19 yo straight jock Peter is tricked and abducted by a group of men who transport him to his new life as a sex slave and decide to have a little fun with him along the way.


Peter - Chapter 1
by Quicky
Series: Peter
Art by FellowsArt

Peter was the pride of his high school. He had won a lot of sport competitions but he didn't let that change him. Most of his teammates were typical arrogant high school jocks. But Pete didn`t join them in bullying the nerds. He even protected them which made him respected by all his fellow students. In addition he had a muscular body, which he loved to show off whenever there was an excuse (just for the girls of course) and he was cute as a button. Maybe a little bit too cute. His sweet face looked too boyish for many girls (he was 19 but looked younger) who preferred a more masculine look. But this made his male admirers like him even more. He wasn`t a homophobic, it just wasn`t his thing.

One day he took part in a benefit marathon. A lot of people came: spectators of all ages, photographers and even a few rich donators. Peter liked this busy atmosphere and had no idea that one of the main financier had an eye on the boy. Sitting in the VIP-area of the stands, Claus Shipper kept a greedy eye on Pete and whispered to himself, "You must be mine!"

After the run there were many photographers busy taking pictures and one of them (a man in his mid-twenties with curly brown hair) approached Pete. "Nice run, young man! Can I take a few pics of you?"

"Yes, ...of course. Do I have to pose in a special way?" responded Pete feeling flattered.

"No, no, just smiling!" said the friendly photographer. "I´m Jimmy. I work for a fitness magazine. Would it be okay with you if I include your name and your high school for the article?

"Sure, it's Churchill High School and my name is Peter Corner."

"Fine! ... I see you have big upper arm muscles, you must workout a lot! Could you take of your shirt, please?" Pete was very trusting and did as told. He proudly presented his well muscled torso and flat abs for the very excited photographer. "Very nice, very nice ... indeed! As I thought! Just perfect!"

Pete blushed and smiled even wider.

After a few more pictures, Jimmy switched off the camera. "Hey, Pete, I know we just met but I really think you have what it takes to be a professional model. Your gifts shouldn`t be wasted! Let's meet up again in three days in the forest. I could bring a few colleagues and a better camera. Then we could take a photo-set for your application!"
Peter had never thought of himself as model, but maybe as part-time-job, a little extra money... "Okay, why not. I will be there!"

Jimmy smiled. "I`m looking forward to it, Pete!"


Three days after the marathon, the crowd of spectators were no where to be found and Pete waited in the shadows of the trees as Jimmy and his colleagues made their way toward him in a green van. With a big smile in the face, Jimmy got out of the windowless van. "Hi, Pete, good to see you again! Are you ready?"

Peter nodded. "I think so! Who are they?" He pointed to the two muscle men following who looked like bulls. The one on the left was as tall as Pete and the one on the right one even taller. Both had grim faces behind their beards.

"Oh, this is Joe and Mike. Just ignore them. They take care of the technology stuff!" Peter was not completely convinced, they didn´t seemed like computer nerds and why two of them. But they set up a small table with chairs and sat down behind a laptop.

"Can we start?", asked Jimmy, who nervously followed Pete`s gaze.

"Errr..., yes, of course!"

The session was similar to the shoot three days ago. With an open shirt, Pete posed for the camera in different positions and Jimmy offered him more compliments about his extraordinary body. After an hour, Jimmy said he had enough pics.

"Do you really think I have a chance to be a model?" asked Pete.

"Sure... I can even offer you a small job today, even paid. Come!" Jimmy lead the boy to the back side of the van and showed him an iron rack, which looked like a collar attached with two handcuffs on each side. "I have a little bit bondage gear, which must be showcased. I would pay you 60 dollars!"

Peter wanted the 60 bucks, but this whole situation felt strange; the van, the muscle guys standing behind him...

"Errr... no, sorry, Jim! I don`t think that`s a good idea!" said Pete making a step backwards. Jimmy looked worried and a little bit desperate.

"Then maybe 600 dollars!" Now Peter was convinced something was wrong.

The two guys came closer and bigger one, Mike, said "Nice try, Jimmy, but we'll continue from here!" Suddenly the two bulls gripped the high school jock and pressed a cloth above his mouth and nose. As Pete breathed in the chemicals, he became weaker and weaker and finally blacked out.

When Peter regained consciousness, he felt the cold iron of the rack on his neck and wrists. He was totally immobilized. He stared up to the ceiling of the van laying on a soft mattress as the van bounced driving down a rocky road. Peter tried to speak but a red-ball-gag in his mouth prevented this. He tried to stand up but his ankles were also cuffed and connected with an iron bar which spread his legs. Someone had removed his shirt because he felt cold air on his bare chest but to his relief, he his shorts were still in place.

Suddenly Mike appeared in Peter`s field of vision with an evil grin. "Hey ... You awake so fast?!"

Peter struggled against his restraints with no result. The boy stared up to the guy above who grinned even wider now as he laid himself beside the muscular jock and said "Well, cutie, you've surely by now figured out that you won`t be becoming a model. Instead you will soon be the sex-toy of our boss. Your body will endure a lot of sexual teasing for his entertainment!"

"And we will help him!" said Joe who suddenly appeared on the other side of Pete`s vision.

The two started to lick the boys nipples. Their beards tickled his bare boy-chest. Peter screamed in his gag. He felt so humiliated with two fags sucking on his nipples but he was helpless to stop them. He moaned in his gag and squirmed but it had no use. Their tongues traveled over his pecs, stopped and started digging in his armpits. Pete could not help but giggle as his ticklish pits were attacked. Then they began to pinch his sweet brown nipples. The helpless boy´s muscles flexed and this only increased the lust of his kidnappers.

Pete began to feel an unwillingly arousal in his shorts which puzzled him... he was straight, damn it!

Mike noticed Pete's growing cock and his giant hand started to fondle the semi-erect penis through the thin fabric of his shorts. Peter became even more ashamed but nobody cared. Instead Joe´s hand also went down. "Would you mind if I join there, too?!" His fat fingers slowly entered the pants.

The desperate jock wildly struggled as the for the first time in his life another man touched his uncut cock. Obviously jealous of the fact that his buddy was first to directly touch the boy´s dick, Mike tightnened his grip on the fabric of the shorts trying to hold on to as much as possible. With a playful grin and two hands, Joe fought to keep his prize. Then Mike`s second hand joined Joe's inside of the moaning boy's trousers. Their game continued and became quite a struggle for control of the hot jock`s cock. In this tangle of hands Pete`s penis became harder and harder. Finally Mike and Joe laughed as they ripped the shorts apart in the mushrooming struggle and exposed the throbbing cock of their victim coming to rest on his tensed abs.

"Wow, what a big cock you've got hidden in your pants, kid!" said Mike.

"The bigger the dick, the more we have to torture!" added Joe with a sadistic smile.

They began stroking their property. Meanwhile Mike pinched Peter's nipples between his enormous fingers....hard...then very hard. The jock`s muscular body became extremely tensed and his moaning became more like dampened screaming. For a minute the boy struggled but then Mike had mercy and released his nipples and instead licked Pete`s abs. So the jock's attention turned to his violated cock. Joe`s warm hand, which seemed to be experienced with unwanted orgasms, increased its speed. The boy`s breath became faster, too. Ejaculation came closer and closer. But then suddenly Joe`s relased the boy`s cock! What the hell! These perverts should just let him cum! But His protest could not be understood through the gag. Pete lifted and lowered his hips desperately fucking in the air. Useless! Finally Pete`s throbbing cock rested on his abs still wet with Mike`s saliva.

Breathing deeply he looked up and saw the two guys giving each other a high-five. Joe reached in his pocket and showed Peter a metal ring about the width of two fingers which he attached on the teen's balls. The weight of the ring drew Pete`s testicles down while Mike`s hand tightly griped the young boy`s cock again. They took turns continuing to jerk off the helpless jock; bringing him to the edge of orgasm, but then denying it... again and again!

After about the fourth time, the van stopped moving and Mike bowed down in front of Peter`s face. "Seems we are here, kid!"

Joe reached for a hellgates-device, a device of seven steel rings attached to each other, in the form of an erect cock. It had a normal size, but for Peter`s cock it still was too small... so he thought! His kidnappers pushed and squeezed the big, veiny cock in the device, ignoring his loud protests. At the same time his foreskin was moved down by the rings displaying his purple glans. The upper ring (directly under the glans) was bigger than the other ones and Mike shoved two tiny batteries in it. Joe held up a remote control device and pressed one of the many buttons. Instantly the upper cockring awoke and started to vibrate. The boy`s arousal grew and the cold steel dug into his captive penis! Then it stopped and Mike attached a leather collar around the boys`s neck with the same kind of batteries in it but it had a different function. Joe pressed another button and the collar gave the boy an electric shock. It was intense and extremely painful because the electricity centered in the metal devices, the iron rack holding his neck and wrists and the steel device around his genitals.

"This is what happens if you make trouble, little one!", said Joe with a diabolic smile.

The two men opened the rack. Without thinking Peter tried instantly to escape but Mike balled his fist and punched the jock hard in his six-pack. At the same time Joe activated the shock-collar. The pain was too much and the moaning boy fell back on the mattress.

"You aren`t a very quick-learner, little pup! ... Now listen carefully, we will now bind your hands and if you make trouble, you will regret it! ... Understood?" threatened Joe and removed the ball-gag.

Pete had a feeling that even if he cooperated, he would regret it too. But he had no choice and said against all resistances in his mind "Yes, Sir!"

"Oh, did you just said Sir? Maybe you will learn faster than I thought!" said Joe. Mike tied the jock`s hands behind his back with a thin iron chain. With a bigger one he encircled the muscle boy`s torso three times so that his impressive chest and his big upper arms were shown off to their best advantage. The cold iron on his nude skin made Pete shiver. Finally they removed the pole between his legs and made him stand inside the van.

There he was, Peter, the pride of his high school and winner of so many sport competitions, now tied up with cold chains which rested on his flexing muscles. Standing surrounded by two big, sadistic guys, Joe behind him with the control device and a black riding crop stroking between his tensed boyass-cheeks. Mike, on the jock`s right side, fondling the purple cockhead with thumb and index-finger, bowed forward and whispered in the boy`s ear "Are you ready to meet your master, boy toy?!"

In the seven-rings of the hellgates-cage, the jock`s cock stood in full erection pressing flesh against steel and Peter knew never before in his young life was his cock harder!



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  1. scotts60143 - January 16, 2023, 10:47 am

    This is a GREAT first chapter! So many buttons pushed hard to keep track! First off, a high school jock so how cool is that! Second, absolutely love the nipple play. This is an area that usually gets overlooked, but I have found guys for the most part have VERY sensitive nipples and just like in the story playing with them send a signal to his dick to rise up!! And finally, the 7 gates of Hell which is truly torture on a young guy because they usually get hard as a steel spike anyway but with the gates on…so intense can drive them nuts!! With the gates on you can really stroke the dick, so you are left playing with the exposed head which only adds to the frustration. With the vibrator attachment here…wow, I think poor Peter is going to go insane!

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