Neighborhood bully Officer Romano deals out the punishment on a gay couple caught enjoying a late-night outdoor hookup. But the hunky cop soon discovers that payback is a bitch.

Payback for Officer Romano - Part 1
by Rodd Sterling
Series: Officer Romano

Romano-1As I turned the corner past the abandoned parking lot, I saw the police cruiser pulling up the block and I could tell by the way car slowed down and from the muscular arm hanging out the window that it was Officer Romano. What an asshole. He was always looking for the slightest excuse to throw someone up against wall, grab them by the balls, and threaten to beat the shit out of them. He had never gotten than chance with me and I was determined to keep it that way. When I saw him turn onto another street, I hurried down a gravel driveway and into a backyard. Through the darkness I could see Leonardo—my stocky, hairy, South American boy. We’d been meeting in this spot after dark for the last two months. We hugged and briefly kissed. He ground his hips into me then reached for the hard bulge in my pants.

We walked deeper into the backyard and started undressing behind a tool shed. He got down on his knees, grabbed my thick cock, swirled his tongue around the head and then bobbed it in and out of his mouth.

“Oh, it’s such a boootiful cock,” he said in his sexy Brazilian accent. “So boootiful.”

After a few minutes of sucking he stood up, turned around and offered his ass to me. Fuck it, I thought. This hole needs a good licking. I've always enjoyed eating ass, especially hairy bubble butts like his. The act was so damn primal—the smell, the taste, the moans and groans which a good tonguing produced.

I spread his two hairy cheeks, licked around the rim and then jabbed my tongue in and out of his ass. As the sweet smell flooded my nose, my cock grew brick hard. I tongue fucked his hole while he moaned and stroked his cock.

“Put it in. I’m so wet,” he said. “Please.”

I loved to hear him beg. I pulled out a pocket-sized bottle of lube, squirted some in my palm and rubbed it against his saliva-slicked asshole.

I pushed in deeper and deeper until…aaaahhh, he sighed and I felt the thick, bent shaft of my cock slide deep inside him disappearing into his hole. I grabbed the front of his neck, jerked his head around and kissed him lustily on the mouth. What a slut. He always enjoyed the double pleasure of my cock plowing into him and the taste of his hairy ass. I eased my stiff dick back out then quickly jammed it back in.

“Yes, baby. Give it to me,” he said.

I closed my eyes, leaned my head back, gripped his hips with both hands and slammed into him. His plump ass cheeks made a beautiful, squishy sound. I reached around his waist and stroked his cock. It felt so full, so hard in my hands. That’s when I heard footsteps, hard boots on the gravel driveway stomping towards us. I stopped thrusting.

“What’s wrong, baby?” He asked. He turned around and tried to kiss me but I pushed him away.

“Hey, who’s there!” I yelled out to the approaching figure.

No answer. The sound of boots came closer.

“Don’t move,” a deep masculine voice commanded. The voice was vaguely familiar and a few seconds later when I saw the glint of a badge I knew exactly who it was. Fucking Romano.

“What are you faggots doing back here? A little yard work, eh?" he snickered laughing at his own joke. He had finally caught me, with my pants down, literally.

“Turn around and put your hands in the air,” he said. My boxers were down at my ankles and my hard, wet dick was pointing skyward. I made a move to pull up my pants.

“Hey, shit licker, you want to get shot? Put your fucking hands in the air.”

I did what he asked even though I felt stupid standing there with my cock hanging out. He focused his light on me, moving it up and down my body before aiming it directly at my cock and holding it there for what felt like forever.

He shined the light in Leonardo’s face. “Get out of here!” he barked. Still shaking with fear Leonard didn’t dare move, he just stood there looking like an idiot with his pants at his ankles.

“Did you hear me, faggot? I said get out of here. I’ve got some business to take care of with your little boyfriend here."

Once he heard that, Leonardo pulled up his underwear, quickly buckled his pants and without even turning around to ask me if I would be ok, scrambled out of the backyard, up the gravel driveway and disappeared into the darkness.

“Some friends you have,” Romano snickered. “Maybe I can do something about that. Turn around and get up against that fence.”

I bent down and quickly tried to pull my pants up.

“Stop. No need to pull those pants up. I want you completely naked.”

“Please, officer I just—“

“Strip! Now!”

Damn. How had I gotten myself into the situation? I should have known when I saw him prowling around that he was just waiting for his chance to get me. I wanted to at least keep my shoes and socks on. But he wasn’t having it.

“Everything off! That means everything!”

I took off my shoes and socks as well. I felt like a idiot standing there completely naked.

I could tell that he was slowly examining my body. He focused the flashlight on certain body parts and starting making little comments.

“That’s a pretty strong back, you have. What kind of workouts do you? Weights? Calisthenics?"

“Umm, just some pushups and some weights.”

“And those legs…they seem pretty powerful…You do any running?”

“No, sir. Sir, can I please—"

“Shut up! It must be from all that fucking you do. Driving those powerful hips forward. Turn around and let me see that chest.”

I turned around, instinctively covered up my dick which had begun to shrink.

“Get your hand away from there. I need to make sure you ain’t concealing anything.” He laughed a sick, sadistic laugh. I kept my hands at my sides. I felt embarrassed that my cock couldn’t have at least stayed hard. If he was going to be inspecting me this closely, I at least wanted to show him what a big, strong, powerful cock I was packing. I was still trying to figure out if he was gay or just some sick homophobe who was going to taunt me and then beat the shit out of me. At the time I kept looking around for possible escape routes. There really didn’t seem to be any. If I was going to get away then I would have to knock him over and then sprint into the street. But without any clothes on, not even shoes and socks, where would I be able to go?

“Sir, Officer Romano, I promise if you let me go I will never do this again, sir. I promise. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Look at those pecs. I can see that you do pushups. Must be able to do a lot of them. And that cock…not bad for a punk like you. I hope it gets bigger than that though.”

“Please, sir. This will never happen again.”

He didn’t seem to be paying attention to what I was saying. One of his hands massaged his crotch while the other continued to guide the flashlight up and down my nude body.

“Don’t worry, punk. You want me to let you go? I’m gonna give you a choice.” He paused for second, held the flashlight on my cock, undid the zipper on his pants, and reached inside. I felt my dick begin to tingle. "You got two options. I either take you to the station and charge you with public indecency. Or you take your punishment right here. Think about it. If I take you down to the station and pull up your record who knows where you might end up. This probably ain’t the first time you’ve been busted for something like this and the judge won’t look so kindly on a repeat offender.”

What kind of choices were those? About eight months ago I’d been busted on a public indecency charge. I’d gotten a $100 fine and told that if it ever happened again I would have to spend a month in the county jail and the fine would be at least $500 bucks. There was no way I wanted to go back in front of that asshole Judge Thompkins to explain to him why I’d been busted again for the same stupid charge within the same year. No, I definitely didn’t want to go down to the station and have to go through that shit all over again. But what was the other option? Taking my punishment right here? Thinking about what that meant made me tremble.

“Sir, please don’t take me down to the station. You said that I could take my…my…”

“Your punishment, punk.”

“Yes, sir. You said that I could take it right here. What do you mean?”

He laughed a deep belly laugh. This was one sick fucker. “I thought you’d agree to take it here. Don’t want to go back in front of that asshole Judge Thompkins, right? Good choice. Your punishment will be 200 swats to your ass. Anyway I want to give them to you. If you can’t handle the 200 swats and start crying like a little bitch, then I get to bend you over and fuck your ass. Plow into your tight hole like you were doing to your little friend who ran away. Looked like you were giving it to him pretty good. So what’s it gonna be?”

Fuck my ass? I’d never taken any cock up my ass. And since when did cops want to fuck people instead of arresting them? How would I ever be safe again if I let a crazy dude with a gun and a badge who patrolled the neighborhood like a hawk fuck me in the ass? He could take me any time he wanted. I’d have to be crazy to accept that. I only topped. I wasn’t a goddamn switch or bottom. No way. I had to figure out how I was going get out here. I would have to play along for a bit until could figure something out. The minute I caught him relaxing, I would seize the opportunity and escape.

“Alright, sir. I’ll take punishment here. But please don’t be too rough and like I said I will never ever ever do this again.”

He walked me out of the dark backyard and over to his police car that was parked in the driveway. He cuffed my hands behind my back and bent me over the hood the car. The hood of the car felt warm against my skin. Once again he inspected me with the flashlight. Is this what he did to everybody? Maybe this was why people would always cut their stories short when they were talking about this sick fucker. The details would be far too humiliating to divulge.

“That’s a nice powerful ass. Really nice. I can see why the bottoms like you. No pimples, not too hairy. Very, very nice.” he said as he gently caressed my naked butt. I was flattered that he seemed to genuinely appreciate my ass. That’s vanity for you. Even at a moment like this my ego still appreciated his compliments.

“I’m gonna start with my gloved hand. I want you to count off each one of the swats.”

He hit me and I counted off each one. One, Two, Three. These didn’t feel so bad, but I knew that the worst was still to come. I knew that he was just warming up. Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty. I prepared to say twenty one; I was even looking forward to saying it, because his gloved hand had begun to feel really good against my ass. But he stopped.

“Alright, that’s enough of that. You warmed up now, punk?”

“Yes, sir. Yes, that feels very good. Please continue.”

“Listen to you begging for more. Now, I’m gonna give you the bare hand. And I want you counting off each one.”

OWWW! Twenty one, Twenty Two, Twenty three…These shots were really starting to sting. It definitely wasn’t fun more. His rhythm picked up speed. OHHH! I could barely get the words out anymore. Each shot made me cringe and shake. I knew that my ass must have turned red. He was probably enjoying that as much as anything else—the physical evidence of the pain he was causing me…Thirty five, thirty six…

Oh damn, I didn’t think I could take much more of it and he was beginning to moan and hitting me harder. He was definitely caught up in what he was doing. The hand slapping stopped. I was panting, trying to catch my breath and also hoping that maybe he would spare me, maybe he would stop because his hand was hurting or because he was tired. Too bad for me, he wasn’t in a very merciful mood. And if I thought what I had received so far was bad, it was nothing compared to what came next.

I heard what sounded like a belt buckle being undone. But I couldn’t quite believe that. I had to be hallucinating. Maybe I’d gone into shock from the beating I was taking.

“You’re taking it good so far. Real good. But now it’s gonna get a bit more intense. And don’t forget to count out each lash I give you.”

Lash? What the hell was he talking about?

I snuck a glance behind me. Holy shit. He had undone his belt and it was hanging from his right hand. This motherfucker was crazy. Even in the dark I could see a wild gleam in his eyes.

“Bend over, punk. And count ’em out.”

I clenched my fists, closed eyes. My whole body got tense. Oh fuck.

AWWWWW!. Thirty-nine. Oh my God! I clenched my fists even tighter. I had never felt anything like that before. It felt like he had taken skin off my ass with that last whack. AWWWWW!. Forty. My head got light; I could barely stand up. He picked up the rhythm and there as no time to think or feel between lashes. AWWWWW. AWWWWW. AWWWWW. I fell to the ground; I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t.

“Sir, please stop! Please! Take me in! Arrest me, please!!”

“That wasn’t the agreement, punk. Remember? If you can’t take any more lashes then you have to take my cock. You have to let me plow your ass. Is that what you want?” He let out another demonic laugh. "Is it??"

“Anything sir. Just please don’t hit my ass anymore. Please don’t.” I responded, sobbing.

“Alright. Then I wanna hear you beg for it.”


“Beg for it, punk! Say, Please give me your cock, Officer Romano."

I was so relieved that he wouldn’t hit me anymore; I said it as fast as I could and repeated it a few times. “Please give me your cock, Officer Romano. Please give me your cock, Officer Romano!”

“Ok. If you say so. Turn around and get it.”

He began unbuttoning his shirt and when he finally took it off I could feel my cock tingling. My god. His chest looked so fucking sexy—so powerful, so hairy. He obviously worked out more than I did. I loved how masculine it looked with all that thick brown hair. His pants were already undone so all he had to do was unzip them and pull out his cock. It was long and thick — a big fat hog of a cock.
He jerked it a bit and it grew even bigger.

“Come over here and suck this dick.”

My hands were still cuffed behind my back and my ass was stinging from the beating but I couldn’t wait to get my lips around his cock. Goddamn, it looked delicious. He moved the fat head across my lips then slapped the shaft against my cheeks. I opened my mouth wide and he stuck it in. I swirled my tongue around the head. He forced it deeper and deeper down my throat. I gagged. He pushed it in deeper.

“Ah, that’s right, punk take that. Oh, yeah. You have some nice fucking lips. Keeping sucking it.”

After a few minutes he backed away. Saliva dripped down my chin. I coughed a few times.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you. Get up.”

Oh shit. I was hoping I could get him off with my mouth and he would forget about wanting to fuck me.

“Sir, can’t I just keep sucking it? It tastes so good.”

“Yeah, I knew you would like it. Get up. I’m taking that ass now.”

I didn’t want him to get mad. Maybe he would be gentle with me, very gentle. I stood up, bent over and prepared to take his huge cock. Oh my god. I knew it was going to hurt. But before he could jam his fat cock into me, we heard a distinct clicking sound right behind us. We both turned around.

It was Leonardo. He'd changed his clothes and was pointing a gun directly at Romano’s head. He looked really serious, like he was prepared to pull the trigger if he had to.

“Get your hands behind your head!” he said. Romano slowly backed away from me and put his hands up revealing his hairy armpits.

Leonardo grabbed the keys to the handcuffs from Romano’s waist. He undid the cuffs from my hands while keeping the gun pointed at the cop’s head.

"Now we're gonna have a little fun. My way....."


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