Richard is back with another one of his hot and crazy tales! Two rich spoiled brats and their pompous brother-in-law decide to humiliate their family's hard-working servants. But the tables are soon turned and boys suffer through a much deserved revenge! Art pieces by Humbuged of

Rich Brats & A Brother-in-Law - The Tables Turn! (Page 1)
by Richard
Art by Humbuged of - Visit his Patreon page here
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18-year-old high-school senior Spencer Bradford and his 18-year old best friend Justin Wakefield were hanging out in Spencer’s bedroom in the mansion of the 5-acre Bradford Estate after coming home from their snobby private prep school.

Bored as usual, and looking for some excitement, the 2 wealthy spoiled brats, 6’ blond Spencer and dark-haired 6’1” Justin considered engaging in a frequent after-school pastime, namely jerking off side-by- side to straight porn, but nixed the idea as being too humdrum and routine, not to mention being considered a bit “gay” even though they only jerked off with their cocks hanging out of their private school uniforms- it was not like they were naked or anything, although one time they did give each other a mutual handjob, each reaching over to jerk the other’s cock, and were amazed how the feel of another person’s hand doing the work intensified the effect which triggered more intense orgasms for both of them. Spencer and Justin were always alert as all- male private prep school students for any sign of anything that could remotely be considered too “gay” rationalizing their habit of getting off together after school as a necessity given that their snobby girlfriends at the neighboring all-girls private prep school were nearly all “saving themselves for marriage” and/or were too adept at avoiding giving their boyfriends anything close to actual sex.

Spencer, annoyed by the sound of the estate’s gardening team’s leaf blowers gazed out of one of the leaded glass diamond-shaped windowpanes of his large bedroom as the Estate’s 4-member gardening team finished up manicuring the vast lawns and shrubs of the Estate.

He complained to Justin that “those damned beaners make so much God-damned noise! Don’t they realize how annoying that is!? I have to admit my brother-in-law Bentley has a point. All these damned illegal immigrants taking over our country!”

Spencer’s brother-in-law, Bentley Whittaker III, 32, occupied a separate wing of the massive mansion where he lived with his wife, (Spencer’s older sister) and their 2 infant children.

Bentley was from a distinguished “old money” family himself and along with Spencer’s father, Miles Bradford, ran the combined families’ business interests, which mostly consisted not of any real “work” (which was performed by paid “underlings”) but by golfing and playing tennis with other elites and lunching and wining and dining at either their ultra- exclusive private men’s club downtown or their “absolutely restricted” private country club.

The darkly handsome gym-toned Bentley was further the founder of an ultra-right-wing anti-immigrant and homophobic organization entitled “America First and Foremost” which met regularly to fund and fulfill right-wing causes including “building the wall” (a cherished topic of his Beloved President Donald J. Trump) and “protecting our children from the sodomites”. Bentley further “served his country” by using the family yacht to patrol the coast for any sign of “immigrant smugglers and drug dealers.”

Coincidentally, just as Spencer was complaining about the “noisy beaner gardeners” none other than his brother-in-law Bentley Whittaker III entered Spencer’s room after a brief knock.

The immaculately bespoke suit-and-tie clad 6’ 3” Bentley, returning from a “hard day at ‘work’,” entered Spencer’s room, himself immediately also complaining about the “damned beaner gardeners’ loud fucking leaf blowers! Just watch- I’m gonna give the fuckers a piece of my mind! Spencer!- you and Justin wait here while I go sort things out with these illegal alien assholes! I’m gonna drag some of ‘em back here to teach ‘em a lesson they’ll never forget and you two are gonna help!”

Sure enough, a few minutes later, after Spencer and Justin had watched from above, after viewing an enraged Bentley chew out the 2 older gardeners and particularly their 2 younger gardener assistants (with the offending leaf blowers in hand!) they saw that Bentley was literally dragging the 2 younger Latino gardener assistants back into the mansion and now into Spencer’s bedroom for their “discipline,” Bentley also having retrieved another briefcase from a downstairs storage closet that contained some old paraphernalia from his college Pledgemaster days.

The 2 gardener assistants both turned out to be 19-year-olds named Luis and Jose respectively, both clad in blue jeans and white tee shirts.

The impeccably suit-and-tie clad Bentley and Spencer and Justin in their imposing private school uniforms of tailored grey wool slacks and white dress shirts with school ties reveled in the power and authority their clothes projected in the face of the 2 “low-class” sweaty gardener assistants in their “decidedly working class” clothes.

Bentley chewed out the 2 gardener assistants at length over their leaf- blower transgressions, their presumed “illegal alien” status, and the general purported inferiority of their “race”. He then threatened them with “ICE deportation” unless they complied with the wealthy threesome’s “discipline”.

Luis and Jose rightfully did fear “deportation” of their families and were forced to agree to “anything” but that.

Bentley then bragged to everyone about how he had been the “pledgemaster” of his snobby college fraternity and about how he knew how to “discipline” people and “humiliate them to drive home the errors of their ways”.

“We’ll start with both of you sweaty beaners stripping bareass naked NOW!!” ordered Bentley to everyone’s surprise and shock.

Luis responded “What, senor? You wish Jose and me to strip out of our clothes? This is not right, senor! Does senor get some pleasure out of naked male bodies? This is wrong, senor!”

Homophobic Bentley was himself both shocked and outraged at the very suggestion- “How DARE you even suggest such a thing! Spencer and Justin and I are 1000% straight! The absence of clothes is solely to remind both of you of your lowly station in life and not to get above yourselves! It is we Whittakers, Bradfords. and Wakefields of this world who hold all the cards and don’t you beaners ever forget it!” fumed Bentley.

Left with no options, Luis and Jose soon duly stripped out of their jeans and tee shirts- Luis’ olive-skinned musculature being accented with a smattering of chest hair while Jose’s olive-skinned musculature was smooth, other than both of their full jet-black pubic bushes over sizeable uncut cocks and hanging balls.

Bentley, Spencer and Justin all smirked and sniggered at the 2 Latinos’ naked discomfiture, Bentley crowing “there, how does that feel to be fucking bareassed naked in front of the rest of us in our immaculate suits and school ties?!” as the wealthy trio giggled and snorted at the “beaners’” nudity. To heighten their humiliation, Bentley had also set a video camera to record the proceedings.

Bentley and Spencer and Justin then set about, at Bentley’s instruction using restraint devices from his Pledgemaster days out of the extra briefcase Bentley had brought into the room to suspend the 2 Latino gardener assistants from the ceiling from the side-by-side chinning bars Spencer’s father, Miles Bradford, had had installed for Spencer and Justin’s use to keep them in shape, so that the naked Luis and Jose now were hanging from the ceiling, their exposed hairy, sweaty armpits on full view.

The hygienic and cologned Bentley, of course could not resist getting whiffs of their “beaner sweat” and remarking how “Jeesh you beaners stink to high heaven!” to giggles from the snobby and pristinely- groomed Spencer and Justin who found this amusing, too.

“So now, my ‘beaner amigos,’ we are gonna punish you for the errors for your ways, including using those noisy leaf blowers!” said Bentley, handing Spencer and Justin a frat paddle each and wielding one of his own, whereupon Bentley did “first honors” by whacking Luis and Jose on their bare asses eliciting amusing yelps of pain and making their asses grow from pink to slightly red.

Spencer and Justin then each took their turns doing likewise until Luis and Jose’s asses were fire engine red and burning and they were amusingly begging for mercy.

Bentley, smirking with sadistic relish, then set about handing Spencer and Justin some tiny artist paintbrushes, keeping some for himself as well, announcing to his younger brother-in-law and his friend that “back in my frathouse days we used these suckers on unwitting pledges- they really ‘do a number’ on weaker dudes like these beaners- they most likely are ticklish little ‘low-class’ shits anyway so let’s find out!” whereupon all 3 set about using them to trail through the Latinos’ exposed, sweaty armpits, down their sides, over their burning asses and down their legs to their feet, as Luis and Jose howled and giggled and shrieked as they squirmed in their bonds at the unexpected tickle torture.

After several minutes of the tiny paintbrush tickling as well their tickling by the threesome’s scrabbling fingers, Luis and Jose were “basket cases” and begging for mercy once again.

Even better, in Bentley’s view, the Latino duo’s uncut cocks had begun to go semi-hard in reaction to all of this, which Bentley had hoped for to add to their humiliation. To Bentley it was the ultimate in control to actually humiliate another straight guy by forcing him to actually orgasm against his will, shoot a big load across the room for everyone’s amusement and their abject humiliation.

“Look guys! These beaner homos are getting hard from a little tickling! I bet we can even make ‘em cum whether they want to or not! Total humiliation if we succeed and we WILL succeed!!!” crowed Bentley, eyes ablaze.

Spencer and Justin did find the idea amusing- imagine shooting a load under such circumstances against your will- perfect! Also amusing was the fact that the wealthy young duo noticed that Bentley was unconsciously rubbing a slight bulge in his own suit-panted crotch as he howled in laughter at the Latinos’ “deserving” plight.

At Bentley’s orders, Spencer and Justin were directed to use their tiny artist paintbrushes also ordering the Latino duo to bend their burning asses back to cause their asscracks to part and then use the tiny paintbrushes through their asscracks and then over and around their assholes while Bentley used his tiny artist paintbrushes over their now erect cock and balls (from the side to avoid any sudden ejaculations hitting his pristine suit).

The net result was while Bentley tickled and teased the Latino’s hard cocks and balls and Spencer and Justin kept tickling the Latinos’ assholes, Luis and then Jose each blasted a huge load across the room in splattering arcs as the wealthy trio laughed uproariously and pointed at their humiliation, and then freed them only to make them lick each other’s cum off of the floor!

After the humiliated Latinos finished cleaning up their own cum with their tongues on cam, Bentley dismissed them as yesterday’s garbage and crowed “Let that be a lesson to you beaners!”


A few days later, Spencer was alone in his room after school, super horny, so he was watching straight porn on his laptop stark naked jerking away wearing audio headphones so as to stifle the sound of the typical caterwauling women’s fake orgasm soundtracks from the hearing of outsiders lest the nosy servants know what he was up to, but he had the sound amped up good and loud for his own ears to enjoy.

As a result, Spencer did not hear a persistent knocking on the door to his bedroom. Spencer was therefore shocked when all of sudden his father’s personal chef/valet, Frenchman Jean-Pierre appeared nattily and formally dressed in a waistcoat, grey striped trousers, a white shirt with a Windsor cut, and a grey tie. Jean-Pierre then froze in his tracks raising one dark eyebrow and with a bemused look on his swarthy and movie- star-handsome Gallic face while holding a load of Spencer’s neatly folded and pristinely laundered clothes, saying “ooo la la, Monsieur, excuse moi, to be sure, Monsieur, but I heard no response to my knocking Monsieur!”

Spencer never liked Jean-Pierre, the 6’ 2” 30-ish Frenchman or his darkly-handsome-movie-star face, and was jealous of the way the female servants and female houseguests all practically swooned at the sight of him and/or his overdone French accent. However, Spencer had to concede that he was a very capable chef and that he saw to his father’s elegant wardrobe, assisting him in dressing, keeping his shoes shined, etc., and occasionally helping out with the delivery of the household’s clean laundry after the maids had laundered them.

Outraged at the embarrassing intrusion on his jerkoff session, Spencer snarled “You fucking idiot! Can’t you see I need privacy!?”

Jean-Pierre, still with that annoying, bemused yet superior all-knowing Gallic look/smirk on his face at having caught his employer’s snobby son masturbating like the schoolboy he was, replied “I am so sorry, Monsieur, but I heard no response! But theese ees not zee faux-pas at all, Monsieur, all of we hommes that is to say en anglaise we men, we perform such acts when les femmes er, our women, they are, how you say?, not available to accommodate us.”

As Jean-Pierre then placed the folded laundry on Spencer’s dresser and turned on his heel as if to leave Spencer to it, Spencer, after seeing how servants could be coerced or used like his brother-in-law Bentley did with the gardener assistants, Luis and Jose, decided to act on his newly- discovered power in that regard.

Spencer therefore again stopped Jean-Pierre in his tracks by saying “Well, Jean-Pierre, I would hate to have to report this to my father, especially the part where I could say to him that you made improper homosexual advances on me when you caught me jerking off!” He would fire you and have you deported just like that!” announced Spencer with a snap of his arrogant fingers.

Aghast, Jean-Pierre replied, “But, Monsieur, I beg of you not to do any such thing! I need my job and my handsome salary! Plus I have not made or would I ever make any so-called “homosexual advances” on you!! That is a lie, Monsieur! I have no interest in other men that way, although we French are quite open-minded about those who do. But you can ask any of the maids, Monsieur, or many of the female houseguests we have entertained, they are quite satisfied with my attentions, which are unquestionably of a heterosexual nature!”

“Nevertheless, I could say that, now couldn’t I? I am sure my father suspects that all Frenchmen are capable of all sorts of European flaws, homosexuality being one of them. And I don’t think my father would approve of your admission that you are screwing his housemaids and houseguests under his roof on his time! That alone would be enough to send you packing!” countered Spencer, still feeling a bit odd to be sitting there naked with a boner while the elegantly-dressed Frenchman could not help but notice.

Jean-Pierre replied, boasting of his impeccably heterosexual prowess- “But, Monsieur- I protest-this is not right!!!!!! I beg you not to report my dalliances with the maids or that I let slip about zee few lady houseguests who so understandably enjoyed my expert attentions as my manly boules repeatedly slapped against their writhing, shrieking bodies as I buried my handsome face into their décolletage and expertly sucked, drooled on, and bit the erect nips of their heaving bosoms and drove into them like crazy as they fiercely clawed their sharp manicured fingernails into the firm flesh of my manly derriere in an attempt to drive my rigid member even deeper into them! And how they mewled with delight as my probing tongue performed the bouffer de la chatte, en anglaise, as I tongued their pussies! Who could blame them in the face of my manly and muscular body that was sending them into the throes of ecstasy?! But I can assure you, Monsieur, that all of zees femmes were very, very pleased with my prowess in their chambres- I can still hear their wailings as I penetrated them like a rearing stallion in heat, so skillfully and with such finesse! I still can hear their exclamations of awe, shrieking ‘oh Jean-Pierre-more! more!’ at my skills in driving them to ecstasy! And zees would not be possible had I had any “homosexual tendencies” as you are apparently willing to lie about, Monsieur!”

“Just the same, I just think I might report all of these things to my father unless we can come to some sort of way to teach you a lesson for violating my privacy...” hazarded Spencer, his cock embarrassingly rock hard as he marveled at this recitation of Jean-Pierre’s remarkably extensive sexual activity, especially in contrast to his own limited experience with girls from the high-class all-girls school he and Justin had so unsuccessfully managed to get to “put out” for them.

“But, Monsieur, oh, oui, please Monsieur, I apologize profusely for my intrusion, Monsieur! I will make it up to you with one of my most special gourmet dinners prepared just for you, Monsieur!” attempted Jean-Pierre.

“Naw, a lousy over-sauced Frenchy dinner won’t cut it, Jean-Pierre. No, I think the worst and fitting punishment for such a reputedly great cocksman with the ladies like yourself, would be to force him to strip naked and suck another guy’s cock on blackmail cam- THAT would be a fitting and just punishment!” crowed Spencer to Jean-Pierre’s utter horror.

Jean-Pierre spluttered back “But Mon Dieu! Sacre Bleu! that would be but unthinkable, Monsieur! I will not do any such thing!” countered Jean-Pierre, appalled.

“Well I’ll just have to report all of this to my father....” hazarded Spencer.

“NO, MONSIEUR YOU MUST NOT!! D’accord, I will comply, but I will have great difficulty performing such an unnatural and unmanly act, Monsieur! But to avoid zees false report, yes, I must comply, Monsieur!”

“So strip bareass now while I film it on my cell!” replied Spencer, who also set up a video camera as well, loving the handsome Frenchman’s imminent comeuppance.

Left with no options, Jean-Pierre, glaring his dislike for the entire process, slowly unbuttoned his spiffy waistcoat, followed by undoing his grey tie and then unbuttoning his starched white Windsor cut dress shirt revealing the muscular planes of his deeply tanned chest dark chest hair fanning out across its magnificence and around his hair-haloed nips before making a happy trail down to his immaculately pressed grey striped trousers. Jean-Pierre then removed his highly polished shoes as well as his socks.

At an arrogant downward motion from the impatient spoiled brat Spencer, Jean-Pierre sighed and removed his belt and unzipped his trousers letting them fall to the floor, leaving him now clad only in a skimpy pair of sexy black French HOM micro-briefs which (who knew?) he had been wearing under his conservative formal attire all this time, and exposing his long sun-tanned muscular gym-toned legs as well as his muscular thighs all cloaked in a just-the-right-amount of wiry, dark leg hairs.

“Ha- those look like faggy shorts to me, Jean-Pierre!” teased Spencer, irritating him all the more. “Now lose those too!” ordered the spoiled brat.

Jean-Pierre did so, lowering the skimpy French briefs and releasing a flaccid uncut cock of proportions equal to those the Frenchman had boasted about earlier, which, Spencer was embarrassed to note, even unaroused, was considerably larger than Spencer’s more average-sized manhood. To Jean-Pierre’s credit, although he undoubtedly noticed the difference in their relative prowess, he did not comment on it, but then he did not want to anger the arrogant Spencer any more than necessary.

The Frenchman’s cock and pendulous, hairy balls hung below a full, jet- black nest of tangled pubes. Spencer could also make out the pale, slightly hair-flecked melons of Jean-Pierre’s bubble butt reflected in a mirror across the room, which was alabaster white in contrast to the rest of his deeply sun-tanned body- it appeared from his tan line that sexy Jean-Pierre must have frequently sunbathed in just a tight Speedo swimsuit, not leaving much to the imagination as he no doubt proudly strode around a pool or at the beach like a peacock in a barely legal, tight Speedo, its more-than-ample bulge on full display.

Spencer then flopped his own naked body on his back on the bed and pointed to his hard cock, saying “crawl over naked and get on it, Frenchman!”


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