Amalaric has written the final chapter of Kronmire4's series and illustrated it with a ton a manips! In the first part....Stripped naked and chained up, Marty Stiles is humiliated in front of the studio and televised audience when Dennis Phillips uses a new Tough Love product on his exposed cock.


Selling Tough Love - Part 11
by Kronmire4
Art by Amalaric
Series: Selling Tough Love

Dennis Phillips was in his element. A natural ‘presenter’ and flamboyant extrovert, he executed a tight bow in the direction of the cat-calling crowd of lust crazed women and, with a theatrical flourish, invited their already riveted attention to the helpless nude muscular body of Marty Stiles. ‘I must say, Marty…you certainly seem to take good care of yourself!’ The women in the audience hooted agreement as Marty involuntarily writhed in his chains, flexing sweat-slick muscles in the process and causing his thick cock and heavy, low-slung balls to sway seductively between quivering spread thighs. Marty’s smooth broad back felt like a sheet of banked embers as he struggled to recover from the thorough whipping administered with single minded gusto by Kate only a few minutes before. But after being whipped, Marty was left in no doubt that his ordeal had only really just begun.

When the young man’s briefs had fallen to the floor after being ruthlessly sliced away by Phillips leaving his manhood exposed for all to admire he thought he might die from shame and, keeping his eyes averted and screwed shut, Marty had only barely avoided the unmanly spectacle of a shower of humiliating tears. Now he waited for the games to recommence, resigned (as best as he could be) to the promise of a stiff paddle laid against his bare back side in front of a crowd of leering women. Dennis Phillips, however, was in no real hurry and, ever the showman and twice the sadist, decided to toy with his victim for a while before inviting Muriel to come forward with the paddle. Addressing the bound stud in fatherly tones he ran a paper-dry hand over the smooth curve of shoulder before tracing the pattern of welts on his glistening back. ‘Tell us why you’re here, Marty.’ ‘I…I dunno…’ Marty paused for a few seconds before mumbling dejectedly, ‘You know, to be disciplined, I guess.’ ‘Yes, we know that,’ Phillips winked slowly at his audience, ‘but tell us what you did to deserve a spot here on the show?’ Marty swallowed hard and reluctantly continued, ‘I was ditching a lot of the courses over at college, flunked a couple last semester…’ he trailed off as Dennis smiled brightly. We’re all curious, Marty. If you weren’t where you were supposed to be than what exactly were you doing with all of that free time?’ Marty shook his head, impatient and beginning to be just a little annoyed at the questioning…still, as long as the old wiseass rambled on, the dreaded wood paddle was held at bay. ‘You know,’ he said, ‘just hanging out, some video games, on line stuff, maybe scoring some pussy down by the arcade…’ and, stopping abruptly, he realized the enormity of his careless mistake. The studio was dead silent for a heartbeat and then a low sound, like a buzzing swarm of flying insects, began to gather strength. Phillips put on a mock grimace and grabbing Marty Stiles’ helpless cock and balls pulled them painfully forward for closer inspection. TV cameras zoomed in on the action for some close-ups, projecting the buck’s private parts onto widescreens for all to see. ‘What do you think ladies? Is young Marty here capable of…ah…scoring some pussy?’ The laughter that erupted from the delighted guests was both surprised and sincere. Someone shouted from the back, ‘Make him hard, so we can see what kind of a stud he really is!!!’ Soon, another chorus echoed from the walls of the studio, ‘Make him hard! Make him HARD!! MAKE HIM HARD!!!’ ‘Well, Marty,’ Dennis giggled, ‘looks like the ladies have spoken and (drum roll from the studio orchestra)…what the ladies want, THE LADIES GET!’ Marty gasped as his balls were tweaked a final time before being dropped and the television host drew back a few steps. ‘Ladies! You be the judges!’ and, turning once again toward Marty Stiles, ‘What do you have to say about that, boy? Er…up for it?’ That got another round of laughter bouncing from the rafters and, all un-noticed for the time being, Marty finally let loose with a thin stream of tears.

A liveried technician materialized from off-stage bearing a metallic tray on which was perched an amber colored bottle of yet another Tough Love product. ‘Ladies, may I introduce you to one of our newest and best selling products, 'Go-Boy Starter Lube’ In the background a recorded chorus jauntily sang, ‘When the timing needs some priming…just reach for the GO-BOY!’ ‘That’s right,’ Phillips intoned, ‘Young men’s peckers, for all of their bravado, can be over-sensitive to, um, certain attentions if it all seems too much and too fast…especially if he’s just been whipped or about to be paddled on his naked butt and is put buck naked on display in front of a studio and television audience…that may number in the MILLIONS. Kind of like our very own Marty Stiles, you know?’ He lightly stroked the trembling stud’s smooth rib cage before foraging a bit in the soft down dusting his chest. ‘And since we are on a tight schedule it is IMPERATIVE that young Marty- for all of his braggadocio- be brought to full erection for your viewing pleasure without wasting a second of precious time.’ Heads in the audience nodded sagely, eagerly following the proceedings. ‘Besides,’ he slyly intoned in a deep stage whisper, ‘Marty may have never had A MAN’S HAND working his cock before and (if so), well, that can be just a tad intimidating.’ Titters from the amused women. Marty Stiles, listening passively, every inch of his talked about anatomy on brightly lit display, twisted in his chains with dismay.


‘How old are you, Marty?’ Dennis was still smiling brightly, ‘No, wait…let me guess…You are presently a senior at the Municipal Polytechnic, so that should make you twenty two, maybe twenty three?’ ‘Twenty two,’ Marty mumbled in nearly inaudible misery. ‘Just as I thought!’ Phillips chirped, ‘and we all know what that means! A young man of twenty two is nothing more or less than a raging, well-oiled machine fuelled by high octane testosterone!!!’ Some of the women, seeming no strangers to a touch of the wild stuff themselves, howled their agreement. ‘So I can just imagine that when it comes to drilling, er, pussy…well, you must be a world class pro, isn’t that right young man?’ This time Marty’s embarrassed grunt was, if barely audible, completely inarticulate. ‘So let’s have a look at your (he grinned at the camera) tool of the trade…um…readied for action.’ With that he grabbed Marty’s thick, flaccid cock and delivered a few expert strokes along the sensitive length. Marty visibly shuddered at the first touch before settling into a torpor of shamed passivity; as unused to that role as any red-blooded American male could be. After a minute of enduring Dennis Phillip’s expert ministrations to the warm four inch length of his meaty penis, Marty croaked an impossible apology…he just couldn’t do it; not here, not in front of an audience of millions. Phillips, for his part, seemed completely unconcerned, even, in an odd way…satisfied. He turned toward the rapt audience of curious (and very horny) women, ‘As I said, this is sometimes to be expected. A young man’s ego is often bigger than his cock!’ The gathered women shouted knowing approval. He motioned to the technician, who came closer bearing the tray with the bottle of Go-Boy Starter Lube. Phillips grasped the bottle and held it up to the camera. ‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ he intoned, ‘of course, there are a bewildering number of lubes out there; many of exceptional quality but Tough Love’s latest product, Go-Boy Starter Lube, is something special!’ He gingerly unscrewed the lid of the bottle and, grasping Marty’s terrified dick, ran a thick amber stream along the pulsing shaft- from the deep groove of the head to the hairy root jutting from the young man’s pubic bush. Marty immediately gasped with a potent mixture of surprised sensations. ‘It burns!’ but his tone was gravelly annoyance rather than the expected yelp of sudden pain. After a few seconds he began to gyrate in his stationary position and the pitch of his voice rose an octave, ‘Fuck, it BURNS!’ A few of the women in the audience burst into applause, but most kept the peace, eager to see what would happen next. Dennis Phillips took up where he had left off moments before; grasping Marty’s now glistening penis and massaging the amber liquid into the smooth skin. ‘Ahhhhhhhh,’ he sighed, ‘one of the benefits of Go-Boy is the sensation it gives to the one administering it.’ He exhaled an even deeper sigh and grinned into the camera, ‘You see, ladies and gentlemen, Go-Boy Starter Lube is carefully manufactured in the Tough Love laboratories using a secret recipe aimed at maximum stimulation. For him it can be…ah…somewhat painful, and I wouldn’t recommend experimentation on your own private parts!’ Many of the ladies in the audience chuckled at the thought, ‘But that is because the surface of a boy’s penis is highly sensitive and especially receptive to the many stimulants blended at the time of manufacture…and, I may add, so is the tender pucker of his tight ass hole.’ Several gasps of mock scandal could be heard from the studio audience. Phillips continued, ‘If desired, rubber gloves can be worn by the one administering the lube…but really, ladies, I would encourage you to try it out bare handed first,’ his eyes, even behind the tinted lenses of his horned rim glasses, seemed to gloss over, ‘because the effect on the, ah, fingers…is simply…titillating…’ He exhaled a contented sigh and stepped away from his writhing victim. ‘Behold!!’ Marty Stiles’ erstwhile bashful and stubbornly flaccid cock had suddenly become rock hard; bobbing purposely with a strong pulse, dribbling a fine ribbon of crystal clear precum, and aimed (in a pleasing arc) toward the glaring overheads. Dennis Phillips produced a tape measure and took a second measurement. ‘Very impressive!’ he intoned, ‘Mr. Stiles’ erection measures over ten inches.’ The studio audience applauded as he lightly slapped the lad’s stiff cock, ‘Well done, Marty, and I think I can also speak for the millions of viewers out there…very well done!’

Any interested woman in the studio audience was invited (if they could summon the courage) to mount the stage and handle Marty’s unwilling but very impressive erection…and many did but they were forewarned by Dennis Phillips not to induce ejaculation as- and he smirked broadly- Marty Stiles was being saved for some special, if mysterious purpose. When the women had finished examining the humiliated stud Muriel was at last invited forward, still clutching the broad wooden paddle. ‘Please...don’t,’ the helpless young jock’s whisper was pure desperation and, to the delight of the studio and viewing audience, was miraculously amplified by well-placed microphones for all to hear. Muriel ignored the remark and smiling dreamily, swung the paddle with surprising strength. The resounding smack as it connected with Marty Stiles’ muscular backside signaled pure satisfaction and the studio audience let out a collective sigh of pent up pleasure. Marty let out a pained yelp but, to his credit, didn’t begin to really shriek until the twelfth or thirteenth stroke, at which time the camera panned a close up of his reddened, bruised and blistered ass as an example for any other young man with the temerity to contemplate ditching his college courses. As the relentless strokes continued, the lights were suddenly dimmed; the rhythmic sound of wood connecting with firm boy-flesh faded and a commercial break was announced. When Tough Love returned to the air waves, Marty Stiles had magically disappeared and a fresh victim stood trembling on a different stage that swiveled through a dry ice haze maneuvering him into full view under the glare of the studio overheads.


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