A gay sex offender is sentenced to 30 days in prison where he endures a humiliating induction including a strip search, gay bondage, ass play and gang rape in this short story from Wolf Daddy 2.

Sex Slave in Prison
by WoofDaddy2

Okay, I should know better. You cannot drive down the Interstate and jerk off for the truckers without getting someone upset and after several warnings, tickets and court hearings; they finally decided to sentence me 30 days inside. Because of the nature of the crime, I was sent to the state’s facility where all sex offenders go. Usually, this houses rapist, child molesters and even young adults with consensual sex but one of them was over 16 but under 18. The perp was probably 18, 19 or 20 so they send them here. I should have been in the county lockup for 30 days but the judge wanted me to get a taste of what was up next for me if I screwed up again.

The bus ride from county was no big deal; a lot of trash talking about the new chickens and who was going to get what from whom at night. There were 25 of us on that bus. When we arrived at M**** Correctional Facility, we unloaded, marched single file into the prisoner reception center and lined up along the wall behind the yellow line. Each of us was handed a large zip lock bag with our names on it. We were ordered to strip and place our clothes in the bag and seal it. We would be in prison jumpsuits from now on. Next were led to the shower area where guards watched us shower, and then we marched to the delousing area where we were sprayed with powder, front and back. Finally, we marched out to the dressing area. Here, still naked, we were each given a small towel to wipe our faces. The warden gave is his usual welcome speech about obeying the rules and how he had a points system to earn privileges. We would now be subjected to a random drug and contraband inspection. We counted off in fives. The warden ordered everyone that was a number four, that included me, was to step forward for further inspection.

We walked off, still naked, into another room. Here we faced a wall, and then the guards secured our ankles with ankle cuff to bolts on the floor. Next, the guards placed ball gags on our mouths and secured them behind our heads. I thought they were going to beat the shit out of us and that was why we were gagged. The wall in front of us opened, benches were pushed toward us and we were bent over the benches and secured to the floor. We could no longer see the door, but I heard someone or several someone’s enter. Lube was applied to my ass and a finger inserted. I assumed they were searching for drugs up my butt. Next came a second finger. I thought he might really be doing a medical exam and found something but a third and then a fourth finger confirmed he was getting his jollies out of finger fucking me. He worked his fingers in and out for several minutes, perhaps 10-15. He applied more lube as needed. He removed his fingers and then rubbed a whole lot of lube up my shit hole. I could tell by the noises and struggling actions of the men beside me that they were receiving the same treatment as I.--a rough finger fuck with several fingers and a sadistic man behind us.

These men left and I heard several more men enter. There were cat calls, whistles, shouts of “man I’m going to get me some tight bitch ass tonight” and other comments to lead us all that we were about to gang raped. And gang raped we were, while the guards watched, or maybe joined in, we could not see who was fucking our ass. The first man grabbed my cheeks, spread them, placed his hard cock at my hole and plunged in slow and steady. He pumped my ass for several minutes before shooting several loads of his seed up my butt. The next man rammed home in one fast move and pounded away for at least ten minutes before shooting is juices up my guts. The third and fourth men each took their time, leaning over to lick my ear, or neck or tweak my nips while slowly pumping in and out of my now stretched ass lips.

The fifth and sixth men plunged inside me and shot off in a few minutes, the last one dribbling his seed down my ass crack and onto my balls as he pulled out. Then everyone left and room became quiet. I could here the strained breathing of the men around me as we struggled to breathe and regain any self respect wee might have left. Now the warden entered. He shouted that we had been punked and we were now used goods and state property to use, sell or abuse until our time was up. The whole facility knew what had just happened as this was their way of loosening up men to get them to comply with the rules. The warden offered us a deal, we could continue to be the bitch whores they had just made us into and have our sentences reduced by 50, 60 or 75% or we would be turned over to gen pop, naked, bleeding and dripping men’s cum for anyone to use. I and the others opted for the princess suites to be used as rewards for the guards and men who earned enough points like the men who broke us in. Yes, there were several guards as well after the men had finished with us.

We were taken to special rooms where our cock, ball sand ass were shaved. We were given split crotch panties and tank topes with big holes where our nipples were. Over the next fifteen days I serviced three or four men a day and between shifts, a few guards came by. Some wanted blow jobs, others wanted to plow my ass. I met one shift captain. He really enjoyed my services and after I left the facility, he placed me in a duplex he owns and he comes by at least once a day and leaves me with a deposit of good faith. A few times he has come with a rookie and they tag team me.

I have a new job and it keeps me off the streets.

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