The defeated superhero gives into his desires to become a submissive sex slave but learns that Dr Eel has one more sick game in store for him.

The Patriot - Part 5
by Todd Fleming
Series: The Patriot

The-PatriotThe once proud hero never felt weaker than he did after his third powerful orgasm that night. Hanging his head in shame, the erotic feelings of submission overwhelmed his shattered psyche. His erect cock still stood at attention wanting more humiliation and the taste of semen lingering in his mouth was a reminder on his fall from grace.

He knew he should be fighting this sick game of Dr. Eel, but the carefully repressed door of his sexual feelings had been flung open and it was beyond his strength to close it again. He wanted more, and the sexual journey that he had been forced to travel was not enough to sate the cravings growing in the hero.

The Patriot looked up at the sadistic doctor and felt his eyes start to water. This evil man was responsible for exposing him to this sinful nature. He was supposed to be saving himself for his soulmate and instead he gave up load after load of his precious seed that drained him of his amazing powers.

With a defeated sigh, the stud gave in to his desires. “Please doctor,” his once proud baritone voice cracked as he begged. “Please let me cum again.”

He felt a shiver of pleasure as the doctor ran his fingers through his hair affectionately, like one would do with a pet. “This is working out even better than my predictions,” Dr. Eel said to himself as the hero nuzzled his head against the doctor’s hand. “I can give you much more, but I need you to be weaker to enjoy the pleasures of bondage.”

The thought of being helpless like his captured comrades sent the hero’s shattered mind into overdrive. With a primal groan that was mixed with pleasure and frustration, he grabbed his hard and worn out cock and started jerking himself off. He closed his eyes and replayed the torturous scenes that he had witnessed that evening.

The doctor just sat there and watched as the hero debased himself even further for the promise of another taste of sexual kink. Things had progressed even better than he could ever hoped. Time was running short and it was time to take his plan to the next step.

Seeing that his prisoner was taking too long, Dr. Eel shoved the hero’s face into his crotch and held it firmly there while he jerked off.

The musky scent of his captor’s desire was heavenly to the fallen hero and it only added to his cravings. His mouth opened and started to feel the trapped hard cock through the doctor’s pants. He jerked faster as he desired to take the full length of that cock into his mouth.

The Patriot raised his free hand and tried to unbutton the doctor’s pants only to have his hand shoved away. With a groan of frustration, he lowered his hand and tried to suck his captor through the thick material of his pants.

Focused on completing his task, Dr. Eel promised himself that he would make the hero suck him off properly once this was all finished. Seeing the mighty Patriot reduced to a cock slave was a huge turn on for him and it took a tremendous amount of willpower not to ravish the defeated hero.

Being denied to suck cock brought a new sensation to the overwhelmed hero. As he jerked his monster cock, he felt more pleasure building as he experienced yet another aspect of being a submissive. It didn’t take much longer for him to reach the point of no return. With a defeated moan, his body shook as his cock gave up another load of his precious seed. Feeling the powers being leeched from him, The Patriot’s head swam with desire as he grew weaker and weaker. It was a high that was unlike anything he had ever experienced. The intense feeling of vulnerability made each orgasm better than the last. Although part of him knew that he was marching to his doom, the greater part wanted to have his powers drained completely so he could feel the apex of this sexual high.

As his orgasm finally ended, the hero meekly bent his head and started lapping the mess he made with his tongue. Dr. Eel watched with fascination as the hero cleaned up without being told. The stud’s cock was still rock hard. Looking at his readings, he could see the hero’s powers were reduced to 34%. Still not fast enough for his liking, but it should be enough for the next stage of his plan.

As the last drops of cum were licked up by the defeated hero, Dr. Eel got up from his chair and took a couple of items from his bag. He quickly blindfolded the hero and then cuffed his hands behind his back.

Being blinded like that was very unnerving for the hero who wondered what was next in this sexual nightmare. Being brought to his feet, he stood there completely naked and helpless wondering if this was the end of the road for him. He never felt weaker in his life and although he could still feel the faint warmth of his powers, they were a shadow of his former glory. Despite his fear, The Patriot felt excitement at being bound and blinded. The feeling of helplessness kept his erotic desires in full throttle as was shown by his proud but tired cock that still stood at full attention.

A firm hand gripped his erection and pulled on it as he heard the door to the room open. Following the tug of the hand, the hero obediently followed as the humiliation of his cock being used as a leash further fueled his sexual desires.

The Patriot had no idea where he was being lead to, but the firm grip on his cock comforted him somehow. He hoped that whatever was going to happen involved him shooting another load. The small part of his mind that was dominated by his heroic side despaired as he realized how far he had fallen tonight. He should be planning his escape and rescue of the remaining soldiers, instead the stud was wishing for sexual depravities to be inflicted on his once invulnerable body.

The hero heard a door open and he was soon motioned to stop walking. Completely blinded by the blindfold, he had to suppress of groan of disappointment as the hand released his cock. He shifted nervously as he could hear outraged grunting and the sounds of chains clinking in struggle. What was going on here?

He felt hands on his shoulder as he was lead a couple of footsteps and then guided to lay down. He could feel the cold steel of some kind of table pressing against his skin as the handcuffs were removed. The hero was very aware of his throbbing cock as his hands itched to remove the blindfold that still blinded him. But his arms were raised above his head and some kind of metal were attached to his wrists. The same was done to his ankles as well. Feeling the erotic embrace of this new bondage, The Patriot tested his bonds and tried to break free. Whatever held him against the table held tight as they refused to bend to his once powerful strength.

Were his powers depleted so much that he could not break free? Gathering the tattered remains of his powers, the hero pulled with all of his might only to fail to break free of his bonds. A momentary panic that he was truly helpless was replaced by the erotic feeling of helplessness. He could not break free and that turned him on even more.

The unseen hands continued their work as the bonds that held the hero in place were tightened until his arms and legs were stretched as far as they could go. A little more stretching and the hero was sure his appendages would be torn from his body.

The mixture of fear and pleasure that he felt in his helpless state was too much for the hero. His hand ached to touch himself to further the pleasure that he was experiencing. He'd fantasized about this moment since he fell into the evil doctor’s clutches and now that it was becoming a reality, he knew he would be forever a slave.

A small gasp escaped from his lips as he felt clamps being applied to his hard nipples. He could feel the steel embrace of the clamps pinch one of his most sensitive parts of his body. What was even more nerve wracking, The Patriot felt a touch of pain as they were applied. The small part of fear doubled as he tried once again to break free of his bonds.

The helpless hero felt other clamps being applied as his cock and balls started feeling the small pinching of pain that his nipples did. Pain was a such a foreign feeling to him that it sent fear rippling through his helpless body.

Light suddenly blinded him as the blindfold was removed. The Patriot soon adjusted to the light of the room and gasped at what he saw.

The remaining soldiers that had been captured were tied up in chairs that were in a circle around the table that he was bound to. All of them had been stripped naked and as they struggled helplessly in their bondage, their cocks throbbed with their hardness.

Looking down at himself, The Patriot saw the chains that kept him spread eagle on the cold steel table. There were steel clamps attached to his nipples, cock and balls with wires that ran from the clamps and across the floor.

Dr. Eel watched from the adjoining room as he sat behind a computer. It was time to finish what he started and end the hero once and for all. Turning on the speaker, he spoke to the bound soldiers and hero.

“As we conduct our final experiment for the evening, you boys have a chance to win your freedom. Before you is the once mighty Patriot, who you can see if quite turned on by his helpless state. The rule of this game is simple, whoever makes our hero cum will be sent home. For every load of cum that you extract from our hero, one of you fine American boys will be set free. If you make him cum six times then all of you will be set free. But time is a factor, you only have two hours.”

With the press of the button, the soldier’s bonds were released and they were set free. The doctor watched with glee as they stood up looking at each other and the helpless hero. He had dosed each one of them with the same formula that he had given the hero and their newly awakened and enhanced sexual desires had been coursing through their bodies for some time now.

The Patriot could not believe his ears as this new sadistic game was revealed. He watched helplessly as the remaining soldiers of his unit were set free. Each one of them were naked and their erections all seemed to point directly at him.

Thompson rushed to the door and tried to open it and collapsed in pain holding his ass. “What the fuck!”

“Did I forget to say that there were electrodes shoved up each of your asses?” Dr. Eel’s voice dripped with amusement. “Now play the game or I will shock you again!”

Thompson cried out as another electric shock ripped through his body. Holding his hard cock with one hand and his ass in the other, he rejoined his fellow soldiers reluctantly.

“What do we do?” Ritchson said as he looked at his comrades trying to avoid peering at their excitement.

Fawcett glared as he walked over to the table and pulled on the chains holding The Patriot helpless. “Why don’t you break free?” He said accusingly at their hero. Crying out in pain, he let go of the chains and grabbed his ass as an electric shock tore through him.

The Patriot never felt so helpless in his entire life. “I’m sorry!” He cried out as a sob escaped through his lips. He knew he should be putting together an escape plan, but he was too weak to do anything but lay on the table in his bondage. The worst part was that he wanted this game to unfold. The sexual desires that had been implanted in his mind were too powerful to fight. For the freedom of his comrades, he must let them sexually abuse him and he secretly loved it.


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