A master controls his slave and two unwilling Marines over a weekend on a military base in this hot new bondage story from Strong.


Military Base weekend
by Strong
Series: Military Base Weekend


I am naked my lean smooth toned worked out body has no clothes. You have taken them from me and locked them away. I wear only a chain collar that is locked, a tight wrapped black sock that you have worn placed between my lips, a blind fold that is the other black sock, and thin black rope that has secured my ankles and hands. My cock is locked firmly in a chastity device that you now hold the key to. Which you hold on a chain that generally always sits between your defined smooth pecs.

I sit on my knees feet tied around the pole of the bed. My hands are tied above me secured to the ceiling. You have taken a clip and attached it to the ropes. My defined arms are raised causing my defined smooth tan chest to be pushed outward. My owned shaved hole sits on top a large plug that resembles your cock. The plug is mounded down. I am not fully on it so have a consistent feeling of being stretched.

I sit this way to prep for your massive cock. I sweat slightly. This is how you leave me as you shower. We both have just finished our work outs at the military gym. For the work out you made me wear tight fitting pt shorts and a tight tank top. Under this I wore a plug and the chastity device. The plug like the one in me I sit on is wireless and vibrates. While working out you would turn it on and off.

Making me stiff in my chastity device and pre cum. As I kneel waiting with the vibration rubbing the sides of my hole. You shower. When done you exit in a towel. You pull a chair up and sit in front of me. You then rub my sensitive nipples and then suck my ears. You whisper dirty yet hot things into them. Reminding me of how I am owned by you. Naked like hostage on a Marine Base.

You then rub my balls and locked cock slowly. I moan as I throb in the device that encase my cock in ecstasy. You then untie my hands and pull me off the plug that is vibrating, You then untie my feet and guide me to the bed. You then tie me face down. My hands are then tied apart each to the corners of the bed frame. You then spread my legs and feet apart. After this you take your now big hard cock and teas my hole. I moan as this happens. After you lube it you push in. I moan in agony and pain for you are big.

At first you start slow then with your grip pull be backwards on to it. After a few forced pulls I start to get a pace, you then start pushing harder and harder. I moan and moan in agony and pleasure. You then start to call me whore and other dirty names in different langue’s. I moan and cry as I have never felt something so big and strong in me. As you fuck my lean smooth toned body it tightens around your large cock. I feel your massive muscled body conquer it firmly. You then rub my nipples.

I moan and beg to let me cum , you don’t though every time I get close you pull your cock out of my hole then push in slowly again. My cocked cock bops back and forth in a humiliating fashion. You then start to fuck me over and over . Then after 30 minutes of this you stop and pull out, I am now moaning and crying in sexual agony for I miss your cock and want to cum. You then gently pull my feet towards the foot of the bed and spread them apart. You then tie the ropes to the same poles my hands are tied to.

You then take some pictures and then push your cock into my gagged mouth and then make a cell call. You then start to talk to your bi friends that are on the base. You tell them you have your boy here and he is ready to service. When done you whisper to me if I want to be unlocked I have to take it all your friends cocks in my as or mouth each. I moan like a bitch with your cock and gag in my mouth yes Sir.

You then place my ankles on my thighs and tie them together and then spread my folded legs apart. You then wrap more rope around each calf and then tie it under the bed. My folded legs are spread apart firmly, After this you place a large spider gag in my mouth and then place a head harness on my scalp, after this you attach a chain to the harness and attached it to the hook in the ceiling that was holding my hands. My head is now positioned strait up facing the foot of the bed.

After this you then place mits on each of my hands and lock them on at the wrists. I moan slightly after they are locked. You then stand and see your work, the site of me gagged , bound in a half hog tie spread open on your cot gets you hard. After this you then walk over and place your balls and large cock in front of me you tap my head, I know from training this means to lick your balls which I do best I can with the spider gag. As this happens your pre cum drips on to my nose and trickles down onto my upper lip and then falls into my mouth then moan as I feel your military man spunk makes its way down my throat. This sensation though is interrupted though with a knock at the door. You then pull away but tell me to keep my tongue out you then wrap your white towel around your waist The snugness shows how defined your legs and butt are from the hours of gym training you do.

When you open the door three men make their way .Two appear to be in their twenties both. Both have chiseled bodies and have the same marine hair cut one was blond hair the other had brown hair each with brown eyes and the same build. Both wear green PT shorts and tight green shirts that were stained with sweat. Behind them stood a mp officer, From under his uniform I could see a very buffed body. His eyes were When both men came in the door was shut. The blond walked up towards me for a closer look while the one with brown hair stood back and watched.

When the blond did this he looked into my open mouth then spit in it quickly. Then smiled and said in a sarcastic smart ass tone “Looks like we have our self’s a tied fag bottom” The mp then voice said “You’re almost right.” With that then said the blond Marine turned around with a confused look. After this happened I watched as The MP chloroformed him then wrestled him to the ground. In my now line of sight I see you, naked with a knife. You have cut away the brown haired marines pt clothes. He lays knocked out gagged with his socks and cuffed. You then spit into the marine’s smooth firm hole and then finger it. As this happens the MP friend of yours subdues and binds then cuts away the blondes pt shorts and shirt.

As you aggressively finger the Brown haired Marine he starts to come to from the chemicals you used to quietly knock him out. He feels what is happening and tries to squirm away, with your massive hand grab his balls and pull him backwards onto you now three fingers. He moans like a bitch and cries in pain. Tears roll down his brown eyes. You with now words get him not to move.

As this happens I hear the blond Marine come to, and then hear him start to cry and moan as the MP brings him to his knees. He is gagged also with a long sock that is tied around his head. The reason he though is crying is because his virgin hole is sitting on the MP’s knight stick. That holds him at a kneeling position. The attention of my eyes is brought back to face forward as I feel your large great mouth kiss the sides of my cheeks. After you do this you smile and then grab from under the bed a leather d ring collar and toss it at the MP who swiftly catches it. After this happens he quickly locks it onto the blond marine then locks a small chain to his cuffed wrists and pulls up through the leather d ringed collar and back down and connects it to his bound feet. This position causes the blonde’s defined fair firm smooth body to be pushed at a angel where his chest is pushed forward and his ass is pushed more down onto the night stick. Making him moan in pain and growl in humiliation. After this you attach the same collar to the brown haired marine. You then pull him to his feet you then slap his legs apart. His brown eyes then widen in terror as you pull out from under the bed a large medal anal hook. He begs and moans no with tears through his gag you with your dark eyes and tan face smile you then place the hook in front of me. I know what you want I try and lube it with as much as possible. After a few licks you walk behind him and insert the hook.

The brown hair marine cries and moans best he can as his tight whole swallows the medal anal hook. You then take the chain and attach it to the ceiling as well and pull it forward making the Marine lift upward with his feet and cry in pain. Being that he to ahs his hands cuffed behind his back he cries for mercy and sobs. You then lock the chain to the ceiling and then lock it to my chain collar

What I saw that kept me in agony and very hard was the fact that with everything that was happing each marine in front of me was hard as hell and leaking like crazy. After you secured him the MP stripped out of his uniform to reveal a tanned trimmed body of muscle. He like you had a large Latin/white cock. You then both now naked got behind me you then lubed my whole and gave me a heavy bottle of poppers. As they took effect you pushed your cock into me and fucked me first slowly then quickly. I moaned as I felt my hard encased caged cock pre cum then I felt something I had never felt before, two cocks in me at once from behind. Being I was very tight from my work outs my fair smooth bubble but bounced up and down as you both fucked me hard. I looked at the clock and saw it was 11 am on Friday, What a weekend it was starting out to be….



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  1. scotts60143 - May 26, 2015, 7:43 pm

    Good start! Love the chastity device…that is always hot for some reason!!

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