Sean Flint's merchant vessel is attacked by pirates and the hunky young man is taken prisoner by a sadistic pirate captain named Malagan in this series by new author Mashatakeno. Art by Cavelo.

Sean and the Pirates - Chapter 1: Captured
by Mashatakeno
Series: Sean and the Pirates

sean-piratesThe vessel taking young Sean Flint back to Port Royal from England finally had come into southern seas. After the misty rain that had been falling for the first weeks of the trip, the sun was a welcome visitor. The crew, who had become jumpy and ready to fight because of their cold watches combined with being pent up in the hold, now felt the warm sun bake into their sore muscles. Laughter once again filled the air on HMS REVENGE.

Sean Flint couldn't wait to get back home after four years at school in England. Though they had written constantly, he hadn't seen Mina Martin, his betrothed for all that time, and he longed for her. He too was bouyed by the warm sun and tore his shirt off at the first opportunity.

Sean was a very handsome young man of twenty, with sandy blond hair, blue eyes and a dazzling smile. He had been blessed with wide shoulders that tapered to a narrow waist, and an extremely well defined chest and abdomen.

One of his mates at Oxford had actually asked Sean to pose for him as an example of the perfect male physique. Sean had declined as he didn't like to show off. But as he chinned himself from a yardarm, feeling the hot sun tan his muscles, Sean felt as uninhibited as he ever had. "After all," he thought, "life is good."

Early the next morning, everything changed!

Cookie had gotten up at five as he always did to get the men's breakfast. As he stood pissing off the bow of the ship, he looked at the horizon and his blood turned cold. "Saints preserve us," he whispered to himself, and then flew as fast as he could to where his captain slept. "Captain," he cried as he pounded on the door. "Pirates. Pirates making their way fast. They are almost upon us."

For the next few hours the REVENGE was a madhouse of noise and activity. Though they rigged their sails and tried to outrun the warship that bore down on them, they finally realised that it was no use.

"But Captain Blanchard, we can't just give up!" Sean stood barefoot, his shirt open, his chest wet with sweat. No one had worked harder than he this morning and now as defeat faced him he was furious. "Are there no guns at all, sir? One to one we might be able to...."

Captain Blanchard shook his head. "I'm sorry lad, but there is nothing we can do. If they wanted to they could cut us in half with their guns. We are a merchant ship, after all. We have no way to out fight or, it seems, to out run them. The best we can do is to surrender, give them what they want, and hope they let us go on our way."

"But to give up without a fight, sir," Sean said. Blanchard shrugged and motioned to his first mate to lower the colors. Dead in the water the HMS REVENGE waited to be boarded.

In less than an hour the pirate boat had come along side and had pulled the REVENGE to it with grappling hooks.

Laughing with derision, the crew of the pirate vessel swung onto the defeated REVENGE and stood waiting for their captain to appear.

"Get below," Blanchard whispered to Sean who remained at his side. "You have nothing they want so it might be best to stay out of harm's way."

Sean shook his head, his face grim. "I'll not be running below like a woman, sir," he said, his voice firm with youthful bravado. "I am not afraid of these cutthroats."

"But my boy...," the captain started, only to stop as the Pirate captain made his way onto the deck. "Oh God," Blanchard whispered. "I know that man. It is Malagan." He turned to Sean. "He is the most viscious...," but Sean cut him off. "I know Malagan," he said, his eyes hard. "He was the owner of a nearby plantation when I was in my teens. Not only was he a sodomite but a sadist as well. No one was as cruel. My late father led a group of the other owners who turned him over to the authorities after he beat a peon to death." Sean's mouth was suddenly dry. "He vowed revenge on all of us."

Pedro Rodrigo de Malagan strode slowly across the deck of the REVENGE. He was a wiry man of thin, solid muscle, standing just under 6 feet. His greasy black hair hung long over the shoulders of the open white doublet he wore, exposing his thinly muscled, hairy chest. As he strode across the deck, Malagan smiled, but there was danger in his every move. In a moment he was standing in front of the captain. "Your name sir," he asked with a mock bow.

"I am Captain Michael Blanchard of the Queen's merchant fleet."

"And your cargo?"

"Food stuffs and clothing from the motherland to Port Royal. Nothing of great value."

"I will be the judge of that," Malagan snapped. His gaze fell on Sean. "And you, my young sir. Your name."

Blanchard broke in. "He's no one. Just a poor indentured lad working his indenture off by serving as a seaman."

Malagan moved closer to Sean. "But you look familiar. There is something about your eyes." A small, knowing smile began to spread over Malagan's lips. "Could it be possible," he wondered. But he had to be sure. "Have you ever been in Port Royal?"

Again Blanchard answered. "I told you that...." Malagan's leather gloved hand cracked across the captain's face. "I was not talking to you," he snarled.

He turned back to Sean. "What is your name boy?" Malagan asked, and when Sean remained silent, the pirate added, "Unless you are afraid to tell me."

Sean felt his blood boil. No one could call him a coward and get away with it. He took a deep breath. "Believe me, I am not afraid of you. But, you do know me Senor Malagan. I am the son of James Flint."

The smile across Malagan's face widened. "Of course you are! Young Sean. You were only a youth when I knew you, but I would recognize those clear blue eyes anywhere." He walked slowly around Sean whose every muscle was tensed.

"How old are you now, lad?" he asked, staring at the handsome youth standing proudly before him. "I am just turned twenty," Sean answered, and Malagan nodded. "You have grown up very nicely," he said.

Malagan's gloved hand ran across Sean's wide shoulders. The young man shuddered in the heat of the morning but did not move, waiting, instead for the right moment to act. Malagan's evil gaze took in Sean's tight white pants and his perfect rounded ass. "Very nicely indeed."

The pirate walked in front of Sean, their faces only inches apart. "Do you know what happened to me after your father had me arrested?" Sean shook his head. "I only know that you...," but Malagan cut him off. "I was thrown into the hellhole you landowners called a jail. I was beaten within an inch of my life. I was tortured near to death by the holier than thou prison guards. I was whipped and scourged for their pleasure."

"I am sorry these things befell you," Sean said, "but I also cannot forget why you ended up in that prison to begin with. You were nothing more than a sadistic killer." Malagan's eyes narrowed, and then continued as though Sean had said nothing. His eyes bore into Sean's as he spoke, and Sean could see the hatred burning in them.

"But then pirates stormed Port Royal and the jail was thrown open. I escaped with the others from the stinking cells," and here his arm swept before him. "And they, as you can see became my crew. Each of them, like me, has a score to settle, and today I think," he said putting a hand on Sean's face, "I do believe we have our chance."

Knowing that there was no escape, but not caring, Sean drove a fist into Malagan's stomach. As the pirate captain doubled over, Sean grabbed a rope and swung over the other pirates in front of him, his bare feet connecting with as many upturned faces as he could reach.

"Take him," the furious Malagan screamed from behind him. Pistols were drawn and Malagan yelled again, "Alive, damn your hides. I want him alive." Sean swung past a few more of the cutthroats and finally came down on the far side of the deck. He grabbed a sword and turned to where Malagan stood.

"Pick up a sword, you coward," he cried. "Just you and me, once and for all." Malagan smiled, drew his sword and moved across the deck to where Sean stood. He licked his lips as he saw that Sean's body, covered in sweat, was making his doublet stick to his wide chest.

"En garde," Malagan cried. "En garde," Sean answered and assumed the duelling position. He had been fencing champion at school and now he tried to remember everything he had learned.

Sean was so focused on the man with the sword standing in front of him that he didn't see or hear the man with the billy club who had crept up behind him. Suddenly the handsome young man's head exploded with pain and with a groan he dropped, unconscious to the deck.

Malagan tossed his sword aside and looked down at the handsome boy splayed helpless in front of him. He felt his cock lengthen in his britches. "Take everything of value on this vessel," he called to the men," and then burn it."

The man who had hit Sean smiled at his captain, "And the lad, sir?" "Oh," Malagan smiled, "I have plans for him. Take him on board our ship." The giant seaman picked up the unconcious Sean and threw him over his shoulder and started off.

"Wait a moment," Malagan said, and the seaman stopped. Malagan removed his gloves and reached up and cupped Sean's ass. He kneaded the firmness and traced the crack that was so visble under the taut material. He then reached under his captive and found Sean's cock and balls that were crammed into his tight britches.

"Oh yes," he whispered to himself, licking his lips and rubbing his hand on Sean's groin," oh yes." He lifted Sean's head up by his hair and slowly moved his middle finger into the boy's half open mouth. He ran it over the boy's white teeth, then slowly moving it in and out, gasping as the wetness engulfed his finger. He then put his face into Sean's tousled hair, breathing deeply the clean smell of unspoiled youth.

Finally, he snapped his fingers and watched his handsome, muscular prize being carried off, his head lolling, the back of his shirt lifted just enough to see the small of his smooth, hard back. "Oh yes," Malagan whispered again. "I certainly have plans for him."



  1. ragnar1963 - November 6, 2017, 6:56 pm

    Fantastic opening! Manly action and a captured young hero!

  2. scotts60143 - November 16, 2017, 8:02 am

    GREAT first chapter! Can’t wait to see what happens next over on the pirate ship!! And, Cavelo artwork is always so damn hot!

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