Sexy & hung medical student Matt suffers through another hot milking session with Doctor West!

Milking the Sexy Med Student – Part 3 (Page 1)
by Leo1202
Series: Milking the Sexy Med Student

milking-med-studentDoctor West didn’t even feel the least bit tired as he gazed upon Matt’s naked, constrained body, helplessly fasted to the milking machine that had just induced the most powerful orgasm of the boy’s life.

The young doctor in training was nearly unconscious, given the torment that he had just endured, but Doctor West knew that the young stud could still endure more.

He took a warm, damp cloth and gingerly cleaned Matt’s thick, semi hard cock, pulling it back through his spread legs and wiping off the traces of the boy’s load. Matt winced as the Doctor cleaned his sensitive penis, uncomfortable at how personal the act felt.

Once it was complete, West decided to move onto his next plan. Matt was still somewhat groggy, so Doctor West took the opportunity to unfasten the boy’s restraints and guide him to his feet.

Matt, not knowing what was happening at first, protested meekly. He had been under the Doctor’s sedative drug for over an hour, but its effects were still strong. Mentally, he was totally aware of everything going on around him, and he could certainly feel everything. However, he was having trouble coordinating his movements, despite his best efforts. This was, of course, because of Doctor West’s drugs.

“W-wait a second,” he said. “You’re gonna try make me cum again. I can’t. I just can’t,” he mumbled.

Doctor West struggled not to lose control of the situation, knowing that he had the hottest of his students walking round his laboratory, completely naked, his long cock swinging freely as they walked.

Matt was a smart guy though, and he began to protest.

“This is over. I...I’m not doing this,” Matt said. He mustered all his strength and managed to push himself away from the Doctor holding him up, and stumble slightly forward.

Doctor West began to panic, but quickly realised his opportunity when he let Matt go. The young, hunky student was stumbling backwards towards a pair of stirrups, sitting casually in the background.

Doctor West hadn’t planned on using these so soon, but realised his opportunity in that moment.

Matt continued to stumble somewhat groggily, rubbing his hands on his head.

“You drugged me,” Matt said, moving ever so slowly backwards towards the stirrups. “You tricked me into this sick experiment, but I’ve had enough.”

Doctor West couldn’t help but lust after Matt as the boy’s totally exposed, naked body moved towards the exact point he wanted it to.

The way the young naked stud’s thick, flaccid penis shook as he moved drove the Doctor crazy.

As though he realised how naked he was in that moment, and seeing where Doctor West’s eyes were focused, Matt clasped his big hands over his exposed cock and balls. It was pointless, of course, since the Doctor had already witnessed Matt at his most exposed, as he surrendered his load to the Doctor’s mouth, but he enjoyed the stud’s embarrassment regardless.

Matt looked at West defiantly, jaw clenched, and Doctor West took this opportunity to act.

He lunged lightning fast at Matt, who’s eyes widened briefly in shock, but given the position of his hands and his drugged state, he didn’t have time to put up a defence.

His muscular body fell backwards into the soft cushioned chair of the stirrup device, the sudden fall causing his head to spin.

West took this opportunity to wrestle with the boy’s arms and, with difficulty, fasten each into a set of cuffs above his head, exposing his sexy armpits, lightly dusted with dark hair while Matt thrashed around all the while.

With only his legs free, Matt made a meek attempt to kick out at Doctor West, no longer caring about his exposed manhood, but instead just trying to get the Doctor away from him. Doctor West chuckled at Matt’s attempts to fight and the way his cock was flung from side to side.

West simply caught Matt’s leg with his hands, again wrestling it into a stirrup, before managing the same with the other, securing each tightly. Matt grunted loudly and fought, but realised with growing horror that he had once again been fastened into another of the sick Doctor’s devices, and he was too weak to fight it.

West stood back and grinned at his handiwork. Matt looked furious as he met the Doctor’s eyes, but the young man was helpless to do anything in his newly restrained state.

West drank up the sight of Matt’s strong arms fasted tightly above his head, but his main focus was on the boy’s sexy, muscular legs being held spread open in the stirrups. His beautiful big cock had come to rest on one of his thighs, and his plum- sized balls hung seductively exposed between his legs.

Matt could see the lust in Doctor West’s eyes and paled in fear at the hunger there. It was animalistic.

He made a meek effort to free himself and wrestled briefly with the restraints holding him to the stirrups, but he was fastened tight. The movement shook his cock free from his thigh and down to hit against his balls.

West chuckled at this, causing the young stud to redden.

Watching the young man try to escape his bonds, obviously knowing what was to happen next, only excited West more.

“Careful,” the Doctor teased. “You could hurt someone with that thing,” he said winking and nodding to Matt’s hanging penis.

The boy simply glowered at him, his embarrassment clearly showing.

“Ah, Matt” the Doctor sighed. “Trying to escape is futile. Look where you’ve ended up by trying,” he said gesturing to Matt’s constrained body.

Matt glared at him in anger and once again tensed his strong arms in an attempt to free himself but was still unsuccessful.

“Oh, Matt,” the Doctor said. “If only you knew how much it aroused me to watch your constrained, naked body struggle for freedom.”

Matt looked horrified at the Doctor’s comments but West continued, enjoying the student’s embarrassment.

“Does it make you uncomfortable to be completely exposed in front of me, Matt?” West asked, inching towards the bound stud. “Your big muscular legs spread wide open, exposing your manhood to me against your will?” he continued to goad.

Matt blushed deeply at this comment, which only fueled West on further, moving closer once again.

“You have an impressive penis, Matt. You know that?” continued the Doctor. “Even flaccid you’re incredibly large. Although, I don’t imagine you’ll be soft for long.”

Matt clenched his jaw in defiance, angered and embarrassed as West casually discussed his cock in front of him.

“I can’t wait to see your reaction to all the other delights I’m going to inflict on your big penis and those very, very full balls.”

Matt’s eyes were constantly following the Doctor as he moved, but in one quick swoop Doctor West entered the space between Matt’s held-open legs and grasped the stud’s big nuts in his hand once again.

Matt futilely tried to recoil from the intrusion but was helpless in his bonds.

“Even after draining you twice already, this big, aching sac of yours is still demanding release,” West purred.

Matt looked on in disgust as his balls were handled by Doctor West, worshipping them fervently.

“You know you need the release, handsome,” West continued, fondling Matt’s shaven balls. “Just ask. Ask me to empty your sac and I will without hesitation.”

It was true, of course. The symptoms of the drug affecting Matt had in no way diminished yet, and the rate at which his balls were producing semen meant that he was more than ready to cum again. In fact, he needed to desperately. But he would sooner suffer in silence than let this awful man force another orgasm from him.

He glared on at Doctor West definitely, before muttering a half heard “fuck you” under his breath.

The Doctor sighed at this, moving back and releasing Matt’s balls.

“Soon,” Doctor West said, smiling slightly. “Soon you will beg me for release.”

Though eager to force another ejaculation from the handsome bound hunk, Doctor West decided to have some fun before doing so.

He walked casually over to one of his cabinets and, after rummaging around, produced a large clear bottle filled with a transparent liquid.

He walked back over to Matt’s bound form, the latter’s nervous eyes never leaving him and stopped, grinning.

“I have here some lubricant,” Doctor West said calmly.

Matt rolled his eyes in anger and tested his bonds again, straining his strong arms.

“Ah, I see you’re not too keen on testing my lubrication,” said the Doctor wickedly. “But this one is very special,” he continued.

Matt simply looked on at West indifferently as the Doctor snapped on a pair of rubber gloves, smiling to himself all the while.

Matt wondered why he was using rubber gloves if he just wanted to use some lube on him; he’d got lube on his hands earlier that day without any complaint.

West popped the cap on the bottle and poured a small amount onto the tip of his index finger.

He then approached Mat’s bound form.

“This lubricant is very special,” he explained, “because it attacks the nerves of the body. It identifies the parts of the body that experience pleasure and intensifies that pleasure tenfold.” Matt continued to look on in confusion.

With that, West leaned forward and rubbed his lubed finger onto Matt’s nipple. The boy grunted slightly at the cool sensation, but otherwise thought that the lube just felt like a cool, thick gel.

West stood back and smiled.

“The lubricant reacts to oxygen, and takes effect quite quickly,” he continued.

A minute passed with no effect, and Matt began to think that the Doctor had exaggerated the lube’s effects, but then he felt a slight tingle. He thought it must just be the warm air reacting to the cold gel, but after 30 more seconds the tingling intensified. 30 more seconds brought the tingling to the forefront of his attention, and he looked down at his nipple in confusion.

Seeing the lube take effect, the Doctor smiled.

The tingling sensation was only getting stronger with each second that passed, and Matt began to panic. A minute more brought the most intense sensation he had ever felt in his body, especially in so sensitive an area, and two minutes more produced the sensation of a hundred tongues lightly flicking his nipple.

He was breathing heavily now and looking at Doctor West in panic. The latter simply smiled.

“Intense, isn’t it?” West asked wickedly.

Matt grunted, trying to ignore his goading and deal with the intense stimulation being delivered to his nipple.

“Want me to make it stop?” enquired the Doctor innocently? Matt glanced at him nervously.

“There will be a small price to pay, of course, but I can take that gel off right now if you like,” offered Doctor West.

Matt considered his options, but after a new wave of pleasured struck his nipple, he nodded his agreement.

“Take it off. Please, take it off,” he asked.

“As you wish,” said the Doctor. With that he took a damp cloth and rubbed it over Matt’s lubed nipple, taking the gel with it and delivering a cooling sensation to Matt.

The young man sighed in relief as the intense tingling subsided then faded completely. He had never felt anything like that in his life.

“I imagine that was intense on so sensitive an area,” said the doctor. “But as we just discussed, there is a price to pay for having it removed from your nipple.” As he spoke, he was donning a new pair of rubber gloves. Matt looked confused.

“You see, I’m now going to slather your big penis and very full ball sac in in my special lubricant,” he said wickedly, glancing at Matt’s exposed manhood and then meeting his fearful eyes. Matt visibly paled at this news, his face registering horror at what the doctor was implying.

“Wait... wait no. Please don’t do that.” Matt begged, looking down at his cock hanging helplessly between his spread legs.

“Oh I’m afraid you have no choice in the matter,” Doctor West explained. “And just think how good it will feel on you most sensitive area.”

Matt tensed his arms, struggling futilely in his bonds to no avail, as Doctor West poured a much more generous amount of lube onto his gloved hands than the first time, rubbing them together fervently with a devilish grin on his hands.

“Let’s see how this feels, shall we?” he said menacingly.

With that, he grasped Matt’s thick, flaccid penis in his hands, smothering the appendage in the cool lubricant, coating it thoroughly before taking the boy’s scrotum into his left hand and covering it with his special lubricant.

Matt could only look on in horror as his exposed cock and balls were smothered in the Doctor’s sickly lubricant, fully aware of what the effects would be.

Once the stud’s manhood was sufficiently glistening with the lube, Doctor West removed his gloves carefully and watched in glee as the formula took effect.

Hoping against hope that the lube that had attacked his nipples would be less sensitive on his manhood, Matt could only groan in horror as the nerve-attack lubricant began its wicked work.

Just like before, it began with a very slight tingling sensation, as though his penis was being exposed to cold air. But soon after, the sensation intensified, and only continued to do so. His big full ball sac was not spared from the sensation either, and it wasn’t long before Matt realised the trouble he was in.


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