What happens when frat pledges decide they've had enough abuse? They dish out some hell night of their own!

Pledge’s Revenge
by WoofDaddy2
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The pledge period had been rough for the six of us. We stared out with fourteen but the pledge master and his roommate were particularly brutal with us these last 30 days. We had been paddled until we were blistered and bleeding. We were ordered to clean up each other’s ass and lick the bleeding clean before washing each other’s ass and applying bandages.

The house rules were clear; no blowjobs were to be ordered by any brother of any pledge. This did not stop the pledge master and his roommate from coming up with alternatives. Each night after dinner, he would take a different one of us up to his room where we would follow his orders. Here is what he asked of me, each time a different activity. The first time, I had to jerk off the pledge master and then his roommate while they each watched. The next time, I licked their feet clean. The time after that, I had to give each one a rim job while they jerked off and finally, I gave each one a rim job while I jerked them off.

The week before hell night, all of the other brothers were off getting drunk and the pledge master and his roommate had us all upstairs in there room, naked and waiting for the next degrading orders. Each of us was ordered to hug another pledge and we were paddled until bright red, but not yet bleeding. Next, we knelt in a circle, ass facing out. The other two took turns mounting us and dry fucking us. It hurt like hell. They did not cum inside any of us, just rammed home their cocks a few times to stretch out our ass holes. Each of us was given a six-inch long and six inches around dildo to insert up our ass. We had 60 seconds to get it all the way in or we would be fucked again until they came inside us.

I sucked on my dildo for 30 seconds before attempting to shove it in. The pain was intense but I got it all the up my hole in time. Two of the six of us did not succeed in ramming home the dildos on time and we watched as they were fucked. After each man shot his load up the ass of the pledge, those two pledges were ordered to suck out the cum from each other’s ass and show us the man seed on their tongues before swallowing the loads.

We had finally had enough. We turned on the pledge master and his roommate. We jumped them, tied them down, and then cut off their clothes. Next, we tied them together in a 69 position, forcing each to swallow the other’s cock before securing the head and cock tightly. Now our fun began. We took several pictures with our cell phones. Then we took out some lube from their dressers and lubed up both ass holes. Each of us took turns fuck first one then the other. We left six loads of hot man seed up their butts and it took us much of the night for the six of us to cum twice and take our revenge. There were many pictures taken that night while we fucked these hairy men. At least twice, each of our victims came in the other man’s mouth and the wet seed dripped out the corners and onto their chins.

Our final revenge was to shave both men’s asses, and then we shaved their balls, and finally their man bush so they were as smooth as a child from the navel down to their upper thighs. We lathered them with Ben Gay where they had just been shaved and wrapped the newly shaved area in plastic wrap. They were pain in from the burning within seconds. We found a double-headed dildo under one of the beds. We lubed it with more Ben Gay, cut holes in the plastic wrap over their ass holes and inserted the dildo up both butts. They squirmed and tried to force it out of their asses because it burned, but as each one tried to force it out of his ass, it went further into his buddy’s burning hole. It was great to watch and take pictures. By 3 AM, we had had our fun, loosened the ropes a little so they could get out after some work and we left before they were free. We threatened to expose them by publishing the pictures on the web of the two of them being overpowered and raped by their own pledges. We were home free for the next week until pledge period ended.


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  1. scotts60143 - June 7, 2020, 6:22 pm

    Great story and love the turnabout! Revenge as they say is a dish best served cold, unless of course you use Ben Gay!

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