The classic story about a straight jock who is milked after signing up for a medical drug experiment; The poor dude is bound & tormented a lab assistant while he is forced to cum over and over again by a machine. Originally part of the RopeJock (Jack's Male Tikling Rack) collection.

Milking the Bull
By Gary
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Billy 'Bull' Olson was full of himself, no doubt about it. The twenty year old college football jock had everything going for him, all-American boy next door looks, a rep for being a clean-cut and straightforward guy, good grades and his family had money. The only area that fell below his expectations was his social life, not that Billy was unpopular, but he didn't have a lot of free time to devote to dating, and very few girls were understanding if you didn't fawn all over them constantly. Thus Billy currently found himself between girlfriends and spent what free time he had with his own right hand, which always seemed to know EXACTLY how to sate Billy's libido. Still, Billy missed the way he could just lie back and let someone else get his nut when he had a cooperative steady who liked to suck. He just loved getting good head; of course very few girls could take all of Billy's bountiful endowment, one of those things that had earned him the nickname 'Bull'. Billy sprung an erection with a nine inch length and a four inch girth when aroused to his full tumescent glory, and one of his teammates had once joked that it was a good thing he wasn't on the baseball team because the pitcher might grab the wrong ball.

When one of his classmates told him that Doctor Gotthard of the Life Sciences department was looking for healthy young male volunteers to test the effects of a new potency drug he'd developed, it seemed like the job was made to order for the six foot, one hundred ninety pound, blond, blue eyed and very horny college jock. According to his friend he'd be given the drug, after which he would be connected to a machine which would induce orgasm and monitor his vital signs throughout the procedure, and the Doc was going to PAY him for this! Billy had applied for a position as one of the test subjects, a task that included answering some very personal and pointed questions which had actually made Billy blush. Of course Billy didn't think he'd have been quite so embarrassed if it had been anyone other than that bespectacled dweeb Isaac Tischler asking the questions, the student research assistant was smirking at him throughout the interview, and the rumors Billy had heard about Ike's sexual preferences haunted his thoughts.

So now it was time for Billy's first scheduled session as a test subject for the Doc's new wonder drug. Doctor Gotthard had directed him to a cubicle where he was to remove all clothing below the waist. Clad only in his letterman's shirt he emerged from the cubicle, glancing with slight apprehension at the Doc's machine. He was directed to take a seat on a saddle that extended from the front of the Doc's monitoring equipment. His arms were drawn back over the upper portion of the machine and his wrists were placed in semicircular slots above the array of monitoring devices. The upper portion was lowered and corresponding slots formed a complete circle, clamping his wrists in place. Straps were placed around Billy's waist, knees and ankles. The straps, explained the Doc, were meant to keep him reasonably immobile, very important if they were to get accurate readings about any physical stress the drug might cause. Those binding his knees and ankles were attached to adjustable metal struts which the Doc extended to their limit, spreading Billy's legs wide. Reaching for the silicone sheath that would encase Billy's penis, Gotthard's attention was drawn to the doorway as Isaac Tischler entered.

"Ah Tischler my boy, there you are. Finish prepping Olson while I check the equipment."

"Sure thing Doc." Winking at Billy, Ike Tischler picked the silicone sheath up with his left hand and grasped the athlete's cock with his right. Grinning, Ike allowed himself the liberty of giving Billy's rod a few strokes before guiding it into the velvet embrace of the sheath.

Billy blushed under Ike's leering scrutiny, and Ike fondled the letterman's heavy hangers. "All set Doc." Ike said, shifting his gaze to Gotthard who was adjusting controls on the machine's console.

"Ah yes, good, good. Now then, we must have one orgasm from young Olson here before we administer the drug so we can compare his reactions before and after. As you'll have noticed, the sheath encasing your penis has a tube attached to the end and leading to these vials. Tischler will now attach a device that will send vibratory pulses through your penis to induce orgasm, your seed will be collected in the vials for analysis and your physical reactions will be monitored and recorded by the machine for future comparison."

Ike clamped a metallic device around Billy's sheathed organ and taking the opportunity to once again fondle the jock's balls.

Billy heard a hum of machinery and felt the first pulse vibrate through his shaft as the metallic fingers and a vacuum like suction transformed the silicone sheath into a voracious cocksucker, hungry for his cum. He gnashed his teeth together, suppressing a groan as Ike continued to tickle his nuts. "Nnnnngh."

"Oh feel free to moan if you must my boy. The room is quite soundproof."

Dr. Gotthard assured him.

Billy did just that, letting out a long moan of pure ecstasy.


Between the machine's suction and Ike's fingers tickling his nuts Billy quickly exploded as a powerful orgasm racked his body. Starting with a tingling sensation in his tightly drawn balls which spread throughout his body as his hard cock jerked spasmodically within the encasing silicone sheath, launching his freshly milked sperm on its voyage to the waiting vials.

"Excellent performance young man!" Gotthard exclaimed. "Now to administer my new drug and see how that affects your libido. While the drug will be marketed in a pill form, we will inject you with a hypodermic syringe to allow faster results."

Billy felt the cool caress of an alcohol soaked cotton swab followed by the slight pinch of a needle as the Doc injected the drug into his arm. As the drug took effect Billy felt an insatiable itch in his balls and his cock throbbed almost painfully within the suctioning sheath. He felt hot and horny, hornier than he'd ever been in his twenty year life. He no longer felt embarrassment at Ike's improper liberties; he only felt an overwhelming sexual need. He was starting to enjoy Ike's tickling caress on his balls. "Ohhh yeahhh."

The verbal indication that Billy was really beginning to enjoy his attentions encouraged Isaac to spider his fingers over Billy's taut abdomen, dipping the tip of his index finger in the jock's deep navel, eliciting a suppressed giggle. Ike's observation that Billy seemed quite ticklish and the subsequent fantasy scenario it inspired was interrupted by the Doc's voice.

"Oh my, Just look at these printouts! This is very interesting, very interesting indeed. Tischler this is amazing, would you mind monitoring the rest of this session by yourself while I examine this data in my office?"

"Sure Doc, no problem." Ike stepped around to look at the printout the Doc held. A brief glance told him the Doc would be pondering over that data for hours; a mischievous smile crossed his features as he contemplated the fun he could have, alone in this soundproof room with the very ticklish jock.

Much the same line of thought had occurred to Billy and he flinched reflexively as the Doc clamped his hand on his shoulder.

Gotthard never noticed the reaction, self absorbed with his thoughts. "Good job lad, I'll leave you in Tischler's capable hands for the remainder of this session. I must go over this data we've collected already; I didn't expect such spectacular results."

Billy would have begged the Doc to stay but his second orgasm chose that very moment to burst upon his senses, with a force more powerful than the first by a factor of ten. "UuuuhngohhhfuuuckfuuuckFUUUCK!" By the time he recovered from the incredibly intense orgasm, the Doc had left the room and Ike stood before him with a sly grin on his face.

"Well now Olson, are you just a little bit ticklish hmm?" Ike inquired, reaching for Billy's washboard abs.

"NO! I mean I'm not ticklish." Billy said, keeping a wary eye on Ike's hand.

"Not even just a little bit, why don't we just give it a try?" Ike asked, stroking his fingers lightly over Billy's vulnerable belly.

"Nnnnooohohoho DON'T DO THAT!"

"What's wrong, does that tickle?"

"Yes, YES IT TICKLES. STOP IT!" Billy pleaded.

"I don't think so, I was hoping for a chance like this, as a matter of fact I even came prepared, just in case an opportunity such as this arose. Don't run off now, I'll be right back." Ike teased the helpless jock.

Billy followed Ike's movement with his eyes as the bookish chemistry major walked over to a backpack he'd carried when he arrived. He watched with nervous tension as the nerd picked it up by the straps and started toward him once more. Billy had no idea what was in that pack but he didn't think he was going to like it, or maybe he was afraid he'd like it too much. Thank God they were alone in a soundproof room. Billy could just imagine what anyone would think if they saw this, and he let out a nervous giggle at the picture it brought to mind. There he was a six foot tall college jock, naked except for his letterman's t-shirt and helplessly strapped into a machine that was relentlessly bringing him closer to his third orgasm, completely at the mercy of a five foot three, ninety-seven pound, bespectacled Jewish boy with mousy brown hair and eyes to match.

Ike stopped directly in front of the football jock and rummaged through his pack, pulling out a felt tipped marker. Tucking the marker over his ear he pulled a pair of scissors out of his pack and grasping the bottom of Billy's t-shirt he made several cuts, stripping the jock of his remaining modesty. Ike paused then and watched with great amusement as Billy's third orgasm came upon him, racking his firm body with pleasure induced convulsions.


"You know," Ike whispered in Billy's ear, "I've heard that guys are even more sensitive to tickling once they've cum. You should be REAL fucking ticklish since you've cum three times. Why don't we find out exactly how ticklish you are and where."

Billy noticed that the latter wasn't phrased as a question just as Ike's fingers assaulted his ribs. "Nnnghnnnhnooohheeheeheehee!"

"Hmm ribs about an eight on a scale of one to ten." Ike observed, drawing a number eight on Billy's flesh with his marker. He moved on to Billy's bare belly, getting only a slightly more than moderate reaction until he dipped his finger in the jock's navel.


Ike grinned like an impish twelve year old. "Belly six, button nine." Ike stated, as he drew the two numerals, circling the sensitive navel with the loop of the nine. He slid his exploring fingers up the jock's torso, tweaking the nipples till they stood erect and Billy was squirming to the extent his confining bonds would allow, giggling and begging the nerdish Ike for mercy. "Nipples a definite nine." Ike said, circling them like Billy's navel with the loops of the nines. He concluded his exploratory tickle tour of Billy's upper torso with an assault on the jocks sweaty pits.


"Fuck! That's a ten if I ever saw one." Ike crowed. The lush tufts of hair sprouting from Billy's pits made it impossible to draw a legible number there, forcing Ike to draw his numerals below the sensitive pits. As a consolation he added small arrows to point out the actual ticklish spot. Ike knelt in front of the helpless jock whose bare feet were slightly raised above the floor and tilted outward by his spread-legged position. He scraped the soft vulnerable soles with his fingertips causing an eruption of a fresh burst of laughter from the ticklish stud. "Another ten." Ike stated and drew the appropriate numerals. Rising to his feet, Ike experimented on Billy's inner thighs just below the jock's balls. The reaction he received could only be classed as a nine and he marked the spot accordingly. The nerd finished his quest to locate and classify all of Billy's ticklish spots by testing the jock's nuts and the flesh beneath his pubic bush, both proved to be tens on the scale of ticklishness. Due to the excessive hairiness of those areas, Ike had to repeat the procedure he'd followed to mark Billy's pits.

The conclusion of Ike's classification coincided with the first tingling sensations of Billy's impending orgasm, his fourth, deep in the base of his balls. "UUUHUUUHUUUNGH I'm cumming, I'm cumming, OOOHFUUUCKI'MCUUUMMING!"

Ike dipped into his pack again, extracting a feather. He held it up for Billy to see before lowering the tip towards his belly. Ever so lightly he drug it across Billy's taut abs, smiling at the spasmodic jerks and uncontrolled giggling his actions evoked. He transferred his attentions to Billy's inner thighs, stroking one then the other with the tip of his feather. Returning his attention to Billy's taut belly, Ike circled the jock's deep navel cavity, his feathery strokes drawing closer to the rim of the sensitive crater with each orbit. Billy went spastic when he finally dipped his feather in the hollow.

"Ooohooohaahhahaha please don't, STAHHAHAHOP!"

"What was that you said, please don't stop? Don't worry, I wasn't planning to."

Ike continued to tease Billy's belly button, at the same time reaching up to skitter his fingers across the jock's ribs and up into his dripping pits. The tickle attack took Billy's overworked balls over the edge, bringing on his fifth orgasm.


Billy lost track of his orgasms at that point. He couldn't have told anyone just how many times he'd cum. He knew he'd cum again and again after the fifth time, but he was so lost to the sensations of Ike's tickling and the machine's relentless milking combined with the libido enhancing effect of the Doc's new drug that he could only surrender to the blissful torture, losing all sense of time and conscious thought. His body seemed to be one giant network of nerves and they all led straight to his nuts! He vaguely recalled the multiple orgasms that wracked his body after the fifth and the ceaseless tickling that accompanied them, but the details were blurred up until the final and most intense orgasm Billy had ever experienced.

His body was coated by a sheen of sweat by this time and Ike's expert fingers were gently tweaking his erect nipples. He was moaning nonstop in his ecstatic delight, except when Ike's tickling elicited gales of hearty laughter, like now for instance as Ike dug his fingers into his pits again. There was a brief pause, almost allowing Billy to catch his breath. Then the final assault on his senses began.

Ike gently clasped the fingers of his left hand around Billy's tight scrotum, simultaneously attacking the jock's pubes with the soft bristles of a household paint brush. Ike knew that the effects of the drug had nearly run their course, this next orgasm would be the final one they could coax out of the jock and Ike intended to make the most of it. He had purposely avoided these two ultrasensitive spots in all of his previous tickling; now he concentrated all of his efforts on them as the machine brought Billy ever closer to his climax. While the jock may have lost track of how many times he'd come, Ike knew exactly. Billy was about to achieve his twelfth orgasm in the three hour period he'd been under the drugs influence.

"OHAHHAHA OHNOOHHOHO NOT THERE! I AHHAHAHA CAN'T HAHAHA STAND HAHAHA IT! I'M GONNA CUM! OH FUUUCK I'M GONNA CUM! UUUHUUUHUUUHUUUHNOHGODI'MCUMMING!"Billy went limp in the restraining straps of the machine; sweat glistened from every pore of his sex drained frame.

Ike gently extracted the jock's semi rigid cum slick cock from its sheath, giving the cherry red shaft a final loving stroke and sucking the traces of the jock's ball juice off his fingers. He took a towel and rubbed the sweaty jock down like a racehorse at the end of the Kentucky Derby. The Doc came back into the room just as he finished toweling the jock down.

"All finished? My goodness what happened to your shirt?" Gotthard asked, eyeing the shredded pieces on the floor.

"He got a bit overheated and the only way we could get it off without disconnecting the monitoring devices was to cut it." Ike improvised.

"Yeah." Billy agreed.

"Oh, well give me the printouts. I can't wait to see the results!" Gotthard grabbed the proffered results and hurried out of the room once more.

Ike watched him go and then turned back to Billy with his still cum slick dick. "Need a hand cleaning that up?" He asked, holding up another syringe full of the Doc's drug.

Billy followed Ike's gaze to his semi hard cock. "How about a mouth instead?" He asked, grinning at the nerd.

"That can be arranged!" Ike answered with a smile.


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