The captain of the Sultan's palace guards surrenders for interrogation after being caught in the Sultan's harem.

Press Release: Janissary
by Cavelo
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(WB)AM-Sultan's Janissary Guard Surrenders
ATTN: Foreign Editors 06-NOV-1529

ISTANBUL, Turkey - The captain of the Janissary Guards of Sultan Suleyman's Palace surrendered to authorities nearly 2 months after he fled from Topkapi and was charged with infiltrating the Royal Harem.

Captain Mustafa Taksim, 26, born Kiro Zatezalo, in the province of Serbia, became a member of the Sultan's elite military unit composed solely of non-Turkish young men soon after he was taken in a raid in 1521.

After his surrender, Taksim was placed in a cell in the dungeons of Topkapi Palace awaiting sentencing. Taksim had arranged through the Chief Eunuch to surrender after his hideout was discovered. Since his disappearance in September 1529, there had been rumors that he was seen as far away as Edirne and Bursa. The surrender was announced by Abdul Nevsehir, the Justice Minister. Nevsehir's name is often linked with routine torture of prisoners.

Taksim is being questioned about his intrusion into the Harem, and fairly reliable sources claim that Taksim is undergoing intense interrogation." He is said to have already been tortured including having the soles of his bare feet beaten with a cane (the "Falanga," or sometimes called the "Bastinado") a favorite method of Turkish authorities. He is reported to be strong and stubborn and has thus far refused to implicate anyone in the Royal household. The report leaves no doubt that he will eventually reveal the name of his accomplice. The penalty for such offenses is traditionally flaying for members of the Royal household, and impalement for the suitor.

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