Two police officers are captured and sold into sexual slavery but only after their captors have some fun with them in this new series by Horny Old Fag.

This Little Piggy Went to the Market - Chapters 1 & 2
by Horny Old Fag
Series: This Little Piggy Went to the Market

piggyChapter One

Officer Robert Abel and his partner, rookie Connor McGee, were patrolling a swath of public housing units and deserted warehouses on the east side when a hot sister dashed into the street screaming, "My baby! My baby!"

They sped over to the curb and leaped out. The distraught young mother pointed. A shadowy figure in a hoodie ducked into an alley a block further up the street. They charged after the guy.

As Abel rounded the corner into the alley, he grabbed his scanner. "We got a possible Amber alert here. I repeat, possible Amber Alert. Do you read?" Nothing came back but static. "Damn, radio's dead."

McGee had left his scanner in the car. The rookie whipped out his phone as they ran. "I got zero bars." Abel checked his screen. "Same here. No GPS either. That’s odd."

Abel and McGee sprinted through blocks of cluttered alleys and overgrown parking lots. Abel paused to catch his breath. Ever since turning thirty last month, he had been hitting the gym regularly, but his twenty-three-year-old partner had the stamina of the Energizer bunny. The rookie raced ahead and rounded the corner.

By the time Abel caught up, the kid and the perp were nowhere in sight. A baby wailed. The sound came from one of the buildings on his right. A chain-link fence stood in his way. He took a deep breath and clambered over.

Whipping out his flashlight, he crept forward between two darkened warehouses. The baby shrieked from inside the building to his left. He rushed down a crumbling flight of stairs into a dilapidated basement. A light glowed through a doorway at the end of a long hall. He drew his weapon and sidled along the wall. "Police! Put the kid down and come out with your hands up."

No one emerged. He crept forward and peered around the door frame. Work lights illuminated a dusty room. A boombox rested on the floor. A baby howled from its speakers. What the heck was going on here?

A baseball cracked against the back of his skull. He crumpled to his knees. His Glock flew from his hand. He got bashed across the shoulders. He crawled toward his weapon. A third conk flattened his ass.

Chapter Two

Officer Abel groaned to life trussed spread-eagled in the door frame between two rooms of the crumbling basement. His head pounded. His shirt hung open, his trousers bunched around his knees, leaving his privates exposed. His duty belt was nowhere in sight.

Getting caught off guard could happen to anyone. Getting disarmed could get problematic. Getting tied up half-naked creeped his ass out.

Footsteps sounded to his rear. He peered over his shoulder. A corpulent masked figure in black brandished a Glock, which he recognized as his own.

“Yo, niggah pig, what’s up?”

"What did you call me, boy?”

“You a niggah, ain’t you, pig? Or is you hispanical?”

“Look, I don't know who you think you’re talking to, but you better get me down. Officers are gonna be swarming this place any minute.”

“In your dreams.” The fat perp stuffed the gun into his waistband. “Pancho scrambled y’all’s communications and ditched you car. The po-po don’t know where you at, niggah pig.”

“Let me down.” Abel tore at his bonds. “Now, motherfucker. I mean it!

“No can do, niggah pig. Prime pork butt is tight down Mexico way.”

“Speak English, boy.”

“Po-po fetch good gwap on the black market.”

Abel shook his head. What a nut job.

“I ain’t playing, niggah pig. You and that pasty-assed honky pig is off to Casa de la Puerco in a few. Carlotta gonna work your booties off.”

“What the hell—work? Doing what?”

“Sexing po-po hating degenerates.”

“That’s sick.” Abel tore at his bonds. The perp snapped pictures of his junk. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Cut that out. You better not post those anywhere or I’ll—.”

The fat freak smacked his butt. He winced. “Carlotta and her crew been stalking your fine bootay for weeks, niggah pig.” Fingers tickled his crack. He roared. “Motherfucker, don’t you dare!” A fingernail scraped over his asshole. He sucked in his breath. The freak whispered in his ear. “They know where you live. When you on patrol. Where your old lady work. Where your brats go to school.”

“You go near my family, motherfucker, and I swear to God I’ll kill you.”

“Yo, niggah pig, that shit’s on you. Keep your cunt in line and they be fine.” A fat finger forced up his butt. He shot forward on the toes of his boots and wheezed at the perp to stop. The finger wriggled. “Resist and those bitches be whoring for their supper, too.”

Abel tore at his bonds, stomped his boot heels, hollered for help. “How can you do this to a brother?"

“Yo, no, you ain't my bro, niggah pig, you my bitch."

The perp ripped the back out of his shirt and belted his shoulders, left first, then right. He twisted this way and that, yanking on his bonds. The prick thrashed lower and lower. Spasms rippled through his buttocks. An errant blow snapped his balls. He cursed through clenched teeth.

The perp circled around and strapped his heaving pectorals, left, then right, and lashed his gut. For a fat prick, he was surprisingly strong. “Fuck, man, what the hell do you want?”

The perp spat on his palm and grabbed Abel by the dick. Abel drew back as far as his bonds allowed. "What the fuck are you doing? Get your goddamn hands off me, faggot." The asshole grinned and torqued his shaft. He yanked on the ropes around his wrists. They would not give. “Cut it out, you freak!” His balls tingled. He visualized a horrific car crash and his last visit to the morgue; his rod swelled all the same.

“Yo, that’s one ginormous pork roll you got.” The perp wrung Abel’s shaft like a wet dish rag. Abel grimaced and ground his teeth. His erection flagged. The freak fisted his rod back to life. “You a natural, niggah pig.”

"Stop calling me that?"

“You ain't the boss of me—nor no one else no more.”

"You're out of your frigging mind."

The sadistic perp spanked Abel’s erection. He lurched backward with a squawk. The son-of-a-bitch whipped the belt against his privates fast and furious. The sting was off the charts. He roared and stomped his boots. His shaft wilted.

“Embrace the pain, niggah pig. How else you gonna learn?” The relentless son-of-a-bitch teased his shaft hard and tickled the flogger over his knob. He whimpered, “No, please, don’t—.” The asshole beat his erection soft and spat in his face. “Repetition aids retention, yo.”

The freak torqued his aching shaft stiff. His nuts strained. He closed his eyes and whimpered.

The perp thrashed his crotch. “Did I say you could come, niggah pig?” He screaked and squirmed to dodge the strap but could not shift more than a few inches in any direction. The sting worsened. He bit his lip and batted back tears.

The motherfucker punched his scrotum. Shockwaves of pain rocketed outward from his groin to the very tips of his fingers and toes. He spazzed and spurted across the floor. The cackling prick slugged again twice as hard. He shuddered and blacked out cold.


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