Seven prison strip search videos from movies, television and real CCTV video footage.

First up is Ryan Gosling's introduction to prison including being
forced to strip out of his clothes from the film A Place Beyond the Pines.


An attractive new arrival endures an embarrassing strip search and
body cavity search in this short clip.


A very brief naked physical examination of male prisoner from 2005
Czech movie "Kousek Nebe".


A handsome man endures a strip search in an Indian prison.
Source: 2009 film "Jail" starring Neil Nitin Mukesh


Samuel L Jackson experiences a prison strip search along with
his other inmates in scenes from the movie "Against the Wall".


Black and white inmates suffer a degrading cell check and strip search
in this real life prison footage.


CCTV footage reveals a jail strip search gone wrong resulting
in the prisoner getting tasered. Ouch!


"Tom Cruise Bondage Scene from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation"
"Bondage Scene from Turkish TV Show"
"Handsome Russian Agent Abused"
"Interrogated by Aliens in V"
"Handsome Latino Tied to Bed & Tormented"
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