Hi Neighbor!

A horny guy participates in a kinky fight club at his hot neighbor's home in the latest story from TXBound.
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Hi Neighbor!
by TXBound
Series: Hi Neighbor

neighbor-wresterI moved into a nice neighborhood a couple of years ago. Great location but the homes have large lots, except for mine, but all are heavily lanscaped. I met Rick and his wife a couple of months after I moved into the house. They seemed to be a nice couple. She was evidently the worker in the relationship and had a big corporate position. Their home was large and with lots of trees. I couldn't see their backyard but assumed it was large with a pool since I saw a pool service come by quite often.

Rick looked like a California Beach Boy except he was in his 30's. From looking at him he spends a lot of time at the gym and pool or on his boat that is parked in the driveway sometimes. Dark, golden smooth tan with blond short but curly hair. His wife was just the opposite she was lite skinned with dark hair but beautiful. Sort of a Barbie/Ken couple.

As summer came Rick would be out in his yard more and I was always out working. I'm in pretty good shape myself and enjoy working outside in the yard and in the backyard at my pool. Every time that I see Rick he says hello and we talk some. I see him a couple of times outside in his swim suit and he really is a good looking guy. Great body with big pec's, biceps and legs all lightly covered in blond curly hair that has been trimmed. He looks like a male model that you would see modeling swimsuits.

On Saturday I have seen Rick out in the front yard and we talked. It was hot so we both just had on workout shorts and tennis shoes. I had finished working on the yard and told him I thought I would go for a swim after I finished. I get everything cleaned up and go to the pool. Since I live alone, I strip down and jump in the cool pool. There is something about getting in the pool naked that just makes my dick hard. I start playing with myself and have a great hard on in a few minutes. I move to the shallow end of the pool and start jerking off and reach around and stick a finger up my ass to make it more intense. I get to the point of exploding cum everywhere and I hear someone clear their voice. I turn to see Rick standing there as I shoot my load into the pool. Rick laughs and asks if he can borrow my blower since it looks like I have already blown. I am a little confused and he adds that he would like to borrow my leaf blower. I don't know what to do and he just stands there while I stand in knee deep water with my dick in one hand and my other hand fingering my ass. He then adds, "nice show - hot body!"

He doesn't move, I slowly release my self and get down into the water. I tell him the blower is in the garage. He laughs and tells me thanks but the garage door is closed. I have to get out of the water and he hands me a towel and we go get the blower. As he leaves he tells me that maybe we can go swimming some time. I am thinking this guy is hot but he is married.

Several weeks go by and I am out working one Saturday. I have my ladder out and am up at the top of it trying to clean out gutters. As usual I just have on a loose pair of workout shorts that are loose and about mid thigh. I like to go commando when I wear them and never wear a shirt so I can get some sun. I can see into Rick's yard and he is out there as well he only has shorts on as well and he is down in a squatting down and his dick is hanging out of his shorts and almost touching the ground. Wow this guy is hot. His skin is glistening from his sweat. I get so absorbed in trying to be cool that I almost fall. The next thing I know Rick is over telling me that he will help hold the ladder for me. I try to concentrate on my gutters but can see him looking up at me from the bottom and looking up my shorts. He clearly has an unobstructed view since I am commando. All os a sudden the ladder shifts and I start to fall back. I feel a hand go up the back of my shorts and to my ass as I am falling. Rick's hand finds its way easily to my ass cheek and two fingers quickly enter my ass hole and he just holds me there. I had been out the night before and had partied so my ass had been loosened up. He looks up and smiles and tells me that I am lucky that he was there. I smile and tell him that I sure was. I can feel his fingers moving and rubbing my prostrate. After what seemed like quite a while his hand retreats from my ass. And I slowly get off the ladder. As I get down from the ladder I can tell that his dick is hard the way it is poking at the cotton shorts. He looks at me and notices that I had scratched my pec, right across my nipple.

Rick reaches up and puts his hand on my chest and flicks at my nipple which stings some. My dick then comes alive and he notices. Rick insists that I go over to his house because he has a first aid kit and he will disinfect the cut. I try to get out of it because my dick is now poking against the cotton shorts as well but he insists. We get to his house and he has me sit on a stool in the kitchen while he gets the first aid kit. When he returns he puts some alcohol on a cotton ball and wipes my chest. I cringe some because it stings. He then tells me that the antiseptic that he will use may sting some more so he starts rubbing it on my pec and nipple with his hand. His other hand finds its way to my thigh/groin area. Since my shorts had ridden up when I sat down, my dick was exposed and his hand was clearly grazing my dick and balls. He continues with the treatment and my dick is hard by now.

When he finishes he asks if I would like a beer and I say yes. He sits across from me and starts a conversation. His dick is still hard and he raises one leg up on the stool so that it hangs out and is in clear view. Wow, this guy is so hot that I can hardly control myself. He just seems to enjoy teasing me without doing anything. It is almost like foreplay but this is definitely the longest foreplay I have ever seen. As the conversation continues he tells me that Peggy, his wife, will be out of town for a couple of weeks. That sounds like an invitation to me but I keep my cool. He then tells me that he is going to have some guys over that night to watch the matches and wants to know if I want to come over. I didn't know what matches and was embarrassed to ask so I just said sure. He gives me the details and tells me that the pool will be open and I can just wear a speedo if I like. I tell him that I don't own a speedo and he tells me that he has suits for guests, or I can just go like I do in my pool - naked. That was somewhat embarrassing and exciting at the same time.

That night I look out my front door and see some really nice cars parking. Evidently Rick hangs with some high rollers. Some actually arrive in speedos and flip flops while other at least have t-shirts and shorts on. I arrive after several guests have already arrived. His pool was on a large wooded lot with lots of privacy. Everyone was on a patio that had tv's larger than the one I had in my house. The matches turned out to be wrestling matches. They guys seemed to enjoy their matches and knew every wrestler and his moves. There were about 10 guys at the party and all were good looking and in shape with beautiful tans. As the night wore on and more drinks were had, the physical activity increased. A couple of times a few of the guys would start wrestling on the patio and get each other in headlocks or arm holds. Rick would tell them to wait until later. He introduced me to all of his friends and told them that he had walked in on me while I was swimming naked and beating off with a finger up my ass. They all laughed and said that is the only way to swim. With that most of them stripped and jumped into the pool. Not to be singled out I did the same. At 10 o-clock I hear some noise and a bunch of practically naked women all tall with heels and very short shorts. Evidently this is a common event because they all seem to know the guys and hug and kiss each one and grab some of the guys dicks and they laugh. Rick then introduces me and they look me over and one by one come over and hug me and one by one they either grab my ass or my dick and whisper in my ear that they want some time with me. I am gay but these girls are a real turn on but something was odd, Rick tells them to get set up. I don't know what that means but I am about to find out.

They start bring in equipment and take some guys to another rooms and they tell the rest of us to sit down. They then start giving us manicures and pedicures which I certainly wasn't use to. Of course all of the guys are naked so the girls run their hands up our legs while massaging our feet and the girl that was doing my pedicure leans over and kisses the head of my dick which brings it go life and they all start laughing and telling me that the one eyed snake is looking for a hole to crawl into. The foot massage feels great and they are really rubbing my legs thigh and forearms which keeps me hard. The other guys are still yelling at the wrestling matches on TV while having their pedicures/manicures and in some cases getting their dicks sucked.

Rick comes out from somewhere and he looks different and is brushing off his chest. His dick is hard and sticking out as one of the girls comes over and immediately starts licking his balls and dick. He looks over at me and tells me when I am finished to go into the bedroom for a shave and trim. Not sure what to expect I finish and get up and walk in and there is a guy standing with his legs spread and a girl is running clippers over his body giving him a body trim. There is another guy laying back and lathered up in two critical spots his face and his balls. The girl is slowly shaving him and gently caressing his swollen dick while gliding the razor over his balls. I get up there and the girls tells me to stand on the table. She starts using the trimmers on my legs, chest, arms, underarms and finally my ass. All the while she is running the clippers over my body she gently caresses me. Her raspy voice tells me to bend over so she can trim my ass crack. She then tells the other girl that she will need to shave my ass.

She takes me over to the girl with the razor who just whispers to me in a deep quiet voice to lay down and spread my legs. I had never had any shave me before and this was very erotic. I have to admit the shaving of my balls almost made me cum. She then tells me to lay on my stomach and she starts shaving my ass hole to my balls very slowly. She also gently starts playing with my ass which makes me moan. She leans over and almost lays on me and kisses my neck. I swear I could feel a bulge.

When we are finished I go back to the pool area and some of the guys are wrestling in the pool and the girls are yelling for their favorite cock. Rick then announces that it is time for the matches. All the guys are naked and we all head to the garage where a wrestling ring has been set up on the floor. Evidently these guys get their kicks by wrestling in the nude. Rick then has everyone draw a number to find out who their first match will be with. I catch Rick and tell him that I'm not sure about this because I have never really wrestled. He assures me that it will all be fun. The rules state that there will be a winner's bracket and losers bracket. The winners take all. I wasn't sure what that meant but he told me it would be fun.

We are to wrestle odd's vs even. My number is 1 and I see Rick smiling, he is number two. The girls then pass around shots with 200mg of viagra. Evidently the objective is to make sure we are hard while fighting. I get into the ring and the bell rings I try to stay out of his reach and the girls and guys are all yelling. Rick grabs my legs and pulls them out from under me and I fall fact down on the mat. I feel him on top of me with his cock sliding into my crack. Everyone is laughing, drinking and yelling. Rick is strong and those pecs and biceps are bulging now as he flips me over and pins my shoulders and kisses me hard and forces my mouth open to accept his tongue down into my throat. On a count of three he is declared the winner. He moves to the winners round I move to the losers. The matches continue. Some last longer and some guys enjoy grabbing my balls and dick to leverage themselves. All of them try to pin me and stick their dicks in my mouth and ass but never penetrate. While I continue to loose Rick continues to win. He is quite good and hardly breaks a sweat but that body looks good glistening in the pale light in the garage.

The final match is over. I am the loser and Rick is the winner. He comes over to me and reminds me that winners take all. His attitude has changed now and he is aggressive and tells me to get on my knees when I don't he tries to force me down but I resist. Four guys are immediately there and I am overpowered and forced to my knees and I am forced to start sucking his cock. He grabs my ears and holds my head while he fucking my face. He then pushes me over and throws my legs over my head and starts fucking my freshly shaved ass. I can feel him cuming in my ass and as he finishes the other guys take turns while the girls all watch and yell. When the guys finish Rick tells the guys that there are cigars and sex in the pool and they all start to leave. He then yells back, girls, he is all yours. Suddenly the girls are all around me and my hands and head are restrained. A mouth spreader is inserted and I suddenly realized why, these were not girls at all . I suddenly am forced across a table where my ass and mouth are available for assault. The girls are coming at me from all angles and they want their prize. You would expect them to have small dicks but some of these are the biggest dicks I have ever seen. I am then laid on a table where a extremely tight cock ring is put on my raging hard on by now. The girls take turns fucking themselves on my hard dick. I want to cum so bad but the ring is so tight it cuts into my skin and I can't cum. After they finish they put me into a sling that Rick has put up and they all take turns shooting their loads repeatedly in my open ass. My head is lowered so I can eat out their asses. They then hang me from the ceiling and starting flogging my ass. Believe these are no ladies the way they were flogging me. My ass was blood red and stinging as they started fucking me again and Rick comes in to take the last winner fuck.

I think I am about finished when Rick announces that it is time for the girls to fix me a drink. They carry me outside to the lawn where I am tied down on the ground with stakes. A funnel with a hose is put into my mouth and attached to a pole. The girls come first and start taking turns pissing on me and and jacking off into the funnel that is taped into my mouth. I start gagging and one of the girls grabs my balls and tells me to swallow. Then all the guys come over and start pissing all over me and jacking off into the funnel. Rick finally comes over and drops something into the funnel and then pisses in it and on my face and chest. He tells me to swallow. He must have been holding it for hours. He then picks up my legs and starts fucking me again I feel his huge cock throbbing in my ass and I feel him explode in me again. I start getting dizzy and the last this I remember is Rick saying "he has a sweet ass, I'll have to get more of that.

I woke up the next day in my own bed. I start thinking that I must have dreamed everything the night before I have a terrible headache and taste in my mouth but I am clean and freshly showered. I look under the covers and as usual I am naked because I normally sleep that way. One things is different there is a ring of red lipstick around my shaved cock and balls and my ass is sore. When I finally get up and get the paper on the driveway, Rick is already out. He smiles and says "Hi Neighbor" and pulls out his dick for me to see. I see his wife driving up their driveway and get out of the car. She waves to me and he gives her a big hug, kiss and squeeze on the ass. As they walk into the house I see him turn his head to me and smile and lick his lips.




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    Good first chapter. Looking forward to more fun at the neighbor’s house!

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    I enjoyed the first part and am hopping for a blow out on the next parts.
    Good Job please keep writing. EdRubber

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