Press Release: Knights Templar

Breaking news from 14th century France courtesy of Cavelo!

Press Release: Knights Templar
by Cavelo

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(WB) AM - FRANCE 18-MAR-1311 (WB)

Judge Says Security Forces Definitely Abused Human Rights From 1307 to 1311 Paris, France

King Phillipe's security forces participated in systematic abduction, torture and summary execution of thousands of Knights Templar from 1307 to 1311, a judge said Wednesday. The declaration by Judge Antoine d'Avignon was considered the first formal recognition by the courts that evidence exists to prove human rights groups' charges of an official apparatus for repression under King Phillipe's regime. Thousands of Knights were tortured and burned at the stake during Phillipe's brutal campaign against the Templars. D'Avignon's written declaration came after he received testimony detailing brutal treatment in the King's torture centers. He said his investigation was conducted "in view of the unusual seriousness and magnitude of the issues under investigation, which entail the systematic use of kidnappings, subhuman conditions of physical and legal defenselessness." "This is demonstrative of a unique and very cruel system inspired by the most absolute disregard for human suffering applied with utmost impunity by the King," he said. D'Avignon said his evidence came from testimony by surviving Knights of the King's dungeons - details of torture on the rack, roasting of feet, burning with hot irons, whippings and more. Those identified as having engaged in torture had links to royalty forces and some held high ranks, he said. The circumstances imply the implementation of a planned structure for the physical and psychic destruction of prisoners," he said. D'Avignon stated that the torture centers were characterized by an operative structure consisting of the installation of uncomfortable cells for prisoners, torture chambers, several latrines, an infirmary, and an intelligence room along with and records of the victim's interrogation and confessions.


  1. Amalaric - January 9, 2020, 1:47 am

    Oh! Can you imagine the field day human rights groups would have had in the fourteenth century??!

  2. conversation17 - January 15, 2020, 6:14 pm

    Thank God, they were not around then to get in the road. We would have missed all this pain and mayhem, let alone Cavelo’s startling renderings of every beautiful detail of it.

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