A town of criminals execute their own form of justice on a captured Chicago cop in this new story by Mohawk featuring art pieces by Tom of Finland.

Outlaw Town - Page 1
by Mohawk
Art pieces by Tom of Finland
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Cop Stripped by Tom of FinlandOutlaw Town was the name given to the town by its inhabitants. This seemed appropriate because the inhabitants of the town, several hundred of them, were outlaws. They hadn’t built the town, they just inhabited it. Years before, the town had been a normal productive town, with a town hall, a museum and even a zoo, but a natural disaster had destroyed enough of the place that the people who built it and their descendants abandoned it and it was slowly forgotten. Then years later, some outlaws fleeing the law, stumbled upon it and moved in. Word spread through the underworld about it and slowly the town grew as the number of outlaws running from the law that moved in increased.

Like pirate ships in the old days, the town developed its own political system and the old town hall was now a very different place. Pictures of “wanted” police were on the walls. These were photos of officers who had been involved in arresting some of the outlaws who had left the town briefly to “earn” their money. Occasionally the outlaws would trap an officer in the town where they were plying their trade, and bring him to Outlaw Town “under arrest” and try the officer, find him guilty and jail him in the town jail. The sentence was invariably “for life”.

Officer Adam Walker was one such captured officer who had just been seized in Chicago and taken in uniform (less weapon, of course) to Outlaw Town. The six men who had captured him took him to the Town Hall to “interrogate” him, which was more or less a synonym for torturing him before his trial.

Officer Walker, with his hands cuffed with his own handcuffs, was taken to a large room with a small bar like counter and some stools. There were a few tables and chairs. The room served a variety of functions including an eating-place and an impromptu interrogation room.

One of the thugs removed Walker’s cuffs and stepped back to join the other five that surrounded the officer.

“You’ve been arrested. Let me read you your rights,” said one of the thugs “You have none.” The outlaw band laughed uproariously. “We are going to search you so take your uniform off now.”

“Fuck you,” growled Walker, who, for his quick response, got a fist to the belly, which doubled him over.

“I don’t repeat myself usually, but you’re new here so I will do it this once. Strip off the fuckin’ uniform unless you want us to do it,” spat the thug Bart, who seemed to be running things.

“I don’t usually repeat myself either,” snarled Walker, “but I’ll make an exception too. Fuck you!”

At a nod of the leader’s head, three of the men stepped in and grabbed Walker. Two held his arms, while the third held his legs. The leader slapped Walker viciously across the face a few times and then slowly began to unbutton Walker’s uniform shirt. Walker stared him in the eye while the thug slowly undid the buttons and slid the shirt off. He continued to stare back at Walker and said “I’m gonna enjoy this”.

Next, he opened Walker’s belt and removed it. His utility belt had already been removed when he had been disarmed at the time of his capture. Looking directly into Walker’s eyes, he grinned and slowly opened the buttons of Walker’s pants and then slid the pants down around Walker’s well-muscled legs and let them fall around his ankles.

He nodded to the man who was holding Walker’s legs, and he immediately removed Walker’s shoes and socks and finally his pants, leaving him dressed only in a white T-shirt and a pair of briefs.

Walker’s uniform was carefully folded and laid aside. One never knew when a Chicago PD uniform would come in handy!

Walker clenched his teeth and waited for what he knew would come next. He pulled halfheartedly against the men who were holding him more as a token of resistance than an attempt to free himself. He knew that was impossible at the moment. Unarmed and nearly naked in front six well-built gangsters made it pretty clear he was not getting away from this.

Less concerned about Walker’s underwear than he had been about his uniform, Bart gripped the neck of Walker’s T-shirt and with a sudden move ripped the T-shirt off his body, exposing well-developed chest and a well-defined six pack.

Brad stared at Walker and growled “Drop ‘em”. Walker looked around. It took a second to realize how hopeless the situation was, so he slipped his fingers into the elastic waistband of his shorts and, glaring at Simmons, shoved the briefs down.

“That’s a good boy” Brad said mockingly, “Kick ‘em off”. Walker did as he was told.

Walker was now naked. Completely naked. “We’re gonna do a cavity search copper, so open your mouth”. Walker clenched his teeth. The head of the six man band picked up a small slat of wood about two inches wide and 18 inches long. He held the end of the slat against Walker’s mouth but he still refused to open it.

Suddenly the leader of the group snapped his middle finger against Walker’s ball sack. Walker let out a scream and Bart shoved the wooden slat into Walker’s mouth so the two inch width ran horizontally between his teeth. Walker tried to talk but the slat, pressing down on his tongue, prohibited that nicely. Then Bart looked into Walker’s eyes and smiled and started to turn the slat so that Walker’s mouth was being pried open even further until the three inch with was vertical. Walker was shouting unintelligible words and the leader just laughed.

The head of the gang was handed a small flashlight, which he used to look into Walker’s wide-open mouth.

Walker began to panic and he saw the leader pick up a ring gag, and slide it over the end of the slat the gang leader held. The gag slid down the slat to Walker’s wide-open mouth. One of the gang produced another slat of wood that found easy entry into the side of Walker’s already open mouth. This second slat kept Walker’s mouth open but allowed easy access for the ring gag to be slipped into Walker’s mouth and fastened in place. Then the sticks were withdrawn. Walker was unable to close his mouth now because of the ring gag.

Next, a stool from the counter was brought over and Walker was bent over it on his abs. His arms and legs were bound to the four legs of the stool. The leader of the gang stood in front on him and slowly began to open his pants. Walker realized immediately what was about to happen and began screaming and shouting unintelligibly but it was clear he wanted the proceedings stopped; He struggled valiantly in his bonds, but with no success. A few seconds later, the leader’s cock slid free of its confines in the leader’s pants and started to stiffen and grow. Walker was beside himself as he was forced to watch the constantly growing organ he knew was about to invade his mouth.


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  1. scotts60143 - June 17, 2021, 10:04 am

    A favorite fantasy is role reversal, and taking a cop, stripping and restraining certainly fits that scenario perfectly. Liked this first chapter and looking forward to more!

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