are Latin guys, but that is only a plus for me…also most videos are not “solos” like a lot of onlyfans and usually have multiple parties involved (but a manageable number)."

Check out some photos below and visit LatinMenFeet for more.

Thanks for sharing Richard!


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