As the rodeo approaches, free-range livestock is rounded up by hard-working cowboys for public display and auction.

Rodeo Roundup - Part 1
by Amalaric
Series: Rodeo Roundup

rodeo-roundup-1Summertime's rodeo season and folks in these parts get pretty damn excited thinking about all of the events on the schedule. Moms and pops, their gaggles of kids, grandparents, young lovers, single boys and girls...shit, just about everyone shows up one way or the other. Of course, it's the cowboys, fresh from off season practice and loaded with work experience, that are the most excited; eager to show off their skills in ring or meadow, getting all hyped up and scratching stubbled jaws trying to pick the events to enter that're most likely to yield a cash prize trophy.

A rodeo is a complicated affair and if the cowboys are the stars of the show, well, it's the livestock that make it all possible. A few weeks before the commencement, while the hammering and sawing of erected booths, concession stands, makeshift stages and all of that sort of stuff makes a buzzing din over at the fair grounds, the cowboys are busy out on the range rounding up the livestock. Looks like today is going to be a good one; not even eleven in the morning and already a couple of prime specimens stomping or squirming in anxious frustration, roped and immobilized...'why fuck me (the young cowboy shot a wad of tobacco juice against the old post of the range fence), might just pull in another one or two before the lunch break.' A rodeo needs quite a variety of young animals for the various events and the two nervous studs tethered to the fence reflect that diversity; a strapping black bull buck and a doe eyed, pretty faced lamb. The lamb was carrying on, bleating to beat the band, scared shitless (and for good reason) that it might just wind up in the roping and gelding event. The cowboy wasn't unsympathetic but gagged him nevertheless, admiring the lamb's smooth chest and creamy pecs and the fluffy line of green boxers peeking over the beltless line of his faded levis. The young ram's face was beautiful- big blue eyes wide with terror and a full head of short clipped sandy hair. It was the bull, however, that represented the real prize. The big stud was black as the hour after a prairie sunset, long and lean but nevertheless padded with roped muscle in perfect proportion. Shirtless, he glistened in the bright late morning sunlight, hands safely chained to a cross post, he leaned over the fence, affording a fine view of muscular ridges on his arched back, muttering curses and guttural pleas all mixed together. Clearly, the stud had a good idea of what was in store for him at the rodeo and cursed the fate that crossed his path with the cowboy's. 'Pick up truck'll be here shortly, boys!' The cowboy laughed and, saddling his horse, rode toward the horizon, loving the round up almost as much as the rodeo itself.


A week or so later and the roundup was nearly complete, barn stalls fairly bursting with free range livestock brought in by hardworking cowboys. Quotas were carefully reviewed for the various events as townsfolk lined up outside the fairgrounds eager to buy early tickets for the best seats. Everyone had their favorites, and the spirit of anticipation outside the stalls was palpable; the kids got such a kick out of the paces run by sheep and lambs, feeling a scary but comfortable frisson of kinship with the smooth twinks that would soon be herded into the ring. There were even a few goats, brought in as a sort of diversion- and the lean skinheads, invariably bleating with lusty attitude were always a source of ribald amusement. The main attractions, of course, involved the bigger animals- stud bulls and wild stallions- and most of the planned events, designed to both show off the handsome animals' physiques and attributes as well as the cowboys' skills in handling them, were already the talk of the town. Only a couple of days to go and rodeo season would at last arrive, kicked off by a general auction of prime livestock and tickets to that event were selling like hotcakes- not just among those who were potential buyers but also a host of spectators licking collective lips at the prospect of viewing the lineup of prime flesh. Yep, just a couple of days to go and the anticipation was fairly driving folks wild...


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