A hot Italian stud gets drugged, kidnapped, tied up and fucked in bondage by a group of horny gay friends as a revenge for raping the author's sister in this story from WoofDaddy2.

Revenge for a Rape
by WoofDaddy2
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Revenge is always best if served cold, cold hard steel or hit burning leather that is. I am 22 and have an 18 year old half sister. We live in different states so seldom see each other. Last year, she was raped by her then boyfriend, a hot, hard bodied Italian stud whose Daddy gives him everything and who bribed several friends to back up his alibi that it was consensual, not forcible.

After the trial, her family moved away but I moved into the house. He did not know I was related to her. I met him a few times at the casino in the next town. I knew who he was but he did not know me and I have a different last name than her. Determinded to even the score and to get a chance to plow his tight, plump ass, I laid plans for a gambling weekend out of town with him. At the last minute, I cancelled but offered to take him out for drinks before he left for three days. The plan was to slip him the date rape drug in his drink, work him over good for two days, then slip him the drink again and fly him to Reno, someone else checked him in at the hotel two days earlier and have him wake up there and think it was all a dream, or if it did happen, it happened out there, not a home.

All worked fine. Once he had his drink and got groggy, I took him in his car to the private airport, parked it, and drove my car home with him out cold. First I called a few friends and we carried him to our play dungeon. We stripped him, shaved his entire body below the neck, inserted ear plugs so he could not hear and a double blindfold. Next we trussed him spread eagle, suspended about four feet above the floor and face down. A small exercise horse was placed under his stomach for support, but left his nipples, cock and ass free for our pleasure. His tattoos, the serpent on his right shoulder and the Native American Thunderbird on his lower back just above his ass cheeks were plainly visible.

There are three of us. My friend the bottom feeding cock sucker who likes the taste of cum, my friend the fist fucker who likes a hard fist up his ass while he jerks his 10 inch cock that is as thick as a beer can and myself, seven inches, average width.

I lubed the stud’s ass and inserted a small dildo. An hour later, I removed it, lubed a medium width dildo and inserted it. He started to wake up. He was blind and hearing plugged but his foul moth started going, cursing, threatening and screaming. I sent my cock sucker to him and he started to moan and groan when he was getting a blow job. I walked up to his ass, yanked the medium dildo out and shoved a large dildo up his now stretched ass. He screamed obscenities for a few minutes but went back to moaning and then blowing his load. Now I removed the large dildo and inserted my own cock in his hole. He knew immediately what I planned to do. He screamed, begged, pleaded and threatened, but I slammed his ass for several minutes then shot my wad deep in his virgin hole.

Now that he was used and well lubed, I turned his warm wet hole over to my friend the fist fucker. He was already hard from watching us rutting and fucking. He slipped in with a lot of trouble because he was so thick and though no longer virgin; it was very tight and made for a good ridged fit on my buds meat. He fucked away for almost 30 minutes without Cumming so I used my fist on his ass and that sent him shooting six or seven volleys of man seed deep in the Italian studs cum hole. With no cock up his ass, we lubed his shit chute again and inserted the largest dildo in our collection and left him hanging there for an hour. The cocksucker returned and milked a second load out of him with the big black dildo still deep up his ass.

Now we set up the cameras to film and record him getting used, abused, fucked, sucked and eventually begging for more. I removed the dildo, loaded his butt hole with lube and inserted a fuck machine cock, turned on the machine and filmed him getting butt plowed. His cock rose and swelled, leaked cum and deflated depending on how his mood changed and how much pressure was on his prostate. I filmed him getting another blow job by my chubby bearded friend. A third load not completely swallowed but allowed to drip and leak all over the cock suckers face. Great close ups.

With his ass now very sore, my cocksucker friend turned to rimming his ass. He loved it and squealed like pig when a tongue went deep inside his manhole. I filmed him being jerked off while his ass was rimmed. That was his fourth load of man seed in just over four hours. Now it was time to have more fun with our new sex slave. I fitted him with a chastity cage with a piss hole plug that went down into his penis glans and plugged his piss slit so nothing would come (or is that cum) out.

Two of us climbed under the stud and sucked his nipples. We sucked until they were swollen and sticking out hard and almost pointed like a bitches tits. They were as hard as rocks and stuck out almost an inch. Now I gloved up and stuck my hand in the Crisco. Next I inserted one finger, then two, then three, then four and finally my fist into the stretched and worn fuck chute. He screamed in pain and swore his head off yelling every obscenity he could think of. I found his prostate and massaged it while he sprouted a royal hard on, but was restricted and it hurt because of the chastity cage. He begged me to free his cock so it would not hurt so much, all crammed in that metal cage.

I removed my fist but left his ass dripping with lube so each of us could mount his hole and breed him. Between each hard fuck, his ass was lubed a little more. The constant stream of cuss words and pleading made for a noise session. One by one we mounted his hole, pounded away and shot our seed in his man cunt. The friction against his prostate by each man’s rod caused him to stay hard but still trapped in the cock cage, he was in pain the whole time, begging to be freed so he could shoot his load and relieve himself. For our enjoyment, we next inserted a steel ball followed by a small steel vibrator butt plug and a second steel ball after that. The vibrator had five speeds so we could give him a gentle massage or a thorough workout. I chose a gentle massage for a while.

Through out the night, I kept the gentle massage turned on so he would be hard and in great discomfort with his member locked in a cage. From time to time, I would turn the speed up a few notches to 4 or 5 for a few minutes. This would cause the steel balls to roll back and forth inside his fuck chute and rub his prostate causing intense pressure to build in the base of his scrotum and get trapped in his penis with not chance of release.

The next morning, each of us hosed him down with out morning piss streams. I now removed his cock cage and stroked him to full rigidness. I turned the vibrator to full throttle and he twitched and rocked and bucked. He screamed and moaned in pleasure and cried out how good it felt to get ready to shoot and relieve himself. He humped his ass back and forth in the air ready to shoot and finally shot what looked like a full cup of hot, arm, white man cream.

Now for the final round of fun and photos; we shot some still photos to be sure we got penetration of his ass showing the tattoo just above his mounds. We took pictures of his hole being fucked by each of us. There were others of different sized dildos pushing into his man cunt and one with a series of balls going in then coming out. Next we held a sharp object against his balls and told him to open his mouth and suck our cocks. He protested but the touch of cold sharp steel on his balls convinced him to open up. Each picture clearly captured the shoulder tattoo of the serpent. Some of the pictures showed him swallowing, others the in and out motion, and several with cum shooting on his face, dripping off his lips or coming out his mouth with a stiff cock still stuffed between his lips. We took hundreds of pictures in addition to the video tapes we recorded over the past two days. Each week for the next year we would mail one picture to him from different locations. We even posted the pictures on a few gay porn sites to advertise this hot slut boy.

We were finished with him so we injected him with a sleeping potion. When he fell asleep, we painted his nipples and cock head in a bight red enamel nail polish that would take several days to wear off and his balls were painted with blue polish. When it dried, I inserted eth vibrating butt plug back up his ass, then we dressed him. He was loaded into the van and returned to his car at the airport. We parked the van near one of the many buildings and maintenance vehicles at the airport. The van windows were tinted so we could watch him but he could not see us. The meds would soon wear off so I turned on the vibrating butt plug to low. Every five minutes I upped the speed a little. By the time I got to speed four, he was awake and clearly angry. He hopped out of his car, dropped his pants and reached around. He inserted his fingers and pulled out the butt plug, then threw it to the ground and cursed. He pulled up his pants, looked around, got back in has car and sped away. I don’t know when he spotted the small envelope on the passenger seat but I’m sure he was very pissed off when he opened it and saw two pictures of himself. The first was a close up of his ass being plowed with his tattoo clearly visible. The second was his blindfolded face with a cum-dripping cock stuffed in his mouth. On the back of the pictures was the inscription “you bin raped.”


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  1. scotts60143 - June 7, 2020, 6:46 pm

    Pretty hot story with lots of details. Turn about is fair play and it was interesting to see a rapist, well…raped! Like the idea of the pictures and videos…maybe they could convince him sometime for another great weekend!!

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