Introducing a new series from UKBastinado. Seth Logan dreams of suffering through an execution by crucifixion and decides to seek it out. UKBastinado writes with a brutal unflinching style and this series is definitely NOT for everyone.

The Crucifixion of Seth Logan - Chapter 1: Seth Logan
by UKBastinado
Series: The Crucifixion of Seth Logan

crucifixionThe prisoner sat in his cell awaiting the arrival of the guards to drag him to his painful degrading death on a crucifixion cross. The ray of light streaming through the small high window highlighted the prisoner's shackled bare feet on the cold stone floor of the dungeon.

Seth sat glued to the television screen, room lights dimmed captivated by the process of death by crucifixion. The electro stimulation machine, cane connected to Seth's genitalia was sending out a mild repetitive pulse that kept his cock firm and his attention glued to the prisoner on the television screen as he faced a death that Seth found extremely erotic.

Wrapped in just a loin cloth the prisoner was dragged out of his dungeon. The guards flanked him and led him from the cell into the long corridor. As the prisoner walked down the corridor almost naked, bare foot, and totally under the control of the guards, he prayed for the strength to endure. Dragged out in to the courtyard the blinding light and heat of the sun was his first sensory experience. The prisoners bare feet felt the intense heat of the sandy cobblestones and the heat of the sun began to be very noticeable on his bare torso. Suddenly the sound of the crowd roaring with the delight of the anticipation of seeing a young good looking guy flogged so cruelly. His wrists chained high above his head to the metal ring at the top of the post, the prisoner hung just about able to stand on his tiptoes awaiting the cruel scourging that was about to begin.

Seth eased the electro stimulator controls up a few notches sending more intense pulses of electricity through his cock and balls. The movie was getting exciting, the prisoner was about to be flogged prior to being forced to carry the crossbeam to the place of execution and Seth was enjoying every minute.

Two guards entered the courtyard holding cruel whips that were inlaid with small iron balls and hooks designed to rupture and tear the victims flesh. They slowly paced around the courtyard exciting the crowd and encouraging them to chant and cheer for the whipping to begin. The crowd obliged and the chats of "Strip him, Strip him" echoed around the punishment courtyard. After a while one of the guards selected a guy from the crowd, handed him a knife and invited him to strip the victim. Eagerly the young man ran into the courtyard and over to the waiting prisoner. Delighted with being chosen he ran his hands over the prisoners back and down to his buttocks. Using the knife he slowly cut away the loin cloth and the crowd cheered as the loin cloth dropped to the ground leaving the victim totally naked and ready for whipping. In seconds, the tender tip of the young prisoners cock rubbed against the coarse wood of the post. He still couldn't believe what was happening. He prayed that he would be able to handle what was about to happen to him.

Seth's cock was now hanging out of his trousers pulsing with the electricity that was flowing from the electro device. He was almost dribbling with the anticipation of what was to come. By the time the first nail was hammered through the prisoners wrist Seth would be bursting to cum. Once more Seth increased the power flow and his cock hardened even more and began to twitch in time with the pulses of electricity.

The two punishment officers paced around the naked young man hanging from his wrists struggling to stand on his tiptoes and awaiting the first sudden pain of the whip. Both of the punishment guards were accomplished in sadism and it was clear to everyone watching that they were both sexually aroused at what they were about to do. The two officers took time to examine their victim, running their hands over his naked flesh, enjoying caressing the young man's cock, balls and nipples and intimidating him by stroking the tip of the whip across his flesh. No words were spoken, just silent psychological intimidation. The crowd began to chat "Whip him, Whip him, Whip him" over and over again. Suddenly one of the officers lashed the whip across the prisoners back and red welts instantly appeared. The prisoner screamed in pain and the crowd cheered wildly. From then on the two officers took turns to lash their whips across the victims back. One officers lashed the right side of the back while the other lashed the left. Trickles of blood made their way down the prisoners back as the lashes were applied in rhythmical precision and with full strength. After the twelfth lash the victim was hanging from his wrists no longer able to remain on tiptoes and by the time the thirty ninth lash had landed he was almost unconscious. A bucket of cold water was thrown over the prisoner in order to shake him back to life and the two officers incited the crowd further as they chanted "More, more, more". The courtyard erupted with cheers of delight as the prisoner writhed in pain as salt was rubbed into his wounds.

Seth so much wanted to turn the power to maximum at this point and bring himself to orgasm but he knew that the crucifixion was still to come and he wanted to come to orgasm just as the last nail was hammered through the young man's feet. He allowed him just a little more electric current and stroked his throbbing cock with anticipation.

Two additional officers arrived in the courtyard carrying a long beam of timber which was to be used as the patibulum for the prisoners cross. The beam was laid on the floor and the young prisoner cut down from the flogging post and dragged across the floor to the waiting beam. Dust and small stones entered the open laceration on his whipped back and the prisoner pleaded for some mercy in the execution proceedings. The officers stretched his arms across the long piece of timber and bound his wrists to it. Once his arms were secure he was hauled to his feet, the heavy weight of the cross beam resting across his whip lashed shoulders. The prisoner looked down at his bare feet as he began to walk through the courtyard on the red-hot cobblestones. As soon as he left the courtyard and headed up the long stony dry road that lead to the place of execution, he quickly became away of the small sharp stones that dug without mercy into the soft soles of his bare feet. Each time a stone dug into his feet the prisoner slowed or stumbled and each time the whip was laid harshly across his back and he was pushed onwards to continue his walk to death. It was a long harsh walk under the burning heat of the sun. Each step delivered pain to the prisoners soles and even without the sharp stones and rugged pathway there was the heat of the path to contend with. The crucifixion itself was beginning to feel like relief from the torture that he was going through. Onwards he walked along the step five mile pathway that lead to the area known locally as crucifixion hill. Each step was harder than the last and the heat of the sun and the weight of the crossbeam meant that the prisoner was losing water from his body and he quickly dehydrating. Finally the long walk was over and the crossbeam was removed from his shoulders and laid in place ready for the nailing. During this brief moment of relief the prisoner was granted water to drink. He stood bollock naked for all to see totally exhausted before dropping to the floor with the hope of just a tiny amount of rest before facing the cross. It did not take long before the crossbeam was in place and the ropes and spikes were in place ready for the prisoner to be mounted on the cross. The prisoner was dragged to the crossbeam and flung down on the ground his arms outstretched and secured with loose rope. After a short wait the prisoner felt the sharp point of the spike on his wrist as the expert executioner probed for the proper spot that would provide support for the spike to hold the weight of the victim. Suddenly, the hammer came down, driving the iron spike through the prisoners wrist and into the wood. Indescribable pain engulfed the young prisoner. Without any hesitation the executioner moved to the other wrist and drove the second iron spike through the flesh into the crossbeam. The victim was screaming in pain and terror while the watching crowd chanted with enthusiasm "Nail him, Nail him".

Seth struggled to hold back his orgasm as he watched the nailing of the victim on his television screen. The power to his cock was set to maximum and he was as stiff as a rod and his cock jerked from side to side with each pulse of power that was delivered. Only a short while left and Seth could orgasm as he watched the nails go through the victims feet. Oh how he enjoyed watching a good crucifixion and this scene was his favourite scene in any movie in his collection.

Chains were attached to each end of the crossbeam and the winch was operated. Slowly the cross beam lift off the ground and it was not long before the prisoner was dangling in the air supported only by the nails that had been driven through his wrists and a few loops of rope. The pain in his wrists was incredible as they supported the entire weight of his body on the two iron spikes. The crossbeam finally arrived at its resting place almost at the top of the upright and was secured in place. The prisoner dangled from the crossbeam in terrible agony. Just above the small of his back there was a platform secured to the upright. On this platform was a smoothly pointed sedile sticking directly upwards. The sedile was around 12 inches in height and around an inch and a half wide. The officers lifted his body upwards and positioned the tip of the sedile directly at the opening to his anal passage. Slowly they lowered the prisoner and the sedile slowly penetrated the anus. Once the prisoners knees were bent at a close 45 degrees from the upright one of the officers held the prisoners left foot against the left side of the upright and a spike was hammered through the foot just below the heel bone deep into the wood. The prisoner screamed in agony as the process was repeated with the right foot to the right side of the upright. Finally the prisoner was nailed to his cross. Supported only by heavy iron spikes driven through his wrists and his ankles the prisoner struggled to deal with his dilemma. He needed to hold his weight up on his nailed wrists in order to breath correctly but to do so he had to push downwards on his nailed ankles. When he could take the pain no longer his body gave way and hung on his nailed wrists. Eventually the pain of this position and the difficulty in breathing caused him to push downwards on his nailed ankles, pushing his body upwards. It was an ongoing process of agony. The sedile planted firmly in his anus meant that each time the prisoner changed position he was effectively fucking himself. The final scene in this part of the movie featured an extended scene of the prisoner hanging naked on his cross gasping as he struggled to deal with the dilemma he faced. Close up shots of the nailed wrists and feet faded out to continue the main storyline of the movie.

Seth by now had come to orgasm and was dripping wet with sweat. He just could not imagine the joy of facing crucifixion. Ever since Seth Logan had watched the movie in his late teens, he had been fascinated with crucifixion. Nothing turned him on sexually more than watching a good crucifixion scene in a movie. He loved to watch the victim deprived off his clothing, especially an enforced stripping and publically tortured and humiliated, he loved to watch the cruel nailing and he found the struggle of the victim on the cross something that always bought him to orgasm. What people did not know about Seth was that he was a loner and a loner who was always dreaming of dying by crucifixion. Life for Seth was an ongoing battle with loneliness and depression and many times he had considered ending his own life but each time he felt that if he was to die at his own hands then why not try and arrange for his dream to come true. Seth wanted to be crucified. Yes, Seth wanted to die like that. He longed for the vulnerability of hanging naked on a cross and the public humiliation that went with every step of the process. The thought of heaving yourself up on nailed wrists while fighting the pain of pushing downwards on nailed feet was a dream. Add to this having to deal with a twelve inch wooden sedile in you anus while you struggled on the cross and in Seth's mind you have the perfect way to go.

The problem was clearly that he could not crucify himself, he would need help and that was not going to be easy. Where could he possibly find a person who would be willing to crucify him? How could he cover up what he had done? Seth decided to begin a search for a means to make it happen.

His search began on the internet.



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