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iroquoisPress Release: Iroquois
by Cavelo

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[WB] (C) 9-22-1634

QUEBEC -At least three days before they suddenly fled the Huron camp of Ihonatiria, the Iroquois war party was planning to systematically torture to death a backwoodsman and every adult male remaining in camp, a group of French-Canadian trappers visiting the village was told Friday.

Backwoodsman Jacques Chenonceaux provided evidence of Iroquois intentions to enslave the women and children and to massacre every adult male. "These are knives for flaying, these tree limbs are for beating and breaking," Chenonceaux said of the evidence found in the camp. Added Chenonceaux "It just shows the incredible level of hatred and cruelty."

Earlier, the trappers entered the Longhouse headquarters of the occupying marauders in which the torturing of Chenonceaux and the Huron males sometimes took place. The trapper spokesman Pierre Montagnard said they were shown clam shells which were used as saws for cuffing off fingers, knives for flaying, sharpened sticks for piercing muscle, twigs and bark for burning sensitive parts of the body, and tree limbs for beating. "The Iroquois used the term caress for the cruelties inflicted on the prisoners," said Chenonceaux. "It was pretty horrible, several Hurons were caressed simultaneously. I was stripped naked and staked out on the ground outside the Longhouse while the Iroquois delighted in humiliating and tormenting me." The muscular, 34 year old backwoodsman showed the scars where his armpits and genitals were blackened with burning twigs. "Those damn savages took turns torturing me and the others, but they also made sure we were given sufficient rest between sessions so that we would last longer."

Chenonceaux was tortured periodically for two days before the Iroquois suddenly fled Ihonatiria, apparently their departure was linked to the advancing trappers. Despite his several injuries, Chenonceaux is "just thankful for the rescue and glad to still be alive." The trappers made no plans to pursue the marauding Iroquois war party.

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