An arrogant, over-sexed socialite who abuses his illegal alien servants has the tables turned on him in this HOT new tickling and cum control story by Richard!

Reversed Servitude: Sweet Revenge on a Racist Homophobe - Page 1
by Richard

reversed-servitudeThe arrogant suit-and-tie-clad powerful aristocrat 6' 3" Alexander Bradford III, proudly wheeled his prized Aston Martin past the electric security gates to the Bradford Estate and onto the circular driveway of his elegant "Old Money" Spanish Colonial Revival mansion he cherished, the rear of the Montecito manse having a spectacular view of the California coastline and the Channel Islands beyond. Bradford was married to Santa Barbara socialite Charlotte Wellborne Bradford and had 2 young school-age children, Emma and Owen.

Bradford masterfully strode to the front door of the manse and entered the elegantly tiled foyer, pausing to admire his reflection in the antique mirror, the darkly handsome Bradford taking in his drop-dead-handsome looks, his suntanned face a nice contrast to the pale gray of his elegant bespoke suit and silk necktie, the suit a perfect fit on his toned, muscular body, the expensive fabric subtly emphasizing the gym-toned body of its esteemed inhabitant.

Bradford then took two steps down through a graceful archway and entered his elegant and spacious living room with its exposed carved and stenciled dark wood beams and shouted for his "manservant" Luis who appeared in the vintage white jacketed and white-gloved "houseboy" uniform Bradford insisted that he wear, as Bradford gestured for Luis to help him out of his elegant suit coat, another one of Luis' many duties expected of him as his lowly servant.

Bradford totally abused his Hispanic live-in servant couple, 26-year-old Luis and his 22-year-old sister Maria, the couple charged with taking care of the family mansion, the sister doing the family's gourmet cooking and cleaning the entire manse, acting as a nanny to the two spoiled, demanding, and perpetually quarrelsome children, and Luis serving as butler and manservant to the man of the house/manse.

Bradford ran the estate with an iron hand, always lording over the fact that both Luis and Maria were "illegal aliens" who could be deported "just like that" with an arrogant snap of his suntanned fingers. The supremely self-important Bradford assumed that the ignorant foreigners had no idea that the Bradfords themselves

could face consequences for hiring them under such circumstances and merely used their "illegal" status to lord that over them and pay them dirt-cheap wages.

Alexander Bradford had been shocked to learn that Luis was, of all things, gay, some months after the brother-and-sister servant couple had been "acquired" by the Bradfords, when he noticed that a muscular, slightly younger man (who turned out to be a personal trainer at an Equinox gym- to Bradford's further disbelief and amazement since Bradford himself worked out at the Equinox nearest to his estate and was shocked that such an establishment would hire "one of those people" i.e. a gay man let alone a Hispanic one ). This younger man routinely dropped by to pick Luis up on Luis' days off and Bradford was further horrified to note the younger man's (whose name turned out to be Cesar) decidedly down-market vehicle's rear bumper displayed a "gay rainbow" bumper sticker and that the miscreant had actually had the audacity to park the offensive heap smack dab in the center of the Bradfords' circular driveway (not to mention that the thing was blocking the path of Bradford's own Aston Martin when he roared home that one fateful evening). Cesar's vehicle was thereafter banned from the premises, Luis reduced to meeting him outside the manse's security gates.

Bradford later angrily confronted Luis over this "transgression" who confirmed that his employer's suspicions were true and that Luis was, indeed, gay.

Bradford, a staunch supporter of a far-right group, "Concerned Citizens For Family Values," proudly informed Luis of such and expressed his disgust for "persons of that sort" yet grandly allowed Luis to remain employed. Bradford simply warned Luis that since Luis had already been assisting Bradford with keeping his employer's closets full of designer suits, ties, shoes, and the like well taken care of, helping Bradford select appropriate outfits and helping his studly employer dress for every occasion from business attire to sporting events to the many black-tie charity events he and Charlotte regularly attended, that Bradford "would be keeping an eye on" him and "not to get any ideas" while he was necessarily in quite close contact with his well-built employer performing these many tasks Luis had been assigned to fulfill. These had included subserviently helping Bradford dress and undress (up to a point anyway- only down to underwear, of course) which Bradford considered only fitting for a lowly servant to do (and Bradford rather narcissistically liked the attention and praise Luis had

already expressed for his employer's fit body), but Bradford intended to make sure the "pervert" never got a chance to make some sort of pass at him as such "sick-os" were wont to do, in Bradford's jaundiced view.

About a week later Charlotte Bradford announced that she was off for at least a week to visit an ailing auntie (the auntie actually being well-attended by a fleet of servants herself), Charlotte's intention being to continue to ingratiate herself with her dear Auntie Imogen as her "favorite niece," since it was evident that the old girl could not last much longer and the elderly aunt was known for frequently changing her will on whims, Charlotte having barely discovered in the nick of time last time when dear auntie had had her lawyers draft one leaving everything to a home for wayward cats. Charlotte punctuated her departure with an "Imagine, darling, all that lovely money going to those feline creatures instead of to us! The mind boggles! So I'm off!"

Alexander Bradford himself had to tend to the family's investment firm so could not accompany (and had no interest in... other than ensuring the family reaped the benefit of auntie's money) accompanying his wife on her "visit" to Auntie Imogen, and dear little Owen and Emma were off to their respective private "enrichment program" summer camps with gaggles of other similarly suitably privileged and bratty "little nippers" for several weeks, essentially leaving Bradford himself alone in the manse save for his servants.

Alexander and Charlotte themselves had maintained their own separate bedroom suites after their requisite two children had been duly produced, since Charlotte was as decidedly under-sexed as Alexander was over-sexed. While Charlotte was willing to nobly "submit" (as she put it) to sex a few times a year with Alexander, this left the sex-mad Bradford with a distinct need for alternative sexual outlets. Turning his supposed "family values" on their head, this largely consisted of regular "sessions" at a state-of-the-art fantasy role-play venue with high-class call girls in Los Angeles where he indulged his taste for kinky sex including bondage and domination of his female "victims" sometimes also involving tickling them against their will when this had not been agreed to in advance.

However, this was an expensive habit and involved lengthy drives to Los Angeles and back, often in heavy traffic, and Bradford was savvy enough to look for other outlets closer to home, as it were. Prior to Maria and Luis, the Bradfords had employed a succession of maids and housekeepers, mostly illegal Eastern European and Russian women who could be easily exploited by the wily Bradford, who forced them to wear sexy "French maid uniforms" (in his soundproofed bedroom only) and perform every sex act in the book, forcing them to blow him, rim his ass as he raised his hairy muscular legs high and used his bare feet to slap their asses for emphasis as they did so (much like Bradford had seen straight pornstar Manuel Ferrara do in the straight porn Bradford often watched), Bradford also using custom bondage gear to tie them to the bed and have his way with them, raping and sodomizing them as they begged him to stop, music to his jaded ears.

Luis himself had just recently learned from a tearful Maria that Bradford had been forcing Maria to perform all of the same sort of sex acts on their employer as had the prior hires, again under threat of supposed deportation if she failed to comply or if she reported this to Luis. Maria reported it to Luis anyway who vowed to make things right.

A still-fuming and vengeful Luis' first encounter with Bradford after Maria's unsettling revelation was the next morning when Bradford imperiously entered the massive top-of-the-line kitchen ("suitable for catering" as the estate agents say), impeccably dressed in the very custom-made designer suit, tie, and breast pocket handkerchief chosen and laid out by Luis the evening before for Bradford to wear, Bradford arrogantly plopping his already-shined-by-Luis dress shoes onto the clean marble counter and yelling- "Just look at those, you incompetent fool! You call those shined? If I've told you once I've told you a thousand times I need to see my reflection in my shoes! I demand that they look like that- comprendes you lazy bastard???"

Startled, yet secretly amused to see Bradford "reduced" to wearing bedroom slippers instead of his polished designer shoes below the nattily attired rest of him, Luis decided to play along (for now) and replied "Oh, I am so sorry, senor, it will not happen again! When you return for your breakfast I will have them ready, you will see!"

"Well, they better be!" fumed Bradford as he stormed back upstairs announcing he needed to go over some office paperwork and would then return for his breakfast "which better be up to my standards as well!" snarled in the direction of Maria.

Luis then retired to his room in the spartan, dark, servants' quarters off the kitchen where he dutifully re-polished and spit-shined Bradford's already-polished spiffy designer shoes on a shoe-jack to perfection when an evil thought entered his mind. It had actually been a few days since he last saw Cesar and Luis realized he was a bit horny despite his confrontation with Bradford. And he just happened to have downloaded some particularly hot gay pornography on his laptop... surely there was time for a "quickie" jackoff session before Bradford returned?? Luis managed to do so in record time, preserving a good bit of his massive cumload he aimed at the clean top lid of the shoe polish paste he had used on Bradford's glowing shoes.

Serendipitously, just after Luis cleaned up and returned to the kitchen Maria was just placing the eggs to be scrambled for Bradford into the pan... after an amusing exchange in Spanish with Maria, the duo chuckled to themselves as they relished the fact that Luis' own gay sperm was being folded into Bradford's special cage-free organic eggs for their employer's consumption, just as Maria and so many others had been forced to swallow Bradford's own cum when Bradford demanded sex from them.

Moments later, the nattily-attired Bradford again strode self-importantly into the kitchen with briefcase in hand, sitting down at the breakfast table and pointedly looking at Luis who hurried over to slowly remove Bradford's amusing bedroom slippers leaving him temporarily clad in his knee-high designer silk socks under his spiffy suit pants. Luis then held the newly-polished shoes out for inspection and dismissive approval by his arrogant employer, who had now set about scanning the newspaper as if no one else was there (which he insisted Maria iron every morning so the newsprint would not smudge his clear-manicured fingers). Luis then set about kneeling down submissively and literally placing the newly-polished shoes onto his employer's size 12 feet and meekly lacing them up perfectly as Bradford ignored this as simply being his due from his underling servant.

Bradford then set about savoring his perfectly prepared breakfast, Bradford calling out to Maria and bestowing her with a sly, sexy smile (thinking Luis had no idea that hot-stuff Bradford had been bonking his sister) as he said "Maria, you've outdone yourself! These eggs are the best ever, so creamy and delicious, with some special ingredient I can't quite identify. Whatever it is, be sure to use it every day from now on!" as Luis and Maria exchanged bemused glances as Bradford self-importantly returned to rustling his freshly-ironed-by-Maria newspaper as if he alone held the key to solving the myriad of the world's problems contained therein.

Luis' growing need to somehow continue to "get even" with his imperious, demanding employer only increased over the next few days when Bradford took to getting a kick out of deliberately teasing Luis with Bradford's hunky body (in an "as if" Luis could ever get his "faggy hands" on him otherwise kind of way) as Luis helped him dress- and undress - just to test Luis, Bradford told himself, much like he and his old frat bros used to do in college before gay-bashing any victims who were entrapped into coming on to them.

Bradford would blatantly flex his suntanned, just the right amount of hairy-chested musculature in the mirror when shirtless in front of Luis as he was helped to dress and undress, exposing the dark depths of his manly armpits as he did so, and searched for and received glowing compliments on his buff bod from Luis, and the scent of his muscular employer's cologne which Luis was obliged to sniff in close but no actual contact with Bradford's exposed armpits- so close and yet so far-, his suntan, his designer-cut and coiffed hair, his perfectly white teeth and fresh breath, etc. Bradford even ordered Luis to help him "measure" his flexed muscular and suntanned biceps with a tape measure and feel and vocally admire their sun-tanned, manly firmness with Luis' white-gloved hands (direct touching of Bradford's body was verboten however), to take and record his naked waist measurement not too far above the distinct bulge in his employer's tight white Egyptian cotton Emporio Armani boxer briefs, and to tape measure and record Bradford's chest measurement, Luis being "forced" to wrap his own white-gloved hands around the couthly hairy, muscular chest of his elegant employer from behind as he did so, Luis inhaling the delicious scent of his employer's elegant signature cologne, and managing to "accidentally" make contact with his employer's sensitive hair-haloed nips with his deftly educated white-gloved fingers and the edge of the tape measure itself as he did so, causing Bradford to gasp and jump slightly at the sudden unexpected electric contact with his ultrasensitive, manly, hair-haloed tits, which had caused the aristocrat's ultrasensitive nips to become instantly eraser-tip erect, Luis noting a unmistakable but mild response down below as "something" twitched down below in the restricting confines of his employer's tight white Emporio Armani boxer briefs-a "tidbit" (or "titbit") Luis filed away for future reference, whereupon he quickly withdrew and announced the impressive chest measurement before Bradford could accuse him of inappropriately "feeling him up".

Finally, Luis would be ordered to tape measure and record Bradford's "hip measurement" as Luis was "forced" to wrap the tape measure over the tight curves of Bradford's magnificent bubble butt which was only covered by the thin Egyptian cotton of his white Emporio Armani boxer briefs, and reach around to just above the promising but as-yet-frustratingly unexposed bulge in said tight-fitting, intimate garment, Luis again having to be careful not to make contact with his employer's well-endowed, but as-yet-unrevealed, "private parts."

Bradford kept up his teasing of his gay employee just for the fun of it over the next several days- laughing to himself that Luis probably had to go jerk off after his employer had so craftily teased him with his hot-but-unavailable bod (truer than he realized since Luis was indeed extremely turned on after every such session as he was left "high and dry" while Bradford either continued having Luis assist him to dress for work and then split or else padded off to his elegant master bathroom to shower unseen by Luis as the case might be, but in either case Luis was deliberately in effect left well and truly "teased and denied" each time this occurred.

Luis got some sense of satisfaction (literally and figuratively) over the next few days as Luis secretly got off on sniffing Bradford's sweaty undies and gym clothes before Maria washed them and returned them to her employer's bedroom, but Luis could not resist keeping some of the sweaty underwear as souvenirs, some of which, while otherwise scrupulously clean, actually contained stray pubic hairs of his employer or particularly pungent, musky scents left after a sweaty workout or full day's wear. Luis had intended to replace the souvenir ones with duplicates until he checked online and found that the particular type of Emporio Armani ones that Bradford wore were only available for purchase in Italy (where Bradford had bought a full line of same on one of the Bradfords' many European jaunts) and were prohibitively expensive on Luis' paltry budget in any case.

Assuming that a mega-rich man like Bradford would not miss a few pairs of the hotshot's missing sexy undies, Luis had taken to actually wearing recently purloined "souvenir" undies of Bradford's and wearing them under the ridiculous vintage white-coated and white-gloved "houseboy" uniform that Bradford insisted that he wear, Luis getting a kick out of the fact that (unbeknownst to his arrogantly harsh employer) his "lowly servant" was actually wearing a pair of his employer's own very recently used undies, and that the sexy Egyptian cotton fabric that had so recently supported and caressed his employer's own "junk" and cute to-die-for tight ass were now secretly caressing the skin of Luis' own most private areas just where they had so very recently supported and caressed his employer's otherwise completely unattainable yet most intimate and private parts, all the while his employer was sadistically teasing poor Luis by flaunting yet denying Luis any real access to his buff employer's hot bod.

However, Luis became a bit unsettled when just after the completion of one of Bradford's sadistic teasing ordeals while Luis was assisting his employer to dress for work, and just after Bradford was fully dressed in the natty suit and tie selected by Luis for his studly employer to wear to "work" that day (more like "playing office" in the set-for-life Old Money Alexander Bradford III's world), Bradford suddenly pointedly and rather sharply inquired "Do you know what's been going on with my underwear, Luis? I've noticed that of the 10 pairs of Emporio Armanis I purchased on one of Charlottes' and my trips to Italy, 2 pairs seem to be missing? Do you know anything about that?"

Luis, shocked that a mega-rich dude like Bradford actually kept count of such things shook his head and said "no senor, no se nada... I know nothing of this, I swear! Perhaps Maria, er, she misplaced them, senor?"

"Hmmm. I don't think so, Luis. You, on the other hand, an outed 'fag', no less, as you have already shamelessly admitted to, are the far more likely suspect, Luis. You wouldn't by any chance happen to be wearing a pair of your employer's underwear now- virtually right under my patrician nose as it were? That give you some kind of additional sick thrill, perhaps, Luis?" then louder "I asked you a question!! Why are you being so evasive?"

Without waiting for his lowly servant's further prevarication Luis' spiffily suited and tie-clad employer powerfully strode right up behind where Luis tremblingly stood, his employer's hot, outraged (but peppermint-scented) breath gusting into the shell of Luis' ear barely an inch away from the huffing and puffing, outraged Bradford, whereupon Luis was shocked to feel Bradford suddenly grasp the belt of Luis' black "houseboy" uniform pants, undo it as well as the clasp of the "houseboy" uniform pants and suddenly forcefully tug them down to mid-thigh, as a red-faced Luis was soon confronted with the undeniable fact that he was, indeed, wearing a pair of his butch, married, straight employer's purloined white cotton Emporio Armani undies!


Luis, shocked into silence, was further shocked, however, when he felt Bradford run a finger along the rear waistband going "yes, these are definitely mine- that only-available-in-Italy logo is quite distinctive!" as Bradford actually squatted down to Luis' undie-clad ass for further examination.

Then , more to Bradford's own horror than Luis', Bradford suddenly noticed as he was now down so close to Luis as he squatted behind him that there was a distinct scent of Bradford's own signature Bulgari cologne Bradford always wore emanating from the undies, a scent mingled with a slight musky male odor as well, Bradford suddenly further realizing to his utter disgust that the male odors were likely a combination of both his own and his miscreant servant's private areas. Bradford was also aware that Bradford kept all of his cologne under lock and key along with his cuff links with the Bradford Family Crest, designer watch collection and other items of value. It therefore had suddenly dawned on the unimaginative, 100% straight-arrow Bradford that, unlike what he had naturally assumed, namely that Luis was wearing a pair of his undies after they had been washed was mistaken- that in fact this "sick fag" actually was wearing a pair of the proud, strutting Old Money peacock Bradford's own unwashed Armanis and that the "pervert" was getting some sort of slimy faggoty "thrill" out of doing so, all at his studly employer's expense, probably even laughing about it behind Bradford's broad-shouldered back!!


Again stunned into silence at the revelation of the full truth, Luis stood silently with his head down as Bradford suddenly yanked Luis' "houseboy" uniform pants the rest of the way down and yanked them off of his servant altogether throwing them across the room, before Bradford suddenly yanked down the stolen Armanis and yanked them from his lowly servant's body altogether as well, suddenly revealing Luis' own large, flaccid uncut penis and low-hanging balls under a profusion of manly dark pubic hair, Luis left bare-assed from the waist down.

Luis was further shocked and surprised when an outraged Bradford (never intending to reclaim the stolen, ruined undies for his own use ever again since they had actually been worn by his lowly servant and were forever "soiled" in his mind) forcefully shoved them right into Luis' shocked face, "forcing" him to sniff, lick and worship ever inch of them as Bradford yelled what a "sick fag" he was and spanked Luis' bare ass hard with his open hands for emphasis until it was satisfyingly fire-engine red and burning. To Bradford's horror, however, what was intended to be a punitive act actually had caused Luis to spring a full-fledged boner, Bradford shocked at the girth, width and length of the low-life's uncut, erect cock under his servant's profusion of black pubic hair as much as by the fact that anyone could be aroused by sniffing another guy's underwear and having his bare butt smacked red by a fully-and-impeccably dressed elite person in a fit of well-deserved outrage.


Luis was pleasantly surprised when Bradford in fact actually did bend over a bit with the tight, tailored bottom of his impeccable bespoke-tailored suit pants thrust back at Luis whereupon he "ordered" Luis to loudly kiss and lick Bradford's suit-panted ass and then sniff and lick the crack thereof, Bradford all the while yelling "YEAH, KISS MY ASS, YOU FUCKING SICK PERVERT!!!" as Bradford laughed maniacally, thinking this to be the ultimate in humiliation.

Seeing that this only made the "sick-o" more aroused Bradford "ordered" Luis to kneel down and jack off right there on the gleaming hardwood floor of Bradford's master bedroom as Luis shot a huge splattering load (Bradford amazed at its potency, copiousness, and amazing distance, the startled aristocrat forced to jump to one side lest he be struck by the explosive barrage of gay, red-hot Hispanic cum wildly flying all over the place, lest any of the disgusting low-class spunk soil Bradford's impeccable suit, Bradford blissfully unaware that he had actually been consuming the same fluids he was now so scrupulously avoiding contact with in the delicious breakfasts Maria served to him each day!

Bradford then ordered Luis to get down on all fours and slavishly lick up every drop of the lowly servant's disgusting male fluids until the floor gleamed anew. Bradford then turned on his heel in his perfectly-polished-by-Luis dress shoes and imperiously marched off to "work," briefcase in hand. Bradford made a note to himself to have the slavish and devoted staff at his tony Club wash and launder his intimate apparel in the future- after all he did tip them meagerly at Christmas- well the Club did require one to do so- but the mere thought of Luis having worn even one pair of his purloined undies sent a chill down Bradford's patrician spine. After all, Bradford further mused, it would be like-ew- his own impeccably kept and meticulously cologne-scented junk, his proud manhood and omnipotent Bradford crown jewels containing their potent aristocratic seed which were so attentively pampered with the absolute finest high-end toiletry products as his carefully-guarded private parts indeed were so pampered, actually touching those areas of his no-doubt-filthy-and-unwashed, lowly servant's! It simply didn't bear imagining! As if! Not to mention the fact that the fucking uncut 'Spic is hung like a fucking horse- not all that bigger than his own, of course (not that the low-life would ever get a chance to view it as much as the sick-o no doubt would love to!) but the thought of contact of that somewhat monstrous uncut Hispanic "thing" with his esteemed person was completely unthinkable!

Another uncontrollable shudder rolled over him as he mused about that unthinkable thought, but he then stepped down powerfully on the Aston Martin's accelerator to "work" as the fine-tuned machine roared to life. Bradford then winked at an admiring poor-ass blonde in the VW bug next to him, no doubt dreaming of what it would be like to take a ride on the old Bradford cunt-tamer, probably creaming her pants at that thought along with all that went with being part of the elite 1%- she could always dream laughed Bradford, drunk with his wealth, power and self-evident physical prowess, winking back at himself in the rear-view mirror, a big smile on his movie-star-handsome face. It was good to be Alexander Fucking Bradford III!


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