"The Patriot" is interrogated by a North Korean scientist in hopes of discovery the source of his impressive powers in a new superhero tale from Todd Fleming!

The Patriot - Part 1
by Todd Fleming
Series: The Patriot

The-PatriotWater splashed on the face of The Patriot, causing him to slowly open his eyes. Confused, he tried to move but found that he was held completely immobile.

“It seems our guest is awake at last,” said a soft baritone voice directly in front of him.

As his vision cleared, he looked down and saw chains entwined around his body, from his muscled chest all the way down to his meaty thighs.

“I’m afraid that we had to take measures to ensure that you would not leave our hospitality,” the same voice said soothingly. “I would refrain from breaking those chains or your friends will die.”

As his vision cleared, he looked up and saw a bone thin older man wearing a lab coat with a shirt, tie, and slacks underneath. His salt and pepper hair looked like he just had rolled out of bed and his face was framed by a pair of wire glasses.

“What is going on?” The prisoner muttered weakly as he slumped in his bondage.

“I will be the one asking the questions,” The strange man chided gently.

Lights flashed in front of the bound hero as several wall mounted television screens flickered to life. Each one showed members of his squadron soldiers, bound in chains like him.

“You see, my dear hero,” his captor said with a slight smile. “Your chains are wired directly to their chains. If you break free then it will send lethal electric shocks to each one of them, killing them instantly.”

The Patriot frowned as the older man walked over to him and pulled on the chains. Each one of the soldiers screamed as they shook from the electric shock.

“Would you like another demonstration?” The mature man said with a menacing smile.

The hero shook his head as his eyes grew worried. His powers granted him to have super strength and invulnerability, so there was no way his captors could hurt him. His comrades, however, had no powers and could be hurt.

“What do you want?” The hero’s deep voice demanded quietly.

The older man leaned forward, close to his handsome chiseled face and lifted his chin slightly up so he could look deep into his ocean blue eyes. “I want you,” He said softly.

The Patriot jerked his face away as slightly shuddered. His captor’s dark eyes sent a slight shiver down his spine. There was no mercy in those eyes.

“More specifically,” his captor said chillingly. “I want to find out how your powers work, to dissect every part of your anatomy and see how you tick. My employers have been trying to duplicate your powers for many years now without success. I am here to see if it is possible.”

The hero’s eyes narrowed as he took in the information. His squad had been on a secret mission in North Korea to gather intelligence. Ever since the US Army created the superhero serum and gave him his powers, the hostile Asian country had tried everything to defeat him. His powers always allowed him to defeat his enemies. The trouble with the serum was that he was the only subject who had successfully developed powers. Others had tried the serum, but showed no signs of super powers. The Patriot was the only one.

“You’re wasting your time,” The hero said defiantly. “You will never figure my powers out!”

The older man smiled blandly as he took out a small remote control. “We shall see!”

The Patriot’s eyes grew wide as the captor pressed a button. One of the soldiers in the the television screen screamed as currents of electricity ran through his body.

“STOP!” The hero yelled suppressed the desire to break free of his bondage.

The captor raised an eyebrow as he looked at the helpless hero. “Manners, Patriot, manners.”

Swallowing his pride, the hero tried to make his voice meek. “Please, sir. Leave my men out of this.”

“Now was that so hard?” The older man said with a small chuckle. “A little bit of civility can go a very long way.”

The Patriot could not believe that he had to play this freak’s game. He just needed to stall for time until a rescue squad found them.

The door opened and an older Korean man strode into the room. The hero recognized him as General Rang, one of the top military leaders of the repressive communist nation. “Where are you at in breaking him, Doctor Eel?”

His captor bowed his head politely. “We are just getting started, General. I will need some time to break him.”

General Rang grunted as he glanced at the helpless hero. “Do not take too much time,” He said sternly. “We can only stall the UN for so long.”

“I am aware of the time constraints, General and I will not fail.”

“See that you don’t or I will kill you like I did the other scientist.” The General snapped as he strode out the door.

The Patriot’s mind was a whirlwind of thought as he took in their exchange. Stalling seemed to be his best option. He would give the doctor useless information until the rescue squad showed up. It was only a matter of time before he could act.

Dr. Eel clearly saw the hero’s new found confidence and smiled as he paced around the chained up hero. “Do you think you have the advantage, Patriot? I’m afraid that you are wrong.”

The hero’s handsome face went blank as he washed all outside emotions from his body and face. He had been trained how to endure captivity. Looking at the screens, he could see his comrades were doing the same. They were the elite of the elite and no one would break them.

The older man went over to the desk and opened a folder and went through the files while he circled slowly around his captive. “Joshua Jenkins, age 26.”

The Patriot’s stoic face slipped a little as he heard his real name called out. How did this doctor get this information. His personal information was protected by the highest of security measures.

Dr. Eel was watching closely and smiled as he got confirmation that his information was correct. A normal person would not have been able to read the minute body language of the combat ready hero, but one of his majors had been psychology and he would read the muscled hero like a book.

“Enlisted in the US Army at age 18 and served as an infantry soldier until three years ago when he participated in Operation Super Soldier. The only test subject that obtained superpowers. Am I correct so far?”

The Patriot stared straight ahead ignoring the evil scientist as he tried to figure out how he got a copy of his military record. His wished he could snap his chains like twigs and take his captor down.

The doctor was not impressed as he pressed a button on his remote causing all 10 of the soldiers to scream in pain. “Am I correct so far?” He said softly through the screams.

The hero watched his comrades torture as he bowed his head. “That is correct, sir.”

The screams stopped with a push of a button while the doctor patted the helpless hero on his head. “What did I tell you about manners?”

Dr. Eel went through of the pages as he read off all the personal and professional information of his prisoner. The Patriot could not believe that the sadistic scientist managed to obtain all this information. He felt a trickle of sweat run down his face and into his tight spandex green shirt as he tried to maintain his calm.

“I know what you are thinking,” His captor said as he pulled a chair in front of the chained up hero. “If I know all this, then why do I need you?”

The scientist smiled as he rested his hand on the meaty thigh of his prisoner. “I want to conduct an experiment. You see not only do I have all your information, but I also have the formula for the serum that was used to create your powers.”

The Patriot’s eyes went wide before he could get a control of his emotions. That was even more secret than his personal information. How his captor had managed to obtain it was beyond his comprehension.

“You are the only successful product of the formula and I know there has been millions of dollars to figure out why this is the case. I have a theory that will help solve this little problem and why you are so unique.”

The hero started to feel a little frightened of being a part of this madman’s experiments. The sharing of his personal information and the revelation that the formula was in the scientist’s hands was starting to breaking the handsome soldier down.

The Patriot flinched as Dr. Eel placed a metal ring over his blond locks so that it rested across his forehead and temples . The scientist connected wires to a nearby computer and started typing behind the helpless hero. He tried to turn around to see what was going on, but his slight movement caused another jolt of electricity to shock his fellow soldiers.

“Such a curious boy,” Dr. Eel said as he chuckled softly. He walked back over to the helpless hero and had a test tube filled with a pink liquid in his hand. “I am sure you are thirsty, my dear hero.”

Clamping his full lips shut, The Patriot refused to let the liquid be poured down his throat.

The older scientist raised an eyebrow as he reached for his remote control.

With a sigh of defeat, the hero opened his mouth and let the liquid pour down his throat. There was a sweetness that tantalized his taste buds which was a surprise to the soldier. He had been expecting it to taste like medicine. As the liquid poured down his throat, he felt a warmth slowly flood his body.

“Now that wasn’t so bad,” Dr. Eel said softly as he went behind the hero and massaged his broad shoulders. “Just relax and let me take away your worries and cares.”

The Patriot felt himself slip into a state of relaxation briefly before he forced himself to snap out of it. He needed to be alert!

His captor noticed the grim determination of his prisoner as he draped his arms of the muscular chest of the hero. “I arranged some entertainment for us, boy.”

With a press of a button, the twelve screens merged into one as Sgt. Cunningham’s face filled the screen. One of the youngest soldiers on the squad, his boyish face tried to look brave but his fear was quite evident.

The door to his cell opened as two Korean soldiers entered. The Patriot watched apprehensively as Dr. Eel stood behind him, lazily running his fingers over his muscled pectorals. “Just relax and enjoy the show,” he whispered in the hero’s ear.

Cunningham watched in fear as his chains were taken off his body. He attempted to jump to his feet, but one of the soldiers tasered him in the chest. With a moan of pain, the young prisoner dropped to the ground.

The two soldiers picked up their pretty prisoner and slammed him against the wall. Helpless to fight back, the boy’s wrists and ankles were put into shackles that were attached to the wall. With their prey now helpless to escape, they watched with amusement as he tried to break through his bonds.

“Let me go, you son of a bitch!” The young man demanded as he tried in vain to break free.

One of the soldiers took out a long knife and slammed his knee into the prisoner’s gut. “Chimmug!” He snarled as he pressed the knife against the boy’s throat.

His eyes went wide with fright as Cunningham barely breathed as he felt the cold sharp steel against his jugular.

With a smirk, the soldier lowered the knife and started to cut the uniform off the captive young man. Pieces of cloth fell to the ground as they were carefully cut off the helpless body.

Closing his eyes in fear and revulsion, Cunningham felt a chill of cool air against his naked skin as his boxers were the last to be ripped off. “You sick fuck!” He spat as the soldiers took in his lean muscled body. Although not as muscular as the super powered hero, his body showed signs of dedication to working out.

The Patriot felt a warm flush fill his body as he watched his naked comrade struggle against his bondage. For an instant he felt the bulge of his tights expand slightly before he suppressed the feeling down. What was wrong with him? Even with the soft touches of the doctor behind him and the naked form of Sgt. Cunningham, it should have not given him a feel of pleasure. He never had a gay thought in his entire life.

Dr. Eel had noticed the slight expansion of his prisoner’s crotch. With a quick backward glance, he looked at his computer screen. When he hooked up the metal band around the handsome soldier’s head, the screen read 100%, but now he noticed the number went slightly down to 98%. Everything was going exactly as planned.


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