Abel and the other men suffer through another morning on the ranch.

This Little Piggy Went to the Market - Chapter 22
by Horny Old Fag
Series: This Little Piggy Went to the Market

piggyCHAPTER 22

Abel laid on his stomach and watched the sunrise through a crack in the barn wall. He could barely hold his eyes open but had too much on his mind to sleep.

His feet itched something fierce. He briskly scratched their tops. His bowels rumbled. He scuttled into the corner and squatted over a hole in the floor. His guts exploded. He gritted his teeth and clutched the wall. His eyes watered. The cramps lessened. He wiped his crack with a fistful of straw.

He closed his eyes and offered a silent prayer for Kaila and the girls. He missed his family so much. He prayed they all might one day be safely together again.

McGee lay curled up facing the wall, his obscene curly pink tail askew. His welted backside had begun to scab. The rookie had not stirred nor spoken all night.

Pedro lugged the milking machine inside the barn. Oscar followed carrying a small cooler. Pedro said something in Spanish. Both thugs chortled.

Abel groaned. He did not know how much more of this crap he could take.

Oscar leaned forward to unlock their gate and got his necklace caught on the barbed wire. The dog-faced freak pricked his finger untangling the tinkling toe bones and suckled the blood from his wound.

Pedro set the milking machine on the floor and prodded Abel onto his elbows and knees with the barrel of a rifle. The hulking bruiser set the weapon on the ground and slipped the machine’s cylinder over his junk.

Abel dove on the rifle. The pump whirred to life. The cylinder suctioned to his groin. He fumbled for the gun’s trigger. His flapping dong sprouted a painful boner. The pressure grew so intense he blacked out for a second and lost his grip. He spazzed around the floor like an epileptic, spurting wad after wad into the vial. The pressure abated. He collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Oscar unhooked his junk and labeled and stashed his sample inside the cooler.

Pedro smashed his snout with the butt of the rifle. His nose snapped. Blood trickled over his lips and chin and dribbled onto his chest. The savage bruiser bashed his nads. He clutched his groin and yowled.

McGee got hauled into position and hooked up to the pump. The cursing rookie pounded his fists against the floorboards. His freckled mug scrunched. After several minutes, he dribbled a few drops of watery sperm into his vial.

Oscar snorted derisively and labeled and stashed the meager sample.

Pedro wrestled McGee over one knee and yanked out his tail. The startled rookie squawked. The bruiser pinned the kicking and flailing kid and spanked his already welted rear until he sobbed for mercy. The brute rammed the screeching rookie’s tail up his butt, grabbed the milking machine and lumbered out the door. His freak of a buddy locked their gate and followed.

McGee crawled into the corner and rubbed his rosy buttocks.

Abel clasped his stinging nads and struggled to breathe through his broken nose. Even after a week in this hellhole, he still prayed he might wake to find this had all been some surreal nightmare.

Not only did his feet itched like crazy but his rectum felt like a dozen mosquitos had crawled up his ass. He reached between his legs and scratched his crack, which only made matters worse.

A stout Mexican woman wearing a patch over one eye waddled inside the barn and slipped a tin plate of mushy cornmeal under their gate. She cursed in Spanish and spat through the chicken wire, crossed her heaving bosom, and swaggered out the door.

Abel wiped a glob of spittle from his chin. His bloody nose and mouth hurt too badly to eat much but he forced down a few bites of the spicy slop.

Vega and his wife Inez shuffled inside the barn. Manny and Herman followed. The inked brute and his hatchet-faced buddy pinned Abel, while the old woman bathed his face. The doc examined his nose and snapped his septum back into position. Blinding pain shot down his spine, curling his toes. He howled and beat his fists against the floor.
Once he calmed down, Manny and Herman wrestled him onto his stomach, and Inez bandaged his nose. Vega examined his rectum and discovered a yeast infection. That would explain the intense itching. The brutes pinned his chest against the straw while the old guy slathered antifungal ointment up his rear. He spouted a boner and groaned.

Inez took McGee’s temperature and changed his bandages. A few of the rookie’s welts looked infected. The old woman straightened the kid’s snout and tail and patted his head.

Vega gave he and McGee shots for pain. He and his wife gathered their things and shuffled out the door. Manny and Herman locked their gate and followed.

Abel and his partner laid in silence until around noon based upon the height of the sun in the sky, at which point Rosa sashayed into the barn with a pot of chicken and rice. The little wench set their lunch on the ground outside their stall and removed her bikini top. She jiggled her pert breasts. Her dark eyes twinkled.

“Do you think my nipples are too big?”

Abel realized he was staring and averted his gaze.

“I do. Especially the one on the left.” She tweaked her nipples. “Juan says they’re perfect but I don’t know.”

“I’m sure they’re fine.”

“At least I’ve got nipples I suppose. Unlike poor mama.”

Abel glanced up.

“Papa sliced off her nipples one night when he got drunk. He thought she was having an affair. She was, but that doesn’t make what he did right.”

“I should think not.”

Rosa pitched pieces of chicken through the holes in the wire and snorted like a pig.

Abel cupped his hands over his boner and scuttled around on his knees, snatching up bits of chicken and cramming them inside his mouth. Whatever Vega had given him for pain worked and he was starving.

Rosa aimed her tiny Beretta his way and giggled. “Make my day, puerco.” She unlocked their stall, slid the pot inside with her toes, and chained the gate shut afterward.

“Mama got even, though. She slit papa’s throat. He was policía, like you.”

With an impish grin, the little wench shimmied out of her bikini bottom and twerked her ass while fingering her lady parts. Abel stared at his toes and picked the dirt from beneath his nails.

Rosa shimmied and blew a kiss their way. “You maricones are no fun.” She slipped on her bikini and shot the bird over her shoulder on her way out the door. “I’ll let mama know you weren’t wearing your snout.”

Abel had forgotten all about his snout. He brushed off the blood and slipped it over his bandaged nose.

“What the fuck was that all about?” McGee sat up and wiped the snot from his nose.

“The things that poor child must have seen.”

McGee whimpered and clutched his gut. “We’re going to die here.”

“Not if I can help it,” Abel said to reassure his partner, but he, too, feared for their survival.


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