The Milking Machine Initiation

A hot story about a group of fraternity pledges, a milking machine and a group of sorority girls!
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The Milking Machine Initiation
by Anonymous

milking machineIn college, I decided to pledge a fraternity. The brothers at Phi Sigma Delta were well known on campus for their kinky, sexually oriented initiation rites. Since I am always horny and enjoy kinky sex, I knew Phi Sigma Delta was the fraternity for me.

The university I attended had a working dairy farm on campus as part of the agriculture school. The barn had a large viewing gallery separated from the milking parlor by large, floor-to-ceiling windows. The facility was perfect for the kinky fraternity initiation planned for us; we were going to be "milked" by the milking machine while the sorority sisters watched!

After we were forced to walk over to the dairy barn, we were taken into a side room next to the milking parlor and told to take off all of our clothes. A few of the other pledges and I had throbbing hardons as we thought about what was about to happen to us. My hard, circumcised cock was ready for action.

To the sound of cheers and chants by the women in the viewing gallery, the fraternity brothers led us naked into the milking parlor just like a herd of cows. One used a cattle prod to keep us moving. Each of us was guided into a milking stall and told to face the windows. We were told to spread our legs apart, so our cocks and balls would be in full view. The skin was stretched tight on my stiff cock as it pointed at the window. One of the frat brothers then chained our arms and legs to the metal bars of the milking stall.

We were completely helpless and at their mercy.

After we were all chained into our stalls, we were introduced to Mistress Diana who would be in charge of the milking operation. She told us she had to collect our semen for an artificial insemination project. She ordered the frat brothers to begin the milking preparation.

One of the frat brothers took a tube of lubricating jelly and squirted some on my throbbing cock. After coating my glans and shaft, he put a large, stainless steel teat cup with a rubber liner on my cock. Even though the machine hadn't started yet, my cock was sucked right into the teat cup. I watched as each pledge was prepared the same
way. One guy was uncircumcised and had to have his foreskin pulled back before the teat cup would go on his cock.

When everyone was ready, Mistress Diana, dressed in a leather dominatrix outfit with spike heels, started the milking machine. I looked down and saw the teat cup sucking and pulsating on my rock hard cock. The women in the viewing gallery were cheering and chanting as they watched us. I couldn't believe I was being jacked-off by a
milking machine while a bunch of women watched! The sight was making some of the women horny, too. Several of them in the front row were rubbing their clits as they watched the milking machine suck on the cocks of eight horny guys.

My hips were bucking like a dog's as I felt a strong orgasm building up inside me. Most of the other guys were grunting and moaning with ecstacy. We were all about to cum. It was quite a sight to see eight young guys all being masturbated simultaneously by a milking machine.

After about ten minutes, my balls were aching and I realized I couldn't hold back any longer. My entire cock was buzzing with the impending orgasm. My glans felt like it was about to explode in the teat cup. Suddenly I felt my muscles contract as my cock started spurting a huge load of cum. I watched as the clear tubing leading from
my teat cup to the glass collection jar turned a milky white as my semen pulsed through it. It felt like the machine was sucking every drop of cum out of my body. I was experiencing the most intense orgasm of my life, and I thought it would never end. I looked at the others and saw their tubes also turning white. The glass collection jar was quickly filling with our semen. The sorority sisters in the viewing gallery cheered and applauded loudly
as they watched us ejaculate into the machine.

Since everyone had ejaculated, I expected Mistress Diana to turn off the milking machine. My balls were sore from the intense stimulation. However, she said we had not produced enough cum, because the collection jar was not full. She told us we would have to do it again.

My cock had barely started to go limp when the sucking and pulsating action of the machine brought it back up to a full, ball busting hardon. I was grunting and sweating as the machine continued its relentless pumping of my cock. The lubricant made my cock head extra sensitive. Mistress Diana walked back and forth in front of us to watch
the milking process. She stopped to feel my balls while the teat cup pulsated on my penis. I could feel myself approaching another mind bending orgasm. Suddenly I cried out as my cock blasted another hot load of cum into the teat cup. Mistress Diana smiled with approval at me as she watched my body being racked with orgasmic spasms. I
had never felt orgasms as strong as those.

Finally she was satisfied with the amount of semen she had collected from us. She turned off the milking machine and the frat brothers removed the teat cups. My cock was bright red and still throbbing and twitching from the orgasms.

We were unchained and taken back to the side room to get dressed. Each of us was physically drained after the experience. My body had never experienced such powerful orgasms. After everyone was dressed, we were all congratulated for passing our initiation and welcomed as new brothers of the Phi Sigma Delta fraternity.



  1. scotts60143 - June 14, 2015, 8:11 pm

    You just can’t beat a good initiation party!!!

  2. Flamingo009 - January 5, 2019, 7:11 am

    Hot story! Love to read about boys in their late teens being milked over and over again.

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