Press Release: Bikers

A supermarket employee was abducted by a group of horny bikers in this breaking news report from Cavelo.

Press Release: Bikers
by Cavelo

(A00756 I MTM-B: 10-DEC-1993)
(WB) AM - Rescued From Brutal Bikers / 621/L

LOS ANGELES. CA A 24-year-old supermarket employee on Wednesday revealed to reporters that he was kidnapped by a group of bikers the day before.

Eric Farnell, resident of the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale told his horrific tale to the police, then again to reporters at a news conference. Farnell, who is employed at a local supermarket said he was kidnapped while leaving work at approximately 11 PM., on December 9th. Farnell claimed he was accosted by three men with whom he had had an earlier altercation in the store's parking lot. Farnell related he was blindfolded and gagged, and held overnight in what seemed to be a garage. The next morning he was taken to a secluded area in what turned out to be the Angeles National Forest less than an hour north of the LA area.

Farnell reported that he was then tied to a tree. After the blindfold was removed, Farnell said he found himself surrounded by several men who were dressed in biker attire. He recognized only two of the men from the night before. Farnell related the humiliating details. "My shirt was ripped open and my levis were pulled down - then those guys took turns abusing me and shamelessly playing with my body and private parts," he said.

Farnell did not further elaborate about the alleged abuses but the police report indicated he was physically abused - whip marks, burned with cigars, punched and kicked in the groin.

A medical examination performed soon after his rescue showed bruises, contusions, cuts and mild hypothermia. The report also verified that Farnell was sexually abused. According to Farnell, the assault lasted several hours before the bikers apparently tired of toying with their victim. Marc and Wanda Cott were hiking in the mountains in a remote section of the Angeles National Forest when they stumbled across the unconscious Farnell who was still tied and gagged. The Cott couple untied Farnell and took him to a hospital in the suburb of La Crescenta, located at the base of the Angeles Forest, before notifying the authorities.

Mr. Farnell has been released from the hospital and is resting in fair condition with Peggy Arnold, his girlfriend of three years.

The bikers are still at large and are being sought by authorities. At this time there is no "official" reason attached to the assault and it appears to be yet another case of random violence.

(WB) AP-GX-19-DEC-1993 EDT/L


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    Cavelo’s artwork is always incredible!! Having the short story to go with it really makes it hot. Can just picture some hot 24 yo hunk stripped and tied to a tree and abused by a bunch of bikers! Reminds me of a hot story way back where a bank teller was taken hostage and abused by the robbers and left naked to be found later. Thanks!!

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