When a family cannot afford to pay their debt, they agree to sell their eldest son Joshua to a slaveboy training camp where boys endure intensive training to prepare them for a life of sexual slavery. Another hot story from UKBastinado! WARNING: Includes a brief forced circumcision scene.

The Sacrifice
by UKBastinado
Series: The Sacrifice


Family Sacrifice

Josh will never forget the 14th of July. This was the day that his life took a major change, a change that would lead him into a totally different lifestyle and a change that would reduce his standing in life to someone who has no freedom and no human rights. The 14th of July was the day that Josh was enslaved.

His story began on the 10th of July when he overheard a conversation between his parents and the loan shark responsible for their home repayments.

“You still owe the company a total of $22,000 and we see no way that you will be able to clear this debt and no means of making suitable monthly payments. That leaves us with two options.

1. We take your house and make your family homeless. Two adults and four children on the streets, which is not good for a 7 year old and a 1year old.

2. The second option will be a hard one for you to make but we believe the only rational option left open to you. We would be willing to buy your eldest son Joshua for the sum of $22,000 thereby clearing your mortgage payments and securing a home for your younger children. Joshua will be taken into slavery. He would be stripped of his rights and become the property of the mortgage company. After training he would be sold to the highest bidder at a slave auction. We would expect to sell the boy for a minimum of $40,000 and make a quick profit from the transaction. Training can be quite harsh if the boy is unwilling and the slave boy lifestyle is not one that we would like for ourselves. You would however have a home for your young family and only the sacrifice of your eldest son in payment.

I will return on the 14th for your decision. I will leave instructions as to how to prepare Joshua if you intend to hand him over to use on that day. Think the offer through.

Joshua’s parents would hear nothing of it. There was no way their eldest son was to be taken into slavery. Joshua however could not get the thought out of his mind of his family being homeless. What would happen to Ben and Jake his two little brothers? Joshua was 18 years of age, a good age to be enslaved and worth the money asked at any slave auction. Could he let his family go homeless? A long chat with his parents meant that on the 14th of July he would be reduced to a slave and sold to cover the family debt.

The 14th of July came around very quickly. Emotions were high as he said goodbye to his family. The instruction manual left by the mortgage company instructed that Joshua was to be handed over as follows:

• The boy will be presented with a shaved head
• The boy will be presented stripped to the waist
• The boy will be presented barefoot
• The boy will be presented with his hands tied firmly behind his back

Four simple steps that start the process of dehumanising the boy ready for enslavement. Joshua submitted quietly while his father shaved the hair from his head, stripped him to the waist and tied his hands behind his back. The final process of removing his shoes and socks making him barefoot was the moment that Joshua began to fear his future. He was taken into the garage and chained to the wall to await the representative of the loan company.
Joshua sat on the stone cold floor of the family garage secured firmly to the garage walls by a length of strong chain that was padlocked around his ankle. The loan company representative arrived on time and went into the house to discuss with the family the payment for the new slave and the clearing of the family debt. The meeting lasted for about an hour. The garage door opened and his new owner entered and stood before him.

“Joshua your family have signed their permission for you to be taken by my company and trained in the art of slave servitude. All we need now is for you to sign a document giving your confirmation that you agree to the enslavement and to agree to the terms of enslavement. Sign here, a document and a pen was handed to Joshua and he signed the paperwork without any hesitation. Your family are now out of debt. They own their home and your brothers have a place to grow up and enjoy. You however are now our slave. You are the property of the company. If you give us any reason to discipline you then you will receive any punishment that we deem fit for the purpose of training you in the correct behaviour of a slave. You will now be taken to our slave-training centre in Grayson forest. Say goodbye to your family, you will never see them again unless of course they can raise the funds to buy you back at auction. Joshua said farewell to his family and began a new life of servitude”.

A collar was fastened around Joshua’s neck and he was led out onto the roadway to walk the 13-mile journey to the slave training camp. The camp was to be his new home for the next six weeks. In that time he would be training in the etiquette of slave behaviour. He would be taught how to serve a Master in all ways and how to show utmost respect for anyone who was not enslaved. He was from this point onwards considered to be without rights of any kind. The cold harsh surface of the tarmac road and forest trail was hard on the tender soles of Joshua’s bare feet as he walked to the slave camp. No time was allowed for him to slow down or to clear small chippings that were digging into his vulnerable naked soles. It was a long and painful walk. The merciless guards pulled at Joshua’s chains forcing him to speed up which in turn caused more pain as his soles contended with the harsh surface of the road. It was far too dangerous for Joshua to attempt to slow his pace and fight against the tugging of the dog chain. This only resulted in Josh suffering the lash of a harsh flogger across his naked back. It was easier to tolerate the pain of the harsh barefoot walk, Joshua also understood that from this point forwards he would possibly never see another pair of shoes. He was after all a barefoot slave boy and he needed to get accustomed to walking barefoot on harsh surfaces. After a while he was sure that his soles would harden and make the barefoot life more tolerable.

Thirteen miles later Joshua arrived at the training centre. It was a converted youth hostel deep in the forest and atmosphere in the camp was one of depression and fear. It was not a good experience arriving at a centre where barb wired fences and guard dogs were employed to secure the inhabitants. There were a number of slave boys taking exercise in the main outdoor recreation area. All the boys were totally naked and each one walked around the exercise square in silence, their eyes looking downwards to the ground as they walked. Joshua felt very much out of place. Upon arrival Joshua was lined up with 5 other boys one of whom was also wearing jeans. At least Joshua was not the only new boy starting training on that day. A strange feeling for him considering that it was his jeans that made him feel alienated from the other inmates. This was a problem that was soon remedied. No sooner had Joshua been led through to the medical examination centre his jeans and boxers were taken from him and he had finally reached the nakedness that had been haunting his dreams for the last few days. He was naked and that was how he was to spend the rest of his life unless of course his new Master was generous and allowed him the dignity of wearing trousers or shorts. Joshua knew that this was unlikely and for the next six weeks at least he would remain naked and face every possible humiliation during his slave training. He dreaded what lay ahead and he wondered if he would ever really be able to wear the mantle of a slave. It was not long before the doctor began his examination of Joshua.

“Hello boy, Joshua I think. The camp principle does not like that name and is changing your name to Luke. I intend to examine your body. You are to stand still, legs wide apart so your genitalia hangs free for examination. I will examine all areas of your body. You will stand still and make no sound. There will be a few uncomfortable moments that I expect you to tolerate in silence. The examination of your penis, balls, foreskin and your anal passage may cause some slight discomfort but I am sure that you will handle it well. Let's make a start with your chest and nipples”.

The doctor enjoyed every minute of Luke’s body inspection. The lad stood perfectly still as the doctors hands invaded his body with relish. His cock and balls were carefully inspected and his anal passage probed with various implements while gauging Luke’s reactions. Eventually the doctor had had enough fun playing with Luke’s body and his findings were revealed.

“You tolerated that really well Luke. You have a really nice body and I hope the Master will let me fuck you before you are sold (the doctor was fondling Luke’s cock and balls as he was speaking), I would enjoy that. You have passed the test but will need a small body modification. Your new Master likes all his stock to have cut cocks and you do not have a cut cock. This must be corrected. You will be taken to the procedure room where you will be circumcised”.

Luke was taken into the procedure room and instructed to lie on the surgical bed. Straps were used to secure him tightly. After restraint Luke was totally unable to move and he was ready for the circumcision operation to take place. The doctor carefully removed his tools and laid them out ready to undertake the procedure. Luke asked about the operation, how long the anaesthetic would take to work and wear off and how long he would need to recover. After giving him a stern response for daring to ask the question in the first place the doctor gave Luke an answer that he did not want to hear.

“Ok I will tell you. After the surgery your cock will be bandaged for a week maybe two weeks. In that time your training will be based on activities that do not rely on your ability to be mobile. Things like cock sucking, cum swallowing, taking anal, Foot servitude, etc. You will need a couple of days maybe in the recovery room before your training begins. Don’t worry about anaesthetic because I will not be using any. Slaves do not justify that expense for such a minor procedure”.

Luke was suddenly aware that his foreskin was to going to be cut away without any pain relief or anaesthetic. He tried desperately to move but the restraints held him so firmly to the table that he was totally at the mercy of the doctor. You need to relax, take a few deep breaths it is only a short procedure. My scalpel is really sharp and I have performed this procedure on many young slave boys. I am quite experienced. I agree that the pain and shock of the procedure is something that unfortunately you need to cope with but unless you are relaxed and prepared to handle the pain it will be much worse for you. I will give you ten minutes to relax while I have a coffee. There are babies who face this procedure so I am sure that you will be ok. The doctor went away and made himself a hot drink while Luke began the process of dealing with the scenario he was facing. Ten minutes later the doctor returned with a nurse. He took the scalpel in his hand and without any further hesitation took Luke’s cock in his hands and began the procedure and circumcised Luke.

Luke screamed with the pain of the procedure. Totally unable to prevent what was happening to him he lay restrained to the table while the doctor modified his cock to the principles requirements. The doctor showed no concern for Luke or the pain he was going through. The cock was expertly bandaged and Luke was taken to his small slave cell where he was left crying in pain.


Each day for a week Luke was taken out of the cell and given a hot salty bath. Every day he was re-bandaged and the doctor checked the condition of his cock. It was explained to him that a boy with a nice cock would sell for a higher price at auction so the recovery period was monitored to ensure a nice modification was the final result. Five days after the operation Luke went to sleep in his small slave cell knowing that training would start in the morning. The next morning Luke was taken from his cell and introduced to the training officers. Immediately Luke was pushed down onto his knees and was instructed to remove his training officers shoes and socks. He was then instructed to kiss the bare feet of his teachers. Reluctantly Luke complied with the humiliating task of paying homage to the bare feet of the officers who were about to start his training. “Its all about respect boy! This is something you will do every day for your Master. Kiss his feet in humility and adoration and you need practice.

His cock was checked and given a clean dressing. He was then taken to a large room where he was instructed to lie down on a large table. His feet were separated wide apart and secured by chains that slowly hauled his feet off the table and up into the air. Making sure that his cock was safe and secure the two training officers told Luke what the days training would involve.

“Today you will learn how to pleasure your Master by servicing his genitalia. That means licking his balls and sucking his cock. Almost all Masters will expect this service. It will be expected for you to take and swallow your Masters cum willingly and with thanks. You will learn by servicing our cocks and taking our cum. Shall we start?”

This was one of the things that Luke had been dreading. The thought of sucking a guy’s cock, especially to climax was utterly obscene to him and now that the task was before him he had no idea how he would handle it. There were two training officers involved in Luke’s training. One of them positioned stood at the foot of the table while the other one stripped naked. The naked trainer knelt on the table with his knees either side of Luke’s head, his large uncut cock dangled just inches away from Luke’s mouth.

“Kiss it boy”.

Nervously Luke began to gently kiss the trainers large cock. “That’s good boy, kiss it like you mean it. Kiss it and gently and passionately lick my balls”. Luke responded well and his attempt at servicing the trainer’s balls was well received. His trainer was clearly having a great time. It was not long before the trainer’s cock was as hard as rock and without any warning the trainer pushed his cock firmly into Luke’s mouth. The erect inch cock was just too much for Luke to cope with moving rhythmically up and down with the confines of his unwilling mouth. Luke began to gag and his resistance caused him to begin to choke.

“Come on boy, get used to it. Your new Master will expect this service from you almost every day it is a basic requirement from a slave boy. You need to enjoy the cock, treat it like a lover. Be gentle with it and enjoy its taste. You are going to have a very intimate relationship with your Masters cock so you need to get over this silly resistance you have”.

Luke continued to resist and his muffled pleas for the cock to be removed were eventually honoured. The cock was removed from the mouth and Luke gasped with relief. His relief however was short lived. The trainer at the foot of the bed began to stroke the soles of Luke’s bare feet as they hung suspended in the air above the bed. It was as though he was testing them to see how sensitive they were. The trainer removed six short electric cables from a nearby cabinet and knotted them together at one end forming a multi tailed whip. The cables were stroked across the soles of each of Luke’s bare feet and without warning lashed across the sole of Luke’s left foot. Luke screamed with pain again and again as the electric cables were delivered with full force across the soles of his feet, one sole at a time. Luke screamed and begged for the whipping to stop but to no avail. His soles were on fire with the agonising pain of the torture. The whipping continued until each sole had taken delivery of 12 lashes from the harsh electric cables. Luke sobbed in agony as the trainer once again took up position on the bed and positioned his cock close to Luke’s very unwilling mouth.

All Luke could think about was the incredible pain surging through his beaten soles as the still hard cock was once more inserted into his mouth. Again the feeling of revulsion overtook Luke as the large cock began rhythmically pumping the young slave boys unwilling mouth. The trainer struggled to keep his cock in the slave’s mouth as Luke turned his head from side to side gagging for relief. Luke knew that unless he could take control of his revulsion and begin to deal with the requirement of sucking cock then he faced more punishment from the cruel slave trainers. It was too late to soon and the beating with the cables began again. The cables lashed across the soles of Luke’s feet as hard as the trainer could possibly deliver and the screams that resulted in every lash filled the training room. Luke had never experienced pain like it before. He was unable to move his naked feet away from the torment and his screams became sobs as he begged and pleaded for mercy. Each sole had taken another 24 lashes before the whipping stopped for another attempt at sucking cock without being sick with revulsion. Luke had no optionbut to try real hard to fight his feelings and learn to take the cock willingly and submit to his new position and the requirements of a slave boy. He had to suck cock sooner or later and it may as well be sooner for the sake of his poor beaten soles.It was the turn of the other trainer to deliver his cock to Luke’s virgin mouth. The trainers changed places and the second trainer removed his clothing and positioned his uncut cock at the lips of the new and nervous slave. Luke was shaking in fear. He had to suck this guy’s cock without having to gag and plead for removal. His soles could not take much more treatment from the cables. Luke could feel the blood throbbing through his beaten feet and see the new cock presenting itself before his mouth for service.

“Ok boy, now let’s start very slowly. Take a deep breath and take my cock into your mouth.”

The new trainers cock was different in two ways. Firstly it was an uncut cock and somehow this made Luke more nervous than he was with a cut cock. Second was the problem that the cock was already dripping small droplets of pre-cum. Luke new that his soles could not take much more, they were throbbing in pain and he needed to prevent them from being whipped anymore. Luke’s hesitated for only a few seconds before the soles of his feet exploded again with pain. “Suck the cock slave boy!” Again the cables were lashed across Luke’s defenseless battered soles and again the room was filled with his screams and pleas for mercy. No time was allowed for Luke to recover before the next lash was delivered expertly across his tender bare feet. He had to brace himself and take the cock into his mouth. “That’s good boy about time you came to your senses. Suck it.” The trainer enjoyed every second of Luke’s service to his cock and the longer Luke sucked the cock the easier it became. It was not long before the trainer was obviously close to orgasm but before Luke could worry about what he was about to face the trainer had ejaculated a huge amount of warm sticky cum. “Swallow it boy and be thankful for it.” Luke had no choice but to swallow the cum that was filling his mouth. The salty taste and the texture of the cum made him wretch again and once more the soles of his feet exploded in pain. “You must be able to take this boy. Swallow it and get used to the taste.” A second mouthful of cum filled Luke’s mouth and it was swallowed and tolerated a little easier than the first. “Now clean my cock boy. Lick off the excess cum. You must always leave your master with a clean cock”.

Luke licked the trainer’s cock clean and collapsed back in tears as his first training session came to an end. The soles of his feet were on fire throbbing with the pain left behind by the vicious cable whipping they had received from the very enthusiastic slave trainers. One of the trainers began to massage Luke’s soles and even through it hurt after a while it helped to relieve the pain of the punishment. “We beat the soles of your feet Luke so as to prevent using the whip across your back. The whip will leave marks and marks can bring down your value at auction. Your feet will bear no marks at the end of your training but if they do then it does not matter too much. Beaten and marked soles are better than a whip scarred back. I know it hurts really badly and that is the reason we use it to punish and train. It is very effective at teaching and disciplining slaves. Your soles will be beaten many times unless you learn quickly and mentally take on the role of a slave. Like it or not you ARE a slave and you will be a slave until a generous master grants you release, you die a natural death or are executed for misconduct. Once a slave most people die a slave. Don’t worry about losing out on feeling the lash of the whip, you will be whipped at some point but the laying on of the whip has to be from a direct order of a Master or the training school owner. You can go back to your cell now and think about today’s training. You may be visited again later today for more training or maybe not, we will see. Next time there will be more cocks to suck and more punishment to take if you fail to perform well. Rest while you can slave boy. You are a nice boy I would rather not hurt you any more than I have to. I am sorry you have found yourself enslaved but that’s life and it does mean that I may have an opportunity to fuck you. Have a good rest Luke.”

Luke was dragged back to his small slave cell and locked away to wait for his next training session. He lay on the hard mattress of his slave bed naked, beaten and abused and quietly cried himself to sleep. When he awoke he examined and nursed his beaten soles, washed in the cold water only hand basin and used his toilet that was little more than a bucket that he was to empty every evening. He sat on his bed and for the first time in his life he prayed hoping that God would find a way to get him out of the dreadful place he was in and get him out a free man again. Food was eventually delivered to his cell it consisted of a bowl of cold porridge, a round of dry bread and a large pitcher of water. As unappetising and as shit as the meal may have been, it was food and Luke was starving. He ate his meal and when the empty bowl was he was taken out of the cell and back to the training room for his next lesson.

Luke was taken into the training room and returned to the table where his cock sucking training had taken place. He was tied down in exactly the same way, his soles exposed for punishment. After a short wait ten guys were showed into the room and told, “There he is, enjoy. If he does not comply our officer will whip the soles of his feet. Let me show you.” The trainer took the cables and with all the strength he could muster whipped them across Luke’s bare feet. Luke screamed and writhed in agony as the trainer lashed them across his soles six times in total. “See how effective it is? You can leave your clothes in the corner. Make sure he services you well.” The eager young men stripped off their clothing and one by one climbed onto the table and presented their cocks before Luke’s mouth. Nine watched and cheered while their friend enjoyed face fucking the new slave boy. One by one they took their turn on the table and one by one they deposited their cum down Luke’s throat. Luke swallowed every drop and pleasured the men as they presented themselves before him.

Luke knew that he had to get past this training session without suffering any more at the hands of the trainer. His soles needed a rest and he needed to learn to take cock without question. Submission can be hard but sometimes to submit is to survive and Luke needed to survive. By the end of the session Luke had taken the full loads of all ten men and had licked their cocks clean and thanked them for their generosity. He had not had time to wretch or struggle or resist. He was afraid for his life and compliance was the only option open to him. After he had been face fucked by all the guys he was taken back to his cell. The guys wanted more. They wanted to fuck his ass but were told that that was for another day. Luke settled down in his small cold slave cell and fell asleep. Tomorrow would bring more training and maybe more pain.

Morning arrived and Luke’s first full day of slave training had arrived. He was waked from sleep at 5am and given a decent breakfast (slaves in training need good food). At 5.30am he was taken from his cell and to the shower cubicles where 9 other slave boys joined him and Luke was pleased to find out that he was one of three brand new boys starting training. The showers were communal showers and the boys were herded into the main shower area. It took sometime before the water started to spray but when it did the three new boys were shocked to find that the water was freezing cold. The first deluge of water contained some kind of soap, which the boys were instructed to rub over their bodies. The second cold deluge was clear cold water. By this time, thanks to the freezing water, Luke was wide-awake.

The new boys were told that their auction date had been arranged. Luke was to be sold to the highest bidder at a private auction, which was to be held in six months time. In enslavement cases where the slave boy being sold was on sale due to a family debt, the family would be told of the auction details and invited to attend the sale. If the family could raise the funds to buy the boy back then ownership of the slave would go to his family and they could then sign release orders. No slave could ever be granted citizen status again unless the slave’s legal owner signed release orders. Luke’s family had little hope of finding the money to buy him back. It was not uncommon for a slave as young as Luke with good physique and potential for money making through male prostitution to be sold for well in excess of $75,000. In any case it would be unusual for a boy of Luke’s age to be sold without a reserve price. Luke’s reserve had been set at $40,000 and any hope of the family raising that kind of money was remote.

In order to prepare the new slaves for the auction a strict training regime would be followed. The regime would be as follows:

05.00hrs Wake up and breakfast
05.30hrs Cold shower
05.45hrs Kiss feet of trainers
06.00hrs Intense gym workout
09.00hrs Swimming
10.00hrs Morning punishments (For qualifying slaves)
10.30hrs Sexual practices training
12.00hrs Midday meal – A healthy meal suitable for slaves will be delivered to your cell
12.30hrs Inactivity training
14.30hrs Slave protocol training
16:00hrs Fellowship break
18:00hrs Five mile run
19:30hrs Private time in cell with another slave
20:45hrs Cold shower
21:00hrs Evening punishments (For qualifying slaves)
21:30hrs Evening meal – Hot meal designed for healthy eating
22:00hrs Serve slave trainers
23:00hrs Return to cell – lights out

The routine was a standard slave-training programme, which was proven to prepare new boys for a lifetime of enslavement. At the end of the period Luke would be 100% submissive and very fit with a body that would help him fetch a good price at the slave auctions. If he did not achieve the standard required in both fitness and attitude then he would be downgraded to a worker slave, which meant a lifetime of hard manual labour.

The slaves were then taken to their personal trainers (each boy had two personal trainers) and instructed to service their feet. Each boy dropped to his knees and spent 15 minutes kissing, licking and sucking the feet of their mentors. The new boys followed the example set by the other boys and without making a fuss of any kind, fearful of receiving another sole whipping in case they failed, they serviced the bare feet that were placed before them. The trainers approved of the treatment delivered and the submissiveness shown by the new boys. The time had come for the boys to meet with their new gym master, an ex army PE instructed who had the task of taking the boys and giving them a good looking fit body rather than the average bodies that they all had upon entry to the slave academy.


“Welcome to the gym we are going to work the entire body in order to give you a well toned all round body ready for the slave auction. This might sound like a lot, but you only do one main movement for the legs, the back, and the pressing muscles on each routine. You will work through the routine and then take a 30-minute rest during which time you will undergo a full body massage where our masseurs and physiotherapists will work on your body. You will then undergo the routine again and again undergo therapy on the massage table. If you have any time left of the allocated three hours, you will spend the time in an inactive position where you will concentrate on relaxation. Your gym routine looks like this:

Monday: Squats 5 sets of 15 High Pulls 5 sets of 15 Bench Press 5 sets of 15 Clean and Press 5 sets of 15
Tuesday: Dead lifts 6, 4, 2 reps Front Squats 5 sets of 10 Incline Dumbbell Press 5 sets of 10 Close-Grip
Bench Press 5 sets of 10
Wednesday: Squats 5 sets of 3 Snatches 5 sets of 3 Press Behind Neck 5 sets of 3 One-Arm Dumbbell Press 5 sets of 6
Thursday: Squats 5 sets of 15 High Pulls 5 sets of 5 Bench Press 5 sets of 5 Clean and Press 5 sets of 5
Friday: Dead lifts 6, 4, 2 reps Front Squats 5 sets of 10 Incline Dumbbell Press 5 sets of 10 Close-Grip Bench
Press 5 sets of 10
Saturday: Front Squats 5 sets of 10 Incline Dumbbell Press 5 sets of 10 Snatches 5 sets of 3 One-Arm
Dumbbell Press 5 sets of 6
Sunday: No gym training

I throw in an abs workout whenever I feel like it. I usually do it at least once or twice a week, and sometimes do it at the end of the Monday workout and then on a Thursday workout with some grip work. I will add exercise routines as and when I feel it necessary to do so. The posted routines are the minimum I require from you each day.

“This routine will be pinned on the notice board in the gym. Directly after the early morning gym session you will be taken to the swimming pool where your morning exercise routine will finish with a swimming session. You will spend one- hour swimming full lengths of the pool. We will also be meeting during the day for a cross-country run. This run will take place on the forest tracks that surround this training camp. We have cleared a running track for you but even so the tracks can be quite harsh to run on in places with many of the tracks having rocks and stones naturally imbedded into the ground. You will not be permitted running shoes, which means that you will be running barefoot. I will not permit your soft tender soles to slow you down. After a while your soles will harden and a barefoot life will be the normal for you. You WILL run the full length WITHOUT stopping to tend to your aching soles. Every time you forget this and stop to tend to your feet, you will win 6 lashes with the electric cables across your feet upon return to the centre. Pain is not an excuse to stop. There are two types of slave. There is a personal servant to master who has paid for the boy. Your training is preparing you for service as a personal slave boy. Your body is important to your Master. Who would want to fuck an out of shape boy and be served by a slave who does not value his body? Those who cannot make the grade are downgraded to a hard labour slave. Hard labour slaves work in the Masters workhouse. They are used like pack animals to turn grain-grinding machines being flogged constantly until they collapse from over work. They are used to turn the treadmills. They are used like animals, treated like animals. In fact horses receive better treatment. They lose their testicles thereby removing their sex drive. They have their tongue removed in order to prevent speech. When they are worn out and of no further use they are executed. Execution is by either hanging or shooting. So, what do YOU want to happen to you? Do you want to be sold for a large sum of money and in doing so serve a loving but strict Master? Your other option is less inviting. My gym is important and your daily run and swim is important. It will be hard work. Your body will ache in places you never thought existed. You will cry in pain but I will press you on towards a body that is worthy of your new Master. Shall we start?”

The gym was a formidable place for Luke. Luke was 18 years of age with a fairly average body and fitness for a boy of his age and weight. He had not entered a gym since the day he left school and even when he was at school he only visited the school gym for about one hour each week. The task ahead was going to prove to be very taxing and he knew that he would have to work really hard against his body’s wishes to stop the exercise. He did not want to end up being the human equivalent of a pack horse and face years of extreme hard labour, poor food and floggings only to end his life dangling on the end of a rope or kneeling on the ground waiting for his brains to be blown out.

“OK boys we start with an exercise we call squats. I expect you to perform 5 sets of squats, each set contains 15 squats. The body weight squat is perhaps the best lower body exercise a person can do. It basically works all the major muscle groups of the thighs, glutes and hamstrings. It will firm up your legs and build strength to help you with everyday activities. How to perform a squat:

• Position your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart with your toes slightly turned out
• Hold your hands out in front of you at shoulder height. This will counter balance your weight and help you keep your balance
• Slowly and under control bend your knees and lower yourself down as far as you can without lifting your heels off the floor and then after a brief pause at the bottom push your weight back up until you are back at the starting position
• Do 15 repetitions to finish one set before resting for 2 minutes. You then repeat the set. I will guide you and at times push you for more than the required 15.

The instructor performed a full set of 15 squats very proficiently and quickly.

The boys suffered for three long hours with the ruthless gym teacher. He was the personal trainer from hell. Each exercise was well taught and each boy was expected to work to the best of his ability. Luke’s already beautiful young body was dripping with sweat as it was undergoing the training needed to firm and tone ready for the slave sales. Luke was not the only boy to struggle but being new in the gym did not bear any weight with the trainer. There was a routine to follow and Luke was going to follow it. Either that or go for branding and face life as a pack animal. The slave boys worked really hard working to the very best of their abilities but the routine was harsh and the trainer even harsher. The two massage sessions were wonderful. The expert hands of the masseur running skilfully over the boys’ bodies were possibly the highlight of the slave day. Utter relaxation followed by utter torture back at the hands of the gym master. Three hours of both heaven and mostly hell.

The routine was finally over and the swimming pool waited. The beautiful cold water was a joy to dive into. What followed was the swimming of endless lengths of the pool. No time for resting one length after another. Each boy had his achievements in both the gym and the pool noted and he was expected to better his performance each day. Failure to better his performance would result in punishment.

Finally, the morning exercise sessions were over and the boys were led away to a room marked “Slave Correction”. This meant punishment and each boy would learn why he was to face punishment and how he was to face punishment. This was part of the day that none of the boys were looking forward to.

The boys were instructed to sit on the floor and wait until they were called to the punishment bench. There were different kinds of bench that could be used. This session required the boys to lie across a whipping bench and wait while they were secured in place by heavy leather straps.

There was no way they could move away from the punishment which today was to be administered with a hard stinging leather flogger.

Luke was called first and he lay across the bench and waited in silence while the punishment officer secured him to the whipping bench. His hands and feet were secured using heavy leather cuffs and straps passed over his body and tightened down making sure that he was unable to move.

“Slave boy Luke. You performed well until you reached the gym and then your performance could have been much better. You must try hard next time. The gym Master has requested that you take 36 hard lashes with a slave flogger. This will hurt Luke but it is an encouragement for you to work harder”. The punishment officer began Luke’s flogging. The flogger was lashed across Luke’s naked backside as hard as the officer could deliver. The pain caused Luke to scream out with each of the 36 lashes but his screaming and begging for mercy only increased the punishment to 48 lashes. At the end of the punishment his backside was striped red and very sore. One by one the boys lay across the flogging bench and one by one they endured a lashing that was representative of their efforts and progress. No one managed to take the allocated number of lashes without crying out in pain and every one were treated with more lashes in payment for their lack of silence during punishment. As the boys responded to the training and as they became more submissive the punishments would naturally ease off. The aim was to break their spirits and produce obedient slaves who would ask no questions, obey without question and suffer in silence when punished. A difficult task to achieve but mostly successful. Most masters enjoy hearing their slaves cry in pain when punished but the academy liked to train slaves to suffer gladly and with minimal noise.

One and a half hours of sexual practices training followed the whippings and each boy was placed with a trainer who worked with each boy with the aim of over the period of their time at training camp would make sure that they could fulfil a Masters sexual needs. Training was given in:

• Giving and taking oral
• The art of being fucked by a master and how to ensure the master had a good fuck.
• The art of fucking another slave boy – some masters like to watch two slaves fuck
• How to pleasure a guys body
• How to take and swallow cum in a suitable manner
• Introduction to fisting – taking a fist
• Anal play toys and how to take them well
• Taking a catheter in the urethra – some masters like medical play
• How to fuck a woman to pleasure a watching master
• The art of pleasurable kissing
• Wanking off to please a master

Luke hated this instruction. Being straight meant that he found all gay contact unnatural and alien to him but he had no choice but to adapt and over time become a boy that actually enjoyed sexual contact with another guy. He had no choice but to submit and be used in any way the trainer saw fit. Over time he was sure that he would be able to perform well enough to please.

A good hot midday meal followed. The slaves were always well fed. Very healthy food was served making sure that each slave had his daily intake of 5 fruit and vegetables. Some slave training camps would only feed a cold porridge and give vitamins but it was felt that in order to work hard and perform well the slaves needed a good diet. They would be better at auction and would sell for a higher price.

Inactivity training

This was almost unbearable. The slaves would from time to time find themselves inactive. In other words they would not be serving a Master and they would have no duties to perform. A slave would be expected to quietly assume one of four inactive positions. These positions would be maintained until the Master had use of the boy again or until it was time to carry out a timetabled duty. ANY movement by the slave or ANY sound made would be severely punished. An inactive slave should not be heard or seen to move. The boys would be left for two whole hours each day in an inactive state – it was pure torture to get to grips with. Any boy who moved or made a noise could be certain of a severe whipping during the evening punishment session. The trainer outlined the positions to the young slave boys.

“You need to learn how to wait when you are inactive. Inactive means that your Master is not using you and you have no duties to perform. A slave in this circumstance will assume one of four positions. He will remain in those positions until Master needs him again or until he has duties to carry out. You will learn these positions. If you don’t want to face a severe beating each evening you will learn how to be inactive. You will be totally silent and as still as a statue. Most slaves may find themselves inactive for maybe an hour day in intervals of about 15 minuets each. We train you to remain inactive for 2 hours. It is torture boys but a torture that you will learn to live with. Now as I describe these positions, you will put yourself into the positions. I will inspect you and if you are all OK then I will set your task for today. Listen carefully.

1. You will lie face down on the floor with your hands behind your back…wrists crossed…palms of hands showing…legs straight …ankles crossed…head left.
2. Kneel with body erect….head up.. eyes lowered.. chest out….thighs parted so your genitals are on show….stomach in…..hands on thighs palms showing.
3. Kneel with body erect….head bowed..chest out….hands behind back with wrists crossed palms on view.
4. Kneel with knees wide apart….forehead on floor….arms outreached in front of body, palms of hands on floor.

Good. each of you performed the positions well. Today you will all assume position number 3. Kneel, head up and eyes down, chest prominent, your hands behind your back with crossed wrists and with palms of hands showing. Good. Stay like that for two hours. NO MOVEMENT whatsoever and DO NOT MAKE A SOUND. Remember when I say no movement I MEAN IT. If you raise your eyes off the ground, you will be flogged. If you re adjust your kneeling position you will be flogged. If your hands move you will be flogged. You must be a statue.”

Hell it was hard. After a short while Luke wanted to close his eyes, but he dare not. He wanted to adjust his wrists or move his feet but could not. It really was torture and there was no way Luke was going to survive without taking another whipping. After every 30 minutes the position was changed allowing the new slaves to adapt and learn how to assume, hold and maintain these inactive positions. No master wanted an inactive slave to be anything other than totally silent and still until he was required again. Two hours felt like two weeks. Luke was certain he would face an evening lashing.

Slave protocol training

During the time spent at the slave academy Luke would be taught how a slave would behave in certain circumstances and what the agreed protocol was for slave behaviour. Some of the things he would learn are:

• When a slave could open a conversation with his master
• When a slave can use the toilet
• How would a slave behave to his masters guests
• How to be humble
• How to always display submissiveness
• How to plead for mercy without breaking protocol
• How to develop a good slave/Master relationship
• How to behave in all situations
• How to take a flogging with humility
• How to deal with health issues
• Etc

A very important part of enslavement training. Not over heavy or painful to learn and for Luke this was a little relief from aggressive training and punishment. This was the only training that was delivered in a classroom.

Luke’s First Fellowship Break

Luke was surprised to be taken to what was called a “Fellowship Room”. The carpeted room had a sofa and a double bed. On a table against a wall was a supply of rope, some condoms, a few pairs of handcuffs, a large bottle of lubrication and lots of sex toys. There was a selection of gay sex DVD’s and a plastic jug of water with two plastic cups. It also surprised Luke that the room was to be shared with another slave. The slave that was paired with Luke was a guy called Owen. Owen was in his third week of slave training. He was 18 years old and Luke had to admit he was a really nice looking guy. Luke sat down on the sofa and put his head in his hands. At last he had two hours of comfort to relax and try to come to terms with his fate.

Owen sat down beside him. Luke was shocked when Owen spoke. “I think your name is Luke? My name is Owen. Its Ok we are allowed to talk to each other during this period. How are you holding out mate? I know it’s hard”. Owen took Luke’s hand. Luke did not know how to react. “Don’t panic Luke, I only want to be friends. I know you are straight but next week you are going to start to take training in taking cock. It is not easy and I should know because I was totally straight just three weeks ago. You are a beautiful boy Luke”. Owen started to run his hands over Luke’s chest and to Luke’s surprise he did not stop him. “Luke, this is the only intimacy you are going to get. It will be much easier for you if you have been fucked by someone who cares before you get fucked by one of the trainers”. Owen started to tease Luke’s nipples with his tongue and after a while moved closer and without any hesitation from Luke their lips met and they kissed passionately.

After a while Owen took one of the anal toys and began to ease it into Luke’s arse. To Luke’s surprise it felt good and it was not long before Luke submitted to Owen taking his anal virginity. It felt so good to be fucked by someone who was fucking him because he cared. Somehow Luke thought that he would get to really enjoy these fellowship breaks. Owen was from this point to be his slave mate and over the six months they would grow closer together and enjoy many intimate moments. They actually grew to love each other but knew that in a few short months they would be separated to face a life of enslavement with different Masters
The time had come for the first cross country run. In the minibus the slaves were instructed to put on a pair of running shorts.

“You are going on your evening run. The ground will be harsh and painful due to your feet being bare. This does not stop you from enduring the pain and running. I must warn you that I will not tolerate your stalling because of painful soles. You will run as if you were running on a grass track. I will run with you and so will three other training officers. The boys were unloaded from the van and each one was given a starting point on a very stony pathway. Luke’s soles were about to be tortured nonstop over the entire five miles. The trainer said that he would be happy with 9 minutes per mile until the boys had gained in fitness and their soles had become more tolerant of the cruel surface of the path. Eventually their target would be 6 minutes a mile over the same rough terrain and in bare feet. The boys took up a starting position and the starting gun was fired. Luke began to run. The impact of the stones against the soles of his bare feet caused immediate pain and his running was reduced to hobbling. The trainers pushed him on and forced him to maintain a pace that would achieve a 9 minute mile. The run was possibly the most painful experience of the day. The boys were not permitted to stop and dig any small sharp stones out of their soles. The stones gathered in number and the pain of running increased. The run was hell and the boys suffered in order to suffer again rather than face life as a work horse.

The torment of the run came to an eventual end. The slaves were allowed to brush their soles free from any remaining sharp stones. “There will be a timetable change tonight. You are to visit the slave quarry to witness the hard labour slaves being dealt with. When you get back all will run to plan but we will be about 1 hour late. Let's go”. The minibus took the aching slave boys to a nearby rock quarry where there were about 14 naked slaves being used as work animals. Some were pushing grinding stones, some were breaking rocks and some were digging large holes in the ground. The slaves were taken to a quiet area behind the quarry to be confronted with the sight of a naked young slave boy hanging from his neck from a high branch of a very tall tree. The slaves were shocked and repulsed by what they saw. A second boy was dragged from the quarry and pushed down onto his knees on the floor in front of the new slaves. One gunshot later and half of his brains had been blown from his head and he slumped to the ground. “Is this going to be the way you end your life in slavery? Work hard and tolerate the pain, the humiliation and the abuse. One day you will be a true slave owned by a master who will have paid a lot of good money for you. Alternatively you can hang naked from a tree so the birds of the forest can feed from your body. Let's go back now. Your work and training is over for the day. You still face a punishment when you get back and you still need to serve your personal trainer. I know you are all exhausted. Tomorrow it starts again and each day will get easier until you are a true slave submissive in every way and with a body that will please your master. Let's go back driver”. The slaves arrived back and the cold shower that awaited them was another cool relief from an evening of intense pain and suffering on the rocky pathway that was their 5 mile run. Their feet were in agony and some slaves knew that in just a few minutes time some of them will be enduring a whipping across their already tortured soles.

Luke soon found his bare feet strung high in the air suspended by two ropes tied around his ankles. The soles of his feet suffered again as the punishment officer delivered 60 lashes across each sole with a leather strap. Luke screamed in pain but had learnt not to beg for mercy as this only extended the punishment even more. Luke's poor feet were taking a severe lashing from canes, belts and cables. “You must learn slave boy to push yourself to endure, to serve in humility and to submit to the desires of your masters. You have beautiful feet and it is an honour to have the pleasure of flogging them.” Luke suffered and when the sole beating was over he was taken to enjoy an evening meal.

The meal was good hot food. Luke needed it. After the meal he was taken to the private quarters of his personal trainer. Luke knew that this would be another cock to suck, another fucking to take and more feet to kiss.
The time had come for his slave trainer to enjoy a late evening of personal service from his trainee slave boy. Luke was taken into his trainers private flat. Upon entering he dropped to his knees and assumed an inactive kneeling position. “You are learning slave boy. Well done.” His trainer sat down on a sofa and placed his bare feet on a glass top table. His soles were filthy. He had obviously been walking around on soil. “Boy, I need you to clean my feet”. Luke moved over to examine his trainers feet. Luke took courage and asked a question “Please sir, where can I find a bowl and towels?” The trainer laughed. “No boy you don’t understand. You will lick my feet clean. You will lick off all the soil and make my soles spotless again and you will show appreciation for your trainer boy. Luke obeyed and licked his teachers soles until they were once again spotlessly clean and spent time kissing and massaging the feet until instructed to stop. “Take my clothes off boy” Luke obeyed and carefully stripped his trainer naked carefully folding the clothing and placing them on a nearby chair. “Good boy. Now show some attention to my cock and balls” The trainer groaned with pleasure as Luke gently took the cock and balls into his hands and erotically stimulated them eventually taking the trainers cock into his mouth and serviced him to completion. “You are show great promise boy. That was a great first time service. You appear to have accepted your fate and have decided to be submissive. That is a good choice well made boy. You cannot achieve anything by resisting your fate. Legally you are a slave and you need to be the best slave you can be. Tomorrow I will fuck you boy but tonight I am content with you pleasuring my cock. Whatever you do during these six months of training, don’t resist, comply and give up your free will. Don’t let us have to beat you into submission. Now get back on my cock boy”.

3 Months Later

Luke was now well established as a trainee slave boy. He had come to terms with all forms of gay sex and was excellent at sucking cock especially. Luke’s mindset had begun to change. He was well on the way to be totally dehumanised with the new mindset of an owned slave boy. His fitness level had risen dramatically and the gym sessions were so much easier and even enjoyable. The gym session was occasionally replaced by other lessons that would help Luke prepare for whatever his new master would expect from his new boy. Some of the new lessons were how to deal with stress positions and holding them for extended periods of time. Many masters use stress positions to remind their slaves of their servant role while others use them as forms of punishment. Luke was given training in how to deal with holding stress positions and in doing so fulfil the requirements of his master.

Sometimes slaves would be expected to wear a cock and ball harness or a chastity device. Chastity training was hard on the slaves simply because it removed for a whole week their ability to enjoy any sexual contact with their partnered slaves or even to enjoy self-pleasuring themselves. It was common for masters to use chastity.
Some if not most masters will use their slaves for bondage play. The slaves were introduced to all forms of bondage and bondage equipment and they spent time in bondage while serving their personal trainers in the evenings.

In three months time Luke would be ready for anything his new master would expect from him. His training covered all areas of slavery and he would be aware of the requirements of a master and how a slave should behave during bondage sessions. There would also be times when a master would sell his slave to someone who wanted to fuck a boy or someone who wanted to be fucked. Some people would pay to torture and humiliate a boy. The slave boys needed to be ready for any of these circumstances. A master could earn good money selling his boys on an hourly rate to people who were willing to pay.

Slave Auction

Luke was now ready to be sold. He was fully conditioned to serve a master in all areas. The training had successfully modified his mindset to accept his life of enslavement. Luke was 100% submissive, aware that he was a member of the slave class, humble in every way and totally dedicated to serving a master. He was a different boy. He was extremely fit (the gym routine was easy to achieve and he was running the five miles at a pace of 5½ minutes for each mile – even when running barefoot) and was proud to be able to offer his new master a refined fit and healthy body to serve him in all ways. He considered himself to be unworthy of the life of a free man and a life of slavery was all that he had been born for. He still had fond memories of his life as a free boy with his parents and his brothers but he had long since given up any hope that his parents would ever be able to buy him back. If they did find a way they would find a new boy and someone who would have to adjust once again to being free. He was programmed to serve, programmed to accept punishment and willing to accept his lot in life. Going back to freeman status would require counseling and time.

Tomorrow was the day of the auction and Luke was very nervous. Tomorrow his new master would buy him. He would enter his life of enslavement for real. He would no more than owned property.

The day before the auction was an important day. Luke was taken to the auction preparation room where he was got ready to be placed on display. The whole morning was taken up teaching the three boys who were ready to be sold what the procedure would be. The afternoon was the equivalent of a full body valet. Luke was examined in
minute detail. Parts of his body were deep cleaned and oiled. Lots of attention was paid to the soles of his feet. Luke’s feet had become hard wearing. The skin on his soles had adapted to being barefoot, which was a good thing. No longer were his soles soft and tender. They were still targets for punishment however since the nerve endings in the soles would always react badly to a whipping or beating. The aim of the attention to his soles was to get them clean. Six months of ingrained dirt from the running and general barefoot lifestyle had caused his soles to be heavily soiled. The long process was surprisingly successful in restoring the soles to a sparkling clean condition, while retaining the hard skin required for Luke to be able to live a barefoot life. Of course his soles would get dirty again but at the slave auction the boys needed to be presented in their best cleanest condition.

The three slaves that were going to auction were led out to the waiting van. It had been a long six months since Luke had arrived at the training centre, not really understanding exactly what lay in store for him. As the boys were loaded into the van, Luke could see four new boys arriving stripped to the waist and barefoot and for a brief few moments memories of his own arrival flooded back into his mind. He had sacrificed his freedom for the sake of his family. Now he was to go to the slave sales and would never see his family again. It was a long drive to the slave sales and the three boys travelled chained together it total silence for the entire length of the journey. The three boys were Luke, Jamie and Ryan each boy was expected to sell for a minimum of $55,000 and a reserve of $40,000 had been placed on their sale. This meant that a buyer could buy for $40,000 but with the boys being in the condition they were in, the slave school were expecting them to sell for $55,000 they could see no reason why they would sell for any less. The people who bought slave boys were all very wealthy people and will have travelled from all over the world in order to buy the right slave. It was not uncommon for a master to pay a great deal of money for the right slave. On occasions a slave has sold for well in excess of $100,000. Upon arrival the slaves were chained in the usual chain wear of a slave boy. The wrist restraints contained rings so the slave could be chained to a cross for display purposes. Each of the boys was stamped with a lot number. Jamie was lot number 86, Ryan was lot number 93 and Luke was lot number 104. The display procedure was in two stages, a morning display and an afternoon display. The actual sale would start in the evening at 6.30pm. By this time the masters would have been given the right to examine the boys and if they wish they could bid in three ways. They could enter a maximum bid to the auctioneer, they could bid in person in the sale room or they could bid by telephone. It was 8am and the morning viewing would start at 9.30am.

The early viewing was what is known as an initial “No Touch” viewing. The slaves would be chained to a St Andrews Cross. Their arms and legs would be spread out so the buyers could clearly see the slave’s front body. The chest, nipples, genitals etc could all be clearly viewed. The buyers were not permitted to touch the slaves. If they liked what they saw they would be requested to provide a cash deposit of $15,000 this would give them entry into the afternoon viewing session where the slaves on view could be touched and examined. The $15,000 would be set against the price of any slave they decided to buy. If they did not decide to buy then $12,000 was returned. The remaining $3000 was an slave examination fee.

The afternoon viewing was a very different affair. Each boy would be chained to a simple vertical post via an ankle chain. His hands would be free of restraints. The buyers could take an inspection voucher for a particular boy – identified by his lot number. This would give the buyers 10 minutes with each boy. During this time the potential buyer could intimately examine their new potential buys. Most buyers would spend the full 10 minutes. No service could be expected from the slaves during this time. Buyers usually examined the body of the boy and tried to determine the boys’ attitude from body language and stance. Each boy reacted differently to an inspection and the buyers knew exactly what they were looking for. They then had access the video advertisement for each boy. During the last few days of training each boy filmed a introduction video. They were filmed sucking cock, being fucked, working in the gym, running and servicing their trainer’s feet. A representative of the training school then outlined the slaves ability and attitude and gave figures for gym improvement and punishment response. By the time for the sale to take place the buyer had a good idea what they would be bidding on.
During the afternoon the older slaves were auctioned. These slaves were being sold purely for hard labour purposes and their initial viewing in the morning was enough for the buyers to see before bidding started. They were all stripped naked down to the waist but were permitted to wear jeans. They were barefoot and chained in leg irons. The jeans differentiated between a worker slave and a general slave by sight. It was a sad occasion to see so many guys aged in their 30’s sold to a life of utter misery and hard labour. The average sale price of one of the labour slaves was $12,500 with a life expectancy of three years that would be less than $5000.00 a year for a non-stop hard labour slave with no rights. Records of slave release and pardon show that only 3% were set free again leaving 97% to end their lives at the hands of the executioner. Their bodies would be dissected and sold to animal food manufacturers. Each young slave boy needed to gain his release by the age of thirty. If he had not pleased a master enough to win this freedom then he would return to the slave auctions and be sold again for the last time as a worker slave. Records show that by the age of 30 it would be expected that 72% of slave boys would have either won their total freedom or have been given a position as a slave trainer for a slave training school. Who better to train slaves than ex slaves? Being given a trainers role was the ultimate aim for a slave. The position paid well, granted full freedom and gave a certain gratification of revenge taken out on the young bodies of the next slave generation.

Lot Number 86

It was not long before Jamie was unchained from his display pole and prepared for sale, His wore the standard slave chains and his wrists were secured to a metal bar that past behind his head and rested on his shoulders.
He was taken to the side of the stage and waited for his number to be called. The auctioneer called his number and began his sales pitch. “Lot number 86. Jamie, a 18- year-old first time slave. Trained by the world class Melrose school of slavery. This boy has completed a full 6 months training at the world-renowned school. He has achieved well in all areas. He performs extremely well sexually and will work hard with the right discipline. This boy needs encouragement from time to time, nothing that the lash will not resolve. He is extremely fit as all Melrose slaves are with a beautiful young body for you to enjoy or trade. I have a starting bid on the books of $42,000 do we have any further interest please? The bids in the room caused Jamie’s price to rise to a final $58,000 which was above the hoped for price of $55,000 Jamie was led away to be retained in a slave cage until his new master had paid for him.

Lot Number 93

It was time for Ryan to be sold. “Lot number 93. Ryan is another virgin slave trained at the Melrose school. He is 18 years of age. He excels in all forms of sexual servitude and is a hard worker. Anyone taking the time to inspect Ryan will have found a boy in great shape. He would be worthy of any master and an asset to the family. Ryan will serve well whatever the conditions you place upon him. He is a boy who has truly taken on board the mind of a slave. Will young Ryan be kissing your feet tonight? Interest in Ryan is high and I can start bidding at $43,000 Ryan had certainly attracted the attention of many rich men wanting a new slave boy an after 20 minutes of bidding Ryan was finally sold to a wealthy 28 year old businessman for a cool $57,000 It was the intention of the buyer to use Ryan purely as a sex toy. The school sales team were delighted with Ryan’s sale price. The term virgin slave means that he has never been sold before to a slave master.
The lots were getting closer to Luke and he was feeling very apprehensive. Would he sell for a good amount? For some strange reason Luke wanted to be sold for a large figure. He thought that after all the hard work he should at least have the satisfaction of knowing that he had some value.

Lot 103

Luke was taken down from his pole and secured to the metal bar that passed over his shoulders and behind his head. He would be sold next. He was prepared, well trained and good-looking. He really hoped that he would do well. Lot number 103 had sold for $33,000 and it was his turn next.

Lot 104

Luke was led up onto the stage. The stage lights and the large crowd of people in front of him were intimidating. He was finally here standing naked in chains in front of 300 potential owners. He had been inspected by 14 people during his afternoon on display and all appeared very interested in buying him.

“Lot 104. Slave boy Luke. Luke is another slave from the Melrose stable. He is possibly one of the most sought after slaves in today’s sale. We have many bids on the books. Luke is a true slave. Taken from his parents to pay a debt shows that Luke has a background of morality, honesty and humility. He has worked hard at the Melrose school to transform from a 18-year-old eldest son to the slave you see before you today. He will serve you well and work hard for you. Because of the high price expected for Luke he should be seen as a long-term investment. He has full enslavement status and cannot claim freedom without the release documentation that applies. He could be your slave for life. He performs well sexually and takes punishment well. He particularly responds well to having the soles of his feet beaten – not that you will need to do this very often. Your bidding starts at $40,000 and we have to include a telephone bidder. Within minutes Luke’s price had risen in the room at $55,000 but the telephone bidder forced a second round of in room activity which pushed his price to $60,000 but again the telephone bidder bid higher and eventually it was down to two last bidders. The telephone bidder had bid $68,000 but the master in the room really wanted to own Luke and he placed a final staggering bid of $70,000 There was total silence in the room as everyone waited for the unseen master on the telephone. There was a very long pause. “Sir, I have to push you. The bid rests at $70,000 do you wish to raise your bid? I will sell if you don’t Sir? Going once, going twice, are you finished bidding Sir? The telephone bidder said “My final bid for Luke is $72,000”

Luke sold for $72,000

The buyer paid instantly by bank transfer and Luke was readied for delivery




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