A muscular Latino jock is abducted by a mysterious stranger who plans to tickle & torture his sexy feet in this story based on "The Runner" video from MaleBondageandFeet.com which is now available in our Member Videos section.

This story is based on the video The Runner from MaleBondageandFeet.com.
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The Runner - Part 1: Captured, Stripped & Tormented
by Stud Stalker
Series: The Runner

TheRunner1juqqMy backyard overlooks a popular running trail that loops around stopping a various stations for calisthenic exercises along the way. Every morning I sit down on my deck, enjoy a fresh espresso and admire the view below of the small army of fit young men breaking a sweat. One boy in particular who religiously runs the circuit three times every morning without fail quickly caught my attention. I named him Hector after the Trojan prince because he perfectly fit the image. Early twenties. Maybe 5'10 180 lbs with a muscular physique complete with thick tree trunk thighs and dark good looks. A beauty to behold.

Despite the good looks, what captured my attention at first was his shoes. Every morning he seemed to have a new pair of them. Red, blue, black, white. Nike. Reebok. New Balance. The boy's closet must rival Imelda Marcos! And by "captured my attention" I mean that I became obsessed with them. And my obsession with his shoes quickly became an obsession with his feet. I began to wonder were his feet hard and calloused from the daily punishment he put them through? Or soft and manicured and fresh like, well, like a new pair of shoes? What did they smell like? Or taste like? Were they ticklish? Could they take a little pain?


This morning I waited for Hector in a van at the far side of the park where the sit-up station is located. It was early and the park was empty but soon I saw him running towards the station with the incline bench for doing sit-ups and crunches. Running into the sun, his smooth chest glistened under his nylon tank-top like the morning dew on the grass. Even after three laps, he didn't appear to be winded, just the light layer of sweat coating him like an aura.

He reached the workout station, came to a stop and began to stretch at the decline bench. Side to side, then back to front he stretched and his abs would contract as he comes to a full upright position and then he straddled the bench getting ready to work his abs. Pretending as if I am just doing my workout, I approached him completely unnoticed. As he sat on the bench with his back to me, I approached and reached around with a towel soaked in a special brew covering his mouth and nose. He struggled displaying his brute strength but I held on tight and within a few moments he fell into my arms completely unconscious. Quickly, I dragged his 180 pound body to the van and pushed him through the cargo door and drove off ready to enjoy my capture.


TheRunner2lnnpoHector awoke to the darkness of a hood. I had him tightly tightly to a chair with his legs stretched out and his feet secured to a foot rest. He began to struggle and moan indicating to me that it was time for the real fun to begin. I removed the hood and what a sight it must have revealed! I did not want to be recognized and have to deal with those pesky law enforcement people so I wore a expressionless black mask that covered my entire face with small holes for me to see and breathe plus latex gloves on my hands to conceal any other evidence.

"Mmmpff mm Mmmpft?!?!" screamed Hector through his tight gag desperate to understand his predicament. I remained silent. He looked around at the non-descript room then back at me with wide open, terror filled eyes. Time to unwrap my present!

I let him see my long pointy barber’s scissors and his bulging eyes get even bigger. I spread them open and slowly guided them down the cheeks on his face, falling to his chest and lightly poking at his nipples through his tank top. I slipped one end of the scissors under the seam at the top of his tank and snipped letting the strap fall down over his toned pec. I repeated the action on the other side completely exposing his bare chest and admired his well muscled physique. He has worked hard at it and it shows.

TheRunner3ppajhI grabbed a hold on his large brown nipples and began to pull and twist causing his to cry out but the gag does it work and no one can hear him but my delighted self. I pulled out two binder clips and snapped them shut a couple of times near his ears then I yanked out his nipples and attach them to the trembling boy while he screams in pain. Flicking them back and forth served to increase his pain as his entire body went rigid trying to shake them off. Good luck, my friend!

It was time to reveal more of my sexy captive. I grabbed the scissors and cut slowly and deliberately up each thigh and through the waist band then rip the shreds of the shorts away. Voila! There it is. A nice thick uncut cock. Even better than I had imagined! I couldn't help but reach down and take is meaty package in one hand. In the other, I slowly peeled back his foreskin revealing his plump pink mushroom shaped head. Beautiful! Hector just quietly cried to himself. Probably now believing he understood the plans I had for him.

I pulled my trusty pinwheel that always gets a reaction. When used lightly, it arouses. With more pressure, it's a excitingly painful experience. I showed it to him then using my gloved finger I spun the wheel inches from his face and the look of terror on his face reached Def Con 4. Ah, poor Hector. If only he had known where this was all headed, he would have left room for higher levels.

I ran the wheel down the side of his chest and then back up the other side. Cross along the top and then zigzag his torso and after removing the clips I paid special attention to his already tortured nipples bringing tears to his eyes. The pinwheel made its way down his abs and I paused just above his cock and looked him straight in the eyes. He shook his head "NO" and pleaded through the gag but of course I ignored his begging and the pinwheel continued down its path rolling over his cock then back and forth across its covered head. I lifted his cock and rolled the pin wheel underneath it and across his balls. That has to hurt. The pain and humiliation was evident on his face but his futile struggling did nothing to hinder my mission.

With his legs fully exposed, I ran the wheel up and down his thick thighs, close to his balls, around the outside of his hips and then down to his knees. I worked my way down further. His calves were balled, defined, and tensing in advance. It seemed my dear boy was aware that this was just going to continue and go lower and lower.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter here. I moved down to his spotless running shoes and black ankle high socks. Grabbing his left foot, I slowly untied the laces then removed his shoe in one quick motion then grabbed his right foot and repeated the action. I leaned in close and took in a deep whiff of the musky smell rising up from his sweaty socks. This was the moment I had been waiting for! Soon, all of my questions would be answered! Hector just leaned back and closed his eyes.

TheRunner4bvbvtllI slipped my finger under the top of his left sock and gently caressed his ankle and heel then pulled the sock down and completely off his foot. His right foot quickly followed. I took a moment to admire the sheer beauty of these feet! They were quite long and narrow but muscular and veiny. The tops of his toes were covered with thin patches of black hair and well pedicured nails. I leaned in and again deeply breathed in their pungent but intoxicating odor. I grasped my hands around them and felt the skin on his soles. Soft, tender (not at all what I expected from a runner) and based on the rigid tensing of his body and small giggle coming from behind his gag - quite ticklish. Good. I used a single finger to trace the outline of his toes. This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home and THIS little piggy doesn't realize exactly how much fucking pleasure he's about to bring me!

I opened up my leather bag and letting him get a look, one by one I pulled out my tools: tapered beeswax candles, a larger pinwheel, and a three foot length of wooden ruler. Once again his eyes became large and he began to struggle as he realized that the main event was about to begin.

Oh Hector, if only you didn’t feel the need to run by my place every single morning, stop, stretch and tease me with those muscled good looks and colorful shoes. You really should have been more careful. We might not be in this predicament.

But now, back to those feet......


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