A hot college-aged jock is abducted and sexually tortured as revenge on his father who is late paying his debts in this new series from GayStoryTeller. (Part 1)

Sins of the Father - Part 1
by GayStoryTeller
Series: Sins of the Father

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Part 1

fatherYuri carefully looked at the picture on his cell phone and then again at the guy doing curls with dumbbells. There was no question they were the same person. The man in front of him was 5’11”, 160 pounds with wavy chestnut hair, brown eyes, and a tight runner’s body. Even the day-old stubble was exactly the same as in the picture. He had definitely found Mark. The gym was really quiet for a Friday afternoon. Everyone must already by getting ready for the weekend, Yuri thought. He walked over to the lifting area, added some weights to one of the poles and lay down at one of the benches.

“Can you spot me?” Yuri asked Mark. Mark looked over and nodded. Mark smiled and walked over to the bench. He bent over and helped Yuri grasp the weight. “It’s not that heavy,” Yuri said. “I’m on the soccer team and we lift for conditioning, not to build bulk.”

Mark nodded. “Me too. I’m on the lacrosse team and they definitely don’t want us building up to much. Better to stay fast and fit.”

Yuri pressed the weight above him fifteen times. Mark helped him return it to the rack over Yuri’s head.

“I don’t remember seeing you in the athletic dorm,” Mark said.

“I’m a freshman,” Yuri replied. “We’re still figuring out where everything is.”

“I remember what that was like last year,” Mark said. “The first year goes really fast, though. You’ll be shocked.”

Yuri began his second set of fifteen. Mark continued to spot him, straddling the bench above Yuri’s head. Yuri could see that Mark had powerful runner’s legs. The quads were nicely formed and Mark’s calves were muscular and defined. After his second set, Yuri sat up and took a swig from his water bottle. Mark reached over and grabbed his and had a drink as well.

After their workouts, the guys reached for their towels and headed to the showers. Yuri was going to like this part. In the shower, he got to see the rest of Mark and it was every bit as beautiful as the picture he’d seen. Mark had a runner’s physique with wiry muscles. His abs were tight and there was a faint trace of a six-pack, but it was pretty smooth except for wonderful treasure trail heading from his belly button to his lush pubes. Mark’s chest was nicely defined, but appropriate for his sport. The treasure trail moved up the center of his chest and fanned out in a light spray of brown hair at the top of his chest. His nipples were pink and perky and hairless. Mark’s penis was uncut and seemed pretty substantial, but he wasn’t aroused in any way. Mark was a very tasty nineteen year-old indeed.

Yuri was a good looking young man himself, with a broad Slavic face, blond hair, blue eyes, and a long, sleek hairless torso. His was a true runner’s build with less chest definition, but even more powerful legs.

Once they left the shower, Mark took a detour to have a pee. Yuri hustled back to their lockers. Mark’s was just down from Yuri’s, so he had to work fast. Yuri popped open Mark’s water bottle and poured a little liquid from a small vial. Then he sat by his own locker, putting on his clothes. Mark was soon sitting on the bench down from Yuri putting on his clothes. Yuri looked over and was pleased to see Mark taking a couple of serious swigs from his water bottle. You’ve got to keep hydrated!

“Are you heading back to dorm?” Yuri asked.

“Yeah,” Mark replied. “I’m not doing anything special, but maybe something will come together.”

“Let’s go,” Yuri beckoned. He knew there weren’t many minutes left.

They headed down the stairs and out to the road. They began walking towards the athletic dorm. It was strange how quiet campus was on a Friday afternoon. Classes were over for the week and everyone seemed to be preparing for the weekend. A couple of minutes into the walk, Mark’s step faltered. “I feel strange,” he said. He looked over at Yuri who reached for the brunette. “Get help,” Mark slurred. Yuri nodded. A van pulled up and very quickly the side door opened. Yuri pushed Mark towards the van and another pair of hands helped Mark into the back area. As soon as Mark was in the van, Yuri jumped in behind him, the door slid shut and the van was gone.


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  1. adrk - September 9, 2016, 3:42 pm

    awesome story set …. great details

  2. scotts60143 - September 11, 2016, 7:44 am

    Great set up! Can’t wait to read on.

  3. Amalaric - September 12, 2016, 1:43 am

    Classic set up, perfect victim…woof!!!

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