Legendary hero Samson is betrayed by his lover (a lithe young man named David), shaved of his body hair, humiliated and delivered to his enemies in this new series by member Benrugby41.


Samson & David - Part 1
by Benrugby41
Series: Samson & David


Samson flung off his breast plate armour, revealing the perfectly contoured pectoral muscle beneath it, damp with sweat that flattened his pec hair to his chest. He had been on campaign fighting the Philistine army and was glad to be back at his camp. Happy to be in his desert tent again, to eat good Jewish food once more and drink good wine, but he was most heartened to be reunited with his lover David once more and he searched his tent anxiously for his 20-year-old lover. Where was he?

Samson was 25 years old and a massive god of a man. From the huge feet planted on the sand beneath him, calves bulging with muscle and sinew, and thighs like sides of meat that hung in market stalls in the city. Around his waist, he wore a piss and sweat stained loincloth, but now that his armour was removed his chest was revealed. An 8 pack of abs led to a chest only made possible if a gift from the gods, and his pectoral muscles were swollen like a wine skin. Coin sized nipples jutted out hard a good inch from his skin, now freed from constricting plate and open to air after days on campaign. A dense coating of fur covered the pecs trailing away down his abs to disappear in the loin cloth at his waist. Samson's arms were like boulders of knotted sinew and muscle, whilst his biceps bulged like ripe melons found in the market in Jerusalem.

He was glad to be back. He was the scourge of the Philistines who had vainly tried everything in their armoury to destroy and capture the man-made god, but nothing had succeeded. Battle after battle, skirmish after skirmish and still Samson was at large. Until now. This time the Philistine army had a new weapon. Not an army or a renegade bounty hunter but a man. A man scarcely out of boyhood who had made his way into Samson’s camp and struck at the heart of the muscle myth. That man was David. A 20-year-old blond youth who was slight where Samson was huge, toned were Samson was ripped, and smooth were Samson was covered in hair.

David had been dispatched with only one aim- to find out a secret. Samson's secret. What gave him his incredible strength that could destroy armies? What gave him his secret power over the Philistines? That was David's goal. And when Samson had seen David training one morning with his fellow soldiers, naked except for a cloth round his middle, he knew he had to have him. It was not long before the mighty muscle man found himself fucking the lithe boy, pounding deep inside of him for hours in the heat of the day. And David had learnt quickly what it took to inflame his paramour. He saw how those tits perched on top of that pec muscle needed just a lick or a nibble and Samson would be hard. Solid and hard and 12 inches of manhood to manipulate, thrusting inside David's tight arsehole. And that was exactly what the Philistines had known too. A man such as Samson had base desires, base lusts, animal instinct and David managed to inflame each of those to the maximum potential. Their nights of passion as the huge man fucked the smaller for hours, their tent smelling of sex and sweat. And all the time David trying to discover Samson’s secret.

Was it the hair on his head? No.

Was it the girth of his manhood? No.

What was Samson's secret?

Tonight David had vowed he would find out once and for all. As he had lubricated his arsehole in advance of Samson's return, as he had stretched himself on an ebony dildo in readiness of his lover’s giant dick, as he had rubbed oils through his hair and across the sleek muscle of his chest, he had vowed tonight he would find the secret.

And now, as he faced Samson naked and hard, he asked once again, 'Tell me your secret. Trust me. Tell me how you can destroy even the strongest Philistine. Trust me'

It was this that finally broke Samson's resolve. For weeks, he had deliberated. Not knowing whether he could trust his lover, but his will was weakening.

Samson now stood hard Before David. David could see the huge cock dripping precum already in anticipation of its goal. He could see the sheen of sweat on Samson's chest, he could see the huge chest heaving and panting with desire. He could smell the sweat and desire amongst the burning braziers of their tent in the middle of the desert. It was now or never.

'Tell me or else you will not take me tonight'

It was that threat, maybe idle - maybe not, that pushed Samson to finally give in. To finally tell his lover the truth of his strength.

'My strength lies in the hair on my body. Around my sack, my dick'. He stroked his shaft displaying its length and flared head to David. 'The hair round my tits, on my chest. Shave me. Denude me. Take away my manly hair and I am as weak as any man'.

Samson in that moment looked so innocent. So childlike. A child masquerading as a man, that made David want him desperately. He felt hit arsehole twitching in desire. He felt his entire body convulse with need. And he walked towards the man before him and kissed him on the lips.


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  1. Drum - May 19, 2017, 10:59 am

    The delightful juxtaposition of a huge muscle god at the mercy of his skilful young, slim lover. The possibilities are arousing.

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