Ryan Connolly's story continues as he helps "The Conglomerate" abduct a snooping police officer for another gay bondage & milking session.

Ryan Connelly & the Abduction and Forced Milking of Officer Jim
By GuyzGoNakieFiorMe
Series: The Forced Milking of Ryan Connolly

officer jimOfficer Jim moved stealthily through the bushes outside the deserted arena. At least, it was supposed to be deserted. Though the windows had been blacked out, Officer Jim could still see light coming from inside the small Xtreme Fighting stadium; he could sense movement from within; could hear cheers and … moans -- but were they moans of pain or moans of pleasure.

He's noticed something odd had been happening for a while. Cars… people … he's come across those three military guys, whistling like they'd just won the lottery, but when he'd questioned them they told him they were just lost. Still, as they moved out of range he thought he'd heard one of them talking about the "cute little blond who'd choked down nine blasts". An hour later, he'd run into Tonio and Big Mike. Same story. They were just "out walking", but when they'd turned the corner he heard one of them laugh and he could have sworn he hard the words "ass fucking".

Maybe he was just hearing things because he was horny. His girlfriend had gone to her mother's for the Thanksgiving holiday, and the only affection he'd had in about a week had come from a bottle of her hand lotion and his rough-calloused palm. Nah, he wasn't hearing things. His cousin Billy Lonergan had gone to a match at the stadium and no one had heard from the curly-haired blond kid in a few days. The square-jawed cop adjusted his hat, patted his side-arm to make sure it was where he needed it to to be, and crept around the side of the building.

His dark blue uniform shirt scratched across his nipples as he walked. He'd always been tease about his ridiculously thick nipples -- they could be seen clearly outlined through any shirt the muscular cop wore. But now, with his g-f Laurie gone, it was only a matter of days till he was out of fresh underwear and he'd been forced to go without a t-shirt which made his nipples even more prominent through his shirt…and more sensitive. He was free-balling it too, but that dint bother him so much -- the navy blue polyester clung to his dick like a second skin.

He saw a light and snuck toward it. As he reached the edge of the window he could just make out the figure of a lean, muscled redhead as he grabbed … someone blond … around the waist and stuffed her full. Shit, were they using this place as an after-hours sex club? He'd have to call in for backup before …

The sting was momentary, but instantly effective. Officer Jim was crumpling towards the ground before the hypodermic had even been extracted from his neck.

When he came to, he was on some sort of hospital gurney, arms out-stretched and strapped in place to a crossboard. His uniform shirt had been undone, shirt tails out. His sidearm had been removed. A bright stadium light glared overhead and he squinted to make out where he was.

"Officer Jim," a voice boomed from the loudspeaker, "how unfortunate that you happened onto our little party…uninvited."

'I…don't know… what the fuck… you people are up to…" Officer Jim stammered, "but you are in some….deep shit now. Some … serious shit. Kidnapping a police officer… is a federal offense."

"That's a chance, we're willing to take, Officer," the voice responded calmly and the stadium audience laughed. On the overhead screen images began to appear of the unconscious officer in various states of undress. In a few moments, he could see the slim blond girl from behind as she took his hard cock in her mouth. His g-f would never understand. In some photos he had objects… a carrot, a cucumber… the barrel of his sidearm… inserted into his anus, and in all the pictures Officer Jim's face was clearly visible.

"Officer Jim, we have hundreds of lovely candid photos of you that I'm sure your sergeant and follow officers would get a kick out of seeing. We CAN just keep it to ourselves if you will just be a little more … cooperative."

Officer Jim's face burned crimson. "What do you want?"

"We want to ensure your silence. To make sure that from now on you will not only leave this place be, but guard it from other prying intruders."

Officer Jim whispered under his breath, "It's a deal."

"Oh no, Officer Jim, that's not good enough. I'm sure you are a man of your word about most things, but it's always good to have some insurance."

With that, two shadowy figures stepped forward and raised the gurney on a pivot, so that it was now perpendicular, as though Officer Jim were standing to face the crowd. Strong leather bands on his waist, wrists, and ankles held him securely in place.

The two thugs rolled out a stainless steel table with a number of apparatuses Officer Jim had never seen before.

"Prepare his chest," the voice called out,

The thugs each traced a palm over Officer Jim's firm, round peeks. As if in trained unison, each hand splayed it's fingers so that only the thumb traced slow, teasing circles around the thick pencil-eraser points of Officer Jim's nipples. When they were stiff as diamond points, the men dipped the tips of their fingers into a bowl containing a gelatinous blue substance. Each then began to massage the viscous substance onto each sensitive tit-head. Jim felt his nipples grow warmer as they seemed to get even more sensitive. The men were gently pinching each point and the bound police officer had no choose but to submit to their maNIPulation.

"Fuck man…" he begged his captors, "please…stop."

"You don't REALLY want us to stop, do you cousin Jimmy?"

Officer Jimmy turned to his right and realized it was his younger cousin, Billy Lonergan, kneading is nipple. He turned to his left and saw Ryan Connolley, Xfighting Champ. Ryan had ben the naked redhead he'd seen slow-fucking that blond whore which meant his cousin Billy had been … the whore.

"You fucking little punk faggot," Jimmy barked at him.

"You had no problem with that when your dick was in my mouth."

On the screen in front of him, Officer Jimmy saw his slender blond cousin, blond curls falling over a perfectly androgynous face, on his knees, his thick pouty lips curled into a perfect "O" as he took all nine inches down his throat again and again and again. Jimmy, in a narcotic stupor, eyes half-lidded with lust moaned, "Yeah Laurie, take it all."

"You're not a very good policeman, Jimmy," the voice chuckled, "or you'd have seen how we'd deliberately lured you here… for punishment."

"Punishment … for what?"

"A few of our … clients … mentioned that you'd been harassing some of the patrons at the gay bars in town. Nothing illegal. Just enough to humiliate and belittle them. We thought it might be time for you to experience a little of what you've been meting out. Attach the suctions."

Billy and Ryan reached for what looked like specialized suction cups. They were somehow mechanized.

"These suction devices adhere perfectly to the nipple. with a flip of the switch, 1000 sable-hair bristles begin to twirl in opposing directions on your tits. I promise you the sensation is excruciatingly delicious."

The suctions were placed on Officer Jim's chest, and each switch was turned on. The bristles teased and swirled over his enflamed nipples, taunting them to a stiffness they had never experienced. He wanted to scream out in pleasure and in pain, but bit his lip to stifle himself.

"You don't need to say a word, Officer Jim. The bulge in your uniform pants is saying it all."

Indeed, a nine inch snake seemed to be trapped within the dark blue polyester, writing and throbbing. Billy Lonergan placed his palm over the rock hard firmness.

"Tell me what you want."

Officer Jim trembled and bit his lip harder, till he could taste blood in his mouth.


"Rub it, Goddamn it. I want you to take my cock in your hands and rub it. There. Is that what you wanted to hear???"

And the crowd roared its approval.

Billy unzipped the fly and with a bit of manipulation, took the huge beauty out through the fly.

"Oh no, Officer Jimmy, our crowd wants to see you … in uniform," the voice giggled.

Billy looked at the fat club throbbing in the air, a criss-cross of veins pulsing with blood over a fat purple torpedo. The foreskin still clung coyly, halfway down the knob. Billy dipped his thumb in the syrupy blue liquid once more, and then brought it to the purple knob. He let some of the liquid drip onto the fat mushroom tip, and it felt both cool AND hot to Officer Jimmy. Using JUST his thumb, Billy spread the blue liquid over the tip in slow teasing circles of pleasure. As the air hit his exposed knob, once again Jimmy felt a strange combination of cool and heat, and the feeling compelled him to beg his cousin to stroke it.

Billy cupped both hands, end to end, forming a flesh-tunnel for Jimmy, and commanded his cousin, "fuck my hands".

"Sweet Jesus forgive me," Jimmy muttered before giving into to his basest urges. Raising his hips as far as the leather restraint would allow, Officer Jim began to fuck his cock into his cousin's grip.

The audience was dead silent, hypnotized by the sight of the bound police officer, chest exposed, erect cock forced thru the fly of his uniform pants, fuck-thrusting his massive dick forward into his cousin's grip.

Billy withdrew his hands just as he felt his cousin's balls begin to tighten, leaving his Jimmy dangling from the restraints, muscles taut, glistening with perspiration.

"You bitch!", Jimmy screamed, "You fucking bitch."

"I can be your bitch. Would you like that cousin Jimmy?"

"Get on your fucking knees, whore," the out-of-control cop bellowed.

Billy slipped to his knees and licked his lips.

"Open wide, cunt!" his cousin roared.

Billy parted his lips and brought them forward to meet the burning knob. Jimmy slammed as far forward as he could, stuffing his dick past Billy Lonergan's esophagus and started fucking.

Ryan Connolley, stepped behind the cop who was too lust-driven to notice Ryan removing the bottom panel from the gurney. He reached for a small switchblade and as Billy gripped the cheeks of the humping officer's uniform, Ryan slit the back of the pants exposing the policeman's ass.

Grabbing a handful of the blue lubricant, Ryan Connolley slathered the pink balloon knot, working one…two…three fingers into the ass of the sex-crazed cop. coating his cock with the blue goo, Ryan reached around the gurney. With his fore-arm pressed into the cop's neck he brought his dripping cock to the virgin hole.

"Now you're gonna be MY bitch." And before the cop could plead for mercy, Ryan had impaled him on seven inches of cock. A scream echoed through the auditorium, but that was to be expected, after all. Ryan gave the cop a few seconds to get used to the feeling, before going into Xtreme fighter mode, piston- fucking the virgin ass with strength, endurance and flexibility.

Billy took a moment to slip the silicon sleeve of the electric Milker around Jimmy's dick. The heated sleeve gripped at varying tempos, releasing blasts of cool wet lubricant around the trapped cock at 60 second intervals. The milking sleeve fed into a collecting tube so that the ejaculate could be retrieved. Billy handed the end of the tube to Ryan Connolley as he fucked the captive cop. He'd know what to do.

The Milker was turned on too high, and it was only a matter of moments now before Officer Jimmy could hold back no longer. Billy took his cousin's balls in his mouth and began slurping on them. This, and the wicked ass-fucking, combined to send Officer Jimmy over the edge. His body convulsed in spasms as his dick blasted nine thick blasts into the tubing. With his arm around the cop's neck, Ryan forced the cops jaw down and open, slipping the tube into his mouth.

For the first time in his life, Officer Jimmy's tasted a man's cum blasting into his mouth and was forced to drink it all -- and it was…his own.


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