After the fall of Cyprus, Famagusta's former governor receives very brutal treatment from the conquering Turks in this press release from Cavelo.

Press Release: Famagusta
by Cavelo
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(WB)AM-Turks Impresion, Humiliate Famagusta's Governor
ATTN: Foreign Editors 05-AUG-1571

VENICE, 05 August 1571 AD -- Reports from Cyprus indicate that four days after Famagusta's fall, its commander Marcantonio Bragadino had been taken prisoner by the victorious Turks and publicly humiliated.

Lala Mustafa, Ottoman commander-in-chief, had Bragadino imprisoned in the fortress for questioning before lopping off the Venetian's nose and ears. The Turks cauterized the wounds in order to let him live a little longer. On Friday, the Moslem Sabbath--the mutilated man was put in a harness and led on his hands and knees around the circuit of the Turkish batteries, ass panniers filled with earth were slung across his back. Bragadino was forced to kiss the ground each time he was dragged by Mustafa.

Bragadino was reportedly made to watch while his officers and others were brutally tortured. One or two of the young men to whom Mustafa had taken a fancy were spared the ordeal and led off in chains -- possibly destined for his slave quarters.

Ex-Venetian Senator and Famagusta's civil governor, Bragadino had agreed to terms of surrender on August 1st after a 10 month siege by the Turks. When Famagusta's walls were breached in five or six places and only 1800 of the original 4000 defenders left alive, with dashing cavalry sorties no longer possible because nearly all the horses had been eaten, flour was almost gone and with the defenders down to their last kegs of gunpowder, Bragadino realized that the city was no longer able to hold out and yielded Famagusta to Lala Mustafa.

Reports from Famagusta further indicate that Mustafa may soon have Bragadino flayed alive -- possibly in the city's main square in front of the already desecrated cathedral -- for allegedly mistreating Turkish prisoners of war who were under Bragadino's command during the siege.

ART and Text By Cavelo, APN Staff Writer

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