A classic tale originally published on Chained Muscle featuring a sadistic outlaw who takes it as well as he dishes it out.

Tales of the Old West: Yuma Territorial Prison - Page 1
by Mohawk
Art by Gary Ro

old-west-1In the annals of history, the territorial prisons of the old west, like Yuma, stand out as strong holds of the hard line school of how to deal with law breakers. There is something to be said for treating men with the same kind of violence that they themselves used against their victims, but sometimes things go awry.

In those years when I worked as a guard in one of those prisons I took every advantage of the situation to make sure that the men under my control understood their position. My prisoners, like all the other guards prisoners were taught that any act of disobedience, any act of insubordination, and indication of threat, would be met with a punishment that would make their own acts or attempted acts grow pale by comparison.

Among my charges was one Jesse Brand, one of the most despicable law breakers of all time. He was vicious and cruel beyond all understanding. Maybe years of working with convicts makes a man somewhat callous, but there is a kind of logic which operates with many robbers. A man plying his trade as a robber confronts his victim. The victim resists and is killed, maimed or wounded. The robber believes he has taken the proper action. His life was at stake. No matter how evil his act, he reacts to protect himself. In this, even I can find understanding. Brand, on the other hand, was vicious. His attacks were unprovoked and can only be seen as sadistic. Early in his career, Jesse had held up a small bank. The bank teller, a young man in his twenties, had complied with all of Jesse's demands. He had given him all the money, and even tied up the guard and the other teller who was in the bank. As the teller knelt down at Jesse's behest in order to allow himself to be bound and gagged, a leer spread across the outlaw’s face.

"On your feet" barked the outlaw. The teller rose; confused as to the order. "Strip off all you clothes" snarled the hold-up man.

The teller looked helplessly at his two bound and gagged comrades, his eyes begging for understanding, if not help. Slowly he started to remove his clothes. He removed his leather vest and put it on the counter. Next, he undid the small string bow tie and laid it likewise on the countertop. He pulled his shirt out of his pants and then unbuttoned it the whole length. He paused momentarily and then removed it, revealing a fairly muscular chest -somewhat surprising for a bank teller.

Once again he looked around, begging silently for some support. He sat glumly on a stool and removed his boots and socks. "Keep going" urged Jesse, gesturing with the pistol which he held trained at a spot about midway between the bank teller's well defined pectoral muscles.

Repressing a shudder, the bank teller undid the buckle of his belt and then slowly unbuttoned the buttons of his fly, letting his pants fall unhelped to the floor. He stepped out of them, picked them up, and held them briefly in front of them, and then at a gesture from the gunman, the teller placed his pants on the counter with his other clothing. Clad only in a pair of long johns. The bank teller listened in disbelief to the next command. "Naked, boy, I want you buck naked".

The unfortunate bank teller's trembling hands moved mechanically towards the elastic band, which held his long johns firmly at his narrow waist. Holding back tears of anger and humiliation the young man slid his thumbs into the waistband and slowly lowered his underpants. He looked briefly at his bound colleagues who turned their eyes from him. Realizing the hopelessness of the situation he stripped his underpants down and stood totally naked before his captors.

"O.K. boy, on your knees" said Brand, a slow sadistic grin spreading across his face. Tears welled up in the naked man's eyes as he dropped to his knees before the armed man.

"Get your prick hard boy" said Brand gesturing with his gun. The naked bank teller’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. He was unable to hold back his tears any longer. Tears streamed down his face as he pleaded desperately with the notorious bandit not to force this humiliation on him. Brand was unmoved and indicated in no uncertain terms that he was to be obeyed. Slowly the young man's hand moved to his cock and he started to manipulate his genitals. His cock grew longer and became rigid as he stroked his organ. Passion slowly overcame all things and he worked furiously finally until he shot his wad on the wooden bank floor. As soon as he had climaxed he was painfully aware of reality again - his own nudity, the shamefulness he felt for the act he had just committed, the gunman who had forced him to submit to his will and his two colleagues who had been unable to take their eyes off their degraded comrade.

"Now get on your hands and knees" sneered Brand - the words cut like a whip into the mind of the naked man, who had believed that this last indignity would be the final one. Now it was obvious this maniac had more to deal out. "Lick up the mess you just made"

The bank teller who had already assumed his dog-like position on his hands and knees nearly retched at the thought. The hard metal barrel of the bank robber’s pistol convinced him that he had better act. Slowly the naked man lowered his head to the cum on the floor. He lowered himself down on his forearms and started the unpleasant task of licking up the cum. The bank robber looked at his captive, naked, ass up in the air, licking the cum from the wooden bank floor. He threw back his head and laughed. As the bank teller completed his loathsome task, he collapsed on the floor, his body racked with convulsions.


Brand turned and walked out of the bank with the stolen money. As he left, he threw a small pistol to the man lying naked on the floor. Within minutes, the bank teller, unable to deal with the total collapse of his life, blew his brains out.

When I first met Brand, he was a prisoner at the territorial prison where I was a guard. The man whom I relieved in tour of duty told me about Brand by relating to me the story of how he had caused the young bank teller to commit suicide. The bank teller wasn't the only victim of the maniac though, and later, Brand would tell me some of his deeds himself.

Brand was kept in virtual solitary confinement. As an additional feature of his interment, he was also kept nude. This was in part a decision made by the guards because a naked man was less likely to try to escape across the desert in the burning southwest sun, but also because it clearly upset Jesse to be naked. It also gave the guards an opportunity to vent their anger on the man who had committed atrocities upon fellow lawmen. It isn't that law enforcement officers don't react to acts of violence committed against the general public (like the bank teller), but because an attack on a law enforcement agent shows even less regard for the law. If a man can do things to an armed officer, think what he can do to an unarmed civilian. Sure, there is a lot to the "brotherhood" of cops and the like, and I suppose it was the day when Jesse decided to try to get at me by telling me how he dealt with a Marshall and his deputy that I went off the deep end with him. I think he had hoped to make me realize what disregard he held law enforcement officers in, but instead he raised my anger to an all time high.


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  1. scotts60143 - August 17, 2017, 6:27 pm

    Enjoyed this story very much back in the days of CM, and Gary had a great way of doing his nips…always quite well done to go with a story. The story is good, the original art by Gary, a/k/a GaryRo great! Glad to see the story and nips posted again for more to enjoy it.

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