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Breaking news from Eastern Europe by Cavelo.

by Cavelo

(ON-LINE WIRE Wz:K7293;ARBX:) 08-04-1236

VIENNA, Austria - The plain across the Danube River for the Hungarian settlement of Buda became the latest battlefield in the war in which Batu, grandson of Genghis Khan, redefined the word "madness."

Witnesses who managed to escape the actual fighting and massacre testified that they watched the Mongol warriors slaughter thousands of Hungarians in a military operation that a combined hatred and the horrors of war into a blend of brutality almost beyond comprehension. The ravages and cruelties suffered at the hands of the Mongols by the inhabitants of Buda and the surrounding region can only be described in the bloodiest of terms. What they saw was vintage Batu, the efficient and surgical military muscle that made the battle for the Hungarian plains one of the bloodiest in the history of man and made Batu himself perhaps the most awesome leader in the Mongol world.

In their drive towards the Adriatic Sea, the Mongols had already left in their trail a wide and bloody swath of destruction in their conquest of the territories of the Russians and poles, sacking, burning, looting, village after village. Inhabitants were tortured, killed or carried away into a lifetime of slavery. If inhabitants resisted, the Mongols carried out a policy of "frightfulness," torturing them mercilessly in a multitude of cruel and ingenious ways before finally putting them to death. An ear was cut from each of the dead victims and bags were filled with these as trophies.

Latest reports, however, indicate that the carnage has slowed down suddenly in some regions and halted altogether in others. Mongols have been seen mysteriously headed eastward towards their homeland. Unsubstantiated sources speculate that word has arrived from the steppes of Central Asia that all Mongols have been summoned back to their capital due to the death of the Great Khan himself.


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  1. 31118azti - March 8, 2019, 7:16 am

    Great artwork as usual, but to think of so many men naked and tortured, there could not have been a dry spot anywhere!

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