A HOT and unique tentacle bondage story featuring some HOT pics of the author, VaultAndrew!

Salty Stalks
by VaultAndrew


I find myself traversing a desert, reduced to wearing only a white loincloth.

As I make my way to shelter, the sun beating down on me, I come across a grouping of large long stalk like plants.


I break one tip of the stalks, opening it up and drink the milky fluid within, its salty and I spit it out quickly!

Other stalks came alive and immediately attack me, wrapping around my ankles and wrists like tentacles. They try to drive me under the sand but I struggle, my muscles bunching as I fight them off.


More tentacles erupt from the sand, my muscles are taught as I try to fight off the others. Tentacles wrap around my neck and force my head back. A tentacle tries to force itself into my mouth but I bite down hard on it.


They tighten and try to choke me. Other tentacles slap my ass and thighs. The tentacle tries to force its way into my mouth again. Other tentacles now slam into my arched abs. They beat my abs and ass in unison, tears roll down my cheeks as my abs give way. I’m driven to my knees and arched back even further, I scream in pain. The tentacle plunges in my throat and chokes me with its thick plant cum.


I awake in a cave, glowing fungi give light, my limbs are held fast, I’m on my knees, ankles and wrists still held tight by tentacles. My arms are pulled above me head and back. My abs and ass are red, bruised and sore. Lips and chin covered in a thin film of dried plant cum. I see around 50 tentacle plants around me of various sizes. A central stalk slithers into view, all the tentacles are joined to it, it has one overly large 30inch cock , an oval sucker mouth and a large central orb which eyes me hungrily. Small tentacles wrap around my loincloth and pull it aside. These same tentacles wrap around my cock and balls. They pull and squeeze them, a tentacle then enters my cock hole and slithers down it.

I struggle viciously against the tentacles, pulling down on the ones holding my arms. This causes the tentacle in my cock to start to fuck me, sliding up and down inside my shaft, it widens, stretching me out. I struggle more as the pain increases. Tentacles wrap around my throat again, pulling my chin to my chest. Tentacles pound my abs till my mouth opens up, a thick cock like tentacle rams itself into it, stretching my throat, I writhe in pain as I feel it travel into my body. I’m forced to deep throat it as the other tentacle fucks my cock. Tentacles wrap around my waist, and start to tighten around it, increasing the pressure I feel in my body. The tentacle in my cock cums, as it pulls out it sprays its cum along my abs and chest. The cock in my throat fucks me harder as the others crush my waist and abs. The extreme pain has me in and out of consciousness.


The centre stalk slithers forward, its eye drinking in my body. The tentacle in my throat expands, completely filling my throat, I feel hot plant cum spray in my mouth and wash down into my gut, it does not pull out but continues to thrust deeper into my throat. The tentacles wrapped around my abs pull up, flattening and crushing my abs against my spine, tears stream down my eyes from the abuse. The central stalk stops right in front of me, its mouth inches from mine. A vacuum like cylinder sprouts out of it and slithers to my cock which it then encases.


The throat tentacle blasts hot plant cum into my throat and gut once again before pulling out of me. It spurts its remaining load onto my face, neck and chest, completely covering me in its thick cum.


I gag as more cum flows out of my mouth. The tentacles around my neck pull my head right back, till my head rests on the cold cave floor, my back is completely arched, my heels digging into my ass cheeks, my abs crushed against my spine, my chest and lats flared out.


The vacuum starts to massage and pump my cock, I feel other finger thick tentacles pull at my balls while still more part my ass cheeks and force their way a little way into me, causing me to cry out. Soon against my will, the tentacles have my cock rock hard.

The central stalk vacuum pumps my cock faster and faster, the tentacles pull and squeeze my balls and the finger tentacles slowly pry and pump my ass. The tentacles crushing my abs unwind slowly, the pain as my battered abs reform is immense and I blast my load into the vacuum as pleasure and pain blur. The vacuum mouth sucks all my cum forcefully, I twitch and spasm as the orgasm spears me, but the tentacle stalk continues its assault on my cock, continually milking me. My body quivers as orgasm after orgasm takes me.

The central stalks massive cock bends down and hovers over my taught, stretched body. The tentacles around my throat unwind but they clasp the back of my head and force my chin to my chest. The vacuum pushes my cock down between my legs as it continues milking me, my abs already past their limit, force me to groan, with the strain. The cock stalk drips cum onto my chest, it pools at my adams apple before dripping down my sides. The ab tentacles completely unwind, my abs snap and reform immediately. I scream in pain and beg for mercy but before I can finish the tentacles assault me again.

The tentacles roam across my abs, my cock twitches and I groan as my cock spurts more cum into the vacuum. The central stalk flops its massive cock onto my body, its weight drives the air out of me, its massive glistening head rests on my chest, spilling cum on me.


I feel its base on my lower abs. The other tentacles start gouging at my abs individually. They dig in between the muscles and push them aside into my oblique walls. The space creates a grove in my body that the central stalk forces its cock into, its entire length forcing my abs apart, its head now erect over my chest, inches form my gaping mouth, tears rolling down my face as the pain wrecks me.
The other tentacles now wrap around my waist and the central stalk cock, joining us together. It blasts cum on me again, the hot liquid runs into the ab groves and the depression in my stomach, lubricating the cock and my body. It then starts to pump slowly along me.

Eyes bulging as my muscles grind against the cock,I scream in immense pain. The cum it pumped into me before is pushed back into my throat and mouth as my insides are compressed. I gag as it leaks out of my mouth and nose, running down onto my beaten body.

The central stalks cock quickens its strokes along my body, each body breaking thrust making me scream with pain, the vacuum keeps on milking my cock which is continually forced to create cum. I judder again as I blast another load into the vacuum. The other tentacles part my ass cheeks further and I feel a number of tentacles thrust into my ass and pump further into me. I gag as I feel them deep in me competing for space with my crushed abs. The pain causes my cock to spurt once more.

Tentacles now hook my cheeks, opening my mouth wide as the massive cock blasts a shot of hot plant cum onto my face and into my mouth.


The tentacles securing my legs untighten, my body and will too broken and exhausted to take advantage. They then frog tie my legs. The other tentacles around my waist loosen up as the central stalk hoists me into the air, balancing me on my knees. the pressure on my body is immense and I gag up more cum, it spills out of my open mouth and splatters onto my heaving chest. More cum is drained from my sore cock.


The tentacles that were securing my arms and head now pull me back, arching my back and hyper extending my abs, I scream in pain. The tentacles keep pulling, my back aches in pain and my abs pull at each other, tears stream from my eyes as the tentacles tie my wrists to my ankles, hog tying me.


The vacuum pulls back on my cock, I scream as my lower abs start to stretch. Tentacles cradle my chin and pull my head back till my mouth is just inches from my cock. Tears stream down my face as my neck, back and upper abs spasm in pain. The grinding of the cock on my body stops for a second as it reforms to take the shape of me. It then continues to body fuck me, its head jamming into my solar plexus, I feel hot plant cum splatter on my pecs and upper rib cage. Through the pain I see there are only two finger thick tentacles pumping my ass, the others still spreading my ass cheeks wide as if waiting. The top of the vacuum then opens up.

Tentacles pull and squeeze my balls, pulling them up away from my cock. the vacuum now fully opened starts to massage and squeeze my throbbing cock, I try not to cum but the pressure on my abs and the writhing testicles in my ass prove too much. I blast a hot load onto my face, it splatters on my cheeks and chin, more of it spurts into my mouth, the tentacles squeezing my throat forcing me to swallow my own cum. The vacuum continue milking my cock, cum dribbles onto my face and down onto my lips.

Another tentacle then once again enters my cock hole. The tentacle enters the length of my throbbing cock, I squirm as it starts to grow larger and throb. Another tentacle then also pushes into my cock. I scream in pain as my cock stretches to accommodate the tentacles. They alternately fuck my cock, causing me to gasp and squirm. Then a third tentacle tries to get in, I groan horribly as it tries to fit in. The other two tentacles blast the inside of my cock with plant cum, I feel so full as they lube me up and force one more tentacle in me. Before long all three tentacles cum, each one brings a wordless scream from me. They then pull out while other tentacles squeeze the cum out of my cock and into my mouth where I am forced to swallow it into my beaten gut.

The tentacles start loosening up, once again forcing my chin to my chest. They relax my back, straightening me out, pain racks me as I uncramp. The Centre stalk cock blasts my face one more time before going flacid and sliding out of the forced grove in my abs. The tentacles relax around my waist, dropping lightly over my thighs. My abs snap back into place with an audible pop, causing my body to spasm in pain as my abs involuntarily flex over and over again forcing the cum in my gut to rush out of my mouth, it spills over my chest and down my quivering body. My hands are fastened around my head. Then the two tentacles in my ass withdraw. Out of the cum hole of the massive cock stalk another thin tentacle sprouts out and enters my ass, I feel it travel some way up my lower gut. Tears stream down me as it starts to slowly pump me.

The tentacles securing my legs unwind, they secure my knees only, while the other tentacles pull me to my feet. My knees are pulled out and around untill they are in line with my shoulders. The strain on my thighs is immense. The majority of my weight is now on my legs. My battered fucked body shakes as the exhausted muscles in my legs, thighs and ass bunch up as they struggle to support me. I feel the tentacle in my battered gut start to expand, I cry out in pain as I feel my insides stretch.

The tentacles raping me continue their attack. After expanding it slides all the way out of my body, it expands once again, this time to the size of an average cock, tentacles grasp my waist, pushing my back forward so my gut sticks out. the tentacle enters my trembling ass. I scream in pain as it rams it in, its cock plunging in and out of me. It pulls out fully again, it rubs hard on my exposed abs causing me to gag as my abs flex and buckle around it. The eye watches me evilly as it grows the tentacle in size, to 12 inches long and atleast 3 wide. My eyes bulge in terror. Im held fast. The tentacle blasts hot cum on my abs before plunging straight into me. The force lifts me off the ground and my legs give way as my body collapses from the immense shock and pain. I cry and grunt in pain with each full stroke. The cock stretches, breaks and fills me up. My abs bulging to accommodate the monster in my gut.

The tentacle cums, I feel it swell up, the cum moving like a wave through the cock before it unloads deep in my gut. My body convulses as my abs bulge, my ass muscles clenching and unclenching as they try to accommodate the massive member. Legs shaking uncontrollably. It pulls out, my abs snapping back into position as they cum rushes out of my gaping ass.

Now the tentacles securing my right leg moves to my ankle and forces my leg up and to side of my head. Tentacles then twist my body to my left, causing my abs to tighten up till I feel them groan. I scream till my throat is raw. The cock tentacle then expands infront of me. The massive cock tentacle wavers infront of me. It reaches from my adams apple down to my pulled balls and hard cock. It thumps against my body, its weight making my eyes water. I plead and beg the central stalk not to enter me. It slams the cock into my twisted abs, breaking through my muscular wall and jarring my spine. The force makes cum spew from my mouth and ass. Then it shoves a tentacle in my mouth and down my throat as it positions the 18 incher under my gaping ass. Tears stream from my eyes in anticipation.

The 18 incher is slammed into me, my ass stretches and stretches and I convulse in pain. My cock shoots load after load as the tentacle stretches and my lower gut and abs. I watch in horror as my abs expand and deform then pop as the massive member pushes through my body. I cant even scream as my mouth is filled with cock. My mind tries to black out but the ass stretching ab popping continuous pain keeps me very awake. I can see the cock size and shape clearly through my abs as it pushes them out and they fall into place around it. The fucking shatters me as I feel its head slam into my obliques then slide up to my ribs.

With a final push the tentacle slams into my solar plexus, my muscles shudder as the pain rips right through my every fiber. The cock in my throat is jarred and pushed further down. I feel it slam into the monster cock. Tears explode from my eyes as my chest muscles expand to accommodate the invasion. The skin around my ribs and solar plexus is drawn so tight that it burns, both cocks can clearly be seen jarring against each other in my taut body as they start to fuck me. My abs shudder, contract and expand with every thrust, my chest muscles flexing uncontrollably.

The cock in my throat expands in my chest and cums, blasting hot liquid in me, it pulls out, spittle, cum and saliva explode from my mouth, it falls like a waterfall over my chest and shattered body. My cock hardens to the point of pain and shots load after load into the vacuum which suddenly disengages. The tentacles holding my left leg swiftly force it up and around mirroring the right. I scream uncontrollably as my muscles compact in the new position but my body slides another inch along the monster cock that stretches and expands my insides.

The 18 incher thrusts violently into me more times before evilly tearing itself free of my body, cum pours from the aching gaping muscled ass. My glistening abs convulse and flex thousands of times as they seek to fall back into the massive void in my quivering body. The 18 incher hovers infront of me again and I see the vacuum attach to it head, swelling its glands with litres of my cum. The central stalk then seemingly lovingly sends tendrils over my glistening flexing battered abs.

Smaller double finger thick tentacles sprout out of the stalk. It jabs one viciously into my ab to the left of my belly button, my ab completely battered gives way. I see the stalk slightly deflect before parting my ab muscle and smashing into my back. I scream as my ab deforms and reforms as the terrible pressure blow forces more cum bursts out of me. Then the stalk unleashes blow after blow onto my shattered abs, numerous stalks smash into me, each blow driving my abs deep into my gut and smashing into my spine. Each impact forcing more and more cum from my engorged cock. Saliva, tears, cum and blood run down my quivering flexing muscled torso as I beg it to stop.

The 18 incher slams in again, fucks me with full deep strokes, it moves like a wave inside my body, breaking and bloating, each full stroke causing me to scream uncontrollably, it then blasts litres of my hot cum into my broken body. All the tentacles unwind, leaving me impaled on the massive cock. It then flings me to the ground, my broken body landing in a heap. Cum pumps out of me as my abs flex and pop. Oblivion takes me.

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  1. scotts60143 - June 1, 2018, 11:18 am

    Very well written, and very creative. I really enjoyed as years ago I would have thoughts about plant like creatures attacking, but thought I was the only one in the world. Obviously now with the advent of the internet, I realize I was not alone!! Nice pics too! Thanks!

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