The Sir of My Dreams – Session One: Training

A hot training session between a dominant verbal master and his new slave.
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The Sir of My Dreams - Session One: Training
by Elliot Stone
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hooded slave

Sir had me down on all fours with my ass in the air, facing the door; I was tied up, helpless, and horny as fuck. Sir had stripped me down to my boots and my white Calvin Kline hip briefs and my rock-hard cock budged to the left and pre-cum oozed through; I could see a slimy stream of it beginning to drip. Leather handcuffs bounded my wrists and the chain of the cuffs bounded me to an eyelet in the floor of my playroom. I had a thick leather collar around my neck. Sir had me strapped up in a black leather studded X-shaped harness, and Sir had buckled a tight leather hood over my head. I could barely see through the tiny eye holes and the mouth area was open. Sir even put a red ball gag around my neck but he wasn't going to use it for a while.

I heard Sir enter the room behind me; just the sound of his size-12 boots on the floor sped up my stream of pre-cum through my panties. I wanted him to come straight for my hole but I hadn't earned the honor of his cock yet. He walked up to me, tied up and strapped up on all fours like an animal and he pressed his right boot onto my back, leaning heavily on me. I wanted to blow my load right then and there. I could see his other boot by my hand; they were the classic black leather combat boots that tied up all the way up to his calves. My boots were like the kind construction workers wore: steel-toe, tan lace-ups.

Sir looked hot. He was clad in black leather: black leather chaps, a black leather studded harness like the one he put on me. Over that he wore a black leather biker jacket and gloves. He was older than me – in his forties but still hot. His hair was buzzed real short and he had a full beard.

With his boot still pressing on my back he said, "So, you want to be my slave, huh?"

"Yes, Sir, please."

"And what makes you think you're qualified?"

"Because I'll do anything you say."

"…'Sir.'" He said, shoving me a little with his boot.

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir."

"We're going to lay down some ground rules first: you do not speak unless spoken to, and when you are spoken to, the last word out of your cock-sucking mouth will be 'Sir.'"

"Yes, Sir."

"You will give me a 'yes, Sir' when I give you orders no matter what I've got shoved in your cock-sucking mouth."

"Yes, Sir."

I fucking-loved the way he was talking to me – like a drill sergeant but without yelling. I'm a bitch for a big man (in every sense of the word) who knows how to take control and dominate.

"You are never at any time allowed to touch one part of my body or your own without my permission."

"Yes, Sir."

"You see this cock?" I looked over at his hard-on, saluting me in the air. His cock was beautiful; thick, straight and eight-inches.

"Yes, Sir."

"This cock commands respect; I will flog your sorry ass until it looks burnt if you ever touch my cock without permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Most importantly, you are never allowed to cum without permission, boy."

"Yes, Sir."

"Technically, this is your house, but when I'm here, this is my floor, my toys, and my bondage. So I will flog the shit out of you if you ever cum on my floor without permission."

"Yes, Sir."

"Anything that I spit, piss or blow into your mouth, you will swallow it immediately and then thank me for it."

"Yes, Sir."

"You will thank me for everything I do to you, because I don't have to fuck your pathetic ass; I got plenty of other slaves boys around town who literally come crawling to me when I whistle. So you will thank me for everything I do to you in this session."

"I will, Sir. Thank you for choosing me, Sir. I'll do anything to service you, Sir."

"You fuckin-better, slave-boy!" He took his boot off my back and moved to face me while fiercely digging his fingers into the back of my hood, grabbing a fist full of leather and some of my hair with it. He held my head to face his monstrously hard dick. "Look at my cock, slave." I held my gaze on it and didn't even blink. He didn't shave his pubs (something I prefer in a man) and if his balls were any larger, they'd be the size of a pair of eggs. He started lightly jacking off with his leather-gloved hand and he started pre-cumming fast and profusely. "This is the hardest cock you will ever have up your fuck hole. It is also the most challenging cock you will ever have to service. Look at how much I'm pre-cumming, boy."

"Yes, Sir." It was impossible not to; his stream was already drooling to the floor from his piss hole.

"I am the horniest and the most sadistic mother fucker you will ever know. I am very difficult to please and you will endure a lot of pain to get my cock. You want my cock, slave-boy."

"Yes, please, Sir, I want it so bad, Sir."

"You fuckin-better. It's the best cock you'll ever get." He was still jacking off right in front of my face, only a few inches away from my mouth; he wiped some pre-cum on his gloved finger and then licked it off, the leather of his jacket and glove crinkling around, driving my cock insane. I looked down between my legs and my line of pre-cum had made it to the floor and more was still coming out of me. Sir grabbed the leather of my hood and jerked my head up again,
"I said, 'look at my cock,' slave-boy! You're here to take my cock, not yours."

"I'm sorry, Sir. It won't happen again, Sir."

"Now, I'm obligated to warn you about my cock." He took another sensuous lick of his sticky man juice and moaned, "Oh, fuck boy, that tastes so good! It will only take one lick of my cock, only one taste of my pre-cum, and you could get addicted to my cock forever. My cock and my cum are the most addictive substances you'll ever encounter. Do you understand the risks here, boy?"

"Sir, you're an amazing man! I am already addicted to your cock!"

"…'I am already addicted to your cock, Sir!'"

"Yes, Sir."

Tightening his grip on my hood, "Say it again, slave-boy!"

"I am already addicted to your cock, Sir!"

Sir unshackled my wrists and latched a chained leash to my collar and tugged on it hard, jerking my neck up and to the left. I was fucking-loving it. I thought he wanted me to get up but my pathetic ass was wrong and it was promptly corrected. As I started to stand, Sir put his boot to the side of my hooded face and pushed me back on the concrete floor.

"Get your fuckin', slave-boy ass down!" He hollered, raising his voice for the first time. "You are never allowed to stand on my floor unless I have you tied up to the fucking ceiling!"

"Yes, Sir!" I hollered back.

"You fucking-crawl! All my slave-boys crawl!" I quickly got back up on all fours, "You fucking-crawl like the bitch that you are!"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Now, move your fucking ass!" He shouted, walking me forward. Then he gave my sorry, pathetic ass a few kicks with those hard, dominating boots. My blood pulsed and pumped through my cock and my warm cum stewed around in my balls like a pressure cooker; I was worried it was going to blow soon. A part of me wanted to get off without permission because Sir would then unleash the ultimate discipline and humiliation on me.

As of four hours earlier, I never could have thought or hoped to be here with a Sir as fucking-amazing as him. Earlier that night, I was cruising leather men at the leather bar, dressed in boots, tight and torn blue jeans, and a thinning white V-neck undershirt. To make it clear what I was wanting, I was wearing the same black leather collar.

Sir and I met and he bought us both shot after shot, and drink after drink, and after I was sufficiently buzzed, I told him that I've watched a lot of leather bondage porn and that I had made a make-shift playroom out of my garage. But I told him that I had only jacked off in it, alone with bondage toys, and that I'd never been played with by a Sir before.

Flirtatiously / demandingly, Sir told me to take him to my house and that, "You don’t want miss out on the fun we can have."

We rode to my house on his black and chrome motorcycle, my arms clinging around his waist and chest, the smell of his leather jacket getting me drunk with testosterone, and I showed him straight to the room. He backed me to the wall and with his thumb and finger he pinched the head of my dick through my jeans and said,

"You wanna get played with by a real Sir?"

"Oh, yeah." I said with a smirk.

He put his face up to mine, "I only do piss, spit, and my cum is safe to eat."


"The safe word is: bullet. And shake you're if you're gagged. If you do, I will stop and ask you what's wrong; I promise."


"Strip down to your underwear and boots."

And that's how I got here, strapped up in a collar, hood and harness, my cock about to detonate – and Sir had barely touched me yet. Seldom did I know that when I brought Sir home with me that I'd found the Sir of my dreams. After I'd stripped, he had taken on the persona of an insatiable monster of a bondage master, the likes of which I'd never seen before.

He walked me on my leash to a chair and he sat down; I was still on all fours and he stuck his tightly-laced boot in between my legs and began rubbing my dick. Holy fuck! I was going to cum in my panties if he did that for too much longer. His laces and their metal eyelets ran roughly over my balls through my man panties.

"Does my boot feel good in your crotch, slave-boy?"

"You boot feels amazing in my crotch, Sir!"

He grabbed me by my collar and jerked me towards his face and he spat down my throat. I obediently swallowed as he said, "Then where's your fucking-gratuity?!"

"Sorry, Sir. Thank you for stroking my cock with your boot and for spitting in my mouth, Sir."

"I'm not stroking your cock. I'm giving you your pre-cum test. I said that you can't cum without permission; that includes pre-cumming. Now, I know I'm hot shit, so I'll reduce your punishment for pre-cumming without permission. But if there's one drop of your nasty pre-cum on my boot, you're cleaning every inch of it with your tongue."

"Yes, Sir."

I couldn't fucking-believe how hot Sir was making this; obviously there was no way I was passing my pre-cum test. Sir stopped stroking and brought his boot up to my face; his thick sole pressed into my lips and nose, blocking my vision and making it difficult to breathe.

"Oh fuck! Look at that!" He put his boot down in front of me and took my hood off; I could now see that the entire toe of his boot was glossed over with my sticky jizz. "You're as fucking-horny as a bitch in heat, slave-boy, get your fucking tongue on that leather!"

Like the cum-starved leather whore that I was, I landed my tongue on his boot and ran it across the toe, my man juice – no, my slave-boy juice tasting slimy and nasty. I was so fucking-horny by now, that if Sir were to give me the pre-cum test again, I'd fail it even worse.

"All of it, slave-pig! Lick every fucking-drop! Lick my boot like a good slave-pig!"

Fuck, did I ever lick his boot like a good slave-pig. I ran my tongue all down the side and over the toes; I felt his foot wiggle once through the leather. I didn't care how dirty his boots were; the dirtier the better. It was my job to get them clean. With my tongue.

"Get your ass in the air, boy!" he said, leaning over and slapping it; I obediently arched my back and stuck my ass out. "You must always keep your fuckin' ass in the air, you fuckin' slave-boy. You always show me you're wanting to take my cock at all times."

I took a breath and said,"Yes, Sir."

But he pulled me up to him by my collar again, spat a thick wad of spit down my throat and hollered, "I did not give you permission to take your nasty, slave-boy tongue off of my boot! If I give you an order while you're cleaning my boots, you keep your tongue on them while you give me a 'Yes, Sir," you fuckin-got me?!"

"Yes, Sir!" I said.

"Get back to work!"

I continued licking his boot clean then he used it to push my head over to his other one and I started cleaning it, my spit streaking a glossy finish over the toe, the sides and shafts. Once I finished cleaning Sir's boots, he pulled me off with my leash and walked me to the center of the room, stood me up on my feet; then he unhooked my leash, fastened one end to the eyelet in the ceiling and the other end to the backside of my harness. Then Sir bound my hands behind my back with the leather restraint harness that ran around the back of my neck, under my armpits and around to my back to where leather cuffs locked my hands in place.

I got harder and hornier as I squirmed a little in futile resistance; my gut and crotch churned with excitement. I loved that feeling of being horny as fuck and being completely unable to move freely. I could only squirm and tug on the merciless tautness of my tight harness chained to the ceiling with no slack and wiggle my fingers in my cuffs.

Sir watched me struggle while he jacked his cock some more and said, "Fuck yeah, you fuckin' slave-pig! Keep squirming around." I did and moaned and grunted. "Keep squirming around in my bondage." He stood with his legs spread a little and jerked his cock faster and faster, "You're only making my dick harder doing that. I love watching my slave-boys try to break out of my bondage. Because I know they can't." I pulled my hands against my cuffs behind my back and I strained to move forward, of course, with no avail. My harness dug into my tits; my nipples hung over the leather straps. "Keep squirming you fuckin' slave-boy; you're not going anywhere."

Sir put my thick, open-mouthed leather hood back over my head and buckled the strap around my neck; then he stood back and said, "Suck my cock." I lurched forward, restrained by Sir's bondage, opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, reaching for his pre-cumming, iron-hard pole but I couldn't get to it. "Come on, reach for it. Reach forward. Show me how bad you want it." He was too far away; it wasn't possible within the confines of Sir's bondage. "Suck my fuckin cock, slave-pig; get your mouth on it! What's your fuckin; problem?!"

"Sorry, Sir. I'm trying, Sir."

"Try harder. I'm not going to come to you; I've got plenty of other slave-boys who will come to me."

"I'm trying, Sir."

"Do you want my cock, slave-boy?!"

"Yes, I want your cock, Sir."

"Could've fooled me. How bad do you want it?"

"So, bad Sir!" I hurled myself forward and my chain rattled and caused the rafter to which I was bound to moan. "I want your cock so bad, Sir!" I had never begged so hard and so loud for anything before, "I'll do anything to have the honor of sucking your cock, Sir!"

"Then fuckin-reach for it! I do not approach my slave-boys to get my fuckin' blow job; they approach me!"

I wracked my tongue out as far as possible and moaned in glorious frustration but still I couldn't reach his cock, his pre-cum dripping from his piss hole and making stains on the floor; the tip of my tongue was only half a foot away from the head of Sir's dick.

"I want my blow job. Are you really going to make me come to you to get it, you tied up piece of shit!?"

"I'm trying so hard, Sir!"

"No, you're not!" Sir hollered walking up to me, "You're worse than a piece of shit; you're an embarrassment to slave-pigs. I am making a big exception here. My slaves come to and me to suck my cock like the bitches that they are. So, you're going to compensate me for this." Sir grabbed the back of my hood and vigorously pulled me up to his face; his breath puffed through the small eye holes in my hood as he said, "Listen, you fuckin cum-hungry slave-pig: when I say so, you are going to land your mouth on my cock and you are going to give me the blow job of my life. You are going to suck my cock like you haven't had a dick in your cock-sucking mouth for a year. You fuckin-got me?!"

"Yes, Sir! I will, Sir!"

With that, Sir slammed my head, mouth first, onto his cock; I felt his head punch into my upper palate and I began sucking the very best I could, moaning loudly. He then slapped my ass real hard, giving it a sensational sting,
"Where's your fuckin-gratuity, slave-pig?!"

"Thank you for your cock, Sir!" I said incoherently, gagging on his delicious piece of meat. I squeezed my lips around his shaft; I hungrily licked and sucked up his hot, gooey pre-cum. Sir made a vice with his hands and held my head as he slammed my mouth up and down on his insatiable cock. I began gaging on it, making gurgling noises of pleasure, and then realized I had to piss really bad. But I could not speak unless spoken to first.

"Watch your fuckin' teeth, slave-pig! Your fucking teeth are not allowed on my cock!" I tried to sheath them with my lips, "Suck cock better!" I wasn't performing well because I had to piss; seriously, my bladder was about to burst. He then began violently fucking my throat with fast thrusts; I squeezed my lips back around his shaft, purging spurts of spit while trying to give his meat a massage with my tongue. Usually guys loved my blow jobs, but Sir became angry and pulled me off, "You couldn't get a forty-year-old virgin off with your cock-sucking skills, slave-boy! You are a lousy fuckin-cocksucker!"
"I'm sorry, Sir!" I said, hunched over, restrained by my chain, looking up at him through my hood, "I have to piss, Sir."

"I don't give a shit if you have to piss! You're here to service me! You're nothing but a double-ended fuck hole to me; that's why I have you strapped up in that hood!" He shoved my head to the side, "I don't even give a shit what your face looks like. I don't want to see your face; I want to see a tied-up bitch in a leather hood sucking my cock. You're here to service me, so you can piss your panties, for all I care!" Then Sir, stepped back, started jacking his cock, and I thought I was going to die when I heard what he said to me next, "In fact: do it! Piss your panties, right now, right here in front of me!"

Lust and testosterone coursing through my whole body, I relaxed my bladder and waited for my golden liquid to start flowing. Sir continued jacking his cock and made an animalist groan of pleasure,
"Fuckin-piss your panties, slave-boy! Show me you're a pig! Make the ultimate bitch of yourself!"

After hearing that, my piss started strongly streaming out of my dick, turning the front and the crotch of my panties dark and gold. My piss then began streaming down my inner thighs.

"Oh, fuck yeah, slave-boy! Piss those white panties! Piss out every drop! Empty your bladder!"

I splattered a mess of piss on the concrete between my legs and some more piss got onto my tan boots, turning them dark too; but best of all, most of my piss ran all the way down both my legs, soaking into my socks and filling up my boots. I felt like the most degraded slave-pig ever! My boots were water proof so I knew I would be squishing around in my own piss for the rest of the night.

"You fuckin' nasty pig. This is the most pathetic sight I've ever seen. Stick your ass out while you piss yourself!"

I obeyed and kept on leaking my piss for what seemed like a whole minute. Sir stuck his hand down my panties and jacked me off a little while grabbing my collar until my water stopped.

"Got any more piss left in you, slave-pig?"

"No, Sir."

"Good fuckin-slave-boy!"

Then he un-cuffed me but left the restraint harness on and unhooked my leash from the ceiling, and then pushed me down in my wet mess.

"Sit up, boy! And jack off for me." I sat up quickly, my panties soaking in the puddle.

"Yes, Sir!"
I quickly jerked my panties down, whipped out my dick and started beating off as he stood right over me watched.

"Wiggle around in your mess and jack your cock! But you may not cum yet!"

"Yes, Sir!" I obeyed.

"Look at this fuckin-mess you made!" he said excitedly, "You got piss all over my floor, your panties are drenched, and look – you even pissed all over your boots! You're fucking-nasty, boy!"

"Thank you, Sir."

He stepped in the puddle, splashing more piss on me. My cock was going insane. Sir took my hood off. "Get on your hands and knees!"

"Yes, Sir!" And then he pressed his wet boot onto my back again. "Clean up this mess with your tongue!"

"Yes, Sir!"

I sucked like a vacuum and lapped like a dog; Sir beat his cock as he watched,
"Get every drop off my floor. Suck it up. Lick it. Drink it down; get it back to where it came from."

"Yes, Sir." (Keeping my tongue on the floor.)

After I'd gotten the floor dry he asked, "You get it all?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Wrong, slave-boy, you did not get it all! Look at the mess you made on my boots!" Sure enough some of the spatter made it onto Sir's boots. "Clean them again, slave-pig!" I lapped and licked his hot leather, running my slave-boy tongue all over his boots, and then I cleaned the other one. "You get it all now?"
"I think so, Sir."

"Wrong again." He stood on one leg and pressed his other boot into my face; my cold piss chilled my cheek. "You expect me to fuck your slave-boy ass with your piss on the bottom of my boots?"

"No, Sir."

"Lick them clean!"

I couldn't believe this; he was making me lick the bottoms of his boots! I glided my horny tongue all the way across Sir's soles, from heel to toe, back and forth; I dug my tongue around in the multiple shallow ridges. Then likewise licked his other sole clean. My mouth was fuckin-filthy by then.

Sir fetched a sharpie and used it to write something on my forehead. Then he strapped my face up in a muzzle with an opening in the mouth, and then he walked me on my leash over to a mirror sitting against the wall. I read I'm a lousy cock-sucker on my forehead; it read forwards in the mirror which meant he wrote it backwards on me. This was fucking-hot! He wrote it with a Sharpie; it would take a long time for me to scrub it off.

"You're going to compensate me for your insufficient cock-sucking skills, slave-boy!"

"Yes, Sir!"

I stuck my ass out in the air.

"Lube your hole." I spat in my hand and lubed up for what I could only presume was going to be the hottest fuck of my life. "Now lube my cock." Oh, fuck! Sir was making me lube the cock that I was about to be fucked with, it was like forcing a death row convict to pull his own switch on execution day!
"Take your panties off." I obeyed and then Sir straddled me like a horse and stuffed my panties in my mouth, crotch first. "Suck your piss out, slave-pig."
"Yes, Sir." I said, my reply completely muffled, and sucked piss. And then Sir grabbed me by my harness, "Spread your cheeks apart, slave!" Since he was holding me up I was able to reach around and rip my cheeks open; I arched my back and presented my ass to Sir. "Spread your ass open, slave-boy! Open that hole!" My hole belonged to Sir; he could fuck it with anything he wanted and as hard as he wanted and for as long as he wanted. I had no say in the matter. Sir slapped my ass hard.

"You're a lousy-fuckin-cocksucker, boy, but you've got a hot, tight ass!"

"Thank you, Sir!"

"That's fuckin-right, 'thank you, Sir!' You better fucking thank me for every compliment I give you! Because I don't have to compliment you! I got you strapped up like a bitch. I have you whipped! Look at yourself there!" He held me up by my collar and pointed at me in the mirror, "I got you strapped up in a muzzle, your ball gag around your neck, I got 'I'm a lousy cocksucker' written on your forehead, and I have your piss-soaked panties in your fucking mouth! You're the most pathetic bitch I've ever seen so you'll thank me for any compliment I pay you!"

And with that, Sir pushed his pole up inside me. I howled a howl of excruciating anal pain into my panties. Within three violent thrusts, Sir had completely penetrated my ass; I felt like my gut was going to explode from the pressure. I was pre-cumming all over the floor again as Sir pounded my fuck hole like he was trying to drive a steak into dry dirt. My howls and wails were muffled and gagged by my panties as Sir annihilated my hole with his big cock, and all the while I was still holding my cheeks back for him and he still held me up by my harness, forcing me to see myself getting fucked like an animal in the mirror.
At last, I was getting my cherry popped, bondage-wise.

"You see that pathetic slave-pig?!" Sir asked, pointing to my reflection.

"Yes, Sir…!" I yowled.

"That's what happens to a fuckin-slave-pig who has the nerve to call himself a slave-pig when he doesn't even know how to suck cock! That slave-boy in that mirror is taking a shit-storm of pain up his fuck hole to compensate his master for his lousy-cock-sucking skills! That slave-boy there is paying a painful price with his ass!"

Fuck yeah, I was. My hole burned and throbbed. Sir would almost come out of me; I could feel the head of his dick about to pass out of my asshole, feeling his blood pulsing through his cock, but then he rammed it back up in me. Again, he slipped out of me almost all the way and asked,
"You want another thrust, boy?!"

"Yes, Sir, please!"

"Then you have to call yourself a pig!"

"I'm a pig, Sir!" I gagged. He rammed another thrust up into me. I howled into my panties.

"Say, 'I'm your nasty-ass slave-pig, Sir!'"

I repeated; he rammed; I howled.

"'I'm sorry I'm a lousy cock-sucker, Sir!'"

I repeated; he rammed; I howled.

"'I've never had a real man's cock in my mouth before, Sir!"
I repeated; he rammed; I howled.

"'I'm sorry I failed to satisfy your cock with my mouth, Sir!'"
I repeated; he rammed; I howled.

"'And I understand that this is unacceptable, Sir!'"
I repeated; he rammed; I howled.

My cock was on the edge; I was about to get off. I retracted my asshole around Sir's penetrating iron pole and held my cum back.

Sir took off again fucking my hole with fast thrusts, his dominating leather chaps slapping against my hands still holding my cheeks back, his gloved hand yanking and thrashing my body around by my harness. I squirmed and I could hear the piss in my boots sloshing and squishing. Then he spanked me a few times as he said,
"Fuck yeah, you nasty-ass, boot-licking, panties-pissing, pain-slut! Is that what you are?!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Sir was fucking-magnificent. His cock was practically rupturing my prostate and my balls were electrified with horniness; I couldn't possibly hold my load in any longer.

"Yeah, you take your pain! You thank me for your pain!"

"Thank you for my pain, Sir!"

It was then that it happened. My cock blew a squirt of my cum through the air and it landed on the mirror, followed by five or six more spurts. My dick was convulsing in my orgasm. Sir ripped his cock out of my throbbing hole, stood up and pushed me on my back with his dominating boot then he pressed his boot on my shaft and balls, post-cum torturing me beyond endurance. I squirmed around some more; I curled my toes, squishing the cold piss in my boots.
"What the fuck did you just do, slave-pig!?"

"Sir… I came, Sir!"

"No, you did not cum! You came without permission!"

"Yes, Sir, I came without permission, Sir! I'm so sorry, Sir! Your cock is huge, Sir. I'm a pain-slut and you were fucking me so hard, I couldn't help it, Sir!"

"Get your tongue on my floor and eat your cum up!" I flipped myself over and obediently ate my cum up, my belly full of horny butterflies, knowing I was in for serious punishment. Once I'd licked up my cum, Sir told me to sit up against the wall and asked,
"You thirsty, boy?!"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. I'll get your thirst quenched. I've got something nice and warm for you to drink." He had his hand on his dick and was jacking it a little bit, and then he stood over me one leg on each side of mine. "You know where your drink is going to come from?"

I did but answered, "No, Sir."

"From between my legs."

Sir began spraying his warm, gold piss in my face; I moaned loudly and sensuously.

"Open your mouth!" I opened Sir filled my mouth with his raw gold juice. "Drink my piss, slave-boy!" I closed my mouth and gulped it down; it tasted like warm, stale beer. My cock started getting hard all over again. Sir blew his piss all over my body, face and in my hair; I was dripping with his liquid waste. He filled my mouth again with the drink from his dick and he squeezed his cock hard enough to stop urination until I swallowed it down, then he filled my piss-thirsty mouth again and I gulped the warm stale beer of Sir's piss a third time. "You drink my fuckin' piss, slave-pig. I'm going to make an animal out of you! You're going to get a punishment fuck with my piss in your belly!"

"Thank you for giving me your piss, Sir." I said as he showered the last of it on me.

"My piss taste good, boy?"

"Your piss is delicious, Sir! Thank you so much, Sir!"

Right after that, he started giving me my punishment. He stood me up and chained me to the ceiling by my collar leaving barely enough slack to move around without choking myself. Then he bound my wrists down to my upper thighs with leather cuffs. Sir pinched a couple of clothes pins to my nipples and some more to my balls. Then he buckled my hood back on my head again over my muzzle, but this time he strapped me up with my ball gag. It was a training ball gag that buckled around the back of my neck and the top of my head and under my chin. I bit my teeth on that hot delicious latex gag, breathed deeply in my hood, loving the rich smell of leather and triple layer of bondage on my head. I tugged and strained on my cuffs; I squirmed and jerked around, my collar choking me when I moved, the chain binding me to the ceiling rattling.

I heard Sir's boots on the playroom floor approach me. He'd taken his jacket off; Sir was going to get to work on my sorry, undisciplined ass. Sir wrote something on my chest with the Sharpie; I later saw that it said: I came without permission. If I had known what he'd written at the time, I'd've been twice as turned on from he did what he did to me.

Just like he had threatened, Sir flogged the shit out of me with my own belt; I wailed and screamed into my gag as he popped and slapped my belt over my ass cheeks, each whip stinging my flesh. My ball gag began to make me drool. Then he fogged my stomach. Screaming and wailing after each blow, I thrashed and squirmed around in pain, my piss squishing around in my boots, and then he started whipping my ass several times in a row, popping one cheek back and forth. I straightened up, cringing from the blows. Sir was no longer talking to me until he said,
"Stick your ass out, slave-pig!" I stuck my ass back out for him to flog a few more times with loud stinging cracks. My drool from my gag was slobbering down my hood and chest and it eventually streamed all the way to the floor. Sir continued wailing out on my ass; I jumped and squirmed, loosing count. When my ass felt like it was on fire I howled into my gag,
"Mu-cy, Suh! Mu-cy, Suh!"

"What's that?" he hollered, whipping me again.

"Puh-wee, Sir! Mu-cy, Suh!

He whipped me again, "What's that?!"

"Muhh-ceee, …Suh!"

"Oh, you want some mercy, slave-pig!"

"Puh-wee, Suh! I cah take any-muh!"

"Oh, you can't take anymore?!"

"Nuh, Suh!"

"Okay, I'll show you some mercy!" With that, he whipped my cock, snapping off my clothes pins. I wailed and thrashed in throbbing pain; my chain rattled like crazy amidst my struggle.

"Mercy isn't even in my vocabulary, pain-slut! Any master who shows mercy is no less of a bitch than the slave-boy they're flogging!" He wailed out on my vulnerable, naked flesh again with my belt, reddening my whole torso, tits, nipples, whacking my pins off, hurting as bad as a multiple piercings. And all I had the power to do was wail to the top of my lungs. I was drooling on my ball gag like a rabid St. Bernard; I could feel my spit inside my hood and all over my chest and dick. Sir ceased my flogging and lit a cigarette as me and my screaming calmed. Sir blew a few drags of smoke in my hooded face. My whole body pulsed and sizzled in pain but I still kept my ass stuck out for him.

Sir took a picture of me with his phone and said,
"I'm making an example of you; I'm going to show this photo to my other slaves-boys so they can see what happens to slave-boys who cum without permission."

"Yes, Sir!"

"Fuck! You should see how bad I worked you over; you are completely red. But you won't see yourself for a while. I'm keeping you in your hood for the rest of the night; you've lost your privilege to be seen."

"Yes, Sir."

Sir finished his cigarette and put it out by holding it under my stream of drool. Then he un-cuffed me from my thighs, unlatched my leash from my collar, and then re-cuffed me to my leash. After that, Sir used the rest of my spit on my gag to lube his cock and my hole.

In a single thrust, he rammed his rod up my hole and I wailed accordingly. He didn't start out easy; he pounded my hole while jerking me around by my harness. He groaned and grunted; I wailed and exclaimed, both of us high on euphoria.

"My cock too big for your hole, slave-pig?!"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Then say it!"

"Your cock is too big for my hole, Sir!"

He started pounding me harder,
"You in pain, slave-boy!"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Then let me hear your pain!"

He stopped fucking me and rammed his cock up me with one thrust; I wailed into my gag.

He rammed; I screamed louder.

He rammed; I screamed louder.

He rammed; I wailed to the top of my lungs.

He rammed; I screamed howled with all the air in my lungs.

Sir resumed fucking my hole, "Oh, fuck yeah, slave pig, you've got me real hot now! I'm gonna cum so far up your fuck hole you'll taste my cum in in the back of your throat!" his groaning escalating in volume and intensity, "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fucking cum!" It was then until I felt his cock blow his warm load up my anus. I've never heard someone moan as wildly during climax as he did. Sir spurted eight times before he finished cumming; my ass was full of his jizz.

"Thank you for cumming inside me, Sir! It's an honor to take your load, Sir!"

"I'm not done giving you my load…"

I honestly had no idea what he meant by that. Sir jerked his cock out of me, got down on his knees, ripped my cheeks apart and began fucking me with his long, wet, strong, pointy tongue. I moaned into my gag in pure ecstasy.

"Thank you for tongue-fucking me, Sir! Your tongue feels incredible in my hole, Sir!"

"Fletch my cum out of your hole, slave-boy!"

Holy fucking-fuck, this was hot!

"Yes, Sir!"

He pressed his open mouth on my hole and I squeezed my bowels and obediently shit his cum out. I was so glad that I had taken an enema before going to the club that night. Just when I thought Sir couldn't possibly do something even hotter or nastier to me, he ripped my gag off, and put his mouth to mine. Now I knew what he was doing and I opened wide; Sir blew his jizz in my mouth.

"Swallow my cum, slave-pig!" His breath reeked of my ass. I had to gulp twice to get it all down; he must've cum about an eighth of a cup – and that's not counting what I hadn't fletched out.

"Thank you for your load, Sir! It was so good, Sir!"

"You ever take the same load in both ends before, boy?"

"No, Sir; thank you, Sir!"

Sir made me clean his cock, and lick the post-cum off of his head and out of his piss hole. I was a cum-hungry whore who could never get enough, so I was elated when Sir got back behind me and – holy fuck! He shoved his cock back up inside me; he was still rock hard. Then he reached around and jacked me off, my hands still cuffed above me. The feeling of Sir's leather glove on my pole was enough to get me off; Sir reached his other hand around and cupped it under my dick head. My crotch electrified with euphoria, my asshole contracting around Sir's dick, I immediately squirted my load into his palm,. Then he brought it up to my chin and said,
"Clean my glove, slave-pig!"

"Yes, Sir!" I buried my hooded face in his palm, likewise eating it all down then licking his leather clean.

Sir un-cuffed me and walked me to the corner on all fours; he had me looking down with my head firmly against the intersection of sheetrock.

"Give me your number, boy; I'm adding you to my collection of slaves."

"Yes, Sir." I read it to him and he put it in his phone. "You're a lousy cocksucker, but you're not completely useless."

"Thank you for accepting me, Sir. It's such an honor, Sir!"

"Fuckin'-right, being my slave is the highest honor you'll ever get."

"Yes, Sir."

"But you better call up one of your fellow slave bitches, get them over here and have them train you to suck cock better."

"I will, Sir."

"Because I don't train slaves to suck cock; I'm above that. My slaves come to me already properly trained in sucking cock."

"Yes, Sir."

"I have your number now, and from now on, you are never allowed to be out of earshot of your cell."

"Yes, Sir!"

"For the next time I come over, I'll be texting you my instructions on what position to be in and what to be wearing. Also, I'm taking your house keys."

"Yes, Sir."

"I'll make a copies and get yours back to you."

"Thank you, Sir."

"One last thing: you are never allowed to jack off while I'm not here. Not ever, you hear me, slave-boy!?"

"Yes, I hear you, Sir!"

"Your load belongs to me and you may never blow it without permission."

"Yes, Sir!"

This was unspeakably hot! I was getting hard for the third time that night just from what Sir was saying to me.
"I'm done with you for tonight, slave-pig."

With that, Sir grabbed my hood, turned my head around and he spat down my throat.

"You may not move until I'm gone."

"Yes, Sir!"

As put his jacket back on and headed out, the sound of his boot thumps trailing away, I was wanting to cum without permission once more so that Sir would have to punish me all over again. I heard Sir start up his motorcycle and as he took off down the street I didn't move a muscle until the sound of his rumbling engine faded into silence.

Elliot Stone
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