Billionaire sadist, Owen Steele, is used to always getting his way with women. But when a local cop and district attorney investigate his latest victim's allegations, he gets a taste of his own medicine - humiliating nudity, forced shaving and lots of tickling, spanking and cum control. Another HOT story from Richard! Art by Blacksmith.

50 Shades of Red - The Cum-uppance of Multi-Billionaire Sadist Owen Steele III - Page 1
by Richard
Art by Blacksmith. Visit his Tumblr Page or Download his Book.

fifty-shades-artOwen Steele III, the brash, darkly handsome 27-year-old multi-billionaire head of a global communications conglomerate relaxed in the ultra-exclusive privacy of his penthouse duplex apartment on the top two floors of one of the most coveted luxury high-rises in the world overlooking the city that he largely controlled due to his immense power and concomitant political connections.

An elegantly tuxedoed, movie-star-handsome Owen admired his reflection in an antique mirror across the room and raised one of his manly, hirsute eyebrows and winked at his moviestar-handsome visage as he idly smoothed the slicked-back designer-cut dark hair he knew drove the ladies wild while he sipped his post-dinner vintage cognac in his immense private home gentleman's library. Steele had just returned from a lavish charity dinner he had attended earlier in the evening, Owen now clicking on his laptop to call up the video recording of his latest S/M session with his most recent conquest, a well-known supermodel. The sadistic Steele was bemused when he recently viewed the movie "Fifty Shades Of Grey" in his private screening room. Owen mused that that Christian Grey fellow, while not nearly as handsome or as gym-toned as the conceited Owen Steele III, must have been modeled on a very-toned-down version of Owen himself, since Steele's brand of sadomasochism was far more severe than the "vanilla" S/M depicted in the movie. Owen smiled a sadistic smirk in the antique mirror as he continued to view the video of his latest conquest, looking forward to reviewing what was to come later in the video, Owen currently viewing the early parts where the supermodel was obliged to strip naked in his private "playroom" before his tuxedoed self. Later in the video Owen knew the hapless supermodel would be subjected to alternating severe discipline and teasing, tickling, spanking, fisting, and the insertion of various large "toys" into all her orifices before he personally defiled her by forcing her to perform the most degrading services on him before brutally repeatedly raping and sodomizing her before calling his bodyguard/ex-cop Dallas Mitchell to drug her and toss her out like yesterday's garbage. Owen idly re-lived the supermodel's horror when he had threatened her on video to shave her bald with a pair of Marine-style clippers unless she kissed his ass loudly as ordered- she complied all right laughed Steele to himself, fully aware that he had actually done that to some of the "bitches" who got on his bad side- dumb whores groggily woke up the next day in their own places remembering little of what happened to them due to the date rape drugs administered to them, only to stare in their mirror at home to their horror and see all their long beautiful hair shaved off!! God but Owen would have loved to have captured their horror on video when they realized next day what happened but not knowing how it happened dumb fucking cunts that they were-, but contented himself with the "souvenir" long hair trophies he kept in large clear plastic storage baggies as trophies of his cunning and clever ways. God he was a clever and oh-so-powerful bastard thought Owen to himself, his cock twitching in his elegant tuxedo pants, in powerful command of his world.

Owen surreptitiously massaged his tuxedoed crotch as he anticipated viewing the rest of the video. It was unfortunate that it was too late that evening to arrange one of his "sessions"- Owen realized his prized crown jewels he idly massaged through his tuxedo pants were loaded with the patrician's pent-up cum since he had not gotten off in a good 5 days- the next session could not be put off any longer than the following evening or he might have to resort to masturbation of the schoolboy sort, an activity he associated with the lower classes who could not attract, yet alone afford, sex partners to live out their own fantasies for real like he so easily could and in fact did on a regular basis.

Owen employed Texas-born-and-bred bodyguard/ex-cop Dallas Mitchell and his lawenforcement-connected cohorts not only to protect the multi-billionaire from kidnappers or others who had reason to despise him for crossing them in his not always above-board business dealings, but also, in Dallas's case anyway, to help him procure various women who appealed to Owen for his sadomasochistic activities and, if necessary, to date-rape drug them to make them fuzzy as to what actually occurred or how they found themselves to be in their sometimes battered or bruised condition. The fact that Steele allowed Dallas access to the "playroom" after Steele had finished torturing them in order to have the handsome ex-cop bodyguard's own way with the viciously abused victims after Steele had had his way with them, was a huge "plus" in the equally sadistic Dallas' eyes as well.

Since Owen was obliged to attend the charity dinner that evening he had arrogantly instructed Dallas to return that night to an upscale bar Owen had recently visited where Owen had seen several "possibles" for his activities to "scout them out" by flirting with them himself, getting their contact information and then providing Owen with cellphone pics taken of them so Owen could methodically choose which would be his next victim. The dirty blond crew-cutted, deeply sun-tanned ex-cop Dallas was himself a fine physical specimen outfitted in the best designer clothes at Owen's expense and easily attracted the ladies. Owen's cadre of high-priced lawyers had provided him with iron-clad "releases" the drunken or foolishly smitten women were obliged to each sign and those, coupled with Owen's immense power and political connections and blackmail videos if necessary, assured that none of his victims would ever turn him in, or if they did, that they would get exactly nowhere, as Owen smugly assured himself immense wealth and connections had their advantages, after all.

However, little did Owen know that his most recent "conquest," the supermodel, was not in fact quite the "airhead model bimbo" Owen had imagined her to be, and had in fact complained to the office of the District Attorney, armed with documentation including photographs of her condition after her assault and particulars and location of Owen's "playroom" and a basic floorplan of the penthouse. Deputy District Attorney Mark Edwards was outraged by what he saw and heard. Politically ambitious himself, Deputy DA Edwards was flabbergasted when his boss, "the" elected District Attorney warned Mark off the case and forbade him from pursuing it, being fearful of the all-powerful multi-billionaire's wrath with elections coming up as well. This spinelessness convinced Deputy DA Edwards that he might just challenge his boss come election time on a "reform" "clean up the graft" ticket.

Edwards then conceived a plan that would ensure that Owen Steele III might actually end up funding Mark's own campaign while putting a stop to the sadistic multi-billionaire's abusive conduct. Realizing that he would need law enforcement support to carry it off, Deputy DA Edwards put out "feelers" to members of the police department he trusted, both for recommendations as to how to carry out his plan and how to ensure that Steele could be well and truly literally brought "to heel." The 30-year-old married Edwards, a confirmed "vanilla sex" man with 2 young children, further sought advice/knowledge as to this bizarre S/M lifestyle which was foreign to the uptight Deputy District Attorney's own ultra-conservative way of life.

Others in the police department Edwards had dealt with in prior cases referred him to a young motorcycle officer, 25-year-old Motorcycle Officer Troy Matthews. Edwards was advised that Officer Matthews and his civilian partner were "into" consensual light S/M and bondage, albeit involving gay sex but that he was Edwards' best bet for relevant information about the subject.

The rather straight-laced (pun intended) Edwards was a bit taken aback by this information since in his prior dealings with Officer Matthews he had had no idea that he was gay, let alone that he had such special skills or knowledge about what Edwards felt he needed to know about this bizarre S/M lifestyle in order to succeed in this project. As Officer Matthews made suggestions as to how to conduct themselves with multi-billionaire Steele, Deputy DA Edwards was intrigued by his suggestion that the uber-heterosexually-inclined Steele might be all the more able to be "blackmailed" if he was both "pleasure-tortured" as well as "punished" by gay Officer Matthews and forced to perform homosexual acts on Officer Matthews (and maybe on Deputy DA Edwards himself, secretly mused Officer Matthews). Deputy DA Edwards warmed to this idea, laughing and guffawing with Officer Matthews that that would be extremely fitting and give the sadistic multi-billionaire exactly what he deserved.

To that end, and before Steele could get wind of it, a suit-and-tie clad Deputy DA Edwards, accompanied by a fully-uniformed and motorcycle booted Motorcycle Officer Matthews entered the lobby of the ultra- luxury high-rise, waving off a swarm of private security lobby guards by flashing them their credentials and ordering them not to notify Steele that they were on their way up. In fact, the supermodel had provided them with the secret code to Steele's private elevator that soon whisked them up to Steele's penthouse duplex, the private elevator opening directly into the penthouse itself with no interior entry doors to tackle. Aided by the supermodel's rough floorplan of the penthouse and Steele's penchant for after-dinner cordials in his vast gentleman's library at this hour, Deputy DA Edwards and the fully-uniformed and booted Motorcycle Officer Matthews burst into Steele's lofty private library, Officer Matthews drawing his service revolver and ordering Steele to "Put your hands in the air, Steele! Let us see your hands or we'll shoot!!"

The ultra-sophisticated and wily Owen Steele III, while momentarily frightened by this unexpected turn of events, masterfully managed not to show it, presenting with a maddeningly bemused and condescending manner, simply clicking off his laptop and ceasing his pornographic reverie depicting the abject misery of his latest victimized supermodel and rose from his antique desk to his full height of 6' 4," raising his finely-tailored, tuxedo-shirted arms high in the air and going "My, my what do I owe the pleasure of this rather amusing but quite annoying stunt? What the devil do you low-class law enforcement buffoons want? I ASSUME you know who I am and the power I may easily assert in this community. Explain yourselves NOW or I'll have you jack-booted morons ejected like that!" as the arrogant multi-billionaire contemptuously snapped his fingers at the "low-life cops." "How dare you invade my home without a warrant? "I am Deputy District Attorney Mark Edwards and this is Motorcycle Officer Matthews. We are here based on a complaint made by a well-known supermodel who has provided us with evidence that you sexually assaulted and battered her person some 10 days ago in a room described as your, ahem, 'playroom' in this very penthouse. Would you like to see the photographic evidence of this incident or are you willing to come clean without them?" announced Deputy DA Edwards.

"That will not be necessary, gentlemen. While I acknowledge having had consensual sex with such a person, stated Steele, (again idly smoothing the slicked-back designer-cut dark hair he knew drove the ladies wild as he continued to openly admire his handsome, elegantly tuxedoed form in the antique mirror across the room), I have a fully-executed release signed by her stating that she consented to a variety of sex acts which were performed to our, er, mutual satisfaction," went on Steele, with an exceedingly annoying man-to-man wink. "I therefore SUGGEST that both of you leave forthwith. You already have begun to bore me, and it's been a long evening. Now GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, UNDERSTAND??"

"I don't think you quite realize the trouble you're in Mr. Steele. The victim explained about the coercion and drugging that led to that forced, so-called 'consent.' I'm afraid you'll need to comply with our demands or we will seek that warrant for your arrest. I'm sure you realize how such negative publicity about your, er, private peccadillos might affect your business empire in any case," bluffed Edwards about a warrant he didn't have and couldn't get in this town.

Furious, Steele blushed crimson with fury at being unaccustomedly thwarted like this, but after taking a long and very deep breath, the multi-billionaire reconsidered his situation, wheels turning in his movie-star-handsome oh-so-crafty head. He didn't want any such publicity and was uncertain whether this jumped-up low-life DA person could actually get a warrant, but without the input of his high-priced attorneys (whom he also did not want to involve unnecessarily) he simply could not be sure. Steele decided to take another tack, as ever proud of his wily ways.

"You're right, Mr. Edwards, was it not? Some such equally forgettable name if I am mistaken, so sorry if I got it wrong. I don't want any such publicity even though I am entirely blameless and this is a private matter. They don't particularly pay district attorneys or cops very well these days, do they? I'm sure we can come to a mutually beneficial, private understanding between the 3 of us that no one else need ever know about, don't you agree? While this splendid young officer- looks like a recruiting poster, doesn't he?- keeps me at gunpoint you may go over to that Braque painting on the wall over there (next to the Chagalls, and all that). Behind the Braque is a safe containing 5 briefcases each filled with $100,000.00 in cash. Just think how you two could divvy up that half a mill! A mere bagatelle to the likes of me, my mere extremely petty cash on hand, if you will, a pittance, kept on hand for minor insignificant financial annoyances like this but a frigging FORTUNE to you two no-doubt-underpaid law enforcement personnel of more, shall we say, to put it ever so delicately, MEAGER circumstances? The combination is 36 left, 24 right, then 7 left. Go ahead. With my compliments!" stated Steele, pleased with his own clever solution.

Steele was even more pleased when Edwards went to the safe entered the combination and withdrew the 5 briefcases and opened each, each appearing to contain $100,000.00 in cash.

"We'll consider that a down payment, at least as far as keeping this out of the public eye." said Deputy DA Edwards. "But we must insist that we be shown your 'playroom'. From what the victim told us our Building & Safety Department may be interested in extracting a penalty for what appears to be an unpermitted use of that space and reports of that nature are always a 'feather in our caps' so to speak that can result in bonuses to us."

"Are you insane? I've already paid you half a million! What do you care about some fucking bonus from some other bean-counting bureaucratic department? That's fucking crazy!" protested Steele.

"Well, if you must know, my wife has been kinda a bitch lately. We saw that movie "50 Shades Of Grey" recently and it started me to thinking how much fun it would be to like tie her up and spank her ass and stuff like in that movie. I've never seen a real 'playroom' before..." hinted Deputy DA Edwards, lying through his teeth since he had only seen the trailer and heard the movie sucked.

"Aha, another potential aficionado! I would be happy to show it to you, then. I can even arrange a time you can use it to discipline your recalcitrant little wifey- all those bitches deserve it once in awhile! If we dispense with this 'at gunpoint' nonsense I will lead the way to the playroom. I am quite justly proud of it. It's state of the art!" enthused the arrogant multibillionaire.

Soon Steele was unlocking the "playroom" to Edwards' wide-eyed stares and Officer Matthews' better-trained eye taking in the entire room's contents in awe, the possibilities for S and M play endless, the tuxedoed Steele preceding them into the spacious room.

At a cue from Deputy DA Edwards, Officer Matthews surprisingly suddenly pulled his service revolver again at Steele as Steele stood in the center of the room, the fully-uniformed and motorcycle-booted officer ordering Steele to "STRIP! LOSE THAT FUCKING FANCY TUXEDO NOW, ASSHOLE!!!!"

"What on earth are you talking about!!?? I shall do NO SUCH THING!!! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO ORDER ME ABOUT!!!??? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ALL ABOUT? I THOUGHT WE HAD A DEAL!!!!!" shouted Steele, outraged, a few locks of his proudly slicked-back designer-cut dark hair momentarily falling across his handsome forehead as the furious multi-billionaire shook with rage, Owen smoothing it back into place lest it appear that he had somehow lost control of himself, which would never do.

"Listen up, Steele. You know and we know what happened to that supermodel and God only knows how many others in this very room. The money is nice but it is time you got a taste of your own medicine on camera (yes we know all about all the hidden cameras and how to use them) for useful blackmail material in case you have any intention of repeating your criminal assaults of these poor women. So, unless you want Officer Matthews to shoot your fucking precious multi-billionaire dick and balls off and stuff them down your throat I SUGGEST YOU DO AS WE SAY!!! crowed Deputy DA Edwards.

Steele, shocked to his core, couldn't believe what was happening! Here he was in his own fucking state-of-the-art playroom being ordered around just like the whores and bitches he regularly had his way with, AS IF he was one of them!! And the irony! He realized he had fallen for this fucking DA's shit about wanting to get into S & M with his wife, and being so egotistical and proud of all of his multi-billionaire toys could not wait to show it all off to the underling fucking moron cops!

"Look, you low-life law enforcement scum, I can pay plenty more money! Let's call all this shit off, OK?" pleaded Steele unaccustomed to not being in control.


"OK. OK. DON'T SHOOT!!" pleaded Steele as he comically began struggling with his expertly-tied tuxedo bow tie and the platinum and onyx studs of his elegant tuxedo shirt, slowly revealing his sun-tanned, mildly hairy chest, dark curls of chest hair appearing as he removed the remaining tuxedo shirt studs, before splitting it wide open and shrugging it off his sun-tanned muscular shoulders, leaving him naked from the waist up, and providing a fleeting glimpse of his somewhat sweaty, hairy armpits.

"NOW THOSE FANCY TUXEDO PANTS!" ordered Edwards. Steele then proceeded to lower his tuxedo pants and kick off his black patent leather Ferragamos and calf-length business socks exposing his muscular, sun-tanned hairy legs, leaving him clad only in a pair of grey, form-fitting Emporio Armani boxer briefs, Steele then placing his hands on his hips, and, glaring at his duo of captors, going "Satisfied, assholes!?"

"Yeah, for now, fuckface" replied Matthews, lustfully taking in the multi-billionaire's hunky gym-toned body, unbeknownst to Steele.

"I believe you had the supermodel blindfolded did you not?" queried Matthews.

"Yeah, I blindfolded that fuckin' bitch. I always get what I want. What of it?" snarled Steele.

"Then so shall you be. Mr. Edwards will now affix one of your own blindfolds over your eyes," said Officer Matthews, whereupon Deputy DA Edwards did so to loud protests from the suddenly outfoxed multi-billionaire.

"Now get down on all fours, hotshot, humpy ass in the air" ordered Officer Matthews at gunpoint as he held the now blindfolded multi-billionaire at gunpoint, clad only in his extremely form-fitting and thin cotton Emporio Armani boxer briefs that totally outlined the contours of their victim's hot butt, his humpy virgin ass high in the air as instructed. Steele was further mystified why any male would call a fellow male's posterior "humpy." He didn't like the sound of that at all and it further made him feel uncharacteristically less in control- such a reference to his manly butt by another man was unnerving.

Officer Matthews then made a point of announcing that he was circling the on-all-fours blindfolded multi-billionaire. "You have a very nice body, Mr. Steele. Very nice suntan and a gym-toned body. You must be very proud of yourself," noted Officer Matthews.

"Yeah. I work out every day in my home gym. I have personal trainers and am careful about what I eat. My body is a temple. No doubt it shows and the ladies like it. Of COURSE I'm proud of my body who wouldn't be, you assholes?" replied Steele. "Now let's put a stop to all this shit and get real."

Officer Matthews response was to say: "Open your mouth, you fucking arrogant asshole! Put this riding crop between your teeth and await further instructions!"



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