An arrogant and homophobic high-profile realtor, desperate to close a massive sale, is the latest victim of Richard's wild imagination!

Arrogant Multi-Million Dollar Listing Agent Gets His - Page 1
by Richard
Series: Multi-Million Dollar Listing Agent

Matt Gambino was finishing up an important phone call from “Tarquin Talbot,” a mysterious billionaire who had indicated that he wanted to meet up again at “the property” which was a $50 million dollar “trophy estate” listing, the most coveted listing the brash real estate agent currently had.

The 6’ 3,” 29-year-old darkly handsome Gambino had already made a huge name for himself in celebrity real estate and was even a new member of the cable TV show “Multi-Million Dollar Listings” where his business savvy and hard-dealing high-end sales were already becoming legendary, and who was avidly watched by a huge number of female (and male!) viewers who found the muscular, “finger-snapping” deal maker’s apparent expertise and high-flying luxury lifestyle to be a sexy combination. Gambino was particularly known to be a snappy dresser, wearing the best designer bespoke suits, ties, shoes, and belts, with his lustrous dark hair styled to perfection, alternately appearing on cam immaculately clean-shaven or with a precise amount of “five o’clock shadow.” Not one to “break a sweat” making his famous real estate deals, the stud seemed to effortlessly consummate mind-boggling transactions with alacrity and aplomb.

Even better, “Mr. Talbot” gave every indication that if Gambino was to bring the acceptance papers to “the property” for an all-cash offer at $51 million, (an extra million “over asking!,” no less) that he would sign them and the deal would be consummated that very day. The ever-greedy Gambino, who had an ultra-high-maintenance “trophy wife,” Nicole “Nicki” Gambino, who starred in one of the “Real Housewives” cable shows herself, with the couple owning a luxury estate and lifestyle that cost the earth to maintain, could only drool at the huge commission the all-cash sale would bring to his pockets.

The savvy Gambino was particularly drooling over the “Talbot Offer” since the wily deal-maker knew that “the property,” while spectacular, in his view, was listed at a somewhat inflated price and was a very “classy” property to Gambino’s taste, but not to most others, yet this particular buyer apparently had so much money that he would pay top-dollar-plus anyway for anything he wanted! His seller would also be over-the-moon and refer others to the savvy, finger-snapping Gambino!

Gambino also believed that he had thoroughly checked out the 33- year-old Talbot’s financials, and while there was some mystery and secretiveness concerning his exact “provenance,” there were rumors around town that “investment banker” Talbot was a British-born heir to a fortune and that his family had long since fled the UK to avoid their hefty taxes and were “jet-setters” who reportedly owned luxury homes around the world that they traveled to in their private jets. Moreover, Gambino was reassured when Talbot always appeared at “the property” either driving his own new Bentley or being chauffeured in it by a fully uniformed 6’ 5” Aryan/Teutonic appearing chauffeur/bodyguard named “Helmut,” who was decked out in a gray uniform, his chest emblazoned with numerous brass buttons, and sporting polished calf-high black leather boots, and a cap.

Later that day, Gambino was tooling his new red Ferrari up the winding canyon roads to “the property” before turning off onto the private drive. To his embarrassment-coupled-with-relief, the eager buyer Talbot was not only apparently eager to consummate the sale given that his chauffeur-driven Bentley was purring before the private
electric gates to the private road that led up to “the property,” but, on the other hand, had also obviously been “kept waiting” for Gambino to arrive and open the gates.

The impeccably suit-and-tie-clad Gambino waved an apologetic “hello” from his Ferrari and clicked the private gates open, whereupon Talbot’s chauffeur-driven Bentley, followed by Gambino’s Ferrari, zoomed up the private road to “the property,” which sat on a promontory overlooking the entire city.

Gambino was uncharacteristically rattled by this mis-step of keeping his most important client waiting (albeit in his air-conditioned Bentley), noticing in his brief glance at his handsome countenance in the rear-view mirror before exiting his Ferrari, that his forehead and brow betrayed the slightest patina of nervous sweat. The brash real estate agent also felt a few drips of nervous sweat dripping out of his manly armpits as he pondered how to handle the faux-pas of having kept his client waiting. Gambino could only hope that his designer anti-perspirant and liberal morning dousing with the best cologne would keep him from betraying that this had him a bit rattled by his beginning to uncharacteristically break a bit of a sweat. Well- it was a hot day after all.

Gambino smiled effusively (and unconvincingly, since any genuine smile would only be for that commission!) at Talbot who had alighted from the Bentley, his 6’ 5” chauffeur/bodyguard Helmut standing at attention nearby.

Gambino, carrying his monogrammed designer briefcase that held the important sales papers to be signed, reverently unlocked “the property” and escorted the briefcase-bearing Talbot into what Gambino thought was an “impressive multi-story entry hall,” and was a bit secretly dismayed as Talbot’s chauffeur/bodyguard Helmut accompanied him into the estate, Gambino having expected the “servant” to remain outside while business was conducted.

Talbot picked up on Gambino’s askance look at this event, saying “Helmut, as my bodyguard, routinely accompanies me during any financial transactions…” to which Gambino, having no real choice in the matter, replied “Er, of course, Mr. Talbot, sir….” and escorted them into the estate’s “vast formal sitting room” which was indeed “vast” and formal in the sense of rococo glitziness. Gambino also extolled “the property’s” “magnificent view of the city” (“the property’s” only real saving grace!).

Talbot and his chauffeur/bodyguard Helmut then sat side-by-side on an ersatz antique couch (Helmut having doffed his cap and placed it beside him) while the impeccably suit-and-tie-clad Gambino seated himself on an overly ornate gilded armchair facing them both.

After nervously apologizing for Talbot’s having had to wait for his arrival, and after some minutes of chit-chat about the fine, if a bit hot, weather and going over “the property’s” many supposedly fine attributes in detail to remind Talbot of all that would soon be his, Gambino, of course, zeroed in on the “sale,” hauling out the papers from his monogrammed designer briefcase with a dramatic flourish, going “Now all that needs to be done is for you sign on the dotted lines, Mr. Talbot, and to exchange the cashier’s check…”

Talbot quickly replied in what Gambino accepted and considered to be a very “classy” semi-British accent: “Not so swift, Matt, my good man. You no doubt are fully cognizant of the fact that ‘the property’ is in fact
raw-ther overpriced and that I am offering you the deal of a lifetime because, well, I want it, and I’m used to receiving what I want and damn the deuced price.. But, in this instance, I do think it behooves you to go ‘the extra mile’ here, as you Americans say, don’t you agree?”

Confused and beginning to sweat a bit more, Matt Gambino replied “Er, well, yes, of course I will go the ‘extra mile’ for you Mr. Talbot, sir, anything to seal the deal, as it were…what was it you had in mind? I do feel that I have already ‘gone the extra mile’ for you, my friend, but I am sure my seller would meet any reasonable request for some sort of concession…”

“Well, what I had in mind, Matt, my good man, was more in the nature of a personal favor rather than a concession from the seller himself….”

“Er, I’m not quite sure what that means, Mr. Talbot, sir, but, of course I will do my best to comply with whatever ‘personal favor’ you have in mind…?”

“Well, I’m a man who comes right to the point in all my business dealings, Matt. I must say that in watching your television program on the telly that I have been impressed not only with your savvy business acumen and knowledge of the crème-de-la-crème of the real estate world but the forceful and aggressive way that you carry yourself, the impeccable way that you dress, and the fact that the show makes it clear that you keep your body in perfect condition- that episode that ended with you celebrating one sale by tearing off your dress shirt and tie and jumping into the swimming pool was not only masterful salesmanship, but also allowed the viewers to get a glimpse of how gym-toned your upper body is- why, when I ran that tape for my female office assistant, she was very much indeed impressed with your body- she said something to the effect of (Talbot assuming a high-pitched female sounding voice) “oooooooo, but he’s ever so dishy, Mr. Talbot, isn’t he, though?” She’s obviously from a working class background, unlike ourselves, but she gave her honest opinion, ” replied Talbot.

Gambino visibly blushed at the true praise (who could blame this woman- I mean- he was God’s gift to all women, after all!..) saying “thank you for the kind praise, Mr. Talbot, sir, but what does this have to do with the ‘personal favor’ you wanted to ask of me??”

Contradicting himself a bit as to “getting right to the point,” Talbot decided to draw out the nature of his “true” favor(s) desired, stalling a bit going “well, for instance, I’m sure that Daisy (that’s my charmingly working class office assistant’s name) would be ‘over-the-moon’ if I could provide her with a shirtless photo or video of you as a personal favor to me….”

Gambino, actually relieved at such a simple and easily provided ‘personal favor,’ replied “Well, of course, Mr. Talbot, sir! Of course, I don’t carry around shirtless photos of myself to autograph (but that might not be a bad idea for the future, haha). However, seeing as how it is you who is making the request, sir, I would be happy to take my shirt off and pose for “Daisy” on your cellphone and give her a personalized ‘thank you’ video for being just one of my many, many adoring fans…bless their hearts!” Unfortunately for him, and revealing his “true colors” which were sometimes alluded to from time to time on the show where he often homophobically quarreled with a gay real estate agent, he also went on to say “at least she’s not one of those flaming gay queens who keep writing the show begging me for pics like that! Jeesh! That’s enough to turn anyone’s stomach, right?

Appearing to ignore the last comment and controlling himself admirably, Talbot simply replied “Oh- that would be splendid, for a start…Here, Helmut, hold my cellphone and get ready to film our celebrity realtor, Mr. Gambino’s, little strip-tease for dear, star-struck Daisy….”

Gambino, in a hurry to get the papers signed, seemed to have luckily tuned out the ‘for a start’ bit, only hearing the praise and confirmation of his own celebrity status, and, as Helmut filmed, stood and had a bit of fun loosening and removing his designer silk tie and began unbuttoning his expensive dress shirt button by button going “Hello Daisy, I understand you are one of my greatest fans…Who could blame you, eh??” and sexily winked as he then carefully removed his monogrammed solid gold cuff links one-by-one and proudly held them up to the camera so that they could each be duly admired as symbols of his wealth and power, and so that he could hastily remove his dress shirt altogether, thereby revealing his suntanned, muscular chest with its fan of dark chest hair fanning out over the muscular planes of his gym-toned chest before thinning to a “happy trail” that disappeared into his designer suit pants. He then saw fit to also flex his biceps for good measure for “Daisy,” giving the camera (and Talbot and Helmut) a close-up view of his darkly hairy underarms, the slight bit of sweat drips actually adding to the sexiness of the pose.

Gambino then sat down on the chair, placing his shirt, tie and cuff links on an equally dreadfully ornate coffee table, saying “Hope she likes that… Now let’s get those papers signed, eh…?”

“Er, well, that request for Daisy was actually only part of the ‘personal favor’ I had in mind. And I’m sorry if the next favor may go against your personal prejudices. But I do think, as I said before, that you really need to ‘go the extra mile’ to consummate this sale, something a bit out of your ‘comfort zone’ as it were. You see, Mr. Gambino, my good man, I am a gay man myself (apparently one of the ‘flaming gay queens’ you despise) and, given the huge amount of money involved and your huge commission I am only willing to, er, consummate the sale if I am allowed to, er ‘service’ your hunky body… I think it will be fun to kind of ‘whore out’ Mr. Matt Gambino who would do ‘anything’ for a sale!

The greedy realtor, sweating more profusely now, and nervously running his hands through his designer-cut and gel-styled hair leaving it uncharacteristically mussed up, and seeing his deal crumbling before his ever-greedy, scheming eyes, unless he acted fast, went : “What the fuck!!!??? Oh shit!! I mean, er, pardon my shock, Mr. Talbot. I had no idea you were a gay man!!! I, er, sometimes just go on about the gay realtor on the show to drive up ratings- you see, a lot of fans like it, so I run with what the fans want! Lying some more, Gambino went on to claim the classic “Why, some of my best friends are gay!” then went on with: “Of course, I am 100% straight- but if you are conditioning the sale on my allowing you to, er, ‘service’ my body kind of ‘whoring myself out’ as you say, then I will make that sacrifice, er, to the extent possible, sir…”

He further added in a rather desperate, confidential rush: “You have no idea how much I am counting on that fat commission, sir! Nicki, that’s my bitch of a wife, is so fucking high maintenance with all her damn closets full of goddamned Jimmy Choo shoes and designer couture, I’ve had to mortgage all my investment properties to the max- I really fucking need the money, man! I’m pleading here! I’ve just gotta have it, just gotta have it, sir!” and then, more sheepishly, and more quietly, “er, you just mean like you giving me like a blowjob, right? Then we can sign the papers and it’s a done deal, right?”


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