High powered realtor Matt Gambino is back and scheming to trap his up-and-coming-realtor younger brother in this sequel to Richard's "Arrogant Multi-Million Dollar Listing Agent Gets His".

Arrogant Multi-Million Dollar Listing Agent's New Plot Against his Own Brother Backfires - But in a Good Way! - Page 1
by Richard
Series: Multi-Million Dollar Listing Agent

As “anyone who is anyone” knows (and he would be the first to extol his own perceived virtues if, for some unknown reason, one had not heard of him), “realtor to the stars” Matt Gambino had made a huge name for himself in celebrity real estate and was now an established member of the cable TV show “Multi-Million Dollar Listings” where his business savvy and hard-dealing high-end sales were already legendary, and who was avidly watched by a huge number of female (and male!) viewers who found the muscular, “finger-snapping” deal maker’s apparent expertise and high-flying luxury lifestyle to be a sexy combination.

The 6’ 3,” 29-year-old darkly handsome Gambino was particularly known to be a snappy dresser, wearing the best designer bespoke suits, ties, shoes, and belts, with his lustrous dark hair styled to perfection, alternately appearing on cam immaculately clean-shaven or with a precise amount of “five o’clock shadow.”

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world (and Matt Gambino wanted it to stay that way) approximately 6 months ago, as set forth in one of this author’s prior stories, Gambino had been cleverly tricked by one “Tarquin Talbot” who had convincingly posed as a “mysterious billionaire” new to town who wanted to buy a $50 million “trophy property” which was Matt’s top listing at the time.

Because he was desperate for a sale due to the fact that he had an ultra-high-maintenance “trophy wife,” Nicole “Nicki” Gambino, who starred in one of the “Real Housewives” cable shows herself, and because the couple owned a luxury estate and were determined to maintain the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed which had resulted in all their properties being mortgaged to the hilt, Matt would be embarrassed to admit that he, as a 100% straight married man, was tricked by this fake billionaire, “Tarquin Talbot,” into a series of sexual encounters, all on the false promise of making a fat commission on the sale of the “trophy property” listing.

That is, Gambino first found himself allowing “Talbot” to perform sexual acts on him at what he thought would be the “closing” on the “trophy property,” and then ended up (again under the guise of making the huge sale and receiving a fat commission) to, er, allow “Talbot” to force him to perform sexual acts on “Talbot,” as well as to not foresee “Talbot’s” intent to tie him up. Then, when he was bound and helpless to stop it, Gambino was tickled, spanked, teased, and ultimately fucked by this “Talbot” person, and, when “Talbot’s” duplicity was discovered “too late”, Gambino ended up bound naked to a bed in the “trophy property,” and his precious designer-cut hair had been shaved off by “Talbot,”, leaving him bald as a billiard ball!

Only too late had Gambino discovered that “Talbot” was just a virtually penniless out-of-work gay actor who had posed as this “mysterious billionaire.”

Now, 6 months later after Matt Gambino’s trademark hair had re grown and he had re-appeared on the TV show, and when he was managing to literally claw his way back as a star of the real estate world, “Talbot” contacted him and threatened to release the videotapes of his humiliation on the Internet unless Gambino met him weekly at luxury hotels at Gambino’s expense!

Gambino was flabbergasted when neither his offers of substantial sums of money (his God) nor his threats of lawyering up worked, the latter threat evaporating when “Talbot” pointed out that “lawyering up” would entail disclosing to them what happened and that there were sure to be leaks to the press by employees of the law offices looking to cut a deal with the tabloids for the story.

Left with no options, Gambino had already been forced into a few (thankfully brief) weekly sex sessions with “Talbot” at luxury hotels at his own expense! Gambino’s initial idea of just shooting the bastard “Talbot” at their first would-be session was dashed when “Talbot” made it clear that he had multiple copies of the tapes with trusted relatives and attorneys and that “if anything happened to ‘Talbot’ that it would all be made public anyway.”

But, as ever, the savvy, finger-snapping Matt Gambino had “a plan,” one that he was sure would finally rid (himself at least) of this “Talbot” person, whoever he really was, and Gambino had valiantly tried, without success, to learn “Talbot’s” true identity.

The brief “hotel sessions” demanded by “Talbot” actually had not been too bad so far, the egotistical Gambino not at all put off by “Talbot’s” apparent lust for his hot bod, since he ate up the praise. So far, the “sessions” had been of the “happy ending massage” type with Gambino not having to “reciprocate” as in the ill-fated “trophy estate” debacle, and Gambino had to admit they had in fact been kind of relaxing- “Talbot” was a good masseur and as for the body worship, Gambino had found that if he kept his eyes firmly shut he could imagine it was just another of his “bitches” like the bitches in the office he had blow him all the time “to keep their little piss-ant jobs,” and “Talbot” was an excellent cocksucker.

However, Gambino knew that “Talbot” would soon be demanding “reciprocation,” and more, for sure in these “hotel sessions,” so he cleverly concocted a “plan” to “substitute” himself with another likely candidate, namely his slightly younger brother Dominic “Dom” Gambino, 27, who was an “up and comer” real estate agent on the show who now received even more fan mail than Matt did, and, to Matt Gambino’s chagrin, his younger brother Dominic Gambino had recently been out-performing his illustrious brother Matt at the agency.

Luckily, Dominic Gambino and the rest of the Gambino family was completely unaware of Matt Gambino’s “Talbot” humiliations since Matt had simply had a “temporary separation” from his trophy wife Nicki, and had taken a “leave of absence” from the show and the agency while his hair grew back, and did not deny the tabloid’s speculation that he was simply “in rehab” since being “in rehab” had become kind of trendy and expected and even a plus in the world of celebrities.

Matt Gambino had always been jealous of his darkly handsome younger brother, who, if anything, was even more athletic and handsome than Matt, plus their parents had always seemed to favor Dom over Matt, so there was a history of rivalry. It was Dom whom their parents fawned over and sent to an expensive Ivy League school where he was a member of a snobby fraternity and on several athletic teams, whereas Matt had had to pay his own way through a state university.

Since Dominic was still single, he also could more easily “play the field” with his pick of up-and-coming starlets, heiresses, and “rich bitches in training,” and was often featured in glossy spreads in lifestyle magazines with his latest “dates” (whom Matt referred to as “bimbos”) when he was out on the town escorting them in a fleet of expensive sports cars to the finest, trendiest, and most notorious haunts of the rich and famous.

Matt’s “plan” was conceived when “Talbot” had mentioned, more than once, in their thankfully-so-far-not-numerous “hotel sessions,” that he found Matt’s brother, Dominic Gambino, “very hot” and remarked that “Dom” had brought extra “pizzazz” to the show, and how Dominic had had a lot of mega-million transactions in just the current season of the show.

Even better, when Matt proposed his “plan” of substituting Dominic Gambino for himself for any “future sessions,” “Talbot” jumped at the idea. Matt, already pleased with how his canny, savvy smarts had saved
his own sweet ass once again (or so he thought), even volunteered to assist “Talbot” in “setting up my annoying younger brother.”

Matt had to give “Talbot” credit in that “Talbot” proposed a scheme that appealed to Matt big time, (even though it was a virtually identical plan to the one that had been Matt’s own downfall) (but since that had worked once before, Matt was sure it would work again).

“Talbot” proposed that Matt set up Dominic by “Talbot” posing as a qualified buyer for one of the most expensive or the most expensive real estate listings Dominic was trying to sell on commission.

However, “Talbot” proposed that “Talbot” be given a “different name” this time because the name “Tarquin Talbot” had disappeared from mention in the tabloids and the mainstream media, which had fueled speculation that the rumors about his being some kind of “mysterious billionaire” were false, or that such a person may not have even existed, so it would be foolish to use that as “Talbot’s” “new fake name.”

Talbot” proposed that his “new fake name” should be “Gavin Carlyle,” in that the “new fake name” sounded like a kind of snooty rich guy name. Though Matt grumbled about the idea, the new “Gavin Carlyle” insisted that this “Gavin Carlyle” person should have a “decent wardrobe” so Matt found himself shelling out for a “designer wardrobe”, and a “designer haircut” from Matt’s own celebrity barber, to make this “Gavin Carlyle” look the part.

It was a lot of money but Matt Gambino was desperate to be free of the “Talbot/Carlyle” person, and it would be money well spent if it resulted in Dominic Gambino taking over as the “Talbot/Carlyle” person’s substitute “victim.”

Therefore, the 33-year-old gay actor, formerly known as “Tarquin Talbot” was now to be known as “Gavin Carlyle” and, being an actor, prepared for his role. Once again aided by friends who had contacts in the stock brokerage and financial industry, “Gavin” assembled a fake fantasy portfolio that made him appear to be from an “East Coast” “old money” family.

From the 33-year-old gay actor’s experiences from visits to the gay friendly Laguna Beach area and environs, he decided that this fictitious “Gavin Carlyle” should be looking for a West Coast “beachy” pied-a terre in exclusive “old-money” guard gated communities such as Emerald Bay or Lower Three Arch Bay in Laguna Beach or perhaps the hidden paradise of St. Malo near Oceanside with its quaint (but pricey) and rarely available French Normandy-style beach homes.

In fact, the 33-year-old gay actor posing as “Gavin Carlyle” further had gay friends in the South Orange County real estate business who advised him as to the addresses of some multi-million dollar properties (and some “pocket listings”) available in those areas and who thought that the local agents with those listings might, with a lot of luck (since the areas were publicity-shy), be willing to “co-list” them with someone like the dashing Dominic Gambino as seen on the cable TV show, especially if he appeared to have a qualified buyer like the fake “Gavin Carlyle” in tow who knew enough about the areas and was seeking those very specific properties.

While Matt and Dominic Gambino’s agency primarily dealt with celebrity real estate in the greater Los Angeles area, the agency did have satellite offices in the areas in question, because many of the celebrities had discovered Orange County beach communities as being desirable second homes or in lieu of a place in Malibu, and, in fact, Dominic Gambino had recently had a big-ticket sale in Corona Del Mar.

Matt Gambino then set about to make it appear that he was “reluctantly” referring “Gavin Carlyle” to his brother Dominic Gambino, solely based on the fact that he thought his brother was more familiar with some of the areas “Mr. Carlyle” was interested in, and that “Mr. Carlyle” was a “very motivated buyer” who “had even provided me with specific available addresses he is interested in!”

When Dominic reviewed the list of possible properties “Mr. Carlyle” had provided, he secretly had to admit that the specific areas in question were unfamiliar to him but he did not want to let on to that fact to his brother and rival Matt. Unlike his much “flashier” brother Matt, Dominic had cultivated a more sophisticated, lower-key attitude as a result of his privileged Ivy League schooling, so, unlike his brother, knew how to “tone things down” around “old money people” as he learned from some of his “old money” fraternity brothers at his Ivy League college, and knew how to “tone down” to more conservative attire and speech when dealing with them, whereas Matt Gambino could never do so- the more flash the better, in his finger-snapping view, blissfully unaware that “flash” and “finger-snapping” attitudes would be total turn-offs for the “old money” set.

Because of this, Dominic Gambino was able to “tone things down” when he spoke to the listing agents for the exclusive beach communities and was able to interest a few in sharing commissions on the properties especially since some of them were older mega-million-dollar properties that had been on the market for a while, some of them being “old money Pasadena family trust sales of long-held second homes” that actually needed work (but were still worth a fortune due to their locations alone).

However, given the high-dollar sales prices, even the shared commission would be spectacular on these properties for both agents, so Dominic, who shared his brother’s passion for easy money, was now super-motivated to work as “Mr. Carlyle’s” agent, especially since it seemed clear that “Mr. Carlyle” was dead-set on buying one of the specific properties and it was just a matter of which one, all mega million-dollar sales.

Since “Gavin” was aware of the condition of some of the properties, he had made it clear to the Gambinos that he was “fine with a fixer” if it had “good bones”- useful terms he had heard real estate agents use, so Dominic was able to use that information to effect commission-sharing agreements.

Accordingly, Dominic Gambino “signed up” “Gavin Carlyle” for Dominic to be his agent in the transaction.

Given the huge potential/seemingly guaranteed huge commission on any such sale, and the potential for a possible high-ratings show that concerned any such sale, since most all of the properties in question had to-die-for spectacular oceanfront views, Dominic Gambino’s agency pulled out all the stops since Gavin Carlyle had supposedly “just arrived” from the East Coast and reportedly only had an “unsuitable” airport rental car at his disposal.

Therefore, the agency was willing to, and did, arrange for “Mr. Carlyle” along with Dominic Gambino, of course, to be booked into a full weekend in 2 connecting rooms at the luxurious Montage Laguna Beach resort at the agency’s expense so that the two could view select houses on Gavin’s list at their leisure, the idea being that at the end of the weekend, Gavin would decide which one “suited” him the best and the transaction would be completed on the following Monday. While “Mr. Carlyle” was under the agency’s care, the word was that his every desire should be fulfilled lest the deal somehow “go south.”

Dominic therefore drove Gavin down to the resort in his new Mercedes S-Class sedan, since the client’s comfort was a top priority and there was virtually nothing the agency or Dominic Gambino, for that matter, would not do to assure that “Mr. Carlyle” was a “happy camper.”

After the two men settled into their respective connecting rooms at the luxurious oceanfront resort, Dominic Gambino literally “wined and dined” Gavin, ordering the finest wines to accompany the to-die-for gourmet Michelin-starred entrees, again all at the agency’s expense.

At dinner, since the dinner conversation included references to how both Dominic and Gavin enjoyed/prided themselves on vigorous gym workouts, and after the two duly noted how each of them clearly had gym-toned bodies to take care of, Dominic floated the idea of the 2 of them maintaining their regimen by using Dominic’s “in” with one of his “great former Ivy League frat bros about my age” who was an elite member of one of Orange County’s most exclusive gyms who could grant both of them “the special privilege” given only to the most elite men of Orange County by getting them “practically impossible to get” “guest passes” for the day. Gavin did allow that he had actually brought a gym bag down with him, so that that sounded like a perfect idea.


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