Breaking news from the Roman Empire by artist Cavelo.

Press Release: Gaul
by Cavelo

gaul(KW: BC-PA-GAUL)
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[WB]-GAUL (News)/L

ROME Reports from Gaul indicate that rebel resistance has crumbled almost everywhere along the front since the capture of rebel leader Vercingetorix seven months ago. Roman legions have taken control of most of "Gaul" from the land of the Belgae in the west and all along the south bank of the Danube River to Pannonia in the east.

In Rome, speculation has intensified regarding the welfare of Vercingetorix since he was brought to Rome and dragged in chains through the streets of the capital in Caesar's "Triumphal Procession" nearly two months ago. Rumors persist that he is being held in a secret location outside the city where attempts are apparently being made to "break' him into submission. Certain sources claim that despite severe ill-treatment (probably torture), the Gallic chieftain still refuses to swear allegiance to Caesar.

Vercingetorix, who comes from the Arverni tribe, rose from warrior to become the supreme commander of all the Gallic tribes. He led a rebellion against Roman Rule two years ago and, after initial successes, was besieged by Roman General Julius Caesar in the fortress of Alesia in central Gaul and forced to surrender after a month-long siege.

After the fall of Alesia Caesar disposed of all prisoners who were unfit for slavery and gave the rest to his men as plunder. The Aeduan and Arvernian prisoners of war were specifically kept to compel the loyalty of their tribes and Caesar made a circuit of the conquered territories to claim submission from each of the tribal leaders in turn. The Gauls, for the time being, are left as client states, subject to annual tribute which amounts to about ten million denarii.

Usually reliable sources claim that Caesar is tired of Vercingetorix's stubbornness and is ready to have him executed - probably in the arena next month./L

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