A Columbian soccer player is tricked by into a physical by a mysterious American doctor in this hot new story by Matty Schmatty based on an art piece by Franco!

The Ordeal - Part 1
by Matty Schmatty
Art by Franco
Series: The Ordeal
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They say that America is the land of opportunity. And opportunity is just what Juan Santiago was seeking when he boarded the plane that brought him from Columbia all the way to New York City hoping to make the national soccer team. Juan’s pre-approved visa helped him clear the immigration check with ease and soon he was gazing with amazement the bustling streets and towering buildings. Yes, Juan was extremely excited about his time in America.

First on his to-do-list was the standard physical required before team tryouts. Juan had always had trouble with his sense of direction and spent most of the day trying to find his way around the massive city.

As he walked along the sidewalk up Broadway, he stopped everyone he could and asked for directions but, unfortunately, in typical New York style, nobody seemed to be very helpful. Before long, Juan found himself walking down an alley when suddenly out popped an older man in a dingy white lab coat from one of the side doors in the alley. The older man’s bald head gave the wrinkles on his head more prominence as he raised an eyebrow to the dark man he’d almost run into.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Juan said in broken English.

“Don’t be,” the older man stated. “You look lost young man.”

“I am. I am looking for this doctor’s office so that I can get my physical. Tryouts for the team are tomorrow and I need it done today.”

The older man looked up and down Juan’s body, noticing his toned torso through his tight, dark t-shirt. Setting his eyes back on Juan’s handsome face, the doctor couldn’t help but notice the short beard along Juan’s prominent jaw line went well with his slick, black hair.

“Just so happens, young man, that I am also a doctor,” the older man smiled. “ Dr. Von Bustonut at your service.”

Juan’s eyes lit up at the first offer of pleasantries he had been offered today. “Oh really?” Juan asked, hoping his search for a physical was over. “Would you be able to give my a physical so I can tryout?”

“Oh, It would be my pleasure. I specialize in handling young men. I would love to handle you.” Dr. Bustonut smiled when he saw the happy expression come across Juan’s face. Little did Juan know just how much joy the doctor got out of handling young men.

Dr. Bustonut reopened his door and extended his hand, allowing Juan to enter in front of him. Once both men were inside, the doctor turned and locked the door, unbeknownst to Juan. “So tell me, what is your name, young man?”

“My name is Juan, doctor….”

“Dr. Bustonut. So tell me Juan, you don’t seem to be from around here.”

“Oh, I’m not,” Juan started, allowing the doctor to lead him through what appeared to be the storage room for a doctor’s office. Though some of the machines looked to be odd to Juan, he chalked it up as the difference in medicine between his home country and America. “I’m from Columbia. I actually just got into town today. I’m hoping to play soccer for America.”

“Good. Good.” The doctor added, thinking of how much fun he was about to have with this young foreigner.

Though the smile on the doctor’s face was anything but pleasant news for Juan, he knew no different as he followed the doctor into the main portion of the office. As they went through what could only be the main door to the supply room, two other men in lab coats were standing in the hall. When they looked up from their clipboards, they gave the doctor a confused but eager look.

“Welcome back, Doctor,” the younger of the two men stated. They both appeared to be in their early to mid twenties. “We weren’t expecting you back so soon.”

“Chris. John. This is Juan. He was lost looking for his doctor’s office and needs a physical. I ran into him in the alley and offered our services. If you two could get him prepped, I will be in shortly to perform the physical.”

Both men instantly smiled at Juan. Juan, knowing no different, felt a sense of relief that he’d finally met some friendly folk in this hard metropolis. But little did he know, the two men were smiling because they hadn’t been able to have fun with a young man in almost a week.

“Right this way, Juan,” Chris stated as he lightly touched the jock’s arm to lead him to the right room. Once Juan’s back was turned to him, Dr. Bustonut took the opportunity to adjust his own cock that had been growing in his pants from the moment he sat eyes on Juan.

Juan allowed himself to be led into one of the exam rooms by the two men who were his roughly his own age. When he entered the room, it was nothing like he had seen before. Some of the equipment he had noticed in the storage room was also set up in here. And, though he knew American medicine was more advanced than back home, the unusual equipment was making him slightly nervous.

The most prominent piece was a contraption sitting in the middle of the room. The bigger portion that sat on the floor was an anvil shaped stand that held two different pieces of equipment. The piece that sat on the front of the stand was a wheel-shaped contraption that looked to be attached to a small motor. The piece that sat on the rear of the stand had two cylinder pieces attached to each other, though one cylinder was significantly bigger around than the other.

As Juan got closer, he swore the smaller cylinder had grooves along the side of his and looked to be made out of rubber. It, too, appeared to be attached to a small motor. Then, as if the piece of equipment wasn’t perplexing enough, there was a tall pole attached to it that had several nylon straps hanging off of it. If this was a medical device, Juan had never seen of anything like it.

Noting the nervous expression on Juan’s face, both assistants decided to attempt to ease his concerns. “Don’t worry at all, Juan. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, medical technology is a little bit more advanced here than it is in Columbia.”

“You can say that again,” Juan stated in his broken english. “Back home, we just have a bed in the exam rooms.”

Both men laughed. “This setup allows the doctor to have complete access to your entire body, without you having to flip or rollover.”

“That makes sense,” Juan shook his head. Doesn’t mean it made him any less nervous.

“Good. Then let’s start by getting you undressed.”

Juan was taken back by what seemed like an odd starting point. “Undressed?   

“Yes. That way the doctor doesn’t have to waste time once he gets in here. Having you undressed already allows him to complete the full workup unhindered.”

“In my country, they usually start by taking my blood pressure and checking my pulse. I never have to get undressed there.” Juan was nervous, eyeing the door to see if there was a way to escape.

“We have found this method to be more productive,” John chimed in. “Here. Let us help you.”

The assistants both reached out and began tugging at Juan’s shirt and began pulling it over his head. Though he was nervous and unsure of their practices, Juan submitted, wanting nothing more than to pass this physical and make the team tomorrow.

Chris and John started with Juan’s shirt, pulling the tight black cloth up over his head and off his arms, revealing the toned chest of the soccer star. Both men took notice of the instant hardening of Juan’s nipples as the cool air hit his skin. Juan began to feel exposed, but refused to fight in fear of missing his great opportunity.

“Now, let’s take those pants off.”

“I can do that myself,” Juan insisted, tugging at his belt buckle.

Chris and John forcibly, but nicely, removed Juan’s hand. “We’ll do it. You just relax.”

Juan felt awkward about another man removing his belt. And that awkwardness only increased as Juan felt his pants being pulled down his legs. Luckily, Juan thought, he had worn underwear that day.

The assistants were astonished at the definition in the muscles of Juan’s legs. Much like the way Juan’s shirt clung to his skin, so did his tight boxer-brief style underwear, showing off the outline of one of the biggest dicks the two men had ever seen. As Juan stepped out of his pants, the two men could only stare at Juan’s in that direction..

“Ummmm guys,” Juan questioned, the glare of the two mean making him even more uncomfortable. “When will the doctor be in?”

Both men cleared their throat and then stood up. “He’ll be here in just a moment,” Chris said, smiling at his partner.

John traced his hands up Juan’s thighs and toward the elastic of his underwear. Juan, feeling even more uncomfortable, fought and stepped away quickly. “I think I should leave,” Juan stuttered as he bent to pick up his clothes.

“No no no. We’re sorry to be so forward,” John stated. “Let’s go ahead and get you strapped in so the doc can begin.”

Juan hesitated for just moment before eventually giving in. After all, he really needed this physical to make the team and it was too late to find another doctor. Juan stepped towards the contraption in the middle of the room followed closely by the two men.

Juan positioned his legs over the apparatus that held the motorized wheel and rubber rod. It was only a moment after he got himself situated that the men begin to pull the straps over his body. Juan felt the cold leather of the straps touch his bare skin and it sent shivers down his body. The coldness of the straps only caused his nipples to harden even more.

Both men worked slow in getting the straps around Juan’s toned torso. The many times they had done this before gave them the experience they needed to do it quickly. However, neither wanted to hurry it up because the longer they took, the more time spent touching him.

Chris slowly trailed his hands across Juan’s chest as he buckled the straps. Juan had never had this much attention from another man before and he was quietly suprised by the tingling in his groin as John latched the buckle. The last part to be restrained was Juan’s muscular arms. Both Chris and John traced their fingers along his well-formed biceps was causing their own cocks to begin to harden.

Satisfied that their subject was securely fastened, Chris and John were now free to remove Juan’s underwear without him putting up a fight. Quickly, without giving Juan the time to resist, John grabbed the elastic of Juan’s underwear and jerked it down his legs, revealing the massive dick that had been restrained. John’s mouth dropped open at the size of the monster; it was nothing like he had ever seen before. Juan’s uncut cock had to be at least nine inches long in it’s flaccid state. John admired the smoothness of the brown skin and the pubic hair kept trimmed but still a little bushy that covered Juan’s engorged balls.

Juan didn’t know what to believe when he felt his boxers get tugged down. Though the room was cold, the heat he had been feeling from all of the touching had allowed his dick to remain full instead of shrinking. This only gave Juan more cause to get nervous, especially since that’s the moment Doctor Bustonut decided to walk in.


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