Organized crime lords hold their their yearly sexual "Hunger Games" for cops in this new story from Mohawk!

The Mob's Police Games - Part 1: The Gathering of the Police Officers
by Mohawk
Series: The Mob's Police Games

The organized crime underworld decided to have their own “holiday” – everyone else seemed to have one, so why not them? They chose a date, February 13, as the date. Historians regard this as the date of the first bank robbery in the U.S. It was in Missouri in 1866 and was committed by Frank and Jesse James.

A bank robbery on the 19th (according to the Times) or 20th (according to the Post) of March in 1831 was reported by two newspapers. But, in general, historians seem to have disregarded this New York City bank “robbery” as the earliest. James Honeyman and William J. Murray entered the bank with forged keys, so perhaps technically, this was more a burglary than a robbery. Even so, Frank and Jesse have a nice reputation and so why not use the date of their robbery?

Organized crime bosses decided they would celebrate their own holiday with a set of games. Members would compete on the self-proclaimed holiday. To this end, four police officers would be captured each year and forced to participate in a set of rather unpleasant games for the cops, but a rather enjoyable set for the mobsters.
Each year, from then on, the mob would capture four police officers and would force them to participate in a kind of Olympics or rodeo or perhaps something more akin to gladiatorial games. They devised many different games or events and one contestant would be declared the winner of each game. An “All Around Champion” would be the mobster contestant who won the most points over all.

--| The Gathering of the Police Officers |--

This year, as in the years past, four police officers were kidnapped off the streets from different parts of the country and then taken to the city where the games were to be held.

Officer Mike Kunz, of German extraction had been seized in Pittsburgh. The 6”3’ lawman had been lured into a dark alley. The mobsters had setup a devise to interfere with his radio signal and so poor officer Kunz was unable to call in to report his location or his activity. Once in the alley, four men jumped him. Two held him from behind while a third pummeled as abdomen with his fists until Kunz sank down nearly unconscious. His captors, removed his utility belt with its weaponry, and cuffed Kunz’ hands behind him. Tape was placed over his eyes and weird gag that would force his mouth to remain wide open was shoved in his mouth. The gag was on a leather strap that fastened around his head and had a place in the buckle where a lock could be and was placed. Even if Kunz could get free, without the key, he would remain gagged and he was shoved into the trunk of a car waiting just outside the alley.

Don Murphy, an Irish cop from Boston met a similar fate. His red hair was typical of many of the Irish in the area. Two of the mobsters had gotten two Boston PD uniforms and dressed themselves in them. The remained near an old warehouse, waiting for a solitary officer to come by. It was Murphy’s bad luck to be the officer. The two cops, indicated to him to be quiet and motioned for him to come over to where they were, their guns drawn. Murphy pulled his firearm from its holster and slipped quietly up to the officers. One indicated he should come closer, apparently so he could tell him something. Murphy lowered his weapon and leaned in to hear what to bogus officer wanted to tell him. Suddenly, Murphy was cold cocked and dropped silently to the ground.

Without further ado, the two fake cops quickly stripped the unconscious Murphy of his weapons and then lifted his motionless body and placed it in the trunk of their car. Murphy was blindfolded and gagged with the same kind of locking gag and the trunk was shut. The two drove off.

More than a thousand miles away in Minneapolis, Dave Nelson was walking from his police car to talk to a person who had called in claiming to have information on a robbery that had occurred a few days earlier. It was a freezing cold night, and there were several inches of snow on the ground. As Officer Nelson plodded through the snow to the isolated house, he was thinking more about the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Nelson reached the house, knocked on the door. “Who is it?” asked a voice from within.

“Officer Nelson” responded the officer. “I’ve come to take the information you called us about”.

“Ok”, responded the voice from inside the house. “Just a sec”.

In the dark, Nelson never noticed the two men crouched behind the bushes next to house. As the resident started to unlock the door and remove the chain, the two figures slipped quickly from their hiding places. The startled officer caught a glimpse of them as the door opened. A fist shot out from the man in the doorway, and clipped the surprised officer on the chin. As he reeled backwards, the other two men jumped him and took him down. It was all over in a less than a minute.

The officer now stripped of his utility belt with his weapons, was cuffed, ball gagged and blindfolded and, like the other cops who had been captured, was shoved into the trunk of a waiting car. It disappeared quickly into the night.

NYPD officer Tim Rice was feeling the cold of the February night. Several members of the underworld kept Rice and his partner under surveillance since their 4 - midnight shift began. The mobsters watched their car as it patrolled a rather deserted part of the City on the lower West Side of Manhattan. The bitter cold had kept most people off the street and grabbing one of the officers would be relatively simple from the point of view of witnesses. The major problem would be the partner. None of the mobsters cared which cop they grabbed, although one of the cops appeared leaner than his chubbier partner. The consensus among the underworld figures, that taking the heavier of the two would leave the more athletic one loose. That cop might easily get away and call in. A fake call was placed to 911 about a suspicious character stalking around in the area, and the cop car responded immediately.

The two officers got out of the car and started to search the area around the buildings. As soon as they had separated a short distance, two gangsters grabbed Officer Rice, the slimmer of the two. Rice felt the hand slide over his mouth effectively keeping him from crying out. A powerful blow to the gut, made him double over, only to have his face meet an upcoming knee. Rice was out cold. He was quickly dispatched to the car that drove off. Later, Rice’s partner would spend hours trying to figure out and explain to his superior officers what happened and why there was no trace of Rice.

Rice was handcuffed and blindfolded at once. Then the same kind of ball gag was shoved into his mouth. Rice could feel the strap pulled tight and forcing the ball deep into his mouth. Then he heard the click as the lock was shut to prevent the gag from being removed. The car sped off to a small airport on Long Island. Rice was shoved into the place still unconscious. One of the hoodlums climbed inn with it and joined two others in the plane. The plane took off and headed to Chicago where the Mob’s Police Games were to be played that year.



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