Pandamonium is back with a sequel to "Out of Bounds" featuring another HOT adventure for total-ALPHA football jock Jesse and sub teammates!

Out of Bounds 2: Homecoming - Page 1
by Pandamonium
Series: Out of Bounds
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The studly Mike Wilson entered the fieldhouse of the university football team. Walking down the hall he passed by his fellow teammates fully geared up, just as he was, ready for the final game of the season. Since his walk-on try-out for the team, he had really impressed the coaches and got some playing time in the last two games. He played tight end position on offense and made some critical plays. He felt the butterflies in his stomach because today he was starting the game. Not only was it the last game, but it was also the Homecoming Game.

Coach informed him after their senior starter at that position, Andre Macena, had sustained a bad knee injury during practice on Wednesday. Mike was on the sidelines and saw the whole injury happen. It wasn't pretty. But Mike had an opportunity now, and starting this game meant he would be receiving a varsity letter.

It had been 8 weeks since the wrestling war between Mike and Jesse. It was a war where Mike ultimately surrendered and became one of Jesse’s submissive slaves. From that night on, Mike was added to Jesse's group of disciples. Jesse was his master now, mind, body and soul. However, this was not a war that left any scars. Mike enjoyed his submissive position. He idolized Jesse. Jesse had done so much for him in his mind, as crazy as it all was and would seem to any outsider.

This secret personal side of his life aside, Mike had a very public duty as a player of the State University football team to go out and compete on a high level today. Yes, he wanted to perform well, not only for himself, not only for his university and the team... but for Jesse.

Jesse was the one who recruited him to the team. Jesse was the one who saw his potential and believed in his ability. The confidence Jesse had in himself was the same confidence he had in Mike. For Mike, that meant the world and he did not want to disappoint. Mike's eyes showed focus today above all else. As he walked through the facility, the rest of the world was a blur. Mike was deep in thought going over plays and visualizing himself making big plays in the clutch.

Mike turned the corner, past the equipment counter into the team's locker room. Mike’s fellow brethren in Jesse’s pack of subs, Matt and Frank, were at their lockers and turned towards Mike's direction. Mike approached them as they were still putting their equipment on. Frank and Matt also had their game faces on as they geared up. Mike grabbed a water bottle above his locker and started to drink as Matt strapped up his shoulder pads and tucked his shirt in.

Frank stood up. He was shirtless, the leanest of the group with an 8 pack of abs, and pulling his padded pants up his legs, stretching them up around his bubble butt and bulging jock. Matt tightened his gloves, finally all geared up. Mike nodded at both and Matt slapped both of his hands down on Mike's shoulders, making a hard crack on his pads.

"Big day for you, big guy," Matt said. "You ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be I guess." Mike said nervously, extending a hand and clasping Matt's as they shared a quick bro hug.

"Are you... you know... ringed up?" Matt asked in a whisper, his hand casually reaching low and touching Mike's bulging pants. Frank moved to the right, blocking the view of anyone who might have noticed Matt reaching low on Mike.

Mike held still as Matt's curious hand touched his cock. Mike nodded, acknowledging that he was wearing a cock ring. It was obvious that Matt and Frank were also "ringed up" as Matt put it. All three men clearly had bulging crotches through their white uniform football pants. Their leader, master, and Alpha Jesse had given them instructions to wear it for the homecoming game. The psychology was that a big bulge intimidated their opponents… for the three of Jesse’s tribe, it was an act of submission.

"Yeah, I am," Mike replied. Matt looked to the left and right before reaching his hand down into Mike's pants and slipped his grip around Mike's dick. Mike held back a gasp as Matt's hand gripped his cock. Frank got in closer and reached his left hand to Mike's ass. Frank rubbed Mikes' ass crack, his hand moving up and down and then digging in low, teasing Mike's hole.

Mike coughed. Matt and Frank stopped immediately as a couple players were walking by them. Matt gave Mike a wink and a smile as the three of them stepped away from each other. Mike bulge was noticeably bigger in his pants.

"Don't worry. You'll be great today." Matt gave him some encouraging words. He could tell Mike had a lot of nerves about starting the game today.

"Jesse wants to talk to us before we all head to the field. He's in the other room,” Frank noted as the three of them stood together, the other players moving back and forth across the room behind them. Frank adjusted himself and laced his pants tight as the three of them headed to the adjacent locker room.

Shuffling through the bodies, Mike, Matt, and Frank found Jesse.

Jesse looked like a chiseled god at his locker. Jesse’s torso had re-grown its hair after 5 weeks' growth. Still under all that chest fur lay mounds of muscle. Jesse pulled on his half shirt and then his shoulder pads with Frank's help. Matt and Mike helped buckle Jesse's pads on and pulled down his shirt.

Mike looked down and noticed Jesse's prominent bulge stuffed inside the pouch of his jockstrap, which was pouring out the front of his unlaced football pants. Having experienced a firsthand fucking by Jesse's cock during their late-night wrestling war, Mike was very familiar with Jesse's size and endowment. Jesse adjusted his pants, pulling them up higher and tucking in his junk before pulling the strings of his pants crotch like a corset enveloping his dick and balls.

Mike took a step back as Jesse tightened the belt on his pants. Jesse's uniform hugged him like a tight suit of armor. All his natural musculature and curves were enhanced perfectly. From his neck to his arms, his exposed abs to his calves, thighs, and rounded ass and bulge. Jesse was a masculine muscled god geared up for an athletic war. Mike's dick got even harder just looking at him and standing so close.

Jesse examined all three head to toe after finishing gearing up himself. He could tell all three of his boys had worn their cock rings under their gear as instructed and gave an approving nod before speaking.

"Last game boys! Good luck out there! Make these guys your bitches!" Jesse gave an intense stare at the three of them, psyching them all up. This was about to be a battle for all of them, together as a team. Jesse's mood was infectious. He was hyped up. He was anxious. The veins on Jesse's arms popped as he slapped each of them on the ass.

"And after the game, we're gonna celebrate the season, boys. As extra motivation, I tell ya what... anyone scores a touchdown today, gets to be top tonight!" Jesse brought them all in in a group huddle. "Let's go! Game time, boys!" Jesse broke the huddle and grabbed his helmet heading towards the door.

Jesse headed out as the three others followed behind him. Mike, Frank, and Matt exchanged looks at each other, taken aback at what Jesse had just said. None of them have ever been allowed by Jesse to top under his mastery. Jesse was the Alpha of the group, and he was the only top. His statement left a huge question... who was the bottom if anyone were to accomplish this task? Was it Jesse himself or would one of them have to give up their ass again tonight?

Matt had fantasized about fucking Mike... and Frank... and Jesse... or all three at the same time. An opportunity like that would be a dream come true! But as a lineman, the chances of him getting his hands on the ball to score were astronomically not in his favor.

Frank. a second-string quarterback, got hard at the thought of topping altogether. Being the lightest guy of the group and mounting thick muscled men like Mike and Matt would be hot, but the thought of him dominating much bigger men started to get his dick leaking pre-cum!

Mike, however, was in the greatest position to cash in on Jesse’s offer. Starting at tight end... one perfect catch with a good juke and run, and he could easily be sliding his dick into someone tonight. His cock started to swell up at the thought of possibly fucking Jesse tonight in celebration. Could that fucking happen?!?! Did Jesse just put his ass on the line for me to score a touchdown? Nothing was guaranteed, but the thought of taking Jesse's ass was the ultimate trophy, and a great motivator.

They joined the team outside the building. The smell of sweat and testosterone was pungent as the entire team was ready for battle. The rumble of the stadium in the background... the PA system blaring hard rock music... the sound of the capacity crowd in attendance... the scoreboard buzzer sounded. And with that, the crowd of young football warriors sprinted towards the stadium in mass, taking the field for their final game of the season.

It was a chilly Saturday morning. The game began at 10AM to all the fanfare that came with Homecoming: the tailgating in the parking lots, the packed stadium, the crazy alumni, the university marching band, the cheerleaders, and the smells of barbecue and fresh cut grass. The air was electric with excitement as both teams took the field for the opening kickoff. It was State U versus Westgate U.

Opening kickoff started off with a bang as our conference rivals from Pennsylvania received the ball. Jesse was part of the kick-off team and he looked pumped. Jesse exploded off the line in a full sprint down the field as the ball was booted high into the air. Time seemed to slow down as the ball descended, Jesse moved like a red and white blur downfield. The opposing player stumbled back, underestimating the trajectory of the ball. There was a gasp in the crowd as the ball smacked down on the player’s chest and bounced off wobbling towards the endzone.


There was an audible gasp from the crowd as the ball went loose! Mike, Matt, and Frank looking on from the sidelines suddenly jumped with the entirety of the home team and crowd as Jesse quickly dove at the ball! His body fell and rolled in a cradled position, clutching the ball tight into his stomach landing, bouncing, and sliding in the endzone!


Jesse had just scored a touchdown on the very first play of the game! This huge play had set the tone for the rest of the game! The home team proceeded to dominate their visiting rivals for the next three hours in a blowout.

As for the rest of the game, Mike had caught a completed pass and ran into the end zone for a touchdown on a strong offensive drive. The excitement from the crowd, his sideline upon his touchdown was a rush of adrenaline. Then he thought about Jesse’s promise earlier, and his head started to go elsewhere… his dick.

Mike’s dick hardened fully stiff in his football pants and stayed hard the rest of the game. Mike wasn’t embarrassed though. He owned it like a stud. Jesse observed as Mike rehydrated at the sidelines, with a bulging crotch and raging hardon. Teammates and coaches all coming up to him to congratulate Mike on his touchdown… and to get a better look at his man dick. Mike felt the magnetic effect that he now had amongst his peers. He was a stud on the team now, a star. His hard cock on display made him an idol… the proverbial big man on campus.

Frank entered the game after the starter got injured and managed to run the ball in from the two-yard line from a QB sneak. Frank’s score had secured him a spot in Jesse’s promise from earlier, as well. And just like Mike, Frank was walking around the sidelines with a hardened dick stuffed in his pants. Frank went on to score three more touchdowns in the game, each with a 2-point conversion (our only kicker got injured.) His best performance for the season.

That only left the big guy, Matt. Both Frank and Mike had huddled up and brought Matt in with a plan. On the next set of downs on offense, Matt too, was able to score in the final seconds of the game. It was an improvised play where Mike pitched the ball back to him near the end zone to allow him to score. That audible ensured all four of them in Jesse’s tribe took part in this domination victory over their opponents.

With a final Homecoming victory blowout score of 54-11, the boys had a lot to celebrate. At the conclusion of the game, Matt, Mike, and Frank gathered on the sidelines celebrating with the rest of the team and the crowd. Jesse was on the field talking shop with another player from the visiting team. The coaches were also having a discussion mid-field as the media started interviewing different players on the field as well.

After all the pleasantries had concluded on the field, both teams retired from the field back to the locker room.

As the players were getting undressed and showered up, the Coach of the team entered the locker room to give a speech.

“Great season, men. I am truly proud of all of you. Today’s game was an incredible performance. As you know a big snowstorm is heading in, and the flight back home for our opponents today has been cancelled. As a courtesy, our university has offered to house up their entire Westgate football program here on the University, so I’m asking you guys to volunteer any lodging for the night to bunk up their players? I know it’s an inconvenience, but it’s a show of good sportsmanship and camaraderie with the schools in our league.” The coach paced back and forth looking all his players in the eyes as some hands went up one by one to volunteer, including Jesse’s.

“Thank you very much! I appreciate that, and it’s that kind of initiative I like to see, which leads me to my next announcement. It’s very appropriate I think that Jesse shows that initiative off the field as well as on the field. He’s a guy that’s worked his ass off to make this team and become a starter and one of our best players. So, I’m honored to announce that next year Jesse will be one of the captains of the team! The other three are Evan Lupitas, Mitch Berg, and Dan Edwards. Congratulations!”

A round of cheers and applause came from the team that echoed through the locker room. Coach put up his hand one last time to speak as the applause died down. “That’s all I got guys! Be safe tonight and go celebrate the season.”


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