Roommate Adventure

A closeted gay college student has an erotic domination experience with his straight roommate. Includes light bondage, spanking & underwear fetish. A hot first submission from Danny!
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Roommate Adventure
by Danny
Series: Roommate Adventure

roommate-smallI am a 20 year old closeted gay college student and have had a fascination for domination and bondage and discipline scenarios for as long as I can remember. I have always been a quiet, polite, submissive boy who often fantasized about getting kidnapped or captured and tied up, gagged, and spanked. I even recall reading the Hardy Boys detective stories when I was young with the intent of finding passages describing the Hardy brothers in predicaments in which the bad guys took possession of them and the young detectives found themselves bound and gagged. I am a virgin and pretended to be straight and restricted my sexuality to the level of fantasy, ashamed to let my friends know about my yearning to be put under another guy’s control and be punished and disciplined.

Whenever the time came for me to act upon my sexual fantasies – and even in high school I was eager for that to happen – I expected other guys to find me attractive. I had a mop of dark, wavy hair and a dimpled face the girls who gamely (but unsuccessfully) pursued me often described as “cute” and “boyish.” I was athletic from years of playing sports and tanned from many summer weekend hours spent in the sun at the beach, and had a smooth, slender body with pubic hair that I kept neatly trimmed out of modesty.

I have an underwear fetish and have always sought every available opportunity to observe other guys my age in their underpants; as an only child, school and the occasional Friday-night sleepovers at a friend’s house offered the only chances I had to do this (that is, before I went off to college.) I am athletic and like other boys looked forward to gym class in high school, but not just for the sporting activity; I loved the locker room scene before and after class. Of course, a staple expectation of gym-class protocol included the ritual of the students stripping to their underwear to get changed at both the start and finish of the period. I always took full advantage of those moments to take in the sight of my classmates going about their business in their undies, usually boxers or boxer briefs, with an occasional brave soul wearing rarely-seen-today briefs.

As for sleepovers, I was a shy and somewhat awkward kid in high school, and did not have many friends. When I was the recipient of the rare invitation to attend a Friday-night sleepover, of course I eagerly accepted. I was inevitably the quietest boy there but thoroughly enjoyed the teen-age camaraderie, the horseplay, the video games, the card-playing, and (if the host’s parents were not particularly vigilant about counting their supply) the sharing of a couple of cans of beer snuck up to the room late at night from the downstairs refrigerator. But what I liked the most was the expectation that all the guys would naturally spend the entire time during the sleepover in their underwear. Every participant just seemed to know that once they arrived and arranged their bedding, it was time to strip down. Those rare nights of companionship with boys my age, everyone casually sharing the time in just their underwear, were among the most cherished memories I had of my high-school experience, along with gym class.

Now I was going off to college and for the first time in my life would have a roommate – his name was Andrew Crawford - and I was eager about the prospect of every night being a sleep-over of sorts with Andrew. I was nervous before meeting Andrew for the first time; our only direct contact in the couple of weeks before the semester began was in the form of emails covering routine topics (what we were both bringing for the room, how late we went to bed, how early we liked to get up, that sort of thing.) I friended Andrew on Facebook and his shirtless profile picture showed a slender good-looking guy in colorful board shorts with dark curly hair. Andrew was already in the dorm when I arrived and he came down to the lobby to meet me and help me move my stuff up to the room. I was really pleased to see that my roommate, 20 years old just as I was, was, as his profile picture indicated, a really cute guy. Andrew and I immediately took to each other and quickly discovered that we liked being roommates but I could tell we were not destined to be particularly close; we were both serious and quiet and studious by nature (“nerds,” some would say) and I did not expect much social interaction between us. As I said before, Andrew was definitely hot; he was a boyish-looking tanned skinny guy with curly black hair, and I would find his apparent disinterest in girls (like me, he showed little interest in them) appealing. In fact, I developed a secret crush on Andrew right away, but of course had to act like a straight at all times; I only allowed myself surreptitious glances at him when he stripped down to his underpants in our room.

Which, I found to my delight, happened early every evening. When I first met Andrew and saw how cute he really was, I immediately became very excited about sorting out the dormitory-room clothing and bedtime protocol with him. At home, I predictably hung out in my boxer shorts whenever possible; I was an only child and my parents were used to seeing me that way. I wondered if my cute roommate would be comfortable with that, or would expect both of us to remain fully clothed while together in the room for studying or during down time. I also wondered about what the protocol would be when we bedded down. I was planning to sleep in my underwear, as had always been my custom, and in the back of my mind wondered if my good-looking roommate would do the same, or sleep in pajamas, or even in the nude. On the very first night we roomed together, I was in for a pleasant surprise; as soon as we got back to our dorm room from dinner, I got busy setting up my desk for a night of homework and was not paying attention to what Andrew was doing, thinking about when I could strip to my underwear without arousing suspicions on his part. When I heard Andrew ask me a question – it was something about him reminding me that he was an early riser and what time I was setting my alarm for tomorrow morning – I turned around to answer and saw my cute roommate standing next to his desk holding an alarm clock in his hands and looking at me, already stripped all the way down to his briefs and socks. I tried to hide my surprise and stammered out a response that I had already told him I did not stay up late and got up early as well, then instantly got out of my chair and followed suit, quickly stripping down to my American Eagle red and black plaid boxer shorts and socks. We then both settled in for a night of homework; fortunately, my desk concealed the boner that was tenting my boxers. I had discovered that Andrew (like myself) was very casual and uninhibited about shucking off his clothes in the privacy of our room as soon as we got back from dinner or from class during the day and getting comfortable in his underwear for homework, studying, relaxing, and then sleeping. In fact, when in our room for any sustained period of time, each of us, alone or together, peeled down to our undies right away; we rarely saw each other in anything but underwear.

Unlike most college-age guys, Andrew exclusively wore briefs. Andrew was a very independent-minded boy; in an all-male dorm like ours there was constant hallway traffic of guys in their underwear, and Andrew had no qualms about walking down to the bathroom or shower facility stripped to his briefs, oblivious to snide remarks and ridicule from some of the guys he encountered (“Hey, Crawford, nice young-boy undies!” or “Dude, get with the program, this is college, not junior high!”) Although I wear boxer shorts myself (my mom habitually bought me boxers of the American Eagle brand), I really enjoyed the sight of Andrew in his snug-fitting pristine white Jockey briefs; they were just right for his skinny build, and on him the side seams and y-front design in the front (which formed a pouch that encased a very appealing package) were…sexy. (I once asked Andrew in an offhand way why he risked getting taunted for wearing Jockey briefs when boxer shorts were the underwear of choice of most guys our age; my roommate just shrugged his shoulders and said that was the style and brand of underpants his mother had always bought for him, and he liked them and became accustomed back in high school for being teased for wearing them. I could not bring myself to tell him how good he looked in them.)

The first semester had ended and the winter recess had arrived, and there were parties to attend celebrating the conclusion of final exams and the upcoming Christmas holidays. On the night before the students were heading home, Andrew and I ended up together by coincidence at the same off-campus party, and as a result I would experience the reality of my hidden submissive sexual desires for the first time. Neither of us were much for the party scene and we had little experience with drinking and Andrew and I both ended up having too much. We decided to leave together and by turns walked and stumbled back to our dorm, laughing and goofing and clowning around all the way. (That night was the only time Andrew and I ever did anything like that; the alcohol had dissipated the distance we normally maintained from one another.) Once we were in our room, we continued frisking around with each other and then began stripping down to our underwear for bed. Andrew finished first and dimmed the lights very low and was standing in just his Jockey briefs next to the bunk bed we shared, pulling down the covers on the lower berth that he occupied. On this particular night even in near-darkness Andrew looked especially hot in the briefs; the frontal pouch neatly encased his genitals to form a very appealing bulge, and I could see the outline of his nice cock through the cotton fabric. I stumbled while taking down my jeans and accidently – well, maybe not accidently - bumped into him. That immediately started an episode of drunken horseplay conducted in our underwear that evolved into a wrestling match. Once we locked up I slurred a good-natured threat that I would teach Andrew a lesson he would never forget once I pinned him. We grappled some more and Andrew grunted that he would be the one teaching me a lesson that night. Andrew and I were both athletic and of similar size and evenly matched, but he managed to get the better of me and pinned me, probably because I secretly wanted him to in order to find out what Andrew had planned for me once he got me under control. I certainly got my wish; Andrew dominated me and spanked me! Even in my intoxicated state I was absolutely thrilled when Andrew pulled me up from the floor and wrestled me over his knee. He took total control of me and positioned me with my ass vulnerably sticking up in the air and held me in place with a hand pressed down on the small of my back. Andrew then started my spanking; I yelped involuntarily with the first blow, so Andrew quickly snatched up one of his socks from the floor and growled an order for me to clasp my hands behind my head and shut up and open wide, “or I will take down your boxers and we will proceed with your punishment over a naked ass.” I submissively went silent and opened up and Andrew began roughly stuffing the sock in my mouth; I could not help thinking that my cute roommate was taking me captive and having his way with me, and my cock had snapped to complete attention as Andrew finished gagging me. The blows then resumed, and sensation of Andrew in his snug-fitting y-front briefs paddling my slender ass in the darkness over the fabric of my plaid cotton boxers with one of his socks packed in my mouth engorged my cock even further than the application of the gag. I was now squirming in both discomfort and pleasure over Andrew’s lap as he whaled away and, try as I might, I could not stop my rigid cock from jutting into Andrew’s crotch. Andrew was drunk, but he surely was aware of the huge boner I was sporting. I was drunk myself, but there was no mistaking that Andrew’s cock had also hardened and was straining against the fabric of his briefs and was pushing against my own throbbing shaft tenting my boxers as he continued spanking me. Our rock-hard cocks were now pressed tightly together, and I began to quiver and squirm with ecstasy. Now on the brink of an orgasm, I began begging and pleading through the makeshift gag for Andrew to stop. Andrew heard my muffled desperate pleas and felt me tense up and begin to tremble and no doubt sensed I was about to erupt, so he stopped punishing me, pulled out my gag, and ordered me to stand. Andrew likewise rose up and we both stood there in silence in the dimly-lit room, panting and bathed in sweat and waiting for our erections to subside. My hands were still submissively clasped behind my head and neither of us able or willing to look at each other or say anything about the sudden outburst of passion that had just occurred with such unexpected spontaneity. Andrew gathered himself first and calmly and quietly told me I could drop my hands and stated in a firm voice that we both needed to go to the bathroom and shower and change into fresh underwear before going to bed and we needed to be quiet to avoid disturbing other students on our floor. I lowered my hands as instructed and we quickly grabbed towels and fresh underpants and I submissively followed Andrew down the hall in silence to the men’s room. It was now very late and we seemed to be the only boys on the floor still awake and not in bed. We used the facilities, entered separate stalls, stripped naked and quickly showered, dried off, pulled on fresh underpants, and brushed our teeth. Not a word was spoken in the men’s room and as I dutifully took my place behind Andrew and followed him back to the dorm room. Andrew then told me in the same firm voice to get in bed and go to sleep. I obeyed and climbed the ladder to my bunk and tucked myself in as Andrew extinguished the light and bedded himself down and we both quickly fell asleep. We clearly were both embarrassed and stunned by the incident and somehow acted the next morning as if nothing at all had happened. Shame prevented either of us from mentioning it as we packed the personal effects we needed to take home for the winter holiday in silence, only speaking shyly about how hung over we both were from our overindulgence in alcohol. Our parents were arriving later that morning to pick us up, and the incident was clearly not going to be discussed at all. But I could not help constantly thinking about it …Just hours ago my sexy roommate had dominated me and spanked me and clearly got off while doing so, and I did not think it was just the intoxication that was responsible. And I had eagerly submitted to him and loved every second of it…

We said our good-byes and wished each other a happy holiday and promised to exchange emails when we both knew what day in January we would each be returning to the dorm. I looked forward to going home with my parents for the holidays, but now knew I would be very eager to see my roommate again when we both returned to school in about a month. I of course knew why I would be so anxious to see Andrew again, and could only hope he looked forward to seeing me for the same reason…



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  1. Bigboy - September 12, 2014, 7:07 pm

    I have lived like the guy in the story that was shy around people and the love of being submissive. I love the way Andrew took control and can’t wait to see what happens next.

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