When the inmates of a prison for sexual predators decide to riot, the prison guards suffer through a humiliating experience in this hot new chastity and forced nudity story by Mohawk!

The Prison for Sex Offenders - Page 1
by Mohawk
Art by RobbyCop - See more of his fantastic art on his Twitter Page and BaraAddiction Profile!


Southern District Penal Institution for Men was aptly enough named for people to make jokes about it. The Institution had been built to hold a variety of sex offenders and was divided into three buildings, each of which housed a different kind of offender. The largest of the buildings housed men who offenses had been against women. The second for pederasts and the last for men who had homosexually attacked other men. Most of the men incarcerated here were not homosexual, but had used rape as a way of punishing or torturing men they thought needed to be punished. Most of the victims had also been straight.

Each 8-hour watch had a watch captain and several other guards working. The watch captain decided on most activities and made the usual assignments as to which of the other officers would be carrying out the various functions. The prison’s level of testosterone was high. Fights between prisoners in the building that housed the men who had raped other men continued to use that as a method of asserting dominance over other prisoners. In an attempt to control the ongoing rapes, the prison officials had laid in a supply of male chastity cages with which those men who had continued in their sexual assaults, had their proclivities curbed. The guards would pull a total lockdown and when all the prisoners were in their cells, the prisoners who had been involved with attacks were taken to the main area of the prison. There, in view of all the other inmates, their clothes were removed (often forcibly) and three or four guards would hold the inmate down while a rubber gloved guard oiled up the miscreant’s dick. A metal ring was produced which had a post sticking out perpendicular to the ring. One of the guards then slid the ring over the hapless prisoner’s ball sack, somewhat painfully sliding the struggling man’s testicles through the ring. Then, while the prisoner cursed and screamed at the guard for touching his sex organs, the guard forced the prisoner’s cock through the ring as well. The ring now rested snugly against the prisoner’s body, while cock and balls were held slightly away by the ring. Next, the cock cage itself would be produced. The cage was basically a tube like object made with rods of metal shaped into circles all linked together. The convicts well lubricated cock slid down into the similarly lubricated tubular metal cage. The upper end of the cage had a small tube on the top that fitted perfectly over the protruding rod from the ring. At the same time the rod went into the tube, the two smaller posts slid neatly into holes in the ring, making it impossible to rotate the cage on the ring. The rod on the ring was just a bit longer than the tube on the cock cage, so it penetrated the tube completely and a short piece with a hole in it protruded out the other side.

The guards were none too gentle about the process of caging the prisoner’s organ and occasionally a bit of sensitive skin was pinched by the metal parts sliding together. The prisoner shrieked and cursed whenever this happened while the guards laughed.

Then, whichever guard had fitted the chastity device onto the prisoner produced the final indignity – a small lock. The shackle on the lock fit perfectly through the hole in the rod on the cock ring and then while the prisoner struggled, the lock would close with a snap, the deed was done. Once the cage was locked into the offender, the only sex he would have from this point on was if it were inflicted on him.

The convict would be taken, naked, back to his cell where the guards would shove him to the floor and then throw his clothes in after him. The massive cell door would slam shut with its characteristic sound, and the guards, all laughing, would walk away, leaving the prisoner to put his clothes back on.

The caged prisoner would then discover that the indignity of having been put in the cage, more or less publically, was not the end of his humiliation. He would discover rapidly that taking a piss was a problem. First of all, the cock cage was sufficiently large and heavy that it necessitated dropping his pants since it was not possible to get the entire contraption out through his fly. Once he extracted the imprisoning device from his pants, other problems followed. Although the metal bars that encased his dick had small spaces between them, as well as a hole near the end of the tube, there was no guarantee which way the piss would go. The first time he stood in front of a urinal, dropped his pants and pissed, the liquid splashed all over his own leg. The only way to be sure it would go into the bowl, was to kneel down in front of the toilet and take his imprisoned organ and lift it into the toilet or else he would have to sit on the toilet. This of course, would make him the brunt of jokes by the other prisoners who no longer feared being raped by the felon.

Currently the prison was in the throes of a riot - the riot having taken place about 6 hours previously. Just what sparked it, or how it was that so many of the prisoners were loose at the time was unclear. What was clear, however, was that the inmates now held five guards hostage, one of whom was Clay, the captain of the watch.

Word had already spread outside the facility that there had been a takeover and that several of the guards had been taken hostage. Members of all the major media were there clamoring for the story. No one outside the building where the hostage taking had occurred knew what was going on at this point.

Inside the building, the leader of rioters, Mack Turner who was one of those who had been “caged” for a number of sexual assaults on other prisoners, now faced the captain of the watch and demanded the key for the metal cage that encased his genitals. The watch commander tried desperately to explain he had no control over the keys and that they were actually kept in the administration building. This infuriated the cage wearer and he started to slap the guard across the face repeatedly. Then one of the other convicts remembered that the new cages were kept in a storeroom in the very building they were in. He thought maybe one of the keys in those boxes might be a duplicate of the one that Mack himself was locked into.

Accordingly, the hostages were marched to the storeroom and made to unlock the door. There were over two dozen boxes of chastity cages in the store room and the convicts quickly tore them open. In each one was a cock cage and a set of three cock rings of different sizes and a lock with three keys. As soon as the prisoners started to tear the boxes open, Mack dropped his pants revealing the metal object that held is dick tightly within the cage and the lock, which held everything in place. After ripping open several boxes, a set of keys was found which unlocked the lock on Mack’s chastity cage and for the first time in quite a while, the cage slipped off Mack’s cock. A few seconds later, Mack had freed his testicles from the ring. He looked down at his now free cock, smiled and then hoisted up his pants. It seems there were only five or six sets of keys that were used for all the locks.

Mack then glared at the watch commander and growled, “Get your clothes off”.



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