A soldiers detail the sufferings of his military unit when they are captured by the enemy and used as sex slaves.

The Last Military Unit

The Last Military Unit
by WoofDaddy2

We were the last of our military unit, a regiment of Scots and Welsh, originally two regiments but merged into one unit as our numbers dwindled in the long war with the tribal nomads in the Sahara south and east of Cairo. At the start of this week long battle, we were still 120 strong but now our numbers were down to half, 65 to be exact and our food and water had dwindled to enough to last one more day. The commander decided that surrender was the only option left as we would all be dead in two or three more days without food and water in this unforgiving weather.

Out captors were jubilant with their victory. They rounded us up into a small fenced area and paraded around us shouting and waiving their weapons, we having surrendered all our firearms and knives. After a night’s sleep, our hands were bound and tethered around our necks and we were marched to the nomad’s camp for further review by their tribe. There were discussions as to what to do with us. Being of limited food stocks, it was decided to divide us into two groups and sell us as slaves. That would reduce the amount of food needed for us and enrich the local tribe by bringing in livestock, food, wares to trade and maybe some coin.

Three tents were set up, each connecting to the next. We were led in small groups of five or six into the middle tent. Here our bindings were removed and surrounded by twenty or thirty of the armed local tribesmen, we were ordered to strip. Any resistance went away when the first man to challenge the order was beaten a few times with clubs. Once naked, several of the older men approached us one at a time and examined our faces, under our arms, felt our chest, abdomen, rubbed our legs and shoulders to see how fit we were. The one or two would walk around behind us and force us to bend over so they could explore our asses. One would rub the cheeks, then rub his fingers up our ass crack and finally try to probe into our butt holes. Next the men in front would examine our cocks and balls, playing with them, fondling and rubbing them to get them to grow a little, pull back our foreskin to examine the head and see if it looked healthy and clean.

When all of us had been examined, our hands were bound again and tethered to our necks. We were not allowed to dress. Our clothes were put in a large box off to the side of the tent. Now were led to another tent. The young and strong were led to one tent, and the older men, the injured or those too worn out from battle were led to the other tent. We would remain bound and naked until the local tribesmen had examined and divided up all the men into two groups. The young and strong group had 24 men. The rest were in the second tent.

Our captors arrived later in the day and delivered our new clothes. They were hooded shrouds or robes with slits in the front and back that ran about half way up the length of the shroud. We were untied and led to a local watering hole to bathe. The cool water felt good. A few of us became aroused by the water and this produced jeers and laughter from our captors. When we finished in the water, we were led away and were passed by the second group of men form the other tent. They went in to bathe as well. We would see them just on more time. Once we returned to our tent, we were ordered to dress in the shrouds and be sure our heads were covered by the hoods as we had a long walk ahead of us. The old men made sure the slits were lined up in the front and back. Then to our horror, they tied lengths of hide to the base of our cocks and slipped the hide between our legs and tied it to the front of the length of hide wrapped around the cock of the man behind us. We were now linked by hides from one cock to the other until we were all tied together. One of our captors grabbed the length of hide on the man in front and led us all outside the tent to wait.

We watched as the men from the other tent were led outside in the same manner as we had been led. Our captors laughed and shook their heads as the other men walked by us. I asked one of the few men who spoke English what was going on and where were they being taken. He told me they would all have their bodies shaved, then castrated and sold naked on the open market as eunuchs. I would later hear that more than half the men died as a result of the castration and infection. We were luckier, we would retain our manhood but it would do us little good. That’s all he would tell me. Now we were marched off in a different direction form the first group. After a few hours, we arrived at a river, probably a tributary to the Nile. We were loaded on a boat with a tent like cover over the top. As we marched under the ten covering, two men removed our shrouds and we stood naked and tied for the rest of the trip, in full view of the crew (who laughed, jeered and poked us) and the in view of every boat that passed and anyone on shore when we got close to shore.

Once we docked, we were led like this through the village streets. Many women rushed to their doorways or windows to stare at us. The small boys in the village ran along beside us, swatting at our bare asses and taunting us. When we got to the center of the village, we were led in a circle facing outward at the crowd. We were untied from each other but our hides, still secure on our cocks draped in front of us. The tribesmen came out of their huts and gathered in front of us. Several manhandled us, our arms, legs, ass cock and balls were all prodded, slapped, rubbed, whatever they wanted to do to us. One at a time, we were auctioned off. Since we did not understand the language, we had to wait until it was all over to find out who had bought us. There was a young 18 year old, Seth, a twenty nine year old, Brian and I, Todd, all sold to the same man. We were tethered together the same way as we had arrived and were led off a mile away to a great encampment of tents. There were perhaps fifteen or twenty tents in the compound. Again, the locals came out to gawk, stare and laugh. We were led into a tent near the center of the complex. Here our arms were stretched above our heads and we were tied off to poles that supported up the tops of the tents. Our tether hides were removed from our cocks. Several old men came in with bowls of warm water and clothes to clean us. The old men wore only loincloths, but once they started to clean us, they removed the loincloths to reveal totally shaved bodies and the fact that they had been castrated, no ball sac hanging down.

The old men washed our bodies including our butt cracks, and they pulled back our foreskins to wash the head of our cocks. Next they cut our beards short, except for the eighteen year old that had almost no beard, his face was shaved clean. Next, the hair under our arms was trimmed short except the eighteen year old who had his pits shaved clean. The hair on the sides of our head was trimmed short, and then shaved off completely. The hair in the top of our heads was combed back, and then tied in a tight pony tail. Finally, our ball sacs were shaved smooth and the bush above our cocks trimmed back to a half inch stubble. Now the old men left and retuned with urns and bowls. The urns contained scented oils which they poured into the bowls and gently rubbed our bodies with scented oil. When the finished that, they opened another container with what appeared to be some type of lard or solid fat. They scooped a heap out with their hands and rubbed it on our ass cracks and then inserting fingers up our rectums, filled our holes with this lard. Some was stuffed up inside so we could retain it as lubricant.

Now the old men led us to another tent. Here we were told to sit down and wait. Mats were set out in front of us and we sat and waited. After some time, three men entered, covered in full Arab garb, kaftans, head wrap, hoods over their heads so we got no clear view. We were ordered to lie face down, prone and spread our legs wide. The three men walked behind us and slowly disrobed. Each man bent down behind us and I could fell a very large and very hard cock against my ass cheeks. Seth, the eighteen year old, whimpered and begged not to be used like this. Brian, the twenty nine year old said to quiet down and take it like a man, “at least we were not castrated, whipped or torn apart, hr barked. Then Brian lifted his ass up, reached back and guided the hard cock behind him into his lubed and waiting hole. “Fuck me like a dog, use my man hole if it will keep me alive,” he bellowed. The hard rod slid nicely into his waiting man hole.

I watched as the others were mounted and prodded. The three naked men with their rigid meat behind us all looked similar except for age I would learn that they are three generations, each having sired a male child by the age of 16. Seth was being mounted by the 16 year old son. This would be the first man on man encounter for both of them. Brian had the oldest man, sliding his meat up his ass. The senior man was 46, still in very good shape and well endowed, just over seven and half inches but almost six inches in circumference. I was about to bred by the young father, just thirty now, and by far the largest endowment, eight by six at least. I watched as the 16 year old slammed into Seth, grabbed the sides of his ass and pounded him with all the energy of a virile youth ready to breed and seed anything that moves. It only took a few minutes for the youth to blast copious amounts of his seed deep in Seth’s rectum, and then he collapsed on top of Seth who laid their wide eyed and stunned at having been bred and used like a street whore.

Brian was pushing his ass back so fast and hard that the older man was now kneeling and fucking Brian doggie style from behind. As I watched Brian and the older man rut like pigs in heat, I felt my new master push the head of his manhood past my sphincter and slowly into my love canal. I moaned softly as he entered me. I had been used by the older school boys as a youth so this was not my first time and while training, I had let the Drill Sergeant drill me privately to get out of some of the more boring military chores. My master was talented, pushing all the way in to the hilt, then slowly removing himself but leaving just the head inside. Later when we had our rhythm going, he would pull al the way out and slam all the way in to the hilt, but not now.

I looked back and saw the youth pull out of Seth, but still sporting a roaring hard on, he rolled over on his back and pulled Seth’s mouth onto his cock. Brian had just finished bringing the older man to climax and the older man withdrew and sat back on his heels. Brian, seeing the youth was not through and that Seth did not know how to give a decent blow job, Brian pushed Seth head away and lowered his own ass onto the prone youth and using his arms for leverage, humped himself up and down on the youth’s pole. It only took a few minutes for the youth to shoot a second load. Brian turned Seth over on his belly and pushed his face deep into Seth’s waiting ass and began to lick and suck at the cum-filled hole. The youth was so excited to see this action; he mounted Brian for second time and proceeded to breed him again.

Meanwhile I could feel the head and veins of my master’s member deep inside me. I felt the heat he gave off searing the flesh deep in my ass. I felt the hard veins and mushroom cock head scrape against my prostate and it made me hard as a rock. I lay there quiet and prone, feeling my master’s hips pull back slowly then again ease his man meat deep into my waiting man cunt. I was in heaven. I enjoyed being treated by a talented man on how to use his power to subdue and pleasure both himself and his partner. We were both watching Brian, Seth and the youth cum, fuck, cum again and act like wonton sluts in heat.

Now my master started to get into his rhythm. He was now picking up the pace. He began to pull all the way out and then back in to the hilt. I felt him speed up a little more and soon he was slamming into my waiting ass with a fury. I loved the feel of his friction and fast pace. Suddenly, he pushed all the way in and held himself there. I felt a huge volley of warm man cream shoot deep inside my guts. This was followed by a second blast, then a third, fourth, fifth and finally sixth load shot deep inside me. I began to feel it ooze down my canal and start to leak out. I felt it dripping on my ball sac and onto the mat. My master lay deep inside me, letting his twitching cock subside. Still hard, he pulled out and I felt a gush of warm cum slide back and down my ass cheeks, thighs and onto my nuts before draining on the mat. My master whispered in my ear that this was best ass he had ever had and he was looking forward to daily sessions breeding me. I thanked him.

My role from now on was to please my new master. My day was set up routinely. I would wake, bathe, eat, and exercise daily to keep fit and special exercises to keep my body limber and to keep my ass lips tight to grip his manhood. Whenever my master beckons, I scoop out some grease and work it into my waiting hole. I pick up my mat and enter his tent and wait for his command. We have sent the night together, and made love many times during the night, I have never entered him but he has performed oral services on me during our long nights of intense sex. I have offered myself to him several times a day, at any time of the day.

The three of us sex slaves are housed together. We have shared each others company now for several years. Seth has grown into a fine specimen. He is fully developed. The older man has now passed away and the youth, now a solid young man himself we know his name to Assam, uses both Brian and Seth for his release and amusement. He takes one or the other and many times he uses both together. His favorite position is to plow Seth while Brian rims his ass. His next favorite is to fuck Brian while Seth sucks on Assam’s nipples. Recently, as Brian’s ass lips lose some elasticity, Assam has him sit on Seth’s cock and then Assam also enters him for a double fuck.

To prove their total power over their tribesmen, sometimes the two men will sit naked and have us perform oral services on them in front of the other men to show both their power and also how they plan to subjugate trouble makers. We have been offered a favors to special guests when they arrive but no one takes us form our masters without their permission. One man tried this about a year ago. He grabbed Seth as he walked through the tent city. He grabbed Seth, pulled him into his own tent and raped him. When Assam learned what had happened, he summoned all of the men into the gathering tent. The offender was tied spread eagle face down. His clothes were cut off and then every adult man, starting with his immediate family was ordered to rape him in front of all the men. When all of the men, including the three of us had cum inside him, his head was cut off.

We know in time, we will age and our fate is to be castrated and replace the old men who greeted us years ago. They still tend to our needs, help us bathe, shave the body parts our masters wanted shaved and bring us food. We have the run of the camp whenever we want to go outside but must always remain naked, even outside the tent. No one jeers or points now, we get bows of respect for keeping our masters content. Meanwhile, we enjoy the regular sex, the privileges afforded us and that is the best we can hope for, now.


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