Long-time member Erossb has shared his take on Chrisus' "Master of River's Bend" with a very erotic epilogue to the series that sees Yancy finally get his revenge for Ramses' previous abuses. But first Ramses suffers through more painful realities of his new life of slavery.

An Epilogue to "Master of River's Bend" by Erossb - Page 1
by Erossb
Series: Master of River's Bend
Original Series Author: Chrisus

From Erossb: First let me acknowledge Chrisus’s beautifully crafted tale of The Master of River’s Bend and express my thanks for creating this wonderful story. I understand his mixed feelings about the subject matter, but it is erotic fiction, and it does, as do all of his stories, in many ways tell how terrible the reality of slavery actually is regardless of the who holds the power. As the story developed, I waited anxiously for each new chapter, often speculating as to how the story might go forward. As it came to a close, I anticipated how many of the loose end might be tied up in the final chapters but was somewhat disappointed that a number of my questions were left unanswered as the story closed. Since that time, I have been imagining how the story might have moved forward in one final chapter. Obviously, there is an entirely new tale to be told which would see the senior Trevannion captured and enslaved at River’s Bend and his subsequent life as a slave along side his son and his punishment for his years of torment of his own slave. But I leave that tale to someone else to tell and offer my version of the months following the last chapter of the current tale. I would strongly recommend everyone reread the original series or at least the final chapter to put my thoughts in context.


Epilogue: Part One

Before dawn on the following day, Rameses was woken by a sharp toe of the overseer’s boot and was dragged to the branding barn. His body was stretched face down over the rough wooden table, stained with the blood, sweat, piss and shit of previous occupants, unable to control their bodily functions during the branding process. Master Charles as well as Edward and Yancy came in to witness Rameses official marking as the property of River’s Bend. Upon seeing them Rameses began to beg them to save him from this terrifying event, which he soon realized fell on deaf ears. He began to whimper and clench his eyes shut so as not to see the branding iron that had been heating in the burner all night. The overseer withdraws the glowing iron and although he could not see the implement, he could certainly feel the heat seconds before it made contact. The smell of burning flesh filled the space as the pain ignited every nerve in his body. His anguished cry filled the room for a brief second before his mind closed down and he blacked out. The next thing he was aware of was the throbbing ache as he was brought back to reality by a bucket of cold water being poured over his body. The audience had mostly left the barn, and the ropes were being released allowing him to collapse to the floor. Of course, there was no time allowed for recovery and the overseer was quick with the lash, encouraging the slave to get himself up as he had a job waiting, and time was wasting.

Before he was taken back to the fields Immutef inspected the new brand and applied some ointment to help with the healing. He promised Rameses that he would return every evening and morning, until the brand healed, to ensure that there was no infection. Fortunately, his job as a plough horse did not involve anything that might irritate the burn so there was no reason why he could not return to work immediately. The overseer was instructed to avoid using his whip on that side of his body for the immediate future. After three days Immutef decided that the brand was sufficiently healed, and his daily visits were no longer warranted.

Things slowly returned to normal. The scab on the brand eventually crusted over and then left nothing but the RB scar on his flank. The day-to-day drudgery again became Rameses life, and his mind went back to a state of numbness with the hopelessness of his situation. He did ignore the other impending humiliation, the mere thought of which was too terrible to contemplate. A month after his branding Rameses was again escorted to the barn. This time they did so after he had prepared for his days labour. This time he was tied down even more securely face up. Before they secured his head to the top of the table, they gave him a shot of whisky. As the realization of what was happening, it became clear it was already too late to put up even a show of struggle. Immutef entered carrying a small bundle and proceeded to lay out his surgical equipment on a side table. He tactfully covered them with a cloth so Rameses could not see them as he approached the table. In his best bedside voice, he tried to calm his patient, while explaining what was about to happen. “There is no easy way to say this. The procedure is going to hurt like hell, way more than the branding. As a slave you are not entitled to any drugs to dull the pain. With any luck you will pass out very quickly and not know what is happening to you. I will give you a wooden bit to bite on to avoid biting your tongue. Now close your eyes and try to relax “, Immediately he felt a hand lift his cock and manipulate his foreskin examining what needed to be done. The initial nick with the scalpel hurt a little and Rameses relaxed a little, thinking the process wasn’t going to be as bad as he had feared. Then the circumcision actually started, and his scream could be heard all the way to the big house where Master Charles and Yancy were just sitting down to breakfast. Charles had talked to Immutef the evening before and made it very clear that the operation was to leave Rameses’s cock in perfect working condition with as little scaring as possible. This was more of a threat than a request. He also ordered daily reports on the healing process. The scream fortunately lasted only a few seconds before Rameses passed out, Immutef smiled and relaxed, knowing he could now take his time and make sure everything turns out well.

This time there was no bucket of water. A half hour later Rameses slowly came to. The bindings had been removed and there was a small cloth draped over his hips. His hand moved instinctively to his cock but the doctor pushed it away and held it. “Sorry you can’t touch it for a few days. You have to let it heal for a while. Yes, I know you will still need to piss but you are going to have to be very careful when you need to go “. Now that things were coming back into focus the pain of the operation started to kick in and Rameses realized that his life was changed for ever. “You will be excused from work for at least three days.” continued Immutef, “I will be checking on you three times a day to change the dressing and make sure you are healing properly, once you are out of danger from infection and I am sure you are ready, we will get you back to work.” The recovery process went well, and Rameses enjoyed his brief vacation. Immutef managed to stretch it to four days but finally had to admit that he was fit to go back to work. There was still a protective wrap, and he did insist that Rameses wear a small loin cloth for another week to insure a complete recovery. So, on day 5 he was returned to the field and back to the nightmare that was his life.


Epilogue: Part 2

A month after Rameses went back to work after his circumcision, Yancy finally worked up the courage to raise a serious question with Master Charles. As they retired after dinner he approached Charles, “Can I ask you a question?” “Of course,” replied Charles with a puzzled look on his face. Yancy continued “After you claimed your rights over Rameses, you promised that Edward and I would also be able to enjoy his body once it had recovered. In fact, you said you were going to give him to me as my personal body slave. We also decided that he would make a good cart pony for me, but he would first need to build up his strength and stamina, so we agreed to assign him to hard labour at the waterwheel and then the plough, which as we have seen has worked wonders on his body. It has now been several months, and I am wondering when we might be ready to bring him in, to train him as a cart pony and I can finally enjoy fucking his beautiful ass? I hope I am not out of line.” Charles took a long sip from his glass of scotch before he responded. “You are quite right, and no you are not out of line, asking the question. In fact, I was wondering when either you or Edward would be raising the issue. And, yes you are right, it is probably long overdue to address Rameses’s future. I believe I got distracted by my need to punish the Trevannion clan and forgot the real reason I brought the boy here in the first place. It would be a great mistake to completely destroy the slave with hard labour, when we need to ensure that he can undertake the role as heir and de facto master of River’s Bend for the next generation. Now that he has been branded and cut, I realize it is indeed time to bring him back and get him cleaned up and available to serve all our needs. I will speak to Edward in the morning and have Rameses assigned to the pony herd. Once he is back, I will have Ptolemy clean him up and prepare him to serve you here at the big house. Although we have put some good muscle on the boy, we have also added a heavy coat of dirt and filth on that body, and he will need a thorough scrubbing both inside and out. He doesn’t need to be trained to the cart immediately but I’m thinking he could be ready to serve at table in a couple of days. Would that work for you?” Yancy smiled broadly and the thought of finally having his way with his new body slave started a stirring in his pants. In fact, he was already thinking he would need to arrange for one or both of the twins to visit him later that evening to address his needs in the meantime. “Can I make one more request about Rameses’s preparation? I know his hair has grown back since he has been labouring and I am wondering if he could keep it for a little while? I know it is against the rules, but I would like, for a few days, to have him looking like the pompous young man that treated me so bad before we arrived here. Somehow it will make my having him serve me looking like that young man much sweeter, and then when the time is right, I can take that identity away from again”. It might also be useful when you need to take him into town to officially give me my official freedom. Charles began to smile “You are learning quickly young man, yes, it is against the rules, but I understand what you are thinking and as long as it doesn’t last too long, I will permit it.”


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